Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/19/21

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/19/21


Written By Joseph

Eli comes out of the shower in just his towel and goes to the kitchen. Eli reaches up in to a cupboard, causing his towel to drop right as Chanel walks in and sees him.

Kristen pretends to be Susan but Lani tells Kristen to save it as she knows everything. Kristen continues the act. Lani yells at her to stop lying to her. Lani reminds Kristen that she knows her better than anyone and she knew something was off last time she came to visit her, and that's because it was Susan pretending to be her. Lani tells Kristen that she has gone too far. Lani says she loves Kristen and she is her best friend, but she's under arrest.

Brady wakes up in the hospital to see Marlena at his side. Marlena asks how he's feeling. Brady thinks he's feeling better and asks if they have found Kristen. Marlena says not yet and she's afraid that she has some bad news. Marlena informs Brady that Kate was found at the DiMera Mansion, having been assaulted by Kristen, and they had to put her in a medically induced coma. Brady asks what about Chloe.

Xander pulls a gun on Sami and Lucas in the wine cellar and reveals that he's only here because Kristen sent him to take them out. Lucas tells him that he doesn't want to do this. Sami argues that they've both done bad things, but that Xander isn't a killer. Xander brings up when he tried to kill Eric because he was in the way, just like they are now.

Eli puts his towel back on and questions Chanel not knocking. Chanel informs him that Lani gave her a key since she is staying there. Eli thought she was out. Chanel says she was and jokes that he was all the way out too. Chanel asks if he always walks around the apartment like that. Eli says it's usually not a problem. Chanel remarks that Lani is one lucky lady.

Lani tells Kristen that she wants to help her and asks her not to make it harder than it already is. Kristen admits she should've known that she couldn't fool Lani. Lani states that she let her go once, but she can't do it again. Lani adds that everyone knows what she's already done. Kristen asks if that includes Brady. Lani confirms that it does as she heard he went to Statesvillle prison and figured it out. Lani asks if Kristen is going to make this difficult. Kristen agrees not to run so Lani thanks her. Kristen removes her Susan disguise and asks Lani for a favor before she takes her in. Kristen tells Lani that she would like to meet her twins.

Marlena tries calling Chloe but it goes straight to voicemail. Brady notes that she always leaves it on which concerns Marlena. Marlena is afraid that Chloe might have gone to the DiMera Mansion while Kristen was there, because she encouraged her to talk to Lucas. Brady remembers Marlena saying that Chloe told her something strange about Lucas and asks what that was about. Marlena tells Brady it was that Lucas was dying of a brain tumor, but she doesn't think it's true. Brady doesn't understand why Lucas would want Chloe to think he was dying if he wasn't. Marlena reveals that Sami put him up to it.

Lucas tells Xander that they are not a threat to Kristen and haven't told anybody anything. Sami adds that they have been keeping her secret the whole time. Xander says that's just because she was blackmailing them and now she sent him to eliminate them. Lucas questions why Xander would help Kristen when he hates her. Xander responds that he can blame his brother Philip.

Philip sits with Gabi at the hospital, where Gabi fills him in on Kristen trying to kill Kate. Philip is thankful that Jake found Kate when he did. Philip appreciates Gabi coming but says she doesn't have to stick around as he'll be fine. Gabi then explains that when Jake thought Kate dumped him, they got back together. Philip asks if they are a couple again. Gabi admits she's not sure where things stand between her and Jake due to Kate's current condition. Philip asks if Gabi thinks Jake will go back to Kate. Jake then comes out of the room so Philip asks how Kate is. Jake informs them that doctors don't think it's safe to bring her out of the coma yet. Philip says he needs to see her so he heads to Kate's room. Gabi asks Jake if the doctors think Kate will be okay. Jake responds that he doesn't know. Jake asks what if Kate doesn't come out of this.

Eli gets dressed. Chanel jokes that she liked his last outfit better. Eli wants her to forget what she saw. Chanel says that will be kind of hard to do. Chanel talks about spending time in Europe including nude beaches so she doesn't think this is a big deal. Eli agrees that it's not a big deal. Chanel guesses that's because Lani told him that she kissed a girl, which surprises Eli. Eli says he just wasn't expecting that. Chanel calls that a common reaction in this town.

Lani introduces Kristen to her twins as they sleep. Kristen tells Lani that she is so blessed to be able to raise her babies. Kristen cries about imagining raising Rachel next to them and watching them grow up together.

Lucas asks what Philip has to do with any of this. Xander argues that he took what is rightfully his at Titan. Sami asks how that is their problem. Xander explains since he quit Titan, he has no money coming in and Kristen offered him a fair price. Xander says this is nothing personal and he just needs a pay check. Xander asks who wants to go first as he holds the gun on them.

Chanel questions Eli being surprised but not curious. Eli tells her that who she kisses is her business. Chanel says it's kind of a cool story so she doesn't mind telling him. Chanel explains that she and her friend used to hang out in Europe and then ran in to each other in Salem. Chanel says they had so much fun and kissing her just felt right, except it wasn't okay because her friend is in to a guy and doesn't see her that way. Eli says he's sorry but he's sure she will find someone else. Chanel can't imagine meeting someone that she connects with like this girl but says that's life. Eli tells her that she doesn't need to pretend as it's clear that she's hurting and it's okay to admit it.

Sami offers to double whatever Kristen is paying Xander and tells him to name his price. Xander thinks back to when he and Chanel tried to get 10 million dollars from Paulina. Xander then tells Sami that he wants 10 million dollars. Sami questions Kristen offering him 5 million to kill them. Xander asks if they want to buy their freedom or not. Sami asks if the 10 million means it's only 6 million to just save herself.

Marlena informs Brady that Sami dressed up as a man to persuade Chloe that Lucas was dying and she's been racking her brain to try to figure out why. Marlena adds that Sami and Lucas wanted Chloe to leave town with Lucas. Brady argues that it doesn't make sense and asks why Sami would want Chloe to leave town since the only person who wants Chloe gone, is Kristen.

Kristen tells Lani that the biggest blessing of pretending to be Susan was getting to spend time with Rachel. Lani knows how much she missed her. Kristen talks about getting to be so close to her. Lani suggests that Rachel may have sensed she was her mom. Kristen cries about treasuring those last months because now it's all going to be over when she goes back to prison.

Gabi gives Jake his phone and says she went back to the house while he was with Kate. Jake can't imagine what Kate went through. Gabi calls Kate the toughest person she knows and says Kristen will have to do a lot more to bring her down for good. Jake thanks Gabi for reminding him of that. Jake knows this can't be easy for Gabi either. Gabi acknowledges that everything that happened between them in the past 24 hours was before Kate was in a coma and before Jake was so worried about her. Gabi tells Jake that if he wants to change his mind about them being together, she understands. Jake says he has so many emotions going through him right now and he keeps thinking of the look on Kate's face when she walked in on them and how bad that must have hurt her. Jake points out that now Kate might not make it out of this. Gabi understands he wants to be there for Kate. Jake assures this doesn't change the fact that he loves Gabi. Jake says in spite of everything, Gabi is the woman he wants to be with as he hugs her.

Chanel tells Eli that she's usually better at not letting people see how she really feels. Eli jokes that it can be easier for her to bare her soul to the guy she just saw butt naked. Chanel thanks him for making her laugh. Chanel notes that her friend always made her laugh. Eli comments that laughter has gotten he and Lani through tough times. Chanel admits she's jealous of what Eli and Lani have since they make each other happy. Eli comments that it was a long, hard road but definitely worth it. Chanel jokes that Eli must be glad that Lani and Kristen decided to stay celibate in Italy. Eli asks what that means. Chanel says he must know so Eli questions if she's saying that Lani and Kristen almost hooked up.

Kristen tells Lani that time goes by so fast and while she's in prison, Rachel will be growing up and being pulled away from her. Lani encourages that Kristen will always be in Rachel's heart. Kristen says not Brady's though after the terrible mess she made. Kristen cries that she did not mean to hurt Kate or anybody but she was terrified of losing Brady, so she went off the rails. Kristen adds that she's really sorry and thinks Lani must be ashamed to call her a friend.

Brady asks Marlena if she thinks that Sami figured out that it was Kristen living with them and not Susan. Marlena says maybe but that Sami would've turned Kristen in immediately. Marlena can't think of any reason that Sami would help Kristen. Brady says unless there was something in it for her.

Lucas questions if Sami is going to buy her way out of this and let Xander shoot him. Sami says she was just asking. Sami asks Xander if 10 million dollars buys both of their freedom. Xander says as long as their silence comes with it. Sami tells him that her cash is linked to a joint account that her and EJ control, so she can't just take out the money without EJ signing off on it. Xander suggests Sami give EJ a call then and tell him that she needs to make a withdrawal. Sami responds that she can't. Xander questions if there's some reason why her husband wouldn't want to help save both of their lives.

Eli asks Chanel if she knows something about Lani and Kristen that he doesn't. Chanel says she was just teasing and that Lani was too in love with Eli to have eyes for anybody else. Eli says the same goes for Kristen and her man, except Kristen has taken her love for Brady to a dangerous level. Chanel mentions reading about the car accident. Eli just hopes they get Kristen in to custody before she hurts anyone else, especially Lani.

Lani wishes Kristen hadn't hurt Kate or left prison again, but she is her friend and nothing will ever change that. Kristen doesn't know what she did to deserve her. Lani talks about how she was just telling Chanel how close they got at the convent. Lani says as strange and sad as that was, it forged a bond between them that will never be broken. Kristen tells her how much that means to her. Lani is glad she got to introduce Kristen to her babies. Kristen says it was a pleasure to meet them and that they are so lucky to have a mom like Lani. Kristen knows that Lani needs to take her in. Kristen agrees to go quietly. Lani thanks her as Kristen offers her hands. Lani hugs her as they cry.

Brady tells Marlena that the real question is how could getting rid of Chloe benefit Sami. Marlena says that stumped her too. Brady argues that they don't have time to figure it out as he needs to make sure that Chloe is safe and to find her. Brady asks Marlena to go to the DiMera Mansion to see if anyone has seen or spoken to Chloe. Marlena mentions that she promised John that she would stay here with him. Brady assures that he's fine and well taken care of, but he couldn't forgive himself if something happened to Chloe.

Sami tells Xander that calling EJ isn't simple. Xander guesses it's because of Lucas and asks if there's bad blood between them. Lucas says no and claims they are one big happy family. Lucas tells him that EJ is just a little tight with the wallet. Lucas suggests Sami tell EJ that they got stuck here separately. Sami agrees that could work. Xander gives Sami the account to have EJ wire the funds to. Xander warns to make it clear that if EJ alerts authorities in any way, they will go back to plan A. Sami says she's got it as Xander hands his phone to her. Sami calls EJ and says she's glad he picked up and she misses him too. Sami says things are going great in Salem and that she's been thinking of him a lot. Sami then reveals she's calling because she needs 10 million dollars.

Philip comes out from Kate's room so Gabi asks how he is. He says he's okay and that he needs to call Lucas to get here because Kate needs to be surrounded by people who care about her. Philip walks away. Jake agrees that Kate shouldn't be alone. Gabi tells Jake that he should go be with Kate and stay as long as he needs to. Jake suggests Gabi come with him.

Marlena notes that Brady really cares about Chloe and asks what that will do to his relationship with Kristen. Brady says they have a daughter together and he'll always love Kristen, but admits he has some strong feelings for Chloe. Marlena points out that Kristen realizes that which puts Chloe in a great deal of danger. Brady blames himself and repeats that he won't be able to live with himself if harm comes to Chloe because of this. Brady tells Marlena that he needs to know Chloe is safe and he needs her help with this. Marlena agrees to check with Lucas to see if he's seen Chloe so Brady thanks her.

Eli tells Chanel that the last time Kristen was in Salem, she convinced Lani to let her escape which almost cost Lani her career and their marriage. Chanel is surprised as Lani has always been such a rule follower. Eli remarks that Lani has a big heart and Kristen knows how to play people. Eli gets a call from Lani. Eli asks where she is. Lani responds that she's with Kristen which surprises him. Lani tells him that everything is fine as Kristen surrendered and agreed to cooperate. Eli asks about the twins. Lani says they are good as Abe just picked them up. Lani tells Eli that she's going to bring Kristen in herself. Eli agrees to meet her at the station and hangs up. Kristen asks Lani if they can go to the hospital to see Brady so she can explain why she did what she did. Lani wishes they could but notes that she should've taken her in an hour ago. Lani tells Kristen that she's sorry.

Sami tells EJ that she will explain everything in detail when she sees him but asks him to wire the money right away. Sami tells him that will take care of everything. Sami says she loves him too. Xander then takes the phone and hangs it up. Sami assures that EJ will come through. Xander warns that he better or else Sami and Lucas will never get out alive.

Gabi reminds Jake that Kate's only supposed to have one visitor at a time. Jake talks about things being tense between Gabi and Kate since they got together, but they were friends at one point. Gabi asks if Jake thinks her going in there will make her feel better or because he thinks it will make her mad enough to wake up and lay in to her for stealing him away. Jake responds that if it gets her well, he's fine with either one, as they walk off together.

Lucas asks how they are going to know the transfer went through. Xander gets a phone alert that it went through. Sami asks if they can go now then. Xander trusts that they will both keep their mouths shut about their deal. Sami asks if Xander has figured out what he's going to tell Kristen about why he didn't kill them. Xander says that's for him to worry about. Lucas asks if they are safe. Xander declares a deal is a deal and it was a pleasure doing business with them. Xander then exits and leaves the door open. Lucas says for them to get out of here but Sami stops him.

Philip goes to visit Brady in his hospital room. Brady mentions hearing about his mom and says he's very sorry. Brady asks if he's heard from Lucas. Philip says he's been trying to call him but it keeps going straight to voicemail. Brady notes that's the same as Chloe and explains that Marlena told him that Chloe went to go talk to Lucas about something and she's been missing ever since. Philip asks if he thinks Kristen got her too. Brady points out that Kristen broke out of prison just to keep Chloe away from him so God only knows what she's capable of doing right now. Brady tells him that he sent Marlena to the DiMera Mansion to see if she can find Chloe. Philip asks if he's sure that was a good idea or if he sent her right in to danger.

Marlena goes to the DiMera Mansion looking for Chloe. Xander walks out of the tunnels. Marlena stops him and asks what he's doing here with a gun. Xander says it's always nice to see her and then walks out of the mansion.

Sami tells Lucas that she explained to EJ that they ended up here separately but he's still going to have a lot of questions about why they are paying someone so much money. Sami says she will have to explain eventually. Lucas tells her to tell EJ whatever she thinks she has to tell him, just not that Kristen was blackmailing them because they slept together twice. Lucas declares that they definitely don't want to tell EJ that, or else Xander won't be the only one trying to kill them as EJ will take care of them himself.

Chanel looks at Eli and Lani's wedding photo and remarks that she hopes Lani appreciates what a great guy she married.

Lani brings Kristen to the police station where Eli is waiting. Lani is sorry that Kristen has to go through this again. Kristen responds that if anyone had to arrest her, she's glad it was her. Eli then escorts Kristen to the interrogation room and says he'll be right back. Eli asks Lani if she's okay. Lani says she'll tell him about it at home. Eli kisses Lani and says he loves her and he'll see her at home. Eli then returns to the interrogation room and tells Kristen that surrendering to Lani was the right thing to do. Kristen says she doesn't know if it will count much with the district attorney but she did it for Lani because she didn't want her to get in any trouble. Eli says he won't thank her and brings up Kate being in serious condition. Kristen wishes she could've done things differently but she was desperate to escape. Eli stops her and says he's sure that she would like to call her lawyer. Kristen says that won't be necessary. Eli decides that if she doesn't want to fight the charges then he will just arrange for her to be sent back to Statesville prison. Kristen clarifies that it's not what she meant. Kristen declares that she's not going back to prison because if that happened, then no one will ever see Chloe Lane again.

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