Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/20/21

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/20/21


Written By Joseph

Melinda Trask sits in the interrogation room, going over the case file of Charlie Dale's murder. Jan Spears walks in and expresses her concern over Melinda not doing her job, which she questions. Jan explains that Melinda has Belle dead to rights for the murder of Charlie Dale, thanks to her, so she questions why Belle is still running loose all over Salem.

Shawn and Belle eat together in the town square. Belle reads an article on her phone with a headline about Kristen DiMera threatening to trade Chloe's life for her freedom. Shawn is confident that the police will find Chloe. Shawn notes Belle not eating much. Belle responds that it's hard to work up an appetite when facing murder charges. Shawn encourages that Justin will get the recording thrown out. Belle argues that John telling Marlena that he saw her shoot Charlie is pretty juicy. Shawn argues that it was obtained illegally and John was mistaken. Shawn adds that without the recording, Melinda doesn't have a case.

Ben goes to see Claire and asks if her mom is home. Claire says she's not and asks what's going on. Ben then reveals that he received an envelope from Ciara as she has filed for divorce.

Jack finishes moving Gwen's boxes in to his house and tells her that she is now home, so she can begin to heal and figure out what's next. Gwen responds that she feels like she hasn't had a home in a very long time. Gwen thanks Jack. Julie then walks in and questions what all of this is. Jack informs her that Gwen is moving in, but Julie says like hell she is.

At the DiMera Mansion, Gabi informs Chad about Kate being in an induced coma, hoping that it will give her time to heal. Chad worries but Gabi reminds him that Kate was shot and buried alive, but climbed out of the grave so she doesn't think this will take her down. Abigail walks in so Gabi says she has to go bring food to Jake at the hospital. Abigail tells Gabi that she should stay as it will give them a chance to say goodbye which Gabi questions. Abigail then announces that she is leaving Salem, which Chad questions. Abigail reveals her bags are at the door and she's waiting for a car as she's going to spend some time with her mom in Boston. Chad asks if she's leaving between them. Gabi suggests Abigail is leaving because of Gwen.

Gwen says this was a bad idea so she will go load her things back in to the car. Jack stops her and explains to Julie that he and Jennifer agreed that it will be okay for Gwen to stay here. Julie questions how after everything Gwen has done to Abigail. Jack reminds Julie that Gwen just lost her baby. Julie remarks that Gwen is now falsely accusing Abigail of causing her miscarriage.

Jan hopes Melinda is not doubting Belle's guilt. Melinda assures that she's not, but everyone is entitled to bail. Jan argues that Belle is a murderer. Melinda reminds Jan that she is a felon, who would be behind bars right now if not for her ridiculous deal with Belle. Jan argues that Melinda's only evidence against Belle was a button, until she gave her John's recording. Melinda points out that the recording might not be allowed in evidence as she is still waiting on the judge to rule. Melinda then gets a call from the judge.

Belle finishes a call with Justin and tells Shawn that the judge is going to allow the recording, because John and Marlena don't have a doctor-patient relationship so confidentiality doesn't apply. Shawn argues that Marlena was treating John as a patient so he wants to fight the ruling but Belle tells him that Justin doesn't think it's an option. Belle declares that her murder trial starts next week and she has no defense. Shawn states that she's innocent but Belle says that's not enough when her coat button was at the crime scene and there's a recording of John saying he saw her. Shawn brings up the hospital footage of Jan walking around when everyone thought she was in a coma. Belle points out that doesn't prove that Jan shot Charlie. Shawn declares that they must get Jan to confess. Belle mocks that idea. Shawn knows it sounds crazy but they know that Jan told Claire that she can't wait for Belle to go to prison, so that she can be the next Mrs. Shawn Brady. Shawn suggests giving Jan what she wants will give them what they want.

Jan is relieved to hear the recording will be allowed in court and declares that now Belle will finally get what she deserves, and she will finally get what she deserve. Melinda asks what exactly she deserves. Jan responds that she and Shawn were meant to be together and now thanks to throwing Belle in the slammer, she can finally have him. Melinda wishes her luck with that. Jan repeats that they were meant to be. Melinda suggests Jan let her do her job. Jan remarks that there is so much to do. Jan warns Melinda not to screw this up for her as she exits the room.

Julie thinks it's enough that Gwen did everything in her power to ruin Chad and Abigail's marriage, but now she's accusing Abigail of killing her baby. Jack argues that this is not helping anything as Gwen has been through a lot. Julie argues that Gwen lies like a pro. Julie asks how Gwen could say such awful things about Abigail. Julie questions how Jack could possibly take Gwen's side.

Abigail tells Chad that she just needs to get away for awhile. Gabi questions if Abigail is seriously letting Gwen run her out of town. Abigail responds that Gwen is lying about what happened as she's not the reason she lost her baby and she did not push her down the stairs. Gabi argues that Abigail is letting Gwen push her out of her own life, away from everybody that she cares about. Abigail repeats that she just needs to get away for a little while but Gabi argues that she needs to stay and fight.

Claire asks Ben what he's going to do. Ben doesn't know and hoped that Belle could talk him through some options. Claire knows she would love to help but it's not the greatest time. Ben realizes Belle's trial starts soon. Claire insists Belle is innocent but the evidence against her is scary. Ben is sorry and asks if there's anything he could do to help. Claire suggests finding the real killer. Ben wishes he could as he would do anything for Claire and her family; Ciara's family. Claire tells Ben that she might not know all the legal matters, but she's a pretty good listener. Ben argues that Belle needs her. Claire says that Belle is innocent so she has to believe in the system, while Ben needs her too so she wants to help. Ben tells Claire that he hasn't talked to Ciara since she flew to South Africa with Theo as he kept telling himself to give her time to remember. Ben questions if Ciara can even file for divorce when she's halfway across the world. Claire suggests he could delay the process. Claire thinks if Ciara really wants the divorce, she doesn't know if there is much he can do to stop it.

Belle sees where Shawn is going and thinks it's ridiculous. Shawn explains that he will convince Jan that he believes Belle killed Charlie and that he's horrified that she put their family at risk. Shawn thinks Jan will believe him because that's what she wants. Shawn says he'll let Jan hold his hand and get close until she admits what she did. Shawn feels that Jan loves to brag about how smart she is. Belle refuses to let Shawn seduce Jan, even if that means she goes down for murder. Jan comes over and asks if they are having a lovers quarrel.

Abigail reminds Gabi that she tried fighting, but Gabi was the one who ran. Gabi asks if she means when she tried to inject Gwen with Dr. Rolf's drug. Gabi thinks there's a middle ground between stabbing someone with a needle and giving up. Abigail says she's not giving up but Gabi disagrees. Chad asks Gabi if she minds. Gabi agrees that she knows better than to get between them. Gabi adds that she thinks Abigail leaving is the worst idea possible, but if she does go then she will keep an eye on Gwen. Abigail thanks Gabi and admits trying to inject Gwen wasn't a wise move. Gabi tells Chad that she'll let him know if she hears anything about Kate as she then exits the room. Chad questions Abigail not talking to him before deciding to pack her bags. Abigail states that she's made up her mind. Chad asks how he can change it because he doesn't want her to go.

Jack tells Julie that he's not taking anyone's side. Jack knows she loves Abigail and he appreciates her being in her corner, but Gwen is his daughter too and has suffered a terrible trauma. Julie argues that Gwen got pregnant with her sister's husband by tricking Chad in to bed. Julie declares that she's sorry but she can't be heartbroken over Gwen's trauma. Julie tells him that what really traumatizes her, is that every man in the family is ready to believe Gwen's lies. Julie then storms out of the room. Jack tells Gwen that he's sorry. Gwen acknowledges that Julie is right. Jack asks about what. Gwen thinks back to talking to Dr. Snyder about losing her baby before her fall. Gwen then brings up the day she lost the baby. Jack tells her that whatever it is, she can tell him. Gwen reveals that she lied about what happened.

Julie goes to Julie's Place, where she finds Gabi at the counter and questions what she is doing there. Gabi responds that she keeps asking herself the same question. Julie tells her to feel free to leave. Gabi says if only she could, but she's picking up food for Jake. Julie would prefer Jake pick up his own food instead of sending her. Gabi remarks that Julie is in an especially nasty mood today. Julie responds that she had an especially nasty surprise today as Jack is moving Gwen in to their home, just because he wants to play father. Julie doesn't know what's the matter with Jack. Gabi wonders if Jack will still feel so fatherly when he finds out that Gwen has run his other daughter out of town.

Jack questions what Gwen lied about and tells her to talk to him. Gwen tells him that when Dr. Snyder said she lost the baby, she was so upset with Abigail because she said nasty things about her before she fell so she wanted to hurt Abigail as much as she had hurt her. Gwen admits that she said Abigail pushed her down the stairs on purpose, but she didn't. Jack asks her what really happened. Gwen explains that after they argued, Abigail chased her down the hall and grabbed her wrist at the top of the stairs but she pulled away and fell. Gwen confirms that Abigail did not push her and it was an accident.

Shawn tells Jan that they are having a private conversation. Belle goes along with Shawn and asks why hide it when it won't be long before the entire town knows that her husband thinks she's a cold blooded murderer. Shawn brings up what John saw. Belle argues that it wasn't her. Shawn brings up the coat and the evidence. Belle insists that she was framed. Shawn asks who would do that while Jan watches on.

Ben tells Claire that maybe he can get through to Ciara to let her know how crazy this is. Claire suggests he calm down before calling her so he doesn't make things worse. Ben declares that he's not calling Ciara, he's booking the next flight to South Africa so he can look her face to face, tell her how crazy this is, and let her know that there's no way in hell they are getting a divorce. Claire stops Ben and says she's not letting him do that. Claire takes Ben's phone and tells him to breathe. Ben complains that he can't when Ciara doesn't remember how much they love each other and thinks he's an out of control psycho. Claire argues that Ben flying to South Africa and showing up at her door will prove her point. Claire says they can't force this or else it will just push Ciara further away. Ben is willing to take that chance if it means bringing Ciara back home where she belongs.

Gwen acknowledges that she lied to Jack and everyone else so she's really sorry. Gwen adds that Abigail was right in the end that it was her responsibility to protect her child as a mother and she didn't. Gwen says that Julie is right too that she should leave and find somewhere else to live but Jack stops her.

Chad knows he has given Abigail so many reasons to walk away from their marriage and he knows how much doubting her has hurt. Chad apologizes and assures that he believes she didn't mean for Gwen to fall and lose her child. Abigail thanks him for telling her that, but cries that she doesn't know if she believes herself.

Julie questions Abigail leaving Salem over this. Gabi notes that Chad is trying to talk her out of it but Abigail's bags are packed so she thinks that she has made up her mind. Julie guesses that Gwen wins by tearing apart Chad and Abigail's family. Julie calls Gwen a hateful woman which Gabi says is finally something they can agree on. Julie questions Gabi hating someone who made Abigail's life miserable. Gabi explains that Gwen made her life miserable too, because everybody blamed her for spiking Abigail's drink. Julie argues that Gabi is lucky she let her walk in to the restaurant. Gabi admits she's done horrible things to Julie but wants Julie to admit that she was wrong about her spiking Abigail's drink. Julie admits that so Gabi jokes about Julie admitting that she was wrong about something. Julie states that she's not wrong about Gwen. Gabi agrees and points out that it's like they are on the same side but they agree their war could never be over. Gabi then exits.

Belle tells Shawn that it's very obvious who would frame her. Shawn tells her not to go there as they all know Jan was in a coma, while Belle had means, motive, and opportunity. Belle argues that she didn't kill Charlie and said if he was a better detective and husband, he would know that. Shawn points out that she has lied to him before like when she cheated on him with Philip. Belle then gets up and throws her drink on Shawn, then storms off while Jan watches on, looking surprised.

Belle runs in to Melinda outside the Pub. Melinda asks if she's enjoying her last days of freedom.

Jan offers to help Shawn clean the water off of him and says she's sorry that Belle was so vicious to him when he was only speaking the truth. Jan is glad that Shawn's eyes are finally open to who she really is. Shawn remarks that it's like he doesn't even know her anymore. Shawn says he hated Charlie too after he raped their niece and attacked their daughter, but you can't take the law in to your own hands and murder anybody.

Claire tells Ben that she gets how much Ben wants to go to South Africa and bring Ciara back home to have everything back as it was, but ambushing her is not the way. Claire encourages Ben to trust that Ciara is going to remember and one day she will be at her door and in his arms. Ben asks what if that doesn't happen. Ben tells Claire that he's sorry he bothered her. Claire gives Ben his phone back and says she's so sorry. Ben tells her not to be sorry because she was right that going to South Africa was a bad idea. Claire cries about watching Ben's heart break as she hates seeing him in this much pain. Ben responds that it's his own fault for letting himself believe that Ciara would remember and come back to him, but the divorce papers prove that she doesn't want to remember and she wants him out of her life forever. Ben says that forever to he and Ciara always meant together forever, but now it feels like he may never see her again. Claire hugs Ben as they cry.

Jack tells Gwen that they have been through this and she's not going anywhere. Jack says they are family and it's important to him that she owned her mistakes and told him the truth. Jack believes that Gwen and Abigail will be able to work everything out. Jack says it may take awhile, but he believes Gwen will find a way and finally find joy in her life which she deserves. Jack hugs Gwen and assures that she's not alone anymore. Jack suggests they finish moving her in which Gwen agrees to do. Gwen then gets a text from Dr. Snyder about a follow up appointment. Jack offers to go with her. Gwen says he's been so good to her already so she will go and won't be long. Jack decides he'll move her things upstairs so she can get settled in when she gets back. Jack then takes her box and heads upstairs. After Gwen leaves, Julie comes home and informs Jack that she just found out that Gwen has finally achieved her goal of tearing this family apart. Julie reveals that thanks to Gwen, Abigail is leaving Salem.

Chad asks Abigail what she means. Abigail tells him that she did not push Gwen down the stairs, but ever since finding out that she's pregnant with his child, she couldn't help but want the baby gone. Abigail cries that she tried to bully Gwen in to getting an abortion, said terrible things, and grabbed her at the top of the stairs. Abigail adds that now Chad's baby is gone. Chad understands that she was angry about the pregnancy. Abigail feels she let her anger and hatred towards Gwen result in an innocent child losing it's life. Abigail doesn't know how not to blame herself or how Chad doesn't blame her. Abigail declares that she has no idea who she is anymore as she has let Gwen turn her in to someone she does not want to be.

Gwen goes to her appointment with Dr. Snyder at the hospital. Dr. Snyder tells her that he was reviewing her medical records which she questions. He brings up when he examined her and how Gwen had not yet told her family about her miscarriage but she didn't tell him that she was going to blame her sister for the miscarriage. Dr. Snyder says he saw it on the front page of the Intruder, but they both know that Gwen lost the baby before the fall, so he's not sure if he's comfortable keeping quiet about it.

Melinda assumes Belle heard the judge's ruling about John's recording. Belle says that when John takes the stand, he will tell the truth that he made a mistake and he has a very credible witness. Melinda warns about what she will do in cross-examination. Belle insists that she did not kill Charlie Dale. Melinda tells her that the evidence says she did so they will let the jury decide as she walks away.

Jan tells Shawn that he deserves better than Belle. Shawn thanks her for listening. Jan says he's such a good man to be so concerned about a killer who lies to him and cheats on him. Jan calls it so unfair. Shawn states that Belle couldn't control herself yet again and after all these years of loving and supporting her, it's left him alone. Jan declares that as long as she's around, he will never be alone. Jan then kisses Shawn.

Claire tells Ben that she knows how hard this is but he needs to let Ciara go, at least for a little while as they both do. Claire and Ben then end up kissing.

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