Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/14/21

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/14/21


Written By Joseph

Nicole comes out of the Salem Inn and runs in to Rafe. Rafe apologizes for missing her call last night and notes that he did call her back. Nicole confirms that she got his messages but she was busy. Rafe comments on Nicole coming out of the Salem Inn at this hour of the morning and figures that she spent the night there.

Jake and Gabi kiss in bed until the door opens and Kate staggers in to the room, which shocks Jake and Gabi. Jake asks what happened to Kate. Kate guesses she could ask him the same question.

Sami wakes Lucas up in the wine cellar of the DiMera Tunnels. Sami is glad he's okay as Lucas complains about a pain to his head. Lucas asks where they are and what happened to them. Sami tells him that it was Kristen.

John tells Brady that he needs to rest and can't be worrying about Kristen as they will call the prison and let her know what happened. Brady informs John that Kristen is not in prison as she got out. John questions if she broke out. Brady says not in the way he thinks as she traded places with Susan Banks. John points out that Susan was just there but Brady reveals it wasn't Susan, it was Kristen.

Chloe goes to the DiMera Mansion looking for Lucas and sees the fireplace poker on the floor. She picks it up as Kristen as "Susan" then comes out from the tunnels. Chloe questions what she is doing here.

Sami encourages Lucas to relax and tell her everything he remembers. Lucas says he was upstairs in the living room and was about to call Rafe but somebody whacked him in the back of the head and everything went black. Sami concludes that no one knows they are missing then. Sami guesses Kristen must be getting desperate as too many people are catching on to her. Lucas asks how she got to her. Sami explains that Kristen forced her to meet outside the town square. Sami adds that she was right about Kristen pretending to be Kate at the hospital. Sami reveals Lucas that Kristen injected her with a needle. Lucas asks where Kate is and if she's okay. Sami responds that she doesn't know but neither does Kristen. Sami suggests they both should have had more faith in Kate to get away from Kristen.

Gabi thought Kate left town and questions what the hell happened to her. Kate says she should've known she would fight her way all the back here to find them in bed. Kate says she feels woozy and sits on the bed. Kate adds that she went to Jake's room first but he wasn't there so she figured she knew where to find him and she was right. Jake questions Kate fighting her way back. Kate asks what he means by going from her bed to Gabi's. Jake asks if Kate does not remembering dumping him out of nowhere. Kate responds that it wasn't her. Gabi calls that the dumbest excuse. Kate tells her to shut up and clarifies that she didn't say any of that garbage. Jake asks if he was hallucinating. Kate reveals that Jake was played by his sister as it was Kristen, who broke up with him.

"Susan" claims Harold told her to wait here but Chloe points out that she saw her coming out of the secret panel that leads to the tunnels to the secret room in the basement. Chloe's phone rings with a call from Marlena, who informs her that Brady is out of surgery. Chloe asks how he is. Marlena says she hears that he's stable. Chloe thanks her for letting her know and says she'll be right there. "Susan" asks if that was about Brady. Chloe confirms that he made it through surgery and he's awake. "Susan" decides they need to head to the hospital then. Chloe stops her and reminds her that she never told her who she came to see, as she can't think of a single person in the house who gives a damn about her. Chloe asks "Susan" what is going on now.

Nicole claims to Rafe that she had a breakfast meeting for Basic Black. Nicole feels that he doesn't believe her. Rafe then reminds Nicole that he saw her last night and she was wearing the same outfit.

Sami tells Lucas that Kate must have jumped out of a moving car to get away from Kristen. Lucas worries that she could be dead. Sami encourages that Kate is indestructible. Lucas blames Sami for everything for not going to the cops about Kristen instead of trying to save her marriage. Lucas declares that now they are stuck here together, Kate's probably dead, and it's all about Sami again. Sami tells Lucas that she is stuck here because Kristen asked her to help find Kate and she said no. Lucas asks if Sami doesn't care if his mom is dead or alive. Sami argues that Kristen was going to kill Kate when she finds her and she didn't want that to happen since Kate is Will and Allie's grandmother. Lucas apologizes. Sami declares that Kate needs to get home safe so she can call the cops to tell them that Kristen is on the loose, or else they will be stuck in here forever.

Jake and Gabi ask Kate to repeat that. Kate tells them that the person who broke up with Jake wasn't her, it was Kristen in a mask of her. Gabi argues that Jake would see right through that. Kate brings up how Brady slept with Kristen for months when he thought she was Nicole. Jake thought Kristen was locked up. Kate says everyone did, but she talked Susan Banks in to doing her time for her. Jake questions Kristen pretending to be Susan and Kate. Kate confirms that and says when she found out, Kristen tried to get rid of her and to make everyone think she left town. Gabi questions how she managed that. Kate explains that Kristen tied her up and left her in the tunnels while making sure Jake didn't try to find her. Jake argues that he knew something was off. Gabi asks how Kristen got Kate out of the basement. Kate barely remembers being in a duffel bag. Kate explains how Kristen drove off with her and she thought she was a dead woman if she didn't get free, but they struggled and she was able to get out before the drug that Kristen injected her with could take effect. Kate declares that she ended up unconscious in a ditch all night. Gabi remarks that only Kate could survive that. Jake asks if she's alright. Kate points out that it took less than two days for Jake to jump back in bed with Gabi. Jake argues that he thought they were done. Kate argues that it worked out well for him since he got to be with who he always wanted to be with. Jake doesn't know what to say. Kate tells him to just get back to what he was doing because she thinks he and Gabi deserve each other. Kate then exits the room.

Brady explains to John that he went to the prison to see Kristen but Susan slipped up so he made her tell him the whole story. John asks if he can tell him the story. Brady tells him that Kristen got it in her mind that Chloe was after him, so she forced Susan in to trading places with her, so that she could supervise he and Chloe. John asks how long this has been going on. Brady reveals it's been two months which John calls unbelievable. Brady says that's why he had to find her to try to get her back to prison, but someone ran him off the road. John recalls "Susan" saying she had a premonition about Brady being in an accident. Brady says it must have been Kristen. John wonders how the hell she could've known about that so quickly. Marlena enters and says she knows Brady's only allowed one visitor at a time but she had to see him. Marlena apologizes for taking so long as she had an emergency with a patient. John informs her that they kind of have an emergency in here too. Brady then reveals to Marlena that "Susan" is not really Susan, she's Kristen. Marlena asks how that happened. John says he will tell her everything, but right now they need to find Kristen. Marlena mentions sending her to the chapel so John decides that's where they will start as he and Marlena exit the room.

Chloe brings up that "Susan" was supposed to be in the chapel, saying a prayer for Brady. "Susan" tells her that she was and then she got a sign that she should come here. Chloe asks what else God told her to do. "Susan" claims she's just waiting for another sign so Chloe asks why she came out of the tunnels then. Chloe predicts that "Susan" is lying. Chloe decides she's done listening to her and is going to check for herself.

Lucas tells Sami that it won't be a picnic for him getting out either since he has to face the music with Chloe. Lucas blames Sami for getting him in to this mess. Sami argues that it was not her idea to tell Chloe that he had a brain tumor. Lucas wonders why he even listened to her and why he cares if Kristen tells EJ that they slept together. Sami complains that it would only ruin her life. Lucas argues that now his life is ruined since Chloe hates him. Sami asks who cares what Chloe thinks since Lucas could do much better than her. They argue about getting in to this mess again. Sami hates herself for cheating on EJ since she swore she never would and calls herself as big a slut as Nicole. Lucas argues that Nicole is not a slut anymore. Sami says that's what he thinks....

Nicole says she can't get much past Rafe. Rafe clarifies that he's not judging her and she does not owe him any explanations, but he is worried about her. Nicole claims she's fine. Rafe asks if she's sure. Nicole tells Rafe that she wore the outfit to show buyers for Basic Black. Rafe asks if she's sure she is okay. Nicole then informs Rafe that Eric extended his stay in Africa again. Nicole reveals that she thinks her marriage is over.

Gabi tells Jake to go after Kate since he only slept with her because Kate dumped him and now he knows she didn't. Jake argues that something like this doesn't just happen. Gabi says it happens all the time. Gabi talks about holding him off because of her pride and now she's never been so humiliated in her entire life. Jake tells Gabi that nothing has changed. Gabi guesses he still wants Kate. Jake assures Gabi that everything he said last night is the truth. Jake declares that he doesn't want to be with Kate, he wants to be with Gabi.

"Susan" stops Chloe from going in to the tunnels and says she doesn't want to go down there. Kate emerges and yells for her to get her hands off Chloe. "Susan" tells Kate to stay out of it. Kate advises Chloe to get the hell out of here. Chloe argues that "Susan" is hiding something in the tunnels. Kate then reveals that it's not Susan, it's Kristen. Chloe states that Kristen is in prison but Kate informs her that Kristen broke out to stop Chloe's moves on Brady. Kate warns Chloe that if she makes the wrong moves now, Kristen's going to snap her neck like a twig.

Rafe sits down with Nicole and asks her what happened. Nicole informs him that Eric called and informed her that he agreed to another 3 months in Africa. Rafe points out that it's exactly what he did last time. Nicole is starting to feel like Eric doesn't want to come back to her. Rafe asks if that's why she called last night. Nicole admits that she and Eric got in a fight on the phone and when she hung up, she was a mess and she knew Rafe was out with Ava but she just wanted to hear his voice. Rafe apologizes for not being there for her. Nicole points out that she has other friends and should've tried calling one of them, but instead she went to the Pub and got wasted. Nicole says it's been a really long time since she's been hungover. Rafe comments that the morning meeting must have been rough. Nicole then admits that she wasn't at the Salem Inn for a meeting.

Lucas asks Sami what Nicole has to do with this. Sami informs him that she was looking for John and Marlena last night, when she saw Nicole stumbling in to the Salem Inn with Xander. Lucas asks if she's sure it was him. Sami assures that it was. Lucas points out that Nicole hates Xander's guts. Sami remarks that they hate each other half the time but they still have two kids together. Lucas argues that he never tried to kill her. Sami remarks that Nicole would sleep with anyone. Lucas suggests that Sami only has it in for Nicole because Allie loves her. Sami complains that Eric is in Africa saving lives while Nicole is just stumbling around Salem, cheating on him.

John and Marlena return to Brady to inform him that Kristen was gone from the chapel. John wants to call the police but Brady worries that if the cops find out she escaped then she will never get out of prison. Brady feels if he can get to Kristen first, he can persuade her to go back. John and Marlena worry about what Kristen will do if she feels cornered.

Kristen continues pretending to be Susan. Kate talks about Kristen leaving her for dead in a ditch after the car accident. Kristen denies that and calls Kate a liar. Chloe then declares that it's finally starting to make sense. Chloe talks about "Susan" always treating her like the enemy whenever she would go to see Brady and how she tricked her in to telling her feelings for him. Chloe then pulls Kristen's wig off. Kristen tells Chloe that she picked the wrong time to develop a few brain cells. Kristen admits that she broke out of prison because of Chloe and she went through a lot of trouble to make sure she didn't get her claws all over Brady. Kristen declares that she won't let that go for nothing and she's tired of playing nice. Kristen says she should've done this from the very beginning and grabs Chloe.

Rafe questions Nicole not having a business meeting. Nicole admits she lied, because the truth is humiliating. Nicole calls it a drunken, disgusting mess so she didn't want Allie and the kids to see her like that, claiming she got a room at the Salem Inn and passed out but she still feels the same way as last night. Nicole cries that she lied to her best friend. Rafe tells her that she shouldn't have had to go through that alone. Nicole responds that she better get used to being alone. Rafe assures that she knows he's there for her anytime. Nicole thanks him as they hug.

Marlena mentions calling Chloe to tell her about Brady and she should be here by now. John worries that Chloe is public enemy #1 to Kristen. Brady points out that if Kristen wanted to hurt Chloe, she had plenty of opportunities to do it before now. Marlena decides to call Chloe to warn her.

Chloe screams for Kate to help her as Kristen holds her. Chloe's phone rings but Kristen warns her not to answer it.

Marlena says that Chloe's not answering so she's going to call "Susan" to tell her that Brady is awake and she should come see him, so that Brady can talk to Kristen.

Kristen's phone rings so Kate suggests she answer it. Kristen rejects the call and keeps hold of Chloe.

Marlena notes that her call to "Susan" went straight to voicemail. John argues that Kristen would want to hear from her since she would know it's about Brady. Marlena asks why she didn't pick up then. John has a really bad feeling about this now. Marlena feels worse because she hasn't been able to reach Sami all morning. Brady asks what Sami has to do with this. John suggests Marlena call Sami again so she does.

Sami's phone rings in Kristen's purse so Kate wonders who else Kristen has kidnapped. Kristen then rejects that call as well.

Gabi tells Jake that she saw how he reacted when Kate told them what she had been through. Jake admits he still cares for Kate and probably always will. Jake talks about how he and Kate never said I love you. Jake adds that he was thinking about Gabi the whole time. Jake is sorry for what Kate went through and that she walked in on them, but he's not sorry for what happened last night because he never stopped wanting Gabi. Gabi responds that she never stopped wanting him either as they hug.

Rafe comments on Nicole's scent, which she claims is a new Basic Black fragrance. Rafe offers to walk Nicole home but she claims she's fine. Nicole then asks Rafe how it went with Ava last night. Rafe says it was good and they had fun. Nicole tells Rafe that she will see him later. Rafe tells her to call him any time as she then walks away holding back tears.

Lucas talks about spending a lot of time with Nicole and Eric because of Allie and says they are devoted to each other so she wouldn't cheat on him like that. Sami points out that Nicole cheated on Lucas. Lucas argues that Nicole didn't love him, she loves Eric. Sami remarks that the only person Nicole loves is herself. Lucas suggests Eric shouldn't stay away and go to Africa for so long. Sami questions if Lucas is saying it's Eric's fault for being away. Lucas points out that Eric has been away for months and Nicole is probably lonely. Sami can't believe he thinks it's okay for Nicole to have sex with Xander because Eric is out of town. Lucas argues that she doesn't know what happened and tells her not to take her guilty conscience out on Nicole.

Marlena doesn't know if Kristen has anything to do with Sami's disappearance but she knows that Chloe is very upset with Lucas and Sami right now for some reason. Brady asks what that has to do with Kristen. Marlena says it might not have anything to do with her but there's a lot of strange things going on right now and she doesn't think that's a coincidence. John knows Brady doesn't want to think that Kristen has started hurting people, but they know she is capable of it. Marlena agrees and thinks they have to call the police. Brady reluctantly agrees and tells them to make the call.

Kate guesses whoever's phone Kristen has is down in the tunnels. Chloe confirms that she caught Kristen coming out from there. Kate decides she's going down there before Kristen gets her duffel bag out. Kristen lets Chloe go and picks up the fireplace poker, warning that she's not going anywhere. Chloe asks if Kristen plans to bash them both with the poker. Kristen asks why not since Kate is drugged up and Chloe might as well be. Kate tells Kristen that too many people are on to her so she's never going to get away with this. Kristen holds the fireplace poker and warns them to back away.

Gabi asks Jake if he's sure. Jake says that he is, but he has to go find Kate to make sure she's alright. Jake adds that he needs to be the one to tell Kate that they are through.

Sami complains about being locked in the cellar with Lucas. Lucas jokes about how she can't resist the temptation. Sami says she turned to him on one lonely night. Lucas brings up Will's school camping trip and how they ended up in the same tent. Sami says she needed protection from a snake. Lucas reminds her of when he was stuck under a wooden beam and EJ wouldn't help him until Sami slept with him first. Sami argues that was a long time ago and asks him to stop tearing in to EJ. Lucas reminds her that she told him that EJ didn't appreciate her sacrifices. Sami states that EJ is the father of her children. Lucas reminds her that he's the father of her children too and she has no problem bad mouthing him. Sami calls sleeping with Lucas the biggest mistake of her life. Lucas disagrees and says if EJ can't forgive her after everything he's done to her, then she knows he doesn't deserve her. Sami cries for him to stop. Sami tries to slap Lucas but he catches her arm and they end up kissing.

Nicole goes home and looks at a photo of her and Eric. Nicole talks about getting drunk and sleeping with a pig like Xander. Nicole cries that she lied to Rafe about it and complains of smelling like Xander. Nicole declares that she has to wash it all off and just keep going.

Rafe goes to the police station and gets a call from Marlena, who informs him that she's with Brady and John. Marlena adds that Brady has proof that Kristen has escaped from prison. Rafe asks where the hell she is. Marlena responds that the problem is they don't know, but they are confident that she will be a danger to anybody that crosses her path.

Jake goes to the living room to tell Kate that they need to talk but he finds her unconscious on the floor.

Kristen ties Chloe up and shuts her in the trunk of her car, declaring that it's going to be a bumpy ride.

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