Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/17/21

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/17/21


Written By Joseph

Gabi is in her room, thinking back to reuniting with Jake. Gabi guesses that Jake is probably breaking up with Kate right now and that she's not going to take the news lying down...

Jake goes to the living room to tell Kate that they need to talk but he finds her unconscious on the floor. Jake then rushes to check on her.

At the police station, Rafe finishes his call with Marlena about Kristen escaping from prison and says he'll put an APB out on her. Eli comes over and asks who that was about. Rafe reveals to him that Kristen has been posing as Susan Banks for the last few months. Eli questions Kristen breaking out of prison again.

Chanel makes Lani cupcakes to thank her for letting her stay with them. Chanel talks about learning how to bake and says she does it when she's feeling low. Lani asks if that means she's feeling low. Chanel explains that she ran in to a friend from her past the other day and they had a blast catching up, but then things got a little awkward when they kissed.

Allie goes home with Henry. Allie is glad that Nicole is home since she was worried. Nicole apologizes. Allie notes that it's not like Nicole to stay out all night without calling and asks where she was. Nicole thinks back to having sex with Xander.

At the hospital, Tripp asks Kayla how Brady is doing. Kayla informs him that his surgery was more complicated than she expected, but he's out of the ICU and she expects him to make a full recovery. Tripp notes that Brady has been through a lot the last few months. Kayla asks how Tripp's day is going. Tripp admits he's spent most of it avoiding Dr. Snyder, because he's all over everything he does. Kayla offers to talk to him but Tripp says it wouldn't help since Dr. Snyder has had it in for him ever since he caught him holding Allie's hand. Kayla calls that ridiculous. Kayla then suggests Tripp is more to Allie than just Henry's uncle. Tripp then admits to Kayla that they kissed last night.

Nicole finishes a call about picking up Holly from school. Allie asks Nicole again where she was. Nicole admits she had a not great night because Eric called and told her that he extended his stay in Africa for another three months. Allie notes that's the second time he's done that and she knows Nicole had all these plans for when he got back so she must be upset. Nicole admits she's upset, angry, and sad. Nicole adds that she went to the Pub and got wasted, then realized she didn't want to come home to them like that so she booked a room at the Salem Inn and slept it off there. Nicole apologizes for not calling. Allie says she wouldn't have judged her and reminds Nicole that she was so wasted, she couldn't remember who got her pregnant. Allie wishes Nicole came home as she hates to think of her in a hotel room, alone and miserable.

Xander finishes a shower in his hotel room and thinks back to having sex with Nicole. There's a knock at his door so Xander guesses she's back for more. Xander then answers the door to see Kristen in her Kate mask and disguise. She informs Xander that she's not Kate and that Kate is dead. Xander asks who she is then. She responds that she's the one who killed her.

Jake tries to give Kate CPR to revive her. Gabi walks in and questions what the hell he's doing. Jake gets Kate breathing again. Gabi asks if Kate fainted when he told her it was over. Jake informs her that he found Kate like this. Gabi notes that Kate looked like she was going to faint when she left her room. Jake explains that she didn't pass out, as she has a gash in her head so someone tried to finish her off. Jake guesses it was Kristen.

Xander comments that "Kate" isn't making sense. She repeats that she's not Kate so Xander asks who she is. She reveals to Xander that she is Kristen in a mask. Xander calls it even better than her Nicole mask. Xander thought Kristen was in prison. Kristen says obviously not. Xander guesses she broke out again. Kristen tells him that now everything is falling apart so she needs his help.

Allie tells Nicole that she can't believe Eric did this to her again and offers to call him and let him have it. Nicole tells her that won't be necessary. Allie feels Eric is taking Nicole for granted. Allie argues that Eric has done his good deed and needs to come home. Nicole thanks her for her support but she doesn't want to talk about Eric. Nicole asks about Allie and how her job hunting went. Allie calls it a total wash as she's not qualified for anything so she had no luck at all. Nicole is sorry she had a bad day. Allie adds that it wasn't all bad as she ran in to an old friend she knew in London. Allie says they ended up going to Julie's Place and having so much fun talking about the great times they had. Allie then reveals to Nicole that out of nowhere, her friend kissed her.

Lani talks about Chanel having quite the social life since coming to town, as first she happened to run in to her ex, Theo, and then she married Xander, and now she runs in to someone from her past and already kissed him. Lani asks Chanel what his name is and if she knows him. Chanel says she might but reveals it's not a man from her past, it's a woman from her past.

Rafe tells Eli that it's not an easy to put out an APB when the suspect could like Kristen, Nicole, or Susan. Eli questions how the hell Kristen got Susan to switch places with her in prison. Rafe says he doesn't know the details, just that Brady figured it out himself. Eli asks how long this has been going on. Rafe says since February. Eli questions how Brady figured it out. Rafe explains that Brady thought he was visiting Kristen in prison and then Susan gave herself away, then Brady was on his way to tell them but he was in a bad accident and just got out of surgery. Eli wonders why Kristen would do something so risky. Rafe informs him that Kristen thought she was going to lose Brady to Chloe. Eli asks if Marlena has no idea where Kristen is now. Rafe notes that she was at the hospital checking on Brady as "Susan". Eli suggests starting at the hospital but Rafe tells him that John and Marlena already searched the hospital and she's not there. Eli guesses she figured out they were onto her. Rafe worries that makes her even more dangerous and they have to track her down. Eli realizes that every time she's in a bind, she goes straight to Lani. Rafe then gets a call from Gabi, who says she needs his help as Kate is lying unconscious on the living room floor and bleeding from her head. Gabi tells Rafe that they think Kristen tried to kill Kate, while Jake is calling an ambulance.

Lani questions Chanel kissing a girl and asks if that's what she's doing now. Chanel responds that it's what she has been doing. Lani asks about Theo and Xander. Chanel responds that she doesn't like to limit herself as she's attracted to the person, not their gender. Lani asks if Chanel is bisexual or pansexual. Chanel says she doesn't acknowledge labels. Lani asks if she's been with girls before. Chanel confirms that she's been with a few. Lani asks if her mom knows. Chanel says that when it comes to her mom, she likes to keep her private life private, but she doesn't think Paulina would have a problem with it. Chanel then asks if Lani has a problem with it.

Nicole guesses that Allie's kiss took her by surprise. Allie confirms that she definitely wasn't expecting it. Nicole asks if Chanel is a lesbian. Allie explains that she's in to girls and guys. Allie says it seemed to her like they were connecting, so Chanel kissed her. Nicole asks about their drinking but Allie assures it wasn't that. Nicole asks if Chanel misread the situation. Allie says they were having fun and guesses Chanel was flirting with her a little, but she's never thought of her or any girl in that way. Allie adds that she had never kissed a girl before, so she didn't really know how to react. Allie says she wanted to let Chanel know she was cool with it, but didn't want her to get the wrong idea. Nicole calls it complicated. Allie adds that it got more complicated, because Tripp walked in and saw them kissing.

Kayla asks Tripp about he and Allie being more than friends. Tripp says he's starting to think so. Kayla asks what the next step is. Tripp says he has no idea as Allie had to go pick up Henry before they could talk. Tripp thought about calling her last night but he didn't want to seem too pushy, so it's a weird situation. Kayla acknowledges they had the worst start imaginable. Tripp says it's not that, so Kayla asks what it is. Tripp thinks back to seeing Chanel kissing Allie. Tripp tells Kayla that he doesn't know how to tell her but Gabi and Jake arrive. They rush over to tell Kayla to get to the emergency room because Kristen tried to kill Kate with a fireplace poker.

Kristen removes her mask and disguise. Xander questions Kristen having two masks and if there's more. Xander wonders who else she can be whenever she feels like it. Kristen assures it's just Nicole and Kate. Xander asks what being Kate does for her. Kristen explains that she had to be Kate to destroy her relationship with Jake. Xander asks why she cares, but Kristen doesn't want to get in to that. Xander asks if she broke them up. Kristen confirms that she did. Xander questions her killing her afterwards. Kristen says she didn't want to but she was being so difficult, so she knocked her out and locked her in the tunnels, then put on the mask and broke Jake's heart, then she had to get rid of Kate so she stuffed her in a bag to ship her to a remote island. Xander thought she killed her. Kristen explains that her plan got screwed up on the way to the airfield, as Kate somehow escaped, but she was stupid enough to go back to the DiMera Mansion instead of the police. Kristen declares that she caught her there and did what had to be done, as she had no other choice just like with Lucas, Sami, and Chloe. Xander asks if she killed all of them too. Kristen responds that they are still alive for now and that's where Xander comes in.

Chanel asks if Lani is tripping over her being with girls. Lani says she has no idea what her babies are going to be when they get older, but she would never judge them for who they want to be with and that goes for Chanel too. Chanel feels that she seemed a little put off. Lani says she was just surprised since Chanel was so boy crazy in first grade. Chanel assures that she still likes boys but she likes girls too. Lani tells her that she's cool with that. Lani talks about her and Kristen being so close that people thought there was something going on between them. Chanel is shocked to learn that Lani was in a convent. Lani says they just decided to become nuns but it didn't last long. Chanel asks if Lani and Kristen were girlfriends. Lani says they were just close friends as they both went through experiencing the death of a baby. Chanel says that's not what she was talking about. Lani tells her that she's just saying that she gets what she is feeling and she's happy that Chanel told her about it. Lani then asks what the status is of Chanel and this girl. Chanel wishes she knew the answer to that herself.

Allie tells Nicole that she and Chanel didn't know that Tripp saw them as he left without saying anything, but he ran in to Claire and told her, then they came back together. Allie brings up Claire and Tripp having a bad run in with Chanel, where Chanel tried to stick them with the bill for expensive champagne. Allie says Claire thought Chanel was trying to scam her but they are good friends. Allie tells Nicole that she pulled Tripp aside to tell him that the kiss was Chanel's idea as she didn't want him thinking she had feelings for Chanel, because she has feelings for Tripp. Nicole suspected there was something going on there. Allie then informs Nicole that Tripp kissed her.

Jake tells Gabi that he never should've let Kate leave her room alone when he saw how wobbly she was and that she said Kristen was still after her. Gabi argues that he had no way to know that Kristen was in the house. Rafe and Eli arrive to ask where Kate is now. Gabi informs them that Kate is in the ER with Kayla now. Jake mentions that he found her. Eli asks if he's sure it was Kristen. Jake admits he didn't see it happen but that Kate said Kristen had been giving her hell. Jake explains that Kristen kidnapped Kate, locked her up, threw her in a car and was going to take her somewhere. Eli guesses that Kristen is off the rails again. Rafe asks where Kristen was taking Kate. Jake notes that Kate didn't say but she was able to jump out of the car, then spent the night in a ditch unconscious. Eli questions what Kristen has against Kate. Jake guesses that she didn't want Kate with him. Jake figures Kristen tracked Kate down after she left Gabi's room upset. Rafe questions why Kate was in Gabi's room and why she was upset. Gabi explains that Kate was looking for Jake and she found him in bed with her.

Xander questions Kristen wanting him to whack Lucas, Sami, and Chloe. Kristen feels they all know too much so they have to go and she can't afford to have that much blood on her hands. Xander points out that if she killed Kate, she already has blood on her hands. Kristen admits she's not absolutely sure that Kate is dead as she hit her with a fireplace poker and she looked dead, but she didn't have time to make sure she was, so Xander might have to finish her off too. Xander reminds Kristen that he's out of that business. Kristen argues that Xander was just acting good for Sarah, so she thought he would give that up once Sarah dumped him and ran off with Rex. Xander questions how Kristen knew about that. Kristen claims that Brady told her. Xander remarks that Brady is the one who told Rex to fight for Sarah, so if he kills anyone, it should be him. Kristen warns him not to touch Brady. Kristen tells Xander that he has Sami, Lucas, and Chloe to take care of so his card is already full. Xander questions why he would lift a finger to help her. Kristen argues that Xander is broke and she's rich, so she will pay top dollar to anyone who rids her of these thorns in her side. Kristen tells Xander to just name his price.

Chanel tells Lani that she knew she was taking a chance by kissing her friend, because her friend had never kissed a girl before. Chanel adds that she didn't freak out, but she pretty much let her know that she wasn't interested, and then later on she saw her making out with a guy so she guesses that's that. Chanel says it's not like she had a major crush on her but she hopes they can still be friends. Lani knows Chanel doesn't give up easy and that she's still hoping that she and this girl can be something more.

Nicole asks Allie what's next for her and Tripp. Allie doesn't know but admits she hasn't stopped thinking about him and hopes he's feeling the same way. Allie notes that she hasn't heard from him today. Nicole comments that med students have busy lives, but she can text him. Allie doesn't want to seem desperate. Allie asks if she's reading too much in to one kiss since they had a bad start and he's Charlie's brother. Allie wonders if she's crazy to even think they could be together. Nicole tells her to take it one day at a time and not overthink it. Nicole brings up Eric but then realizes she is missing her wedding ring.

Xander guesses Kristen must be desperate to come to him for help since she hates him. Kristen blames Victor and Xander for telling her and Brady that their baby died, causing her to lose her mind, stab Victor, and go to prison. Kristen complains that she would be having this beautiful life with Brady and Rachel so she does hate Xander's guts. Kristen admits she doesn't have any other options these days. Xander asks about Ava. Kristen says she heard that Ava turned over a new leaf for her son. Kristen adds that her other friend Lani would never do this, so that leaves Xander. Xander asks if killing three people is the only way. Kristen repeats that they know too much. Kristen acknowledges that she's made a lot of mistakes and now her world is spinning out of control. Kristen worries that if Brady finds out, that's the end of them, and she cannot let that happen. Xander brings up Brady's car crash. Kristen says Brady made it through surgery, but if she wants a future with him, then Sami, Lucas, and Chloe all have to die.

Rafe questions Jake and Gabi being back together. Jake confirms it happened last night. Rafe asks about Jake and Kate. Jake explains that "Kate" broke up with him, but it was actually Kristen, as apparently Kristen has a mask to make her look exactly like Kate. Eli suggests adding that to the APB. Jake says she was very convincing so he thought they were through. Gabi adds that Jake realized he still wants her. Rafe questions what Kristen gets out of pretending to be Kate to break up with him. Jake doesn't know the answer to that. Gabi guesses that Kate realized Kristen has been pretending to be Susan Banks. Rafe remarks that Kristen has been very busy right under their noses. Kayla comes out with Tripp so Jake asks her if Kate's going to make it.

Chanel tells Lani not to worry as she's not cooking up some scheme to make her friend like her. Chanel says that she wasn't hoping for anything more than friends, then admits she doesn't know what she was hoping for. Chanel declares that it doesn't matter now because she got the message when she saw her friend making out with a guy, as he's the one that she wants.

Nicole thinks she left her wedding ring at the Salem Inn. Allie offers to call and find out. Nicole says she'll just go over there. Allie offers to go with her but Nicole says there's no need. Allie notes that she seems really upset. Nicole responds that she's just angry at herself for doing something so incredibly stupid...

Xander tells Kristen that he's not the right man for this job. Kristen offers to pay him whatever he wants as she knows he's desperate for money. Xander points out that he's been broke before and always figures something out. Kristen brings up how profitable this is. Xander brings up the risk factor as the Hortons and Bradys won't let this go. Kristen tells Xander that he's broke and out of luck. Kristen asks if Xander is sick and tired of being a good boy when all it got him was dumped on his wedding day. Kristen encourages Xander to embrace who he is. Xander responds that he just gave someone else that same advice. Kristen insists this is a win-win situation as he gets to be his old self and rich doing it. Kristen tells him that all he has to do is say yes.

Kayla states that Kate is in pretty rough shape and looks like she had a bad fall. Rafe informs her that Kate was thrown from a car last night. Kayla notes that would explain it and adds that she's also extremely dehydrated so she doesn't know when Kate last ate. Kayla says that the worst of Kate's problems is she has a traumatic brain injury. Jake reminds her that he asked if Kate is going to be okay. Kayla responds that she put Kate in an induced coma until the swelling on her brain goes down and she's also on a ventilator until she can breathe on her own. Gabi guesses this is really bad. Kayla says she can't give a prognosis and they will just have to watch and wait. Jake asks if he can see her. Kayla notes that she won't know that he's there but Jake doesn't care. Kayla says she'll check on her and asks Jake to just stay for a little bit as they need to keep visitors to a minimum for a couple of hours. Kayla apologizes for the bad news and goes to check on Kate. Gabi hugs Jake, who says this is so bad.

Chanel hopes she doesn't lose her friend because she doesn't have that many. Lani thought she said her friend told her that she was fine. Chanel thinks she just said that to her face. Lani suggests talking to her about it if she wants to fix it.

Allie checks her phone and sees she has no messages, so she wonders if Tripp got freaked out and ran for the hills. Tripp then shows up at her door with flowers.

Eli tells Rafe that he just called Lani and it went to voicemail so he has to know for sure as he then exits the hospital. Rafe goes over and sits with Gabi, encouraging that if anyone could pull through this, it's Kate. Gabi knows Kate doesn't give up easily but notes that Jake looked so scared. Rafe is sure Jake cares a lot about Kate. Gabi tells Rafe that Kate is hurt so badly that she wonders if it will change Jake's mind about being with her.

Jake sits at Kate's bedside in her hospital room and tells her that it's going to be okay. Jake thinks back to their relationship and tells Kate that he's here and not going anywhere.

Kristen tells Xander that she's running out of time so she asks if he is on board or not. Nicole then knocks on the door, calling for Xander to open the door.

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