Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/12/21

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/12/21


Written By Joseph

Xander and Nicole stagger through the town square together. Nicole remarks that she can't believe the waitress cut them off. Xander remembers he has a mini bar in his room and asks if she wants to continue drinking. Nicole agrees and they head in to the Salem Inn together. Sami comes around the corner and sees them, wondering what the hell that was. Sami questions what her sister in law is doing, drunk stumbling in to the Salem Inn with Xander of all people. Sami wonders what Nicole is up to.

Xander brings Nicole to his room and goes to make their drinks. Nicole then gets a call from Rafe.

Kristen goes to Brady's hospital room, dressed as a nurse with a face mask on. Chloe stops her and asks if she knows her.

Xander gives Nicole her drink and grabs her phone from her, reminding her that they are forgetting their troubles.

Rafe's call to Nicole goes to voicemail. He hangs up as Steve arrives at Julie's Place and greets him. Steve asks if Rafe is eating alone. Rafe then reveals he's on a date. Steve asks who the lucky lady is. Ava then comes back and informs him that it's her.

Sami wants to go find out what Xander and Nicole are up to and starts to enter the Salem Inn, but John and Marlena find her in the town square. They ask if Sami was seeing someone at the Salem Inn. Sami informs them that she was actually looking for them both. John asks what's going on. Sami says she's sorry to tell them this but Brady is in the hospital.

Kristen pretends to be a nurse and claims she's just here to prep Brady for surgery. Chloe says she just didn't know that she would be in so soon and mentions that Brady means a lot to her. Chloe tells Brady that she will be back as she's not leaving the hospital until he's alright. Chloe adds that they will find whoever did this to him and that he needs to get better, for her and all the people who love him. Kristen says she will take care of him as Chloe exits the room. Kristen then sits at Brady's side and tells him that it's her. Kristen cries that she can't believe this happened and says when Kate made her run the car off the road, she had no idea it was him and now he's here in the hospital. Kristen repeats that she's sorry and asks what she has done to him.

Chloe goes over to Kayla and informs her that a nurse asked her to step out. Kayla questions why. Chloe says the nurse was prepping Brady for surgery so Kayla asks what nurse that was.

Sami informs John and Marlena about Brady's car crash. Marlena asks if he is badly hurt. Sami says she has no idea, other than that he was scheduled for surgery immediately. John and Marlena rush to get there while Sami says she will meet them there. Sami then complains of not being able to find out what Nicole is up to.

Nicole asks Xander for her phone back but Xander repeats that they are here to forget their troubles. Xander asks who could be calling that's so important. Nicole tells him that's none of her business. Xander asks if she thinks it's Eric. Nicole says no, so Xander wonders who it is and checks to see a missed call from Rafe. Xander questions Nicole wanting to talk to Rafe so badly and what's going on there. Nicole responds that Rafe is her friend and nothing is going on. Xander complains that Rafe was about to arrest him for trying to sell his engagement ring. Xander calls Rafe an uptight, self-righteous jerk. Nicole points out that Rafe has always been there for her when she needed. Nicole remarks that Rafe is ten times the man that Xander will ever be. Xander says that he just thinks Rafe is a stiff and asks why she's so eager to defend his honor. Xander asks if Nicole has the hots for Rafe.

Steve questions Rafe and Ava being on a date. Rafe confirms they were just about to order dessert. Steve says he's just trying to process this. Ava decides to give them a moment alone since it seems Steve has an issue with them being together. Rafe tells Ava that she doesn't need to do that and asks if Steve does have an issue. Steve admits that he does and states that Rafe should too.

Chloe tells Kayla that she didn't catch the nurse's name but she said she was preparing Brady for surgery. Kayla is surprised since the operating room was backed up all night and she just got Brady scheduled now. Chloe questions why the nurse would be in there already then. John and Marlena arrive to ask Kayla how Brady is. Kayla informs them that he suffered internal bleeding and they are preparing him for surgery now, but she's confident they will be able to repair the damage. John asks if he can see him. Kayla notes that Brady is unconscious, but he can go in for a little bit and not stay long. Kayla agrees to take John to Brady's room.

Kristen tells Brady that she will be praying for him with all her heart and that he has to be okay. John enters the room so Kristen puts her face mask back on to pretend to be the nurse. John informs her that Kayla said it would be alright if he spent a couple moments alone with Brady before his surgery so Kristen backs away.

Steve tells Rafe that it might not be his place, but as his friend, he feels like he has to speak his mind. Steve says due to his history with Ava, he might be the only person who can tell Rafe what he's getting in to. Rafe responds that he knows about all their history. Steve argues that he knows about it, but he didn't live through it. Steve adds that Ava isn't just some random ex of his, she was obsessed with him. Rafe says he understands but Steve doesn't think he does. Steve talks about Ava making his life a living hell, threatening Kayla, and terrorizing his whole family. Rafe stops Steve but Ava says it's okay and to let Steve finish. Steve knows the past few months have been rough for Rafe and that he misses Hope, but he doesn't want to see him go down this road. Rafe appreciates Steve looking out for him and understands things went off the rails for Steve and Ava. Rafe tells Steve that he is on a date if he doesn't mind. Ava agrees that Steve has a right to say what he did, because every word of it is true.

Xander gives Nicole another drink. Nicole doesn't think she should but takes it anyways. Nicole adds that she doesn't have the hots for Rafe, insisting that she's a married woman. Xander points out how Nicole kept going on about what a great guy her friend is. Xander talks about how Nicole was looking at her phone and remarks that Eric is abandoning his wife, while Rafe is calling her from right here in Salem. Xander comments that Nicole practically attacked him for taking her phone and guesses she really wanted to answer that call because she's lonely, her husband is not coming back, and she's in to Rafe. Nicole asks so what if she is. Sami then approaches the door from outside and tries to listen in.

Ava admits she cannot deny anything that Steve said but she wishes she could. Ava acknowledges that she made Steve's life a living hell. Ava says that when she was tormenting him and trying to force him to love her, she thought they belonged together and she thought she was in love with him, but it wasn't love; it was obsession and she didn't know the difference. Ava talks about never seeing love while growing up. Ava talks about how her father messed with her mind. Ava adds that she knows there's no excuse for any of it but she wants Steve and Rafe to know that she understands what she did was wrong. Ava says she's learned from mistakes and will never make them again as she wants to be a better person for her son and for herself. Ava wants to be somebody who is worthy of love and worthy of a man like Rafe. Ava thinks one good way to start is to apologize to Steve. Ava admits she should have a long time ago. Ava then tells Steve that for everything she has done to Steve, Kayla, and their entire family, she is truly sorry.

Sami complains that she can't hear a word Nicole and Xander are saying so she's giving up. Sami then gets a call from Kristen and asks what the hell she wants. Kristen tells Sami to meet her in the park outside the town square. Sami says she's busy but Kristen warns her to come now or her next call will be to EJ so Sami says she is on her way and leaves the Salem Inn.

Xander says he knew Nicole had a thing for Rafe. Nicole asks why that makes him so happy. Xander calls it funny or tragic and points out that Rafe is currently on a date. Nicole says she knows because it's with her friend Ava which Xander questions. Xander remarks that the squeaky clean police commissioner is dating the money laundering mob princess. Nicole says Ava is on the straight and narrow now. Xander points out that Nicole apparently has a crush on Rafe. Nicole says it's not like she knows and adds that Ava has the right to go out with Rafe. Xander asks if she believes that. Nicole says she should be happy for Ava because that's what a good friend would be, but instead she made her feel like she wasn't good enough for him. Nicole admits she's jealous and calls herself a horrible person. Xander comments that if she wasn't, she wouldn't be here with him as they continue drinking.

Sami goes to meet Kristen and comments on her nurse outfit. Kristen explains that she just came from the hospital and she needed a disguise to see Brady. Sami asks if she saw him. Kristen confirms that she did but then John and Marlena came so she had to leave. Sami asks how Brady is. Kristen admits he's pretty bad and they are taking him in to surgery. Kristen says all she can do is pray that he'll be okay. Sami can't believe someone ran him off the road. Kristen calls it awful. Sami asks if she wanted to meet so that she will keep her posted on Brady's condition. Kristen says that she needs Sami to help her find Kate. Sami questions Kristen still looking for Kate and brings up seeing "Kate" at the hospital, unless it wasn't really her. Kristen claims not to know what she means. Sami asks if she's sure about that. Kristen then admits it was her. Sami asks why she would dress up as Kate. Kristen argues that it doesn't matter and she needs Sami to help find her. Sami tells Kristen to tell her or she's leaving. Kristen stops her and reveals to Sami that she kidnapped Kate, but Kate escaped.

Steve appreciates Ava's apology but says he's not ready to move on and forgive yet. Steve adds that he needs to look out for Rafe. Steve declares that he has said his piece and that's all he can do. Steve tells them to have a good night and then exits. Rafe and Ava sit back down. Ava says she's sorry about that. Rafe tells her that she has nothing to be sorry for. Ava worries that it will happen a lot and that Rafe will always have to answer why he's with someone like her. Rafe says he doesn't have to answer to anybody. Ava argues that Steve is right that Rafe is a good guy and she's complicated so she understands if Rafe wants to run before this goes any further. Rafe assures that he is right where he wants to be as he holds her hand.

Xander tells Nicole to join the club of horrible people. Nicole doesn't want to and argues that she has no right to be jealous of Rafe and Ava because she's married and loves her husband, even though he left. Xander acknowledges that she's loyal. Nicole says she got in a horrible fight with Eric and the first thing she wanted to do was call Rafe to cry on his shoulder, but she remembered he was on a date. Nicole admits she wanted to crash the date, but she went to the Pub to drink and now she's here with Xander, who she calls her disgusting ex-husband. Nicole asks if her actions sound like someone who is happily married and questions what the hell she is doing. Xander suggests she is reverting to form. Nicole calls it depressing. Xander advises Nicole not to go after the good guys since Eric hurt her and Rafe would too, just like him and Sarah. Xander remarks that Nicole is just not worthy of someone like that. Nicole argues that she is not like him. Xander insists that she is and says one of the best decisions she's made recently was coming back to his room. Xander remarks that birds of a feather flock together. Xander then looks at the bed and asks if Nicole wants to "flock".

Sami questions Kristen kidnapping Kate and locking her up. Kristen says all that was left was to ship her out of town. Kristen explains that she sedated Kate and stuffed her in a duffel bag which Sami questions and mocks her for. Kristen adds that it was all going as planned but then Kate somehow escaped. Sami remarks that it all sounds exciting. Kristen says Kate attacked her while she was driving and reveals that she lost control of the wheel, forcing another car off the road. Sami then realizes that Kristen forced Brady off the road and caused the accident. Sami complains that Brady is in the hospital fighting for his life because of her.

Marlena tells Chloe that she's waiting for Sami, since she said she was coming right over. Chloe suggests she could be with Lucas. Marlena asks why she said it like that but Chloe says it's not worth getting in to and wants to focus their energy on Brady. John comes out from Brady's room so Marlena asks how Brady is. John responds that he's still unconscious but he's glad he got a chance to tell him that they are all here pulling for him. Chloe informs them that Brady woke up for a few minutes when she was with him. John asks if he said anything about the crash. Chloe says no and that he just asked for Kristen but then, it was like he was trying to tell her something but it wasn't making any sense. Chloe informs John and Marlena that Brady said "Kristen is not Kristen".

Rafe and Ava go home. Rafe jokes that he almost thought Steve was going to sit at their table. Ava says it would've made the night even more interesting. Rafe thinks it was interesting as it was. Rafe asks if she regrets not ordering dessert and offers her a candy bar but Ava thinks she's going to go to bed. Rafe asks if she's sure. Ava tells Rafe that she had a really nice time tonight and she just thinks with her history, that she should quit while she's ahead. Rafe tells her that he had a really nice time too and then kisses Ava. They say goodnight and Ava then heads to her room. Rafe checks his phone and sees the missed call from Nicole.

Nicole asks if Xander is insane. Xander says he's just drunk. Nicole insists that she would never sleep with him or touch him because she hates him. Xander says he hates her too, but suggests a thin line between love and hate. Nicole tells him it's not working and that nothing he says can change her mind, because he makes her sick. Xander tells Nicole that she can keep pining away for Eric to come back from Africa or for Rafe to get tired of Ava. Nicole doesn't want to hear it. Xander tells Nicole that she can keep waiting for something that's never going to happen, but he's done waiting so he's not going to sit around hoping that Sarah gets tired of Rex and returns to him. Xander declares that he's done being a victim and he's doing what he wants, when he wants from now on. Nicole tells him to shut up. Xander tells her to make him so Nicole rips Xander's shirt open and slaps him but then starts kissing him. As Xander and Nicole kiss on to the bed, Nicole's phone rings with a call from Rafe.

Rafe calls Nicole and leaves a message, saying it's nothing important but he saw she called earlier so he wanted to make sure she was okay.

Xander and Nicole undress each other as they kiss in bed.

Chloe brings coffee to John and Marlena, figuring it's going to be a very long night. Kayla and the nurses have Brady stretchered out to go the operating room. John encourages Brady. Chloe tells Brady to come back to them soon as he is taken to the operating room.

Kristen admits to Sami that she is the one who ran Brady off the road, but she didn't know it was him until Sami called. Kristen complains that all this time, she's been trying to protect Brady. Sami knows she didn't mean to hurt Brady and she understands how terrible she must be feeling. Sami remarks that Kristen deserves to feel terrible, but she knows she loves Brady so she's not trying to make things worse. Kristen thanks her and says she needs her to help her find Kate. Sami asks if she has any idea where Kate is. Kristen says no and that Kate got out while she was driving and then just took off. Kristen says she really needs to find Kate before she exposes her. Sami tells Kristen that she can't help her because Kate is Lucas's mother and Will and Allie's grandmother. Sami then admits she kind of likes Kate and she couldn't look at Lucas if she did something to help Kristen kidnap her mom. Kristen warns that if Sami doesn't help her, she will call EJ. Sami is tired of her threats. Kristen reminds her that they had a deal. Sami argues that this isn't part of that deal and it's gone too far. Sami adds that Kate could be in real trouble or wandering the side of the highway. Kristen says that is why she needs Sami to help her get Kate back. Sami tells Kristen that Kate needs real help and adds that Kristen does too. Sami decides that she will call Rafe because he will help make this right. Kristen then pulls out her needle and injects Sami. Sami grabs Kristen to choke her but Sami ends up passing out from the injection.

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