Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/13/21

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/13/21


Written By Joseph

Jake wakes up in bed with Gabi. He gets up to get dressed but Gabi throws a pillow at him and asks where the hell he think he's going.

Nicole wakes up in bed with Xander and calls it a nightmare, wishing she didn't do it but she did. Nicole gets out of bed and rushes to the bathroom to throw up.

John, Marlena, and Chloe wait at the hospital on Brady's surgery. John complains about it taking long but Marlena says they can't rush it. Chloe asks if there is anything she can do or anyone she can call for them. Kristen as "Susan" arrives and asks John and Marlena what's going on and how Brady is. Chloe tells her they are still waiting but "Susan" cuts her off and says she's not talking to her.

Sami wakes up in the wine cellar of the DiMera Tunnels after Kristen injected her with the needle.

Nicole comes out of the bathroom and tells Xander that she could not feel any worse. Nicole wants to make last night never happen but Xander calls it no big deal. Nicole argues that it is a big deal because she cheated on her husband with the most disgusting man in the world.

Lucas goes to see Rafe at his office and tells him that he needs to report a missing person.

Sami tries to leave the wine cellar but the door is locked. Sami thinks back to Kristen injecting her. Sami wonders how long she has been here and what Kristen is up to now.

Marlena tells "Susan" not to talk to Chloe that way because she's been wonderful. "Susan" apologizes and says she's just so upset. "Susan" claims she had a premonition that something was wrong with Brady. John informs her that Brady was in a car accident last night. Chloe remarks that some maniac ran him off the road. "Susan" thinks back to the crash and asks if they know who the other driver was. Chloe suggests "Susan" tell them.

Gabi asks Jake if he got what he wanted and now he's sneaking out. Jake clarifies that he was just trying not to wake her and that he was going to bring her breakfast in bed. Gabi thinks he wanted to act like this didn't happen which Jake assures is not the case but says he doesn't blame her for thinking that.

Sami bangs on the door of the wine cellar and yells for Kristen to let her out.

Lucas informs Rafe that Kate is missing. Lucas explains that Philip told him that Gabi had told him that Kate broke up with Jake and was so upset about it that she just packed up and left town. Rafe argues that a person not being in Salem doesn't mean they are missing. Lucas notes that Kate didn't say goodbye to anyone. Rafe says she is free to make her own decisions. Lucas adds that there is more.

Nicole repeats to Xander that she cheated on her husband with the worst person in the world. Nicole calls Xander a terrorist, blackmailer, and abuser of women. Xander knows she's upset and feels bad about what happened but says he didn't make her drink or do anything she didn't want to do. Nicole says that's what makes it so horrible. Xander encourages her not to beat herself up like this. Xander doesn't think she did anything wrong and adds that it wasn't her fault. Nicole points out that no one made her do it. Xander asks how long Eric has been gone, leaving Nicole to raise her daughter and look after Allie and Henry alone. Xander adds that Nicole didn't have to go to Africa to find people to help or make a big deal about all the good she does. Nicole tells him not to try to be nice because he can't pull it off. Xander says he's just trying to say that sometimes, people drink too much and have sex because they are human and under pressure. Xander calls Eric a jerk and says Nicole knows it. Xander argues that if Eric wanted to be a saint more than her husband, then he shouldn't have married her but he did and then left his beautiful wife. Xander doesn't blame Nicole for wanting to feel a man's arms around her for one night and says that Nicole beating herself up now makes him want to beat Eric's block off.

"Susan" asks Chloe how she could possibly know who the other driver was. Chloe asks how she knew Brady was in the hospital. Chloe says if she's a psychic, she can tell them who the other driver was. "Susan" claims her premonitions are out of her control and that she just sensed Brady was in trouble. John remarks that the other driver will burn in hell for what they did. "Susan" suggests they stop talking about the other driver and focus on Brady. Marlena mentions that he's still in surgery. Chloe doesn't think this is helping. "Susan" questions who the hell Chloe is to talk to her like that. Marlena tells her they don't need this right now. Chloe gets that they are all on edge. Marlena encourages staying calm. "Susan" wants to go find out what's taking so long but John stops her.

Rafe tells Lucas that he can't help him if he doesn't tell him. Lucas responds that he can't break a confidence because the repercussions would affect way too many people now. Lucas asks Rafe to just start looking for Kate for him, without knowing why. Lucas adds that he has a very good reason to know that Kate did not leave town and something is really wrong. Rafe argues that if Lucas doesn't tell him the reason, then he can't help him. Lucas thanks him for nothing and declares he'll find her himself as he storms out of the office.

Sami tells herself that somebody has to realize she is missing. Sami guesses Marlena and John must be expecting her to meet them at the hospital. Sami thinks back to seeing Nicole entering the Salem Inn with Xander and remarks that she got distracted by her tramp sister in law.

Nicole tells Xander that Eric has devoted his whole life to helping other people so Xander's opinion means nothing to her. Xander mocks Eric and compares him to Sarah, saying they played them like suckers. Xander talks about all the time and energy they devoted to deserving the good people. Xander remarks that Sarah at least ended it while Eric is still stringing her along because she's not as important to him as his good works. Xander talks about Nicole having a drink with him and then more, suggesting she wanted to be with him like he wanted to be with her. Xander states that Nicole knew who he was and that's what she was looking for. Xander adds that Nicole wanted him just as much as he wanted her.

Jake tells Gabi that they can never trust when they are telling the truth because of all the games they played with each other. Jake assures that he planned on breakfast in bed and suggested that would be friendly after going from intense conversation to intense sex. Gabi admits it sounds nice and feels she blew it. Jake understands why Gabi thought he was leaving after just wanting to get her in bed. Gabi admits she played games too. Jake tells Gabi that he wasn't playing last night when he told her that she is the one he wants and that's not going to change. Gabi asks how he can be so sure of that. Jake admits that he's afraid of scaring her with too much, too soon. Gabi assures that she doesn't scare easily and tells him to say whatever it is. Jake tells Gabi that his feelings for her are unlike anything he's ever felt. Jake says when he is with her, everything makes sense. Jake jokes about wishing he could sing her a song to tell her how he feels. Jake then tells Gabi that he loves her. Gabi doesn't think anything could be more romantic and asks him to say it again, so he does as they kiss. Gabi then talks about how they were talking about fairy tales and true love. Gabi says she believed Stefan was her one true love and that it would never change, but now Jake has made her believe in love again. Gabi talks about missing Jake the entire time she went to Mexico. Gabi tells Jake that she didn't think she would be able to fall in love again. She talks about grieving for Stefan and keeping him alive in her heart. Gabi tells Jake that she loves him too as they kiss. Gabi talks about being honest with herself about how she really felt about him, but she didn't want to be vulnerable because she's always out to win. Jake admits he was surprised when Gabi stopped him from leaving. Gabi says she was fooling herself by distracting herself from him with work and with Philip. Gabi felt she had to act after feeling like she didn't have the courage to tell him how she really felt, but it just happened. Jake says he's glad it did as they hug.

John advises "Susan" to calm down and says she's not going to talk to the doctor as he is. John suggests "Susan" go to the chapel and pray for a really long time if she wants to help. John then walks away. "Susan" says she didn't mean to make things worse. Marlena thinks John just wants immediate family here. "Susan" shouts that Chloe is not family. Marlena tells her not to do that and apologizes for snapping at her. Marlena knows "Susan" is worried about Brady and suggests she go to the chapel. Marlena says she will find her there if there is any news because she doesn't want her here when John comes back. "Susan" apologizes and walks away. Chloe comments that "Susan" is always weird, but seems really obsessed with Brady. Chloe asks if Marlena is okay. Marlena thought Sami would be here by now since she said she was coming. Marlena adds that she's calling and texting but can't seem to reach her. Chloe suggests trying Lucas which Marlena questions. Marlena brings up that Chloe mentioned Sami and Lucas yesterday and seemed kind of annoyed. Marlena asks Chloe what's going on.

Sami paces in the wine cellar and says she can't wait to tell Eric what his tramp wife has been up to.

Nicole tells Xander that she wanted him to stay away from her because he's the last thing she wants. Xander remarks that it didn't seem that way last night. Nicole blames that on being wasted and desperately missing her husband, who is the only person she wants. Xander calls her an incredible woman that he made love to a few hours ago. Nicole argues that it wasn't love making, but a horrible mistake as she was just desperately longing for her husband. Nicole remarks that she thought about Eric the whole time. Xander questions if at no point did her mind drift to Rafe. Nicole calls that a rotten thing to say. Nicole tells him that Eric is her husband, the love of her life, and the only one she will ever love. Xander reminds Nicole that she confided in him that she has feelings for Rafe and is jealous of Ava. Nicole tells him to shut the hell up. Xander thinks that Nicole was impressed with him in bed, but that it was Rafe that she really wanted. Nicole tells him that he is totally wrong and off base. Nicole asks Xander to just stop talking and asks where her phone is. Xander picks up Nicole's phone and plays her voicemail from Rafe, where he said he saw she called and just wanted to make sure she was okay. Xander comments that it's so thoughtful and thinks her feelings might be reciprocated. Nicole tells Xander that she hates him, grabs her purse, and exits the room.

Lucas goes to the DiMera Mansion, calling out for Jake as he needs to talk to him.

Marlena asks Chloe if she knows something about Sami. Chloe informs her that Sami and Lucas tried to trick her in to thinking that Lucas was dying. Marlena thought she had heard everything. Chloe explains that they told her he had an inoperable brain tumor. Marlena asks why they would do that. Chloe doesn't know as it doesn't make any sense but notes that they seemed really desperate and that Sami even disguised herself as Stan to pretend to be a doctor. Marlena admits that scares her.

Kristen is in the chapel with Sami's phone and listens to a voicemail that Lucas has left her, saying he can't find Kate anywhere and that he thinks Sami is right that it wasn't Kate at the hospital, it was Kristen. Lucas added that he went to Rafe but ended up not telling him about Kristen. Lucas then said that if he doesn't hear from Sami soon, he's telling Rafe the whole story. Kristen hangs up and says that he's not. Kristen prays for God to take care of Brady because she has to take care of Lucas as she then exits the chapel.

Chloe explains to Marlena that Lucas wanted her to go to Antarctica with him and they clearly want to get her out of town. Chloe adds that she could tell Lucas seemed really uncomfortable, like he didn't want to lie but he had to. Marlena acknowledges that Sami always had a way of persuading Lucas to do things that might even be against his better judgment. Marlena asks if Chloe is sure that Lucas isn't sick. Chloe says she's not 100% but she assumed they were lying about all of it. Chloe guesses she should go see Lucas, but they don't know what's going on with Brady. Marlena tells Chloe that she will let her know if there's any changes. Chloe hopes she can get Lucas to tell her what's really going on. Marlena is not sure she wants to hear that. Chloe then exits the hospital.

Sami bangs on the wine cellar door with a chair to no avail. Sami says she should've known better than to turn her back on Kristen.

Lucas tries calling Kate, saying he knows that Kristen did something to her. Lucas declares that he has no choice now but to tell Rafe everything. Kristen then appears behind Lucas and knocks him out with a fireplace poker.

John returns to Marlena and tells her that Brady is out of surgery and going to be just fine. Marlena is relieved as they embrace. John says they are only allowing Brady one visitor at a time right now. Marlena tells John to go and give him her love. John says he couldn't have gotten through this without her and thanks her. Marlena says she wouldn't be anywhere else. They hug and then John heads to Brady's room.

John enters Brady's hospital room. Brady says he has to tell him something. John says that can wait until later as he needs to rest. John says he'll be alright but he was in a very serious accident. Brady flashes back to the accident and tells John that he has to help him as it's about Kristen.

Xander holds his ring and says if Sarah is wondering how he's handling losing her, he's doing fine. Xander claims he's making one great decision after another. Xander goes over marrying Chanel, who was just trying to rob him, and then hooking up with his ex-wife, who now hates him even more than when he locked her in a cage. Xander remarks that he's really getting it together and is definitely better off without Sarah. Xander then has another drink.

Nicole comes out of the Salem Inn and runs in to Rafe.

Sami tells herself that there has to be another way out. The door opens and Lucas is dumped in to the room so Sami rushes to check on him.

John tells Brady that he needs to rest and can't be worrying about Kristen as they will call the prison and let her know what happened. Brady informs John that Kristen is not in prison as she got out.

Chloe goes to the DiMera Mansion looking for Lucas and sees the fireplace poker on the floor. She picks it up as Kristen peeks out from the tunnels.

Jake and Gabi kiss in bed until the door opens and Kate staggers in to the room which shocks Jake and Gabi.

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