Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/18/21

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/18/21


Written By Joseph

Kristen tells Xander that she's running out of time so she asks if he is on board or not. Nicole then knocks on the door, calling for Xander to open the door. Kristen orders Xander to get rid of her. Xander shouts that it's not a great time but Nicole warns Xander to let her in or she will break the door down.

Chanel hopes she doesn't lose her friend because she doesn't have that many. Lani thought she said her friend told her that she was fine. Chanel thinks she just said that to her face. Lani suggests talking to her about it if she wants to fix it. Chanel reminds Lani that she promised her and Eli that she would find another place to stay. Lani allows her one more night since she knows what it's like to need to settle something with someone you care about. Chanel thanks her and promises to take care of everything else tomorrow. Chanel admits she wants to settle things with this girl as she's really her only friend in town.

Tripp brings Allie flowers. Allie thanks him and invites him in to tell her about his shift. Tripp informs her that he has to tell her that her grandma Kate is in the ICU. Allie is shocked and asks what happened.

Gabi tells Rafe that she can't believe Kristen is on the loose again and asks if he has any idea where she could be. Rafe thinks she made a run for it since there's no sign of her in Salem and Eli just went home to check with Lani since she's Kristen's only close friend. Rafe declares that if Lani hasn't heard from Kristen, then she could be long gone by now. Rafe blames himself for it but Gabi argues that it's not his fault that she keeps breaking out of prison. Rafe argues that Kristen would be in custody right now if he took Lucas more seriously when he was worried about Kate, but he blew him off which he calls a big mistake.

Lucas puts his clothes back on after having sex with Sami in the wine cellar of the DiMera basement. Sami freaks out about how she can't believe she let this happen again and that she cheated on her husband a second time while they are desperately trying to cover up the first time. Sami then tells Lucas that it's all his fault.

Gabi tells Rafe that it was a little strange for Kate to leave town without saying goodbye to her kids. Rafe says that's what Lucas said and that there was another clue that made him think something bad happened to Kate. Gabi asks if he thinks Lucas knew that Kristen kidnapped Kate. Rafe says he pressed him for details but he wouldn't say anything because he would be breaking a confidence and that person may never forgive him. Gabi wonders who he would be talking about. Rafe states that Lucas wouldn't tell him that either.

Lucas asks Sami how this is his fault. Sami says that the first time, Lucas kissed her. Lucas argues that Sami said she needed him and talked about not being loved for a long time. Sami argues that Lucas apologized the next morning because he knew he took advantage of her while she was vulnerable. Lucas points out that she said he didn't need to apologize. Sami admits he was there for her and comforted her while she needed it but she made it clear that she didn't want it to happen again. Lucas argues that they kissed each other at the exact same time. Sami claims she only kissed him to keep his mouth shut from bad mouthing EJ. Lucas talks about being worried about Kate. Sami tells him not to change the subject and to take responsibility for what happened. Lucas insists that it wasn't his fault as what happened between them was both of them. Sami calls him stubborn. Lucas says she's in denial and she can blame him, but the truth is that she wanted it to happen as much as he did. Sami then reluctantly admits that he's right.

Kristen hides in the bathroom while Xander answers the door. Xander asks if she couldn't stay away. Nicole tells him that she left her wedding ring and retrieves it from the end table. Nicole warns Xander to keep his mouth shut about what happened last night. Xander tells her that this is Salem and inquiring minds will want to know. Nicole says she's aware so she came up with a cover story that she got too drunk to go home so she got a room alone. Xander comments that no one knows they slept together then. Kristen overhears this from the bathroom as Nicole tells Xander that she wants to keep it that way.

Lani tells Chanel that this girl is not her only friend because she also has her. Lani says it means a lot to her for Chanel to confide in her. Chanel then exits the apartment.

Allie can't believe her grandma is in a coma and asks if she can see her. Tripp says not yet since Kayla wants to keep visitors to a minimum but Jake is with her now. Allie guesses Lucas is at the hospital too but Tripp reveals he did not see him. Allie wonders where else he would be.

Sami tells Lucas that she just doesn't know anymore. Lucas says they can't explain it as it just happened. Sami complains that she's married so she should've been able to stop it. Lucas thinks she's being hard on herself. Sami declares that it's not his responsibility to stop her from cheating on her husband and she shouldn't have taken it out on him so she apologizes. Lucas jokes about Sami apologizing for the first time in decades. Sami worries that Kristen is going to show up any minute to finish them off.

Nicole wants Xander to swear to her that he won't tell anyone they slept together as Kristen continues listening. Xander says he'll consider it and suggests they do it again. Xander then swears not to tell anyone but Rafe tries to call Lucas and Kristen has Lucas's phone so it rings in the bathroom. Kristen quickly rejects the call but Nicole asks Xander if someone else is there.

Allie tells Tripp that Lucas didn't answer her call. Tripp encourages her not to worry and guesses he probably showed up after he left. Tripp adds that Kayla said she would call if there's any change in Kate's condition. Allie says she's just really worried about her. Tripp suggests they hang together while waiting for news. Allie says she'd like that. Tripp adds that there's something he'd like to talk to her about first and says it's their kiss. Tripp notes that they never really had a chance to talk about it. Allie says that Chanel interrupted and then she had to pick up Henry. Tripp worries that Allie left so fast that he thought maybe she wasn't as in to it as he was. Allie suggests there's only one way to find out. They almost kiss again but are interrupted by a knock at the door. Allie answers the door to see Chanel.

Eli goes home where Lani asks if everything is okay. Eli informs her that Kristen escaped prison which shocks Lani. Eli says that this time Kristen switched places with Susan Banks back in February. Eli explains that Kristen was worried that Chloe was moving on Brady so she wanted to keep an eye on them. Lani questions Kristen disguising herself as Susan being the only way to do that. Lani remarks that now it all makes sense why Kristen didn't seem like herself the last time she visited her in prison. Lani remembers Kristen making strange comments then and it's because it was Susan, but she had no idea. Lani swears that she hasn't heard from Kristen at all lately. Eli believes her but warns that Kristen is in a lot of trouble, because she kidnapped and assaulted Kate.

Rafe tells Gabi that Lucas only told him that a lot of people could get hurt if what he knew got out, but he hasn't gotten back to him or shown up so he's going to the DiMera Mansion to find out what the hell is going on. Gabi notes that Jake left his phone so she's going with him.

Sami tells Lucas that Kristen has been gone a very long time so she wonders what she is up to. Lucas continues to worry about Kate. Sami encourages that Kate will be okay. Lucas thanks her. Sami admits Kate is a pain in her ass but she does care about her and she wouldn't work with Kristen to hurt her. Lucas appreciates that and says he's very sorry about everything. Sami tells him no more apologies and suggests they work together to figure out a way to get out of here.

Xander tells Nicole that there is no one else there. Nicole says she heard a phone. Xander claims he left his phone in the bathroom. Nicole questions him not being curious who called. Xander remarks that if it's important, they'll call back. Nicole decides she doesn't care and she's leaving. Nicole warns Xander again not to say a word to anyone about last night as she then exits. Kristen comes out of the bathroom and remarks that Xander is a naughty boy. Kristen guesses Nicole wanted something spicier than Eric Brady. Xander wants Kristen to leave now but Kristen refuses to leave until they have a deal. Xander repeats that his mercenary days are over, so he's not going to kill Sami, Lucas, Kate, Chloe, or anyone else. Kristen doesn't think he's in position to turn her down since he's broke and she just overheard information that he won't want to get out. Xander says that Nicole might be desperate to keep it under wraps, but he couldn't care less as he still remembers the look on Eric's face when he told him that he and Nicole were married. Xander jokes that he'd pay to see Eric's reaction when he finds out that they finally consummated their relationship. Kristen asks if he dosen't mind if she broadcasts the news about him and Nicole then. Xander tells Kristen that if she wants all those people dead, she's going to have to kill them herself. Kristen complains that she can't kill all those people at once as her plate is full. Xander suggests she prioritize by moving Sami and Lucas to the top of her list. Xander notes that she seemed pretty sure that Kate's already dead and doesn't seem too concerned about Chloe. Kristen remarks that she wants to confirm Chloe's demise herself but she can't be in all those places at once. Xander is sure she'll figure it out. Kristen argues that she needs him. Xander admits that it's tempting but he knows he'd regret working with her again. Kristen pleads with him but Xander says no and tells her to tidy up her own mess. Xander tells Kristen to get the hell out and opens the door, as the Salem Inn clerk arrives and says he was about to say the same thing himself.

Nicole goes to Rafe's where Ava greets her. Ava mentions that Rafe isn't home if she was looking for him but Nicole informs Ava that she came to see her. Nicole reveals to Ava that she did something so incredibly stupid last night. Ava asks what she did. Nicole doesn't know if she can say it. Nicole then decides this was a bad idea and she shouldn't have come. Ava stops her and assures that she's here for her. Ava asks what she can do to help her. Nicole wants to handle this on her own. Ava stops her and notes that she is shaking so she asks Nicole to stay and talk to her. Ava says she will listen with no judgment or pressure. Ava wants to make sure Nicole is okay. Nicole then sits down so Ava asks her to tell her what this is about. Ava recalls being at Nicole's and the phone rang which excited her so she left for her date with Rafe. Ava asks about Eric coming back to Salem but Nicole informs her that Eric extended his stay and is not coming home. Nicole tells Ava that she got in a huge fight with him and hung up. Ava understands and suggests she just call back and apologize. Nicole adds that it gets worse as she couldn't stand to be alone so she went to the Pub and got wasted. Ava understands she was upset. Nicole calls herself a horrible person, because she cheated on her husband as she breaks down crying.

Sami tells Lucas that she was trying to figure a way out. Sami recalls EJ telling her about a loose tile in the ceiling so she thought maybe they could get through back in to the tunnels. Lucas agrees to try anything. Sami asks for a boost. Lucas jokes about having to pick her up. Sami insists they are doing this right now.

Eli informs Lani that Kate is in a coma thanks to Kristen. Lani says it was horrible when Kristen pushed Haley Chen and stabbed Victor, but she understood because Kristen was provoked in both cases. Lani says doing something like this was out of jealousy and questions why she would do that. Eli just wants to get Kristen in to custody so she doesn't hurt anybody else. Lani wants to help him, but assures that Kristen hasn't reached out to her. Eli asks what if she comes here. Lani insists that she won't. Eli points out that Kristen has reached out to her before when her back is against the wall. Lani is certain that Kristen wouldn't put her in that position after risking everything for her. Eli worries that Kristen is desperate and dangerous so he doesn't want her around their children. Lani assures that Kristen would never hurt a child but offers to take the babies to Abe's if it makes him feel better. Eli thanks her for understanding and says he will miss them, but it will be nice to have a night alone. Eli then asks if Chanel is moving out. Lani informs him that she told her that she could stay one more day if that's okay. Eli accepts that Chanel is family so it will have to be okay. Eli asks if Lani is okay with Chanel seeing him running around in his underwear. Lani responds that she doesn't think Chanel would be interested. Eli questions what that means but Lani says nevermind.

Allie asks how Chanel knew where she lived. Chanel notes that Allie mentioned living with her aunt so she looked up the address. Allie asks her what's going on. Chanel says she knows they said no more awkwardness but she kissed her and wanted to make sure she was really okay with it. Chanel then comes in and sees Tripp so she apologizes as she didn't know Allie had company. Chanel says she'll go but Allie says she can stay and tells her that Tripp was just staying with her while her grandmother is in the hospital. Chanel asks if she's okay. Allie admits she's really worried about her and scared. Chanel hugs Allie. Henry then wakes up crying so Allie goes to check on him. Chanel then tells Tripp that they need to talk about Allie. Chanel assures Tripp that she and Allie are just friends and that's all she wants them to be, so she doesn't want Tripp to worry about her coming in between them. Chanel claims that she just came over to clear all that up. Tripp asks if she's going to stick around and do that. Chanel says she didn't know Tripp was here and she already interrupted he and Allie when they were kissing. Tripp jokes that she's making a habit of that. Chanel reminds him that she offered to leave. Tripp points out that when Allie finds out why she came over, she might want him to leave. They agree that they can't both stay as that would be awkward. Tripp tells Chanel that whatever Allie decides is cool with him.

Rafe and Gabi go to the DiMera Mansion looking for Lucas.

Lucas has Sami on his shoulders, trying to move the loose tile from the ceiling, but they end up falling down.

Ava asks Nicole who she cheated on Eric with. Nicole says it doesn't matter. Ava says she's sorry and wishes Nicole called her before going out last night. Nicole points out that Ava was on her date so she didn't want to bother her or Rafe. Ava argues that they are her friends and care about her, so they wouldn't have minded if she crashed. Nicole says she didn't want to, so instead she made the worst mistake of her life.

Jimmy the Salem Inn clerk tells Xander that his bill is long overdue. Xander claims he's good for it and tries to shut the door but he says that he reads the news and knows that Xander is no longer employed at Titan, so he assumes that's why Xander owes thousands of dollars and he's being evicted. Xander asks him to give him a couple of weeks to sort it out. He gives Xander the end of the day to pay up or he's out. After Jimmy leaves, Kristen pulls out cash and says that should cover his bill and there's plenty more where that comes from. Kristen tells him that all she needs is proof that Sami and Lucas are dead.

Allie comes back out so Chanel says she has to bounce. Allie argues that Chanel just got there and should stay as they can order food. Chanel knows Allie wants to focus on her grandma and she hopes she's okay. Chanel tells Allie to just let her know later as she exits. Allie then questions what Tripp said to Chanel.

Lani tells Eli that Abe is excited to have the babies spend the night and that he wants Eli to keep him updated on Kristen. Eli says he will shower and make dinner. They mention Chanel being at a friends house. Eli hopes Chanel might sleep over too so they could have a night to themselves. Eli tells Lani to hurry back as they kiss. Lani assures Eli that if she heard from Kristen, she would tell him. Eli says he has no doubt as they kiss. Eli tells Lani that he loves her as she exits with the twins.

Kristen has Lucas's phone and plays the voicemail from Rafe about Kate being in a coma after someone attacked her and they believe it was Kristen.

Xander goes to the DiMera Mansion and heads towards the tunnels but Rafe and Gabi come back and find him. Rafe questions what he's doing there. Xander claims he was looking for Jake. Gabi asks what he wants with Jake. Xander says he's between jobs at the moment so he was hoping Jake could take him on at DiMera. Gabi doubts Jake would hire him so he's wasting his time and adds that Jake isn't even here. Xander asks Gabi to tell Jake that he stopped by and to call him later. Gabi says that won't happen as Jake has a lot of things on his mind. Xander tells her to take care then and exits the room. Rafe and Gabi then exit the mansion. Xander then sneaks back in to the living room.

Lucas complains about Sami's ceiling tile plan not working. Sami insists that there's a hole up there that she can fit through. Lucas worries about Kate and wishes he wasn't stuck here. Sami points out that if they are on to Kristen, maybe the police are too. Lucas asks if Kristen's just going to keep dumping bodies down here. The door opens so Sami hopes it means they are saved, as Xander then walks in to the room.

Tripp tells Allie that he didn't say anything to Chanel. Allie asks if he asked her to leave. Tripp says of course not but admits he's kind of glad that she did because he wanted to be alone with her to pick up where they left off. Allie and Tripp then kiss.

Eli comes out of the shower in just his towel and goes to the kitchen. Eli reaches up in to a cupboard, causing his towel to drop right as Chanel walks in and sees him.

Nicole tells Ava that she can't do this and she's ruined her life. Ava argues that people make mistakes. Nicole says this was catastrophic and adds that she ran in to Rafe outside the Salem Inn this morning. Nicole tells her that she gave him a lame excuse but Rafe pointed out that she was wearing the same thing as the day before, so she admitted that she lied. Ava asks if Rafe knows what really happened then. Nicole says no and that she just told Rafe that she stayed at the Salem Inn because she was drunk. Nicole worries about Rafe finding out that she was doing the walk of shame. Ava promises not to tell him. Ava tells Nicole that her secret is safe with her as Rafe comes home and questions what secret.

Kristen puts on her Susan Banks disguise outside and says maybe she can still get Kate to keep her mouth shut. "Susan" starts to walk away but runs in to Lani with the twins. Kristen pretends to be Susan but Lani tells Kristen to save it as she knows everything.

Rafe questions the secret but Ava says it has nothing to do with him. Rafe asks why they clammed up as soon as he walked in then. Ava jokes about cops being paranoid. Nicole then quickly exits. Rafe asks if Nicole is alright. Ava says she's going to be.

Sami tells Xander that she's so happy to see him. Lucas asks how he found them. Sami says who cares as she just wants to get out. Xander responds that he's sorry but he has other plans for them as he pulls a gun on them.

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