Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/7/21

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/7/21


Written By Joseph

Chloe gets Lucas set up in a hospital room. Lucas tells her it's not necessary as he already knows what's wrong with him. Chloe insists on a second opinion but Lucas doesn't want one. Lucas argues that it will just make him depressed all over. Chloe tells him to just tell her the truth that he's afraid. Chloe knows doctors and needles is not exactly his thing. Lucas then goes along with that he's nervous. Chloe assures him that Dr. Dunn is the best and goes to see what's keeping the doctor. Lucas then grabs his phone and calls Sami and leaves a voicemail, reminding her that if he sees the doctor then Chloe will know he's lying, Kristen will find out, and Chloe will have a huge target on her back.

Kristen calls Vivian and tells her the mission is accomplished as Kate broke up with Jake and is now headed for a lifetime on a deserted island. Kristen tells Vivian that it's time for her to do her part since Susan is making too much noise about still being in prison, while she still needs more time to get Chloe away from Brady. Kristen tells Vivian to do whatever she needs to do to calm Susan.

Susan is in prison, complaining about how Kristen lied to her about this only taking a month. Susan argues that she has a life and after two months in prison, she doesn't know how much more she can take. Brady then arrives to visit Kristen.

Kristen enters the wine cellar where Kate remains tied up. Kate yells that she's going to kill her when she gets out. Kate assures that Jake will find her. Kristen guesses that Jake is working his way back in to Gabi's bed since Kate broke his heart. Kate argues that Jake won't give up. Kristen tells Kate that it won't matter because her adventure is about to begin. Kristen loads up a syringe and says the next time Kate opens her eyes, she will be on an almost deserted island. Kate argues that Kristen can't do this. Kristen says goodnight as she prepares the needle.

At Julie's Place, Allie and Chanel talk about when they first met and did whatever they wanted from shopping to restaurants. They continue talking about everything they did together. They laugh about singing a song together. Allie misses how happy and free they were in London. Allie says she would give anything to go back to that time and Chanel feels the same. Allie and Chanel then lean in and kiss each other on the lips, right as Tripp walks in, surprised to see Allie and Chanel kissing. Tripp quickly backs out of Julie's Place before they see him. Allie asks Chanel what that was. Chanel tells her it was a kiss. Allie clarifies that she's not gay. Chanel assures that she's not either so Allie asks why she kissed her.

"Kristen" asks Brady what he's doing here. Brady reminds her that tomorrow is their daughter's birthday. "Kristen" talks about how fast she's growing up. Brady acknowledges that Kristen didn't want him to bring Rachel to prison but figured she would want to sign her birthday card.

Kate surprises Kristen by grabbing her arm. Kristen questions how she got untied as they struggle over the needle until Kristen injects Kate and drops the needle.

Lucas questions what he was thinking by coming up with an inoperable brain tumor. Chloe returns and tells him that Dr. Dunn will be there any minute. Chloe prays that he has a better diagnosis than the first doctor Lucas saw. Lucas remarks that he doesn't deserve to live a long life. Chloe calls that a terrible thing to say and says that he does. Lucas starts to say he has to be honest with her but Dr. Dunn arrives. Chloe feels like she knows the doctor but he guesses he just has one of those faces. Lucas then recognizes Dr. Dunn as Sami's male alter ego, Stan and has flashbacks to 16 years ago. Lucas says that he also feels like he knows this "Dr. Dunn"

Claire is in the town square and calls Shawn, leaving a message that she just talked to Jan Spears and that she was saying weird things about them and Belle. Claire says it creeped her out and asks Shawn to call her when he gets the message. Claire hangs up and runs in to Tripp. Claire asks him what's wrong. Tripp calls it the weirdest thing. Claire asks him what happened. Tripp informs her that he just went to Julie's Place to see Allie and he saw her kissing somebody.

Chanel tells Allie that they were just talking about old times and having a moment so kissing her felt right. Chanel adds that it's no big deal. Allie questions if she's done this before. Chanel confirms that she's mostly been with guys, but girls too. Allie asks if Chanel is bisexual. Chanel responds that she's not in to labels, she just likes people and she likes Allie. Chanel says she didn't mean to freak her out. Allie tells her it's cool. Chanel asks if their kiss bothered her. Allie says no and that she's just never done it before. Chanel then asks her if she liked it.

Kate collapses to the floor. Kristen asks if she really thought she could get the best of her as she prepares to get rid of her.

Brady shows "Kristen" that the birthday card he got for Rachel. She asks what he's doing for her birthday. Brady says they are just keeping it small with family. She asks if he means just John and Marlena. Brady notes that Sami might come as well since she's around. "Kristen" calls that really nice which Brady questions so she tries to cover up by talking bad about Sami.

Chloe tells "Dr. Dunn" that she will leave so he can examine Lucas. He says there's no need as he already reviewed the scans and confirmed the initial diagnosis was accurate. He claims the tumor is massive with a very aggressive cancer. Lucas sarcastically thanks him for giving it to him straight. Chloe thought "Dr. Dunn" sounded so positive on the phone. He says that was before he looked at the scans. Chloe continues asking questions. Lucas asks how long he has and says he needs the truth. "Dr. Dunn" gives him a few months. Lucas thanks him for his honesty. He tells Lucas to enjoy the next few months with someone he enjoys as that would be most comforting in his final days. He assumes Chloe is his significant other. Lucas confirms that she was at one point. Chloe calls Lucas really important to her and a big part of her life. Lucas tells Chloe that he'll get dressed and meet her outside so Chloe exits. Lucas asks for a word with "Dr. Dunn". Lucas then reveals that he knows "Dr. Dunn" is really Sami in disguise, which she confirms. Lucas questions Sami using her old Stan disguise, thinking it's a little risky. Sami argues that he wanted her help so he got it and thinks he should thank her for saving his ass. Lucas argues that the real Dr. Dunn could come in at any minute. Sami informs him that she called him and cancelled, joking that Kristen is not the only master of disguise around here.

Kristen comes out of the tunnels dressed as Kate and runs in to Jake. Jake thought she moved out last night. She says she forgot a few things. Jake stands in her way and says he doesn't care what she said yesterday, he's not letting her walk out of his life without trying to change her mind first.

"Kristen" signs Rachel's birthday card. Brady reads what she wrote and discovers that she accidentally signed the card as Susan. Brady comes to a realization and asks if this is really happening. Brady realizes that all this time, Kristen has been living with him and his parents while pretending to be Susan. Susan tries to cover and keeps insisting that she's Kristen. Brady yells at Susan not to lie to him so Susan gives in and reveals her identity.

Claire asks Tripp if he's sure that Allie was kissing someone. Tripp confirms that he's sure. Claire thought Allie was in to him. Tripp asks if she said something. Claire says it was just a vibe she picked up on, seeing them together. Tripp thought they had a connection too but after what he saw, it's not going anywhere. Claire doesn't get it since Allie hasn't said a word about dating anyone. Claire asks Tripp if he knows the guy. Tripp then reveals it wasn't a guy.

Allie tells Chanel that the kiss was nice. Chanel calls that not exactly a rave review. Allie worries that she hurt her feelings. Chanel jokes about trying again. Allie guesses that Chanel must think she's not cool. Chanel assures that's not the case but admits she's surprised that Allie never hooked up with girls while they were in London because they had a wild bunch. Chanel congratulates Allie on her first girl kiss, then suggests they could pretend like it never happened. Chanel asks if she screwed things up because she doesn't want to ruin their friendship since finding her again has been the best thing to happen to her in a long time. Allie jokes that she's glad to know she rates above the guy she married. Chanel says everything was screwed up but Allie is like a sign that things will get better. Chanel asks if they can still be best friends. Allie says of course as she hasn't had this much fun in forever and thanks her for that. Chanel is glad to help and suggests she can help her with the guy she's interested in. Allie repeats that it's too complicated but that's too bad because he's a really good guy.

Claire questions what Tripp means by saying Allie wasn't kissing a guy. Tripp explains that it was a girl, they were sitting at the bar having drinks and were definitely full on kissing. Claire asks if it was anyone they know. Tripp reveals it was Chanel, which shocks Claire. Claire argues that they don't even know each other but Tripp says that's not how it looked.

Susan says she's really done it now. Brady questions why she would ever trade places with Kristen. Susan explains that Kristen convinced her that she had to do it for John and Marlena. Brady argues that makes no sense. Susan tells him that Chloe put Brady in terrible danger and Kristen didn't want anything to happen to him which would break John and Marlena's hearts, so she couldn't let that happen either. Brady questions this all being about Chloe. Susan insists that Chloe was trying to steal Brady away from Kristen and she would've got away with it, if she hadn't agreed to stay in prison so Kristen could go protect him. Brady calls it unbelievable. Susan calls it true love. Susan insists that Kristen loves him so much that she's willing to do anything for him.

"Kate" tells Jake that he's wasting his time as they are through. Jake knows something is going on with Kate and says this is not her. "Kate" insists this is what she wants. Jake tells her to stop pretending that he doesn't make her happy. She acknowledges he was good in bed and asks if that's what he wanted to hear. Jake argues that it was a lot more than sex. "Kate" tells him to let her pass or she's going to miss her flight. Jake questions where she's going. "Kate" says it's none of his damn business. Jake guesses that she's leaving because she's in love with him and she's afraid that if she doesn't leave Salem, she can't deny her feelings for him, so she's running away. "Kate" calls that so not true. Jake refuses to let her leave.

Sami tells Lucas that Kristen has been fooling everyone with her Susan disguise for weeks while she just had to fool Chloe for 10 minutes. Lucas worries about Chloe saying she felt like she had seen "Dr. Dunn" before. Sami assures that Chloe won't remember what Stan looked like. Lucas reluctantly thanks Sami but still feels it's risky. Sami says everything is at stake here but she set it up so Lucas can tell Chloe that he wants her to leave Salem with him to enjoy his last days. Sami instructs Lucas to get dressed and go ask Chloe. Lucas tells Sami that he's not getting dressed in front of her so he will wait until she leaves.

Lucas leaves his hospital room and rejoins Chloe, who tells him that she's so sorry as she hugs him. Lucas says he'll take the doctor's advice and pack his bags. She points out that he's traveled the world so she asks what's next. Lucas claims he's going to Antarctica which Chloe questions. Chloe guesses if he wants to spend his last few months in the cold, then he should do it. Lucas admits he doesn't want to do it alone and invites Chloe to join him.

Brady says no wonder Susan was so rude to Chloe, because it was Kristen. Susan admits she didn't like the way Chloe was sniffing around him. Brady argues that Chloe was helping him. Susan insists that Kristen needed to stop her. Brady realizes that's why Kristen told him about Chloe's feelings for him, so that he would keep his distance. Susan tells Brady that it was going really well until he ruined it which he questions. Susan reminds Brady that he wasn't supposed to come back like Vivian told him. Brady realizes Vivian was in on this too. Susan explains that Kristen knew she couldn't fool him for too long so Vivian asked him for space. Brady argues that Kristen and Vivian aren't friends so he questions what's in it for Vivian. Susan insists that she doesn't know and that she's over this charade as she is ready to get out and go home. Brady stops her and tells her that she's not going anywhere.

Jake repeats that he's not letting "Kate" leave. "Kate" says he doesn't have a choice as they are over. Jake says he can't accept that because she's too important to him. "Kate" says with her gone, he can team up with Gabi again. "Kate" says goodbye to Jake and drags her luggage bags with the real Kate inside, out the door.

Chanel questions Tripp about Allie and Chanel kissing. Tripp guesses they were both wrong about Allie being in to him. Claire then guesses that Chanel is trying to stick Allie with the bill, like she did to them, by coming on to her. Tripp is unsure and points out that it looks like Allie was kissing her back. Claire says she can't explain that but they know what Chanel's M.O. is. Claire declares that she will not let Chanel scam Allie the way she scammed them. Claire and Tripp then walk off together.

Chanel tells Allie that complicated isn't necessarily a bad thing and it might be worth a try. Allie comments that Tripp is an intern at the hospital so he probably doesn't even have time for a relationship. Chanel encourages her. Allie points out that she's a mom and will be working. Chanel says love always finds a way and assures they will have lots of fun. Allie says she needs to get back on the job hunt tomorrow. Chanel suggests they look for jobs together. Allie agrees that would make it more fun. Chanel says she could use the company and a friend so they agree. Chanel suggests ordering another round of drinks to celebrate their job hunting and maturity.

Chloe questions if Lucas is sure he wants to spend his final months away from his family and the people that love him. Sami comes over and claims that she just saw Dr. Dunn seeming very somber, so she asks if it was not good news. Lucas confirms it was the same diagnosis of an inoperable tumor. Sami tells him that she's so sorry. Chloe points out that Sami had never met Dr. Dunn so she questions how she knew it was him. Sami claims that she saw his name tag and remembered Chloe mentioning him. Lucas says he was just telling Chloe that he was going to take the doctor's advice and do some traveling so he asked Chloe to come with him. Sami calls that a great idea and says it's so sweet of Chloe to go with him as that will be perfect. Chloe questions Sami and the rest of his family not wanting Lucas to be close by. Sami says they love him so they want whatever he wants. Sami says Lucas wants to spend time with the woman that he never stopped loving. Sami offers to call a travel agent to book them a deluxe trip right now on her. Sami encourages that they will have an amazing time and asks when they want to leave and where to. Sami tells Lucas that she's so glad that she can help.

Susan questions Brady saying she can't go home and complains that she misses Roger. Brady promises that she will see Roger soon, but first he needs her to help him help Kristen. Brady reminds her that if the authorities find out that Kristen escaped again, they will put her away for a long time. Brady begs Susan to keep this up for a little bit longer. Brady says he will try to find Kristen and get her back here tonight. Brady adds that he knows Susan wants to go home and he doesn't blame her, but he thinks she also wants to give Rachel a chance to grow up with her mom. Brady assures it will just be a couple of hours. Brady thanks Susan. Susan tells him to hurry back as he exits the prison.

Kristen drives her car and tosses her Kate mask in the back seat. Kristen complains about almost throwing her back out while stuffing Kate in the bag. Kristen adds that Jake put them off schedule and then she hears the bag opening.

Allie and Chanel toast to reconnecting. Chanel makes sure there's no more weirdness about the kiss. Allie assures her and says she's just happy to hang out with her again. They hug as Claire and Tripp then arrive. Claire yells at Chanel to get her hands off of her cousin.

Chloe tells Sami that this is a huge decision so she thinks Lucas should sleep on it and he might decide he wants to be close to his family. Sami insists that once Lucas makes up his mind, there's no changing it. Sami asks if Chloe would deny Lucas his final wish. Sami says that Lucas wants to travel with Chloe and she doesn't know how she could say no to that. Sami thinks the most important thing for Lucas is for him to make the most out of his final months. Sami says that family is important but so is being with someone that he can be romantic with. Chloe thinks back to "Dr. Dunn" saying those same words. Chloe then remembers Stan from years ago and comes to a realization.

Brady goes driving, saying he knows Kristen loves him but he doesn't know why she takes these crazy risks. Brady declares that if he doesn't get Kristen back to the prison before they find out, this is going to end in disaster...

Kate emerges from the travel bag and fights with Kristen as she drives and they end up in a crash with Brady's car.

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