Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/21/21

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/21/21


Written By Joseph

Claire and Ben hug as they cry. Claire tells Ben that she knows how hard this is but he needs to let Ciara go, at least for a little while as they both do. Claire and Ben then end up kissing.

Chad tells Abigail that he loves her strength and compassion. Chad asks her to let him help her, insisting they can work through this together. Abigail responds that it's not about them, it's about her. Abigail states that she's overwhelmed. Abigail talks about losing her grandmother and having her sister that's trying to ruin her family, who her dad wants to have a relationship with. Abigail feels everything she knew about herself and her life got pulled out from underneath her. Chad encourages her to lean on him. Chad declares that he will fight to the ends of the earth for them. Abigail loves him for saying that, but says this is something she has to figure out on her own. Abigail asks him to just let her go as Chad holds back tears.

Gwen goes to her appointment with Dr. Snyder at the hospital. Dr. Snyder brings up when he examined her and how Gwen had not yet told her family about her miscarriage but she didn't tell him that she was going to blame her sister for the miscarriage. Dr. Snyder says he saw it on the front page of the Intruder, but they both know that Gwen lost the baby before the fall, so he's not sure if he's comfortable keeping quiet about it. Gwen argues that he is bound by doctor-patient confidentiality. Dr. Snyder doesn't think that enables her to play cruel and dangerous mind games on her sister. He adds that if Abigail's mental health is at stake, he might have to come forward. He declares that he's sick and tired of patients using him and that oath to cover for them. Gwen asks what he means by "patients". Dr. Snyder responds that the two of them are going to learn it's not a good idea to underestimate him. Gwen asks who he's talking about so he tells her it's that psychopath, Jan Spears.

Jan says Shawn is such a good man to be so concerned about a killer who lies to him and cheats on him. Jan calls it so unfair. Shawn states that Belle couldn't control herself yet again and after all these years of loving and supporting her, it's left him alone. Jan declares that as long as she's around, he will never be alone. Jan then kisses Shawn. Shawn pushes her away and asks what the hell she thinks she's doing.

Gwen asks Dr. Snyder about Jan. Dr. Snyder explains how Jan woke up from her coma weeks earlier than everyone thought. Gwen questions him not noticing that. Dr. Snyder complains about how hard he worked to get to this point and what he gave up. He says that he doesn't have a life, he has this job. He adds that Jan made a fool of him and that's exactly what Gwen is trying to do so he won't let her do it. Gwen disagrees but Dr. Snyder brings up Jack on the night of the miscarriage and how concerned he was, despite al the things Gwen did to his family. He notes that Jack clearly had forgiven her and maybe even loves her. He asks if that's important to her. Gwen confirms that it is. Dr. Snyder asks what she thinks would happen to that forgiveness if he showed Jack the medical records of her miscarriage, to prove that her fall down the stairs had nothing to do with her losing the baby. Gwen questions why he's telling her this. Dr. Snyder then tells her that they are going to take their doctor-patient relationship to the next level.

Chad tells Abigail that if this is what she needs, then she should go, so she thanks him. Chad asks what they are going to tell the kids. Abigail says she told them that she needed to go spend time with her mom and that they would video chat every day. Chad questions how long she will be gone. Abigail doesn't know but says it can't be long because of the kids. Abigail admits she feels terrible leaving but says she has to go so she can come back and be a better mother. Abigail talks about how lucky they are with their kids. Chad tells Abigail to look him in the eyes and tell him what she sees. Abigail responds that he loves her and she loves him as they kiss. Abigail then exits the room and Chad starts to cry.

Ben and Claire continue kissing and drop Ciara's divorce papers on the floor as they start to undress. Ben then stops and says he can't do this.

At the hospital, John gets a call from Belle. Belle asks how Brady is. John says he's doing better. Belle tells him that she's on her way to the hospital. John tells her that visiting hours are over. Belle clarifies that she's coming to talk to him. John asks if something is wrong. Belle says she hopes not.

Jan questions what is wrong and why Shawn is looking at her like she's dirt. Shawn thinks back to telling Belle about his plan to convince Jan that he believes her. Jan asks what's going on with him and guesses that he still hates her and that he's trying to trick her and that he can't stand to kiss her. Shawn points out that they are in public so he doesn't want anyone seeing them like that. John reminds her that Belle shot Charlie and John put her in a coma, so she can imagine what would happen if they found out about them. Jan accepts that Shawn is watching out for her. Shawn claims he's scared for her and blames himself. Shawn says they can't keep a secret in Salem. Jan calls it the first time in her life that anyone has tried to protect her. Shawn doesn't know what he would do if something happened to her. Jan says she's waited so long to hear him say that but she can't hug him. Shawn says not here, but they will figure out somewhere else.

Ben tells Claire that he knows this doesn't make any sense, but he just can't do this. He knows Ciara doesn't want him anymore, but she's still his wife. Claire reminds him that Ciara is in South Africa with Theo. Ben repeats that he knows it doesn't make any sense but he feels like he's betraying Ciara and he can't do that, because he still loves her. Claire knows he does and that the divorce papers were a kick in the stomach. Claire calls herself a jerk for throwing herself at him. Ben admits that it wasn't out of nowhere.

Gwen tells Dr. Snyder that she has already told Jack that Abigail did not push her. He points out that she didn't tell him that she wasn't pregnant when she fell and that she didn't say anything to Chad. He guesses Gwen doesn't want them to know as that would not work out well for her, which she admits. Dr. Snyder declares that he has the upper hand. Gwen acknowledges that he can screw things up with Jack and Chad, but swears if he tries anything, she will scream. Dr. Snyder stops her and assures he's not going to violate her on the exam table. He clarifies that they are going to redefine their relationship. Gwen questions what that means. He informs her that she is going to work for him.

Chad gets a call from Jack, who says he needs to talk to Abigail. Chad guesses that she didn't tell him. Jack confirms that he just heard from Julie but it's really important that he talks to her before she goes. Chad reveals that Abigail is already gone. Jack hangs up and goes to the DiMera Mansion. Chad repeats that Abigail isn't there. Jack says he came to see him and asks if he's okay. Chad says not really and asks what's up. Jack is not thrilled that Abigail left without calling him. Jack asks if they had a fight. Chad says no, so Jack asks why the rush. Chad responds that Abigail didn't want to be in the house where Gwen lost the baby anymore. Jack suggests they move. Chad says it was all the guilt. Jack declares that he's here because Abigail doesn't feel guilty anymore. Chad is not sure that's true. Jack then reveals that Gwen just admitted that she was lying, Abigail didn't push her, but now Abigail has left before he could tell her.

Gwen asks what Dr. Snyder wants from her. He suggests she get dressed before they have their little conversation. Gwen remarks that he accused her of playing mind games. Dr. Snyder says he will give her a few minutes and then come back as he exits the room.

Claire questions Ben saying the kiss wasn't out of nowhere. Ben explains that he didn't mean they had feelings for each other, but they have spent so much time together the last few months and got close. Claire admits she felt that, but didn't know that he did. Ben talks about Claire believing him when nobody else did and how she stood by him when he believed Ciara was still alive. Ben says he had nothing to go on other than a dream and a psychic but Claire was still there. Ben doesn't know how he would've done it without her. Claire calls it a two way street as she was lost herself working with Ben to find Ciara and becoming friends meant everything to her, so the last thing she wants to do is screw up their friendship. Claire says she shouldn't have kissed him but Ben assures it's okay. Ben blames himself for showing up a mess. Claire blames herself so Ben suggests they split the blame 50/50 and decide to not let this screw up their friendship, which Claire agrees on. Ben decides he should probably get going. Claire asks if he doesn't want to wait for Belle. Ben thinks she was right that Belle couldn't help him and as much as he wants to fight the divorce, he's probably just postponing the inevitable. Ben then exits the house.

Belle goes to the hospital and hugs John. John assures that Brady is going to be fine and he's sleeping now. Belle guesses John is going to stay at the hospital until Brady wakes up. John mentions not having anything else to do. Belle asks if there's any word on Chloe. John says not yet. John notes that Belle said she wanted to see him and sounded kind of urgent, so he asks what's up. Belle informs him that she has news. John guesses it's not good news. Belle confirms that she heard from Justin and the judge is refusing to throw out the recording of John saying he saw Belle kill Charlie. John responds that it's okay as he can fix this by telling the jury that he made a mistake because he hasn't been in his right mind. Belle argues that it won't work and it will just look like he's protecting her. John assures that he will come up with something. Belle tells him not to worry because she and Shawn have it under control. John questions what exactly that means.

Shawn informs Jan that he's going to get a room at the Salem Inn for them, but they have to be careful. Jan asks what he will tell Belle. Shawn says he will tell her that he can't stand sleeping under the same roof as her anymore. Jan asks if that's the truth since she saw their fight and asks if it is over between them. Shawn assures that it is, so he's going to get a room and she can come by later. Shawn says they will continue what they were talking about. Jan says that sounds like a really great idea. Shawn tells her that he will see her soon as he walks away. Jan then declares that everything she did was all worth it.

Chad questions that Gwen told Jack she was lying. Jack confirms that Gwen said they argued but that Abigail did not push her. Jack says that Gwen wanted to punish Abigail for saying mean things to her but in the end, it was all just an accident. Jack thought Chad would have more of a reaction. Chad argues that he's not stunned that Gwen was lying and trying to hurt Abigail for the 307th time. Jack knows he could be biased because Gwen is his daughter but says she was sincerely sorry for what she did, which is why she told him the truth. Chad remarks that he hopes Gwen feels good about herself. Jack asks what about Abigail and he wants to call her to let her know what happened. Jack argues that it doesn't matter why Gwen told him, just that she did so Abigail doesn't have to feel guilty anymore. Chad argues that Abigail always knew Gwen was lying as she knew she didn't push her down the stairs and that's not why she feels guilty. Chad explains that Abigail feels guilty because she started the fight that led to the accident, when she knew Gwen was pregnant. Jack wants to make Abigail see that it's not true. Chad adds that Abigail also thinks he blames her for what happened to the baby. Jack asks what Chad said to that. Chad admits he said nothing. Jack questions if he does blame Abigail.

Dr. Snyder returns to Gwen in the hospital room and hands her an envelope, which he says is her assignment. He orders Gwen to take the envelope to the address listed and give it to whoever answers the door. Gwen questions what she is delivering. He tells her that she doesn't need to know. Gwen doesn't understand and questions why he told her about Jan Spears. She asks if he's worried about his job. Dr. Snyder orders her to stop asking questions and take the envelope to the right location. Gwen asks if she does this and then that's it and he won't say anything about when she lost the baby. He tells her that she will be doing this once a week as it's not a one off thing. Dr. Snyder declares that Gwen is going to be his personal courier.

Chad knows Gwen falling down the stairs was an accident, but when Abigail found out about the baby, she was so angry and had every right to be. Chad says it was all she could think about. Jack asks if she was just supposed to get over it. Chad blames himself and says it was too much for Abigail to take. Chad calls it natural for Abigail to be angry but says she was obsessed. Chad talks about Abigail kidnapping Gwen and trying to drug her. Jack points out that Abigail thought Gwen killed her grandmother. Chad feels after everything Gwen put Abigail through, it was too much. Chad believes everything Abigail put Gwen through, she deserved. Chad talks about how they know how fragile and precious their children are. Chad goes over Abigail and Gwen fighting at the top of the stairs. Chad knows Abigail didn't push Gwen, but points out that Gwen was pregnant and Abigail knew it, so she still put the baby in harm's way. Jack asks if Chad does blame Abigail then. Chad responds that he doesn't have the right to judge anyone. Chad declares they've all just been through too much. Jack guesses Abigail was right to go. Chad says maybe so. Jack argues that Abigail needs time to think about all of this and get through it, asking how Abigail or Gwen can get through any of it while living in the same town. Chad asks if Gwen is still moving in with Jack. Jack says that Gwen needs support from somewhere. Chad asks how she is. Jack says she's as well as could be expected.

Gwen questions being Dr. Snyder's personal courier and she's not sure she is okay with that. He pulls out his phone and shows her Jack's phone number. He adds that Chad's number is not public but he was able to find it in her contact list. He asks who he should call first. Gwen then takes the envelope and storms out.

Jack informs Chad that Gwen went to see Dr. Snyder. Chad asks if something is wrong. Jack calls it a routine follow up and mentions offering to go with her but Gwen said she would be more comfortable going by herself. Jack decides he should get back home before Gwen does since Julie didn't exactly roll out the welcome wagon. Jack then gets a text that he has to go to the office. Chad offers to go check on Gwen. Jack tells him he doesn't have to. Chad says it's no big deal as he knows how Julie can be. Jack asks if he's sure. Chad tells Jack to go ahead to work. Jack thanks him and tells Chad not to give up on Abigail as he really believes they can make it through all of this together. Chad hopes that he's right as Jack then exits the mansion.

Jan sits in the town square, telling herself that it's been a torturous journey but now it's time for the happily ever after. Jan imagines going to the Salem Inn with Shawn. Dr. Snyder then appears and grabs Jan from behind. Jan complains that it hurts. Dr. Snyder asks if she thinks he cares. He sits down at her table and asks if she knows how much trouble he's in because of her. Jan claims to have no idea what he's talking about. Dr. Snyder says he's talking about her faking a coma while under his care.

Belle assures John that the last thing she wants is Shawn anywhere near Jan, but she thinks it's the only way to get Jan to confess. Belle then gets a call from Shawn, who is entering his room at the Salem Inn. Shawn tells Belle that everything is going according to plan as Jan totally bought their fight. Shawn and Belle argue about making their fight convincing but agree that Jan thinks they are on the outs. Shawn admits he almost blew it because Jan kissed him. Belle questions what he means. Shawn says he couldn't cover his revulsion and disgust so he told her they just needed more privacy and now he's waiting for her at the Salem Inn. Belle worries that this is above and beyond, so maybe they should slow this down. Belle adds that John thinks it's a bad idea. Shawn declares that this is her life they are talking about, so he's going to do whatever it takes to get to the truth.

Jan questions Dr. Snyder saying she faked her coma. Dr. Snyder says she didn't think things through and asks if she forgot about surveillance footage. Jan calls that an invasion of her privacy. Dr. Snyder reveals that Shawn and Belle were the ones who demanded to see the footage that showed her awake. Jan calls Shawn a lying bastard and realizes they were playing her. Jan declares now it's time for her to turn the tables as all is fair in love and war, and this is war.

Ben goes home and is shocked by what he sees.

Gwen sits at home, complaining that Dr. Snyder is blackmailing her but she has no choice. Gwen then opens the envelope he gave her and sees a bag of pills inside. Gwen worries that she's being used as a drug mule as Chad appears in the house.

Belle informs John that Shawn is at the Salem Inn waiting for Jan, so with any luck they may have their confession today. John hopes so. Belle decides she needs to get home and fill Claire in on what's going on before she hears it from someone else.

Shawn gets a call from Jan and asks where she is. Jan responds that she's sorry as she got held up by an old friend.

Jan goes to Shawn and Belle's home and pulls a gun on Claire.

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