Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/11/21

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/11/21


Written By Joseph

Rafe enters his office at the police station where a drunken Xander is waiting. Xander complains and demands to be released. Rafe tells him to shut up and listen. Rafe warns that he is the one who decides whether Xander sleeps this off at home or in a jail cell.

Ava is at Nicole's apartment where Nicole is helping Ava pick out an outfit for her date with Rafe. Ava goes to try on the clothes while Nicole thinks back to her last conversation with Rafe. Nicole then grabs a bottle of alcohol and pours herself a drink.

Jake calls love a crazy thing and says maybe Kate kicking him to the curb is the universe's way of saying they aren't meant to be together. Gabi suggests maybe there's somebody out there better for him. Jake suggests maybe he's looking at her. They get close but are interrupted by Gabi receiving a call from Philip. Philip asks if it's a bad time.

Lucas tells Sami that was weird. Sami agrees and wonders where "Kate" was going and what could be more important than finding out her son is dying. Lucas suggests maybe she knows he's not dying. Sami questions how she would know that. Lucas mocks Sami putting on her Stan costume. Sami tells him to shut up. Lucas remarks that Chloe already knows he's not on death's door step. Sami responds that Brady might be.

Brady wakes up in the hospital and asks Chloe what happened. Chloe informs him that there was an accident and he's in the hospital but everything's going to be fine. Brady then manages to tell Chloe that Kristen is not Kristen, as Kristen then appears in the room as "Kate". Chloe asks Brady what he's trying to tell her.

Sami tells Lucas about Kristen calling her and sounding really upset. Sami adds that Kristen said she needed help finding Kate. Lucas questions why Kristen would be looking for his mother.

"Kate" asks if Brady is going to be okay. Chloe responds that they don't know as some maniac ran him off the road. Kristen thinks back to the crash. Chloe then asks "Kate" why she is here.

Gabi asks Philip what's going on. Philip says he's sorry to bother her after hours but he needs her to come over because there's a little problem with Gabi Chic's summer line and they need to deal with it now. Gabi says she's on her way and hangs up. Gabi tells Jake that she has to go because of work issues. Jake thought they were having a moment. Gabi reminds him that she said she didn't want Kate's sloppy seconds. Gabi tells Jake that she's moved on and he should too.

Rafe tells Xander that he got a bunch of calls about a drunk guy, stumbling around the town square, trying to sell a diamond ring. Xander tells him that it was Sarah's engagement ring after she dumped him on their wedding day, so the ring is a source of unbearable pain. Rafe informs Xander that he has a date so he's in a good mood and will let him go with a warning. Rafe offers to get him a cab but Xander tells him not to bother as he will walk. Xander adds that he hopes Rafe's date breaks his heart in to a million pieces. Xander then exits the office. Rafe sits down and looks at his and Nicole's teddy bear Duke. Rafe remarks that he should've arrested Xander.

Ava tries on a red dress and asks Nicole what she thinks. Nicole says it's nice. Ava asks if she is okay with her going out with Rafe. Nicole asks why she would say that and insists that she's totally cool with it as they are both her friend so she wants them both to find happiness. Ava is glad she feels that way. Nicole talks about counting down the minutes until Eric comes home as she pours another drink. Nicole then gets a call from Eric and tells Ava that she should go so she doesn't leave Rafe waiting. Ava exits as Nicole answers the phone.

Xander goes to the Brady Pub, looking to drink more. He finds Jake at the bar and offers him his ring but then says he can see that Jake has recently been dumped just like him. Jake asks if he's psychic. Xander remarks that it doesn't take a psychic to see that Jake's lost the love of a good woman. Jake informs him that he lost two actually. They get their drinks. Jake toasts to the women who aren't there anymore.

Gabi goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and asks Philip what's going on with the summer line. Gabi then questions there only being one box. Philip explains there was a miscommunication with the measurements so the clothes came in millimeters instead of centimeters as Gabi starts to panic.

Lucas questions why Kristen would be looking for his mother. Sami explains that she told her about Brady and then freaked out and said she was on her way here. Lucas feels he should go warn Chloe. Sami points out that Kristen isn't here yet and finds that weird since she was so upset so Sami wonders where the hell Kristen is.

"Kate" claims that she was looking for Lucas as she just got the news about his inoperable brain tumor and saw that Chloe was in here, so she assumed she was with Lucas. "Kate" asks if that's where she should be. Chloe responds that her place is right here with Brady.

Gabi calls this a nightmare and asks what she is supposed to tell the buyers. Philip says it looks like they are stuck eating the costs, so they aren't getting their money back, and it's too late for them to remake everything for the launch. Gabi guesses they won't be able to launch the collection in time for summer. Philip points out that it will be a hit to their bottom line. Gabi ten suggests they can market the clothes to kids' dolls. Philip asks if she thinks they can cover the costs. Gabi thinks they will meet, if not surpass, their projected profit. Gabi insists that it's possible and they can proceed with the launch. Gabi adds that they can sell dolls too. Philip likes the idea and hugs Gabi.

Xander tells Jake that they are just a couple of fools, who got burned. Jake responds that nobody burned him as he burned himself. Jake declares that he belonged with Gabi, she knew it, Kate knew it, and he refused to acknowledge it so he blew it. Xander encourages him not to beat himself up and suggests that he just couldn't see himself with Gabi. Jake remarks that everybody saw it, including Susan Banks.

Lucas worries to Sami that Kristen is going to come flying out of the elevator as Susan Banks and go looking for Brady, only to find Chloe all over Brady instead of him, then she will freak out and try to kill her. Sami agrees that Kristen is capable of anything. Lucas brings up Sami saying that as long as Chloe had the hots for Brady, she had a target on her back, so he wants to tell her the truth. Lucas adds that now he has to track down Kate and tell her that he's not about to croak, even though it seemed like she didn't care. Lucas continues to wonder why Kate would take off, like it doesn't even mean anything. Sami then suggests maybe "Kate" wasn't his mother.

Chloe remarks that the Kate Roberts she knows, hates her guts. "Kate" responds that it would be wrong of her to keep her from Lucas, because he needs her. Chloe responds that Lucas doesn't need her or anyone right now. "Kate" asks how she can be so cruel when he's dying. Chloe informs her that Lucas is not dying but he's working overtime to convince her that he is, and she's pretty sure that Sami put him up to it. "Kate" questions why they would be lying about something so serious. Chloe suggests she can go ask them because they are in the hospital. Chloe declares that she's done and going to focus her energy on Brady.

Eric informs Nicole that he's not coming home. Nicole complains that he already extended his stay once. Nicole says she understands they need him there but shouts that she needs him here and then hangs up on him. Eric calls back, but Nicole ignores the call. Nicole then picks up her phone and looks at Rafe's number as she finishes her drink.

Rafe finishes a call at Julie's Place as Ava then arrives for their date. Rafe mentions that he just silenced his phone, so they won't be disturbed. Rafe tells Ava that she looks incredible as they sit at their table. Ava admits it's a brand new dress and adds that Nicole came shopping with her. Rafe is surprised since he wasn't sure if Nicole was okay with them going out. Ava says it turns out that Nicole wants them to be as happy as she is.

Nicole calls Rafe but it goes to voicemail. Nicole then grabs her purse and exits her apartment.

Philip and Gabi get close but Philip says he thinks they established that this isn't a good idea because she'll be thinking about Jake all day. Gabi claims she's way over Jake and adds that Jake is probably drinking himself in to oblivion because Kate is gone which Philip questions. Gabi informs him that Jake told her that Kate dumped him, then packed up and left town. Philip is surprised as Kate didn't say anything about leaving town. Philip decides he should call her. Gabi asks if the crisis is averted then. Philip points out that Gabi turned a huge loss in to a major win. Philip tells her that she's very good and apologizes for taking her away from whatever she was doing, so he'll let her get back to her evening.

Jake tells Xander that he just kept making one bad decision after the next. Xander encourages him to stop pretending to be someone he's not. Xander says that they are bad boy gangsters and they pretended that was over for love. Xander suggests Jake keep his walls up, be ruthless, and hurt them before they have a chance to hurt him. As they finish their drinks, Xander calls for another round but Jake says he's good. Jake thinks Xander should be done too but says it's a free country. Jake thanks Xander for the chat and tells him to take it easy as he then exits the Pub. Xander gets up and staggers to the restroom. Nicole then enters the Pub and sits at the bar to order a drink. Xander comes back and gives her his drink, so she drinks it. Xander asks what has her feeling down. Nicole says she's not telling him anything. Xander remarks that he always preferred her quiet anyway.

Ava points out that Rafe is not talking very much. Rafe apologizes and thinks he's a little nervous because it's been a long time since he's been on a date. Ava notes that she's never been on a real date since she spent so much time obsessing over Steve. Rafe knows it's standard first date protocol to talk about romantic history but he suggests they not talk about Steve, Hope, or even Nicole. Rafe declares tonight it's just them. Ava says she would like that very much.

Chloe asks "Kate" if she and Brady can have some privacy. "Kate" asks if Kayla gave any information about his condition. Chloe says just that the crash caused internal bleeding. Chloe wishes that the coward who ran him off the road could be here to see what they've done to him. Chloe then worries about Rachel. "Kate" then exits the room.

Sami asks Lucas where he thinks his mom was rushing off to in such a hurry. Lucas suggests she went to get a martini. Sami believes she was in a hurry to see Brady, because it wasn't Kate, it was Kristen. Sami points out how Kristen has been parading around as Susan Banks for weeks, fooling everyone, and before that she was pretending to be Nicole for months. Sami insists that wasn't Kate, it was Kristen. Lucas then approaches "Kate" and asks if it's her.

Nicole pours drinks for her and Xander. Xander talks about having his bachelor party at the Pub and Jack's toast. Xander says that Rex ruined everything. Nicole talks about Eric going across the world. Xander is sure he'll be back but Nicole mentions that Eric just told her he's staying in Africa. Xander asks if he means forever. Nicole says who knows at this point. Nicole asks how Eric could do this to her and make her feel so horrible if he loves her.

Gabi returns to the DiMera Mansion. Jake asks if she solved her work issue. Gabi says yes because she and Philip make a great team. Jake says not as great as them. Gabi reminds him that they've been over this. Jake tells Gabi that she and Kate were right all along about him wanting to be with her.

Sami joins Lucas and asks "Kate" what she's doing here and why she's so upset. Lucas asks if it's because she thinks he's dying. "Kate" responds that they all know he's in perfect health. "Kate" claims she was visiting a friend in the hospital. Sami guesses she means Brady. "Kate" pretends not to know Brady is there but Sami tells her to stop as they know it's Kristen.

Xander talks about dedicating his life to proving he was worthy of Sarah's love. Nicole talks about how she was patient, understanding, and supportive but now they are here alone. Xander suggests they need to re-embrace their dark side. Nicole isn't sure about that but wants another drink.

Rafe and Ava joke with each other on their date. Rafe comments on how beautiful Ava's eyes are.

Sami tries to grab "Kate" but she pulls away. "Kate" tells Lucas that he has a perfectly good brain and suggests he start using it as she storms out of the hospital. Sami tells Lucas that she was right but Lucas remains unsure. Sami insists that it was Kristen with a fake Kate face. Lucas asks if that was Kristen, then where the hell is Kate.

Brady wakes up again. Chloe brings up that Brady tried to tell her something about Kristen before "Kate" showed up and asks what it was.

Kristen complains that Chloe wants to replace her. Kristen declares that she wants to get back to Brady and she will.

Lucas tells Sami that Kristen kidnapping Kate is out there. Sami says Kristen kidnapped her so she doesn't think it's that out there. Sami tells Lucas to call Kate and prove her wrong. Sami adds that she has to go get John and Marlena to tell them about Brady. Lucas thought she already called. Sami explains that she was going to, but that's when Kristen called her, so now she thinks maybe she shouldn't tell John and Marlena about Brady's accident over the phone. Sami decides that she's just going to find them at the Bistro. Lucas wishes her luck as she exits the hospital.

Gabi comments that Jake has obviously been drinking. Jake insists that he's not drunk and that his head and his heart are clear on this, finally. Jake tells Gabi that from the moment he got with Kate, she was insecure and thought he wanted to be with Gabi. Gabi doesn't want to hear this but Jake asks her to just let him get it out. Jake admits that his feelings for Gabi never went away and deep down he always knew that, but he didn't want to hurt Kate. Jake adds that he was too proud to admit Gabi was right but he's admitting it now, that Gabi is the only one he wants. Jake says he's denied it over and over so he understands if she doesn't believe him. Jake remarks that Gabi already said she was moving on. Gabi stops him and admits she hasn't moved on as that was her pride getting in the way of what she really wants. Gabi tells Jake that she wants him and they start kissing. They then head upstairs together. Jake and Gabi kiss in to the bedroom and on to the bed, where they undress each other and have sex.

Lucas goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and asks Philip if he's seen Kate lately. Philip says no and mentions that Gabi said she left town. Lucas calls that odd because he just saw her at the hospital. Philip suggests maybe she changed her mind about leaving and asks what she was doing at the hospital. Lucas responds that he has no idea.

Brady tries to tell Chloe about Kristen but Chloe tells him that he can just rest as she's not going anywhere. Kristen then returns, dressed as a nurse with a face mask on.

Ava and Rafe decide on chocolate cake for dessert. Ava tells Rafe that she will let him order while she goes to freshen up. Rafe then checks his phone and sees a missed call from Nicole but puts his phone back.

Xander and Nicole stagger through the town square together. Nicole remarks that she can't believe the waitress cut them off. Xander remembers he has a mini bar in his room and asks if she wants to continue drinking. Nicole agrees and they head in to the Salem Inn together. Sami comes around the corner and sees them, wondering what the hell that was.

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