Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/10/21

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/10/21


Written By Joseph

At the hospital, Chloe realizes that "Dr. Dunn" was actually Sami and not the real Dr. Dunn. Chloe guesses that Lucas is not really terminal but Sami tries to keep the lie going. Lucas offers to take Chloe to the cafeteria so they can talk about this but Chloe says that won't solve anything. Chloe says she's not going anywhere and declares that "Dr. Dunn" was Stan and Stan is Sami.

Allie and Chanel toast to reconnecting. Chanel makes sure there's no more weirdness about the kiss. Allie assures her and says she's just happy to hang out with her again. They hug as Claire and Tripp then arrive. Claire yells at Chanel to get her hands off of her cousin. Allie asks what Claire is doing. Claire says there is no way in hell she's letting Chanel scam her cousin like she scammed her and Tripp.

Gabi goes home to the DiMera Mansion where Jake is having a drink. Gabi complains about dealing with vendors all day. Gabi asks Jake to pour her a drink too. Jake tells her to make it herself. Gabi notes his mood and asks what's wrong with him. Jake responds that Kate is goine.

Kristen drives her car and tosses her Kate mask in the back seat. Kristen complains about almost throwing her back out while stuffing Kate in the bag. Kristen adds that Jake put them off schedule and then she hears the bag opening.

Brady goes driving, saying he knows Kristen loves him but he doesn't know why she takes these crazy risks. Brady declares that if he doesn't get Kristen back to the prison before they find out, this is going to end in disaster...

Kate emerges from the duffel bag and fights with Kristen as she drives until they end up in a crash with Brady's car.

Gabi questions Jake still whining about Kate dumping him. Jake says she doesn't understand. Gabi tells him to snap out of it and move on. Gabi suggests Jake focus on business like she did when he wouldn't take her back. Jake reveals that when he said Kate was gone, he meant she packed a big ass bag and left Salem.

Kristen manages to avoid her car crashing and tells Kate that they nearly hit that car. Kristen tells Kate to get back in the bag. Kristen remarks that the car swerved but says Kate almost got someone killed. Meanwhile, Brady's car crashed off the road and he is bleeding and unconscious with the airbag popped out.

Sami pretends not to know who Stan is. Lucas tries to cover but Chloe continues to insist that she knows Sami was Stan and disguised herself like a man like she did 15 years ago. Sami claims she totally forgot all about that. Chloe asks Lucas to back her up on "Dr. Dunn" looking exactly like Stan. Lucas admits there may have been a resemblance. Sami argues that Lucas has a brain tumor but Chloe continues to insist. Chloe then stops to ask if Lucas is in on this with Sami. Sami asks why she would go around parading as a doctor. Chloe questions why she doesn't want her to talk to the real doctor and accuses Sami of pretending to be the doctor to convince her that Lucas is dying. Chloe guesses that Lucas doesn't have a brain tumor and he's not dying.

Brady regains consciousness after his car crash and calls 911 to report that someone ran him off the road but he drops his phone and passes his out.

Kate complains about wanting out while Kristen argues that she thought she gave her enough sedative. Kate grabs Kristen while Kristen yells that she's going to get them killed.

Gabi asks Jake if he's sure Kate left Salem. Jake says he tried to stop her but she dragged her big bag right out the door. Gabi calls it weird as she can't see Kate walking away from DiMera and Chad. Jake remarks that she couldn't get out fast enough. Gabi adds that Philip didn't say anything about his mother leaving town. Gabi wonders why Kate would all of a sudden leave town when all of her family is here.

Chanel is surprised that Claire is Allie's cousin. Allie tells Chanel that she's sorry. Claire questions her apologizing when she's trying to help her. Allie tells Claire that she doesn't need her help. Claire brings up how Chanel scammed her and Tripp. Chanel remarks that she has no sense of humor. Allie asks what she's talking about. Tripp explains that Chanel ordered three bottles of expensive champagne and then tried to stick them with the bill. Chanel argues that they enjoyed those bottles. Claire complains that Chanel said she would pay for it. Chanel asks why this is still a thing when her mom picked up the tab. Tripp points out that her mom isn't around to pick up the tab so it looks like Allie's going to be stuck with it. Claire urges Allie to believe them that Chanel is a con artist. Allie stops her and says that Chanel is her good friend since London. Chanel adds that she bought plenty of rounds at the clubs. Tripp points out that was before her mom cut off her credit cards. Allie tells Claire and Tripp that she doesn't need them saving her as nothing weird is going on. Claire then questions why Chanel was kissing Allie before then.

Abe and Lani are at the Brady Pub. Abe is glad that Lani and Eli are taking Chanel in and he's sure Paulina will appreciate it too. Lani asks if he knows when Paulina is coming back. Abe says she didn't give a specific date but he's sure she is eager to get back to supervise her project in the town square. Lani knows Abe used his pull to make that happen which he confirms. Lani expresses that she's concerned as she doesn't want Abe to get disappointed. Lani asks what if Paulina changed her mind and isn't coming back to Salem. Abe assures that Paulina is coming back as this whole project was her idea and is important to her. Lani just hopes Paulina follows through since it's been a couple of weeks. Lani suggests Paulina could've got distracted by another project in Miami. Abe doubts that and encourages that this project is all in the works. Abe adds that Paulina is very excited about it. Lani says she loves Paulina and her passion about the project but she was also very passionate about wanting to be in the twins' lives, yet she hasn't heard from her. Abe figured she was just very busy. Lani questions her being too busy to text or call. Abe admits that is a bit concerning. Abe then gets a call from Paulina and guesses they spoke too soon.

Tripp tells Claire they should just go. Claire refuses to let Chanel take advantage of Allie. Claire asks Chanel if kissing Allie was part of her scam and if she was going to blackmail her or something. Chanel argues that she and Allie are friends so she would never scam her. Allie adds that when they walked in, she and Chanel were hugging so she questions why they though they were kissing. Claire then reveals that Tripp was there earlier and saw the whole thing so Allie asks Tripp if he was spying on her.

Gabi asks Jake if Kate said where she was going. Jake says no but her parting shot was that he and Gabi should team up and run DiMera together. Jake acknowledges that he was wrong about he and Kate. Jake adds that he was wrong about he and Gwen, now he and Kate, but maybe he wasn't wrong about he and Gabi. Gabi then slaps Jake.

Chloe asks Lucas if he has a brain tumor. Lucas continues to claim that he is dying. Chloe calls it all really strange and continues to accuse Sami of being "Dr. Dunn". Chloe questions why Sami wants her to leave town with Lucas. Sami argues that Lucas has a brain tumor and Chloe is making it all about her. Chloe declares that if Lucas cares about her, he will tell her what's really going on. Kayla then comes over and informs them that Brady was in a car accident.

Kristen and Kate continue fighting while Kristen drives until Kristen manages to inject Kate again with the same syringe. Kristen declares they are finally almost to the airfield and then she will be out of her hair for good but Kate manages to escape the car.

Jake questions Gabi slapping him. Gabi argues that he rejected her for Kate so he's not going to come crawling back to her, two seconds after Kate walked out the door. Jake denies doing that. Gabi tells Jake that she doesn't want Kate's sloppy seconds. Jake apologizes as he thought they were having a moment. Gabi yells at him that he's delusional and tells him to get on with his life without Kate or her. Gabi then storms out and heads upstairs.

Kristen pulls over and goes searching for Kate.

Chloe asks Kayla if Brady is going to be okay. Kayla apologizes and says she doesn't know anything about his condition but she has to get going. Chloe declares that she has to go be with Brady. Lucas offers to go with her but Chloe says Lucas has been lying to her this whole time so he can stay the hell away from her. Chloe then storms off.

Tripp explains to Allie that he wasn't spying on her and he just ran in to Roman, who said that she was here, and he wanted to see her. Tripp adds that when he got there, she was busy, so he left. Chanel questions how is what they do, any of their business. Allie explains to Chanel that Tripp is the guy that she was telling her about. Chanel can't believe it and calls Tripp a cheapskate as she questions him being the guy that Allie is in to.

Paulina tells Abe that the weather in Miami has been too hot for her. Abe says she'll have to come back to Salem where it's nice and cool. Abe mentions Lani being with him at the Pub so Paulina wants to be put on speaker. Paulina tells Lani that she misses her and the babies so much. Lani tells her they miss her too. Lani mentions that it's been awhile since they heard from her. Paulina apologizes and says stuff came up in her Miami office which has kept her busy. Paulina assures that she is coming back to Salem very soon after she wraps up a few things in Miami. Paulina adds that her next call will be to Chanel, but admits she's dreading that and hopes Chanel isn't on another marriage and that she's staying out of trouble.

Allie asks to talk to Tripp alone so they exit together. Claire still doesn't buy that Allie would be friends with Chanel. Chanel argues that Claire wasn't with them in London so she wouldn't know. Claire mentions knowing how Chanel treats people and brings up Theo. Chanel questions her knowing him. Claire informs her that she knows Chanel tried to scam Theo in to taking her back to South Africa with him. Claire asks if after that failed, that's when she focused on Allie. Chanel tells Claire that she doesn't want anything from Allie but her friendship. Claire remarks that she wanted a roll in the hay. Chanel questions what is wrong with people and declares that sometimes, a kiss is just a kiss.

Tripp tells Allie that he doesn't owe him any explanation. Allie says she doesn't want him to get the wrong idea. Allie clarifies that she's not gay or bi, she and Chanel are just really good friends. Tripp asks if they are friends with benefits but Allie assures not at all. Allie explains that they were just reminiscing on all of their great times and then Chanel kissed her. Allie assures that it's no big deal and there is nothing going on between them. Allie wants Tripp to know that which Tripp questions.

Jake goes to Gabi's room and offers her a drink as a peace offering. Gabi accepts it and tells him that he can get going now. Jake admits he was out of line earlier and hopes they can talk. Gabi then allows him in to her room.

Lucas tells Sami that he knew Chloe would recognize Stan. Sami argues that Brady could be dying. Lucas says he cares about Brady but asks what they are going to do about Chloe since she knows they want her out of town. Sami argues that Lucas is the one who told Chloe that he was dying in the first place while Lucas argues that Sami pulled Stan out of her bag of tricks which is what tipped Chloe off. Sami declares that all she is trying to do is keep Kristen from telling EJ that they slept together while also keeping a knife out of Chloe's back. Lucas declares that next time he's alone with Chloe, he's going to tell her everything because enough is enough and he's had it. Lucas tells Sami to call John to tell him about Brady. Sami mentions John and Marlena having dinner at the Bistro. Lucas goes to see what he can find out about Brady. Sami then gets a call from Kristen and says she doesn't have time as she's at the hospital. Kristen warns Sami that if she doesn't do exactly as she says right this second, she will call EJ to tell him that she slept with Lucas. Sami tells Kristen that she doesn't understand. Kristen argues that she's not playing a game. Sami then informs Kristen that Brady was just brought in to the hospital after his car went off the road. Kristen starts to panic and asks if Brady is alive and okay. Sami confirms that he's alive but that's all Kayla would tell her. Kristen decides she's on her way and hangs up. Sami tries to remind her to be "Susan" but she already hung up. Kristen then realizes that the other car that she swerved to avoid was Brady.

Kayla and a nurse check on Brady. Kayla notes there is no brain injury while the nurse notes his blood pressure is dropping. Kayla identifies possible internal injuries. Chloe walks in and asks how he is. Kayla tells her not now. Brady then flatlines so the nurse declares they are losing him. Kayla then begins using the defibrillator on Brady. Chloe pleads that they can't let him die.

Gabi comments on Jake remembering how she likes her drink. Jake hopes it makes up for him putting the moves on her earlier. Gabi remarks that throwing yourself at an ex is not a good look for anybody. Jake thinks her slap knocked some sense in to him. Jake assures he won't put the moves on her anymore and they will peacefully co exist, except for in business. Jake decides he's going back to work but Gabi stops him and says she knows he's hurting and she was hurting too when he said he wanted to spend his life with Kate, not her. Gabi adds that the pain doesn't last forever.

Kayla gets Brady stable. Chloe asks how bad it is. Kayla says she won't know until taking Brady in to surgery but he hasn't regained consciousness. Kayla says she's going to schedule the surgery and allows Chloe to stay with him. Chloe tells Brady that she's there and she won't leave him.

Kristen arrives at the hospital in her Kate disguise. "Kate" goes straight to Sami, asking if he is okay. Sami and Lucas are confused and assume that this is Kate asking about Lucas. Lucas says he can explain but "Kate" says not now and storms off.

Allie says she just wanted Tripp to know that there's nothing between her and Chanel. Tripp says maybe he shouldn't say this but Chanel asked if he's the cheapskate that she is in to. Allie assures that he's not a cheapskate. Tripp asks if he is the guy that she's in to then. Allie calls it complicated. Tripp asks if that's a bad thing. Allie asks how it can't be since she screwed up his life in so many ways. Allie asks how there could ever be anything between them because of that.

Claire tells Chanel that it doesn't matter what kind of kiss it was and adds that Allie has never been in to girls. Chanel remarks that Claire has lived a sheltered life and declares that she's done listening to her. Claire points out that Chanel hasn't paid for her drinks. Chanel informs her that Allie said she would pay for it, but if she doesn't believe her then she can call the cops. Claire says maybe she will.

Paulina thanks Lani for taking Chanel in and says Chanel is lucky to have Lani and Eli looking out for her. Lani says that Chanel is family so she is welcome in their home. Paulina thanks her and says she's going to get her work out of the way so she can get back there to them. Paulina says she misses them a lot. Abe says they miss her too and tells her to come back soon as they hang up. Abe tells Lani that all of her concerns were unfounded. Lani is happy to be wrong in this case but now she feels bad for doubting Paulina.

Paulina looks over a map plan and declares it's not what Abe had in mind and she knows that, but there's no turning back now.

Tripp thought they agreed that the past was behind them. Allie wants that but says she made his life hell and was determined to punish him when she didn't even have a clear memory so she still feels really bad about everything. Allie doesn't know how Tripp could ever see her as more than just a friend. Tripp assures that he has let all that go and suggests he just stop talking. Tripp then kisses Allie until Chanel comes out from Julie's Place. Chanel says that was fast work and then tells them to keep doing what they're doing. Chanel tells Allie they will have drinks again when she gets a job. Chanel then walks away. Tripp comments that she is something else. Allie encourages that he just has to get to know her. Allie then gets a text from Roman to pick up Henry. Tripp offers to go with her but Allie says she has to go and they will talk later so Allie walks away.

Lucas tells Sami that was weird. Sami agrees and wonders where "Kate" was going and what could be more important than finding out her son is dying.

Chloe sits at Brady's side and holds his hand, pleading for him to hold on because they all need him. Chloe asks if he can hear her. Brady starts to wake up and calls out for Kristen but Chloe tells him that it's her. Brady ask what happened. Chloe informs him that there was an accident and he's in the hospital but everything's going to be fine. Brady then manages to tell Chloe that Kristen is not Kristen, as Kristen then appears in the room as "Kate".

Kate crawls out from the bushes on the side of the road and wishes for Jake to help her as she passes out.

Jake admits to Gabi that it hurt a little to hear that it was easy for her to get over him. Gabi says that's not what she is saying and tries to explain. Gabi talks about growing up believing in fairy tales of true love but that's a load of crap. Gabi says she believes in being happy and making your own fairy tale. Gabi encourages Jake not to give up on love and he'll be fine. Jake calls love a crazy thing and says maybe Kate kicking him to the curb is the universe's way of saying they aren't meant to be together. Gabi suggests maybe there's somebody out there better for him. Jake suggests maybe he's looking at her.

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