Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/6/21

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/6/21


Written By Joseph

At the hospital, Dr. Snyder warns Tripp about walking in on an intimate moment between he and Allie. Tripp tries to explain that he was only comforting her. Dr. Snyder argues that his job is not to comfort, it's to treat. Tripp remarks that he thought it was both. Dr. Snyder questions him and warns Tripp to keep his paws off of his patients. Ava then arrives to the hospital and tells Dr. Snyder to keep his paws off of her son.

Nicole is at home and picks up the teddy bear that she and Rafe had gotten. Nicole thinks back to arguing with Ava about her relationship with Rafe, where Ava accused Nicole of wanting Rafe for herself. Nicole puts the teddy bear in her purse.

At the police station, Rafe finishes a call as John comes out of the interrogation room. Rafe warns John that Melinda furious that John won't corroborate what he said on the tape. John says he won't incriminate his own daughter and adds that Justin is at the courthouse, trying to get the whole thing thrown out. John adds that Belle would never kill anybody and he doesn't know how that even came out of his mouth. Rafe calls it an honest mistake since John saw someone wearing Belle's coat put a bullet in Charlie. John says it was someone hellbent on framing Belle for murder. John declares that they have to find that son of a bitch and nail them to the wall.

At the Brady Pub, Jan says to herself that she doesn't care what Bonnie says, because by the time this is over, she is going to be Mrs. Jan Brady. Claire then walks in and asks if that's a fact. Claire questions Jan still thinking she's going to marry her father. Jan responds that she didn't see her standing there. Claire asks if she's going to pretend she didn't say what she just heard. Jan says no because friends don't lie to each other. Jan admits that she has allowed herself to imagine a future with Shawn, now that his wife is going to prison.

Shawn points out that Jan was still in a coma at the time that Charlie was murdered, so it couldn't have been her. Belle insists that Jan set her up. Shawn notes that Jan didn't wake up until weeks later. Belle remembers Jan waking up on April 1 but wonders if they've been wrong on the timing all this time and that Jan actually woke up earlier. Belle adds that Dr. Snyder had told her that he noticed a change in Jan's vital signs so she questions if Jan actually came out of her coma before April 1 and nobody knew. Marlena acknowledges that she could've been up to anything then. Belle says that includes murder.

Claire tells Jan that Belle is not going to prison as she swore to her that she didn't kill Charlie. Jan says she doesn't blame Belle and calls it a heroic act to get rid of Charlie. Jan claims they can't let her sacrifice be in vain so they have to move on and be happy. Claire argues that she won't be happy until her mom is free. Jan says that might not be for a very long time, if ever. Jan tells Claire to look on the bright side and suggests they could be family. Jan remarks that she's sure Belle would want Shawn to move on and be happy as well. Jan declares that when Belle goes to prison, she and Shawn can be together and then she'll be Claire's stepmother.

Tripp introduces Ava to Dr. Snyder. Ava talks about how lucky he is to have Tripp in his program and praises him. Dr. Snyder hopes Tripp appreciates the opportunity to finish his education, given how close he came to losing it. Ava asks what that means. Dr. Snyder explains that most hospitals would've terminated Tripp the moment he was accused of rape. Ava points out that he was cleared and innocent. Dr. Snyder notes that they didn't know that until recently. Ava warns him about treating Tripp any differently. Tripp assures they are both grateful. Dr. Snyder advises Tripp not to blow it as he walks away. Ava then declares that he has no idea who he is dealing with.

Allie walks outside and joins Roman with Henry. Allie thanks Roman for watching him while she was on a job hunt. She mentions not finding anything. Roman encourages her to give it time and praises her as a mother. Roman asks to stay with Henry a little longer. Allie says that'd be great as she can work on her resume or go to a few more interviews. Roman suggests Allie relax a little. Allie thanks him and they hug as Roman then walks off with Henry. Allie then gets up and bumps in to Chanel. Allie and Chanel recognize each other as old friends and are surprised to see each other as they hug. They talk about how it's been 2 years since they were in London together. Allie talks about how much she missed her and mentions her going away party. Allie tells her that London wasn't the same without her and everything went to hell after she left. Chanel says it couldn't have been that bad but Allie says she has no idea...

Ava can't believe the way Dr. Snyder spoke to Tripp and wants to report him. Tripp assures it was just a misunderstanding as Dr. Snyder thought he was being inappropriate with a patient which Ava questions. Tripp calls it no big deal but Ava doesn't want to let someone falsely accuse him of something and asks who the patient was. Tripp explains that Allie brought Henry in as he had an ear infection and Allie was scared. Tripp says after he treated Henry, Allie was relieved and grateful then Dr. Snyder walked in and jumped to the wrong conclusion. Ava asks if he's sure about that.

Rafe finishes a call in his office making dinner plans as Nicole then arrives. Nicole asks if it's a bad time. Rafe says not at all and asks her what's going on. Nicole tells him that she's guilty of a very serious crime as she violated their custody agreement and kept their teddy bear too long so she gives it back to Rafe. Rafe says he missed him and Nicole too. Nicole adds that there is something she'd like to talk to him about.

Shawn questions Belle thinking that Jan woke up without anybody knowing, snuck at the hospital, murdered Charlie, snuck back in and faked being in a coma for a few more weeks. Belle wouldn't put it past her and asks Marlena if she thinks it's possible. Marlena states that it would be very difficult since Jan was in ICU and being monitored by doctors and nurses. Shawn asks if she was never alone then. Marlena says rarely but not never so Belle says it is possible. Belle feels they have to go talk to Dr. Snyder to see if he can tell them more. Belle and Shawn then exit together.

Rafe assumes Nicole wants to talk about Ava since he knows she told her about the kiss and that Nicole wasn't happy about it. Nicole claims that Ava misread the situation as she just thinks they are two totally different people. Rafe asks if she doesn't think they are a good fit together. Nicole brings up Rafe being a cop and Ava being a mafia princess. Rafe says he knows Ava's history. Nicole says she cares about them both and claims she would be happy if something happens between them. Rafe guesses they will find out tonight because he and Ava are going on a date. Rafe notes that Nicole doesn't seem happy about that either. Nicole then admits that she's jealous.

Tripp tells Ava that she's not the first one to wonder if something is going on between he and Allie. Tripp says first Steve then Ben. Tripp mentions telling Ben that even if he and Allie had chemistry, nothing could ever come of it. Ava asks if he would want it to. Tripp responds that it doesn't matter. Tripp declares that given their history, he and Allie can't be together as it would just be too weird.

Allie asks what Chanel is doing in Salem. Chanel says she has family while Allie says she does too. Chanel can't believe she ran in to her in Salem. Chanel then questions Allie being dressed up. Allie explains that she is job hunting. Chanel mentions that she is supposed to be too. Allie talks about being rejected three times already. Allie doesn't know what kind of job she wants. Chanel relates and suggests they go have a drink instead like their old days. Allie agrees and they walk off together.

Shawn and Belle go to see Dr. Snyder. Belle brings up Dr. Snyder calling her on April 1 to let her know that Jan was waking up from her coma. Belle says they were wondering if it was possible that Jan woke up a few weeks earlier than April 1. Belle adds that Dr. Snyder had mentioned seeing a change in her brain activity. Dr. Snyder questions why she's asking about this. Shawn shows his badge and informs him that Jan may have been involved in a murder.

Claire questions Jan wanting to be her stepmother. Claire tells Jan that Belle is not going to prison, her and Shawn are not breaking up, and Shawn is never going to be with her. Jan asks if she doesn't want to be a family. Claire tells Jan that she does not want anything to do with her. Jan can't believe Claire is shutting her out again after everything she did for her. Claire then questions what Jan did for her.

John goes home to Marlena, who asks how it went with Melinda. John says he stonewalled her again and then Justin showed up to tell her that there's no way the recording will end up in evidence. John adds that Justin is at the court house now, trying to get the whole thing thrown out. Marlena tells him about Shawn and Belle stopping by and Belle had an interesting theory about who might have framed her and they went to check it out.

Dr. Snyder tells Belle and Shawn that there is no chance that Jan came out of her coma early. He points out how she would've had to have done that without he or his staff noticing and calls it ludicrious. Shawn asks to look at the hospital security footage. Dr. Snyder argues that he needs a warrant for that. Shawn says he can get one in a few days but in the meantime, it might leak to the press that an escaped patient commits murder. Dr. Snyder repeats that could never happen. Belle brings up that if it did happen and it was on record that he declined to cooperate with police, it wouldn't be a good place to be legally. Shawn adds that he'd be saving them time and effort if he just pulled the footage now. Dr. Snyder agrees to see what he can do.

Claire questions what Jan did for her. Jan claims that she was caring and compassionate when she thought she lost Ciara. Claire argues that she had no idea who she was then. Jan feels they bonded over mental illness and second chances. Jan tells Claire that she understands her and has stood by her. Jan calls herself Claire's truest friend and questions this being the thanks she gets. Claire argues that they are not and will never be friends. Jan promises to be kinder to Claire than Claire has been to her when she becomes her stepmother.

Allie and Chanel go to Julie's Place for drinks. Allie asks what Chanel has been up to. Chanel tells her that she's going through a divorce and jokes about only knowing the guy for two hours. Allie calls that wild even for her and asks what happened. Chanel explains that she thought he was rich but turned out not to be. Chanel wants to hear about Allie. Allie suggests a few more sips of their cocktails first.

Ava tells Tripp that you never know what could happen between two people. Tripp feels there's nothing he can do to change he and Allie's past. Ava encourages him to focus on the present and talks about how she's starting over with a clean slate. Ava then informs Tripp that she has a date tonight with the police commissioner, joking about them not being a typical pairing. Ava talks about how she and Rafe have gotten close and yesterday, he kissed her. Ava wanted Tripp to hear it from her. Tripp asks if they are officially dating. Ava confirms that Rafe asked her out on a date for tonight so she guesses they are.

Rafe asks if Nicole is jealous of Ava. Nicole clarifies that she might be slightly jealous that they are going to spend a romantic evening together while she hasn't seen Eric in forever and she misses him. Rafe knows she was bummed when Eric stayed in Africa another three months but points out that he is coming home soon. Nicole says it should be any day now. Rafe jokes that maybe they should rethink the custody arrangement of Duke their teddy bear, because he doesn't want Eric getting the wrong idea about them. Nicole assures that Eric knows they are just friends. Rafe thanks her for looking out for him. Nicole says she's just being protective as she doesn't want to see him get hurt again. Rafe thanks her and says it means a lot to him. Nicole hopes he and Ava have fun tonight and asks if he's looking forward to it. Rafe admits that he is.

Ava asks Tripp what he thinks about her and Rafe. Tripp thinks Rafe is a great guy so he's all for it. Ava brings up that Nicole wasn't so hot on the idea but she's fine with it now. Ava adds that she's also fine if Tripp and Allie got together. Tripp insists it's not happening. Ava says she's not pushing him but encourages him to stay open to possibilities. Ava advises Tripp not to let his past get in the way of what could be an amazing future. Ava adds that she doesn't think Tripp and Allie would be weird at all. Ava suggests he just give it a chance.

Chanel and Allie toast to happy surprises. Chanel wants Allie to fill her in on her life so Allie reveals that she had a baby which shocks Chanel. Allie shows her pictures of Henry on her phone. Chanel asks who the baby daddy is. Allie then reveals that he was murdered a couple months ago. Chanel says she's sorry. Allie adds that he wasn't a good person and really messed up.

Dr. Snyder allows Shawn and Belle to look through the hospital security footage as he then leaves the room to see patients. They go over the amount of doctors and nurses going in and out of Jan's room. Belle wonders if she's grasping at straws. Shawn encourages that they have a lot of footage. They then find footage of Jan leaving her room in February, confirming that Belle was right.

Nicole tells Rafe that she should get going. Rafe jokes that he and Duke will see her next week. Nicole thought maybe he could keep the teddy bear from now on. Rafe asks why's that. Nicole points out that it was Rafe's birthday present and she gets his point about Eric. Nicole adds that when Eric does come home, she probably won't see Rafe as much. Rafe says if things work out with he and Ava then maybe they will double date but admits that might be pushing it. Rafe declares that no matter what is going on in their love lives, he doesn't want her to be a stranger. Nicole decides she will see them very soon then and they hug. Nicole tells Rafe to have fun tonight as she exits his office.

Claire admits that Jan was nice to her when they first met. Jan wanted her to know how much she cared. Claire argues that Jan just wanted to use her to drive a wedge between her parents. Jan argues that she adores her. Claire argues that she just adores Shawn and just wants to get him away from Belle, but it will never work. Claire tells Jan to give up, get a life, and stay the hell away from her family.

Dr. Snyder returns to his office, where Shawn tells him that the notion wasn't so ridiculous after all. Shawn and Belle show him the footage of Jan sneaking out of her room on Valentine's Day. Dr. Snyder calls it impossible but Shawn shows him the timestamp. Dr. Snyder says their staff is incredibly dedicated and professional, so Jan had to have gone through a great deal of trouble to have gone unseen. Belle says he has to admit that she was awake before April 1. Dr. Snyder declares that Jan is clearly deranged if she would go to such lengths. He adds that the hospital is in no way responsible for her actions. He tells them that they can see themselves out as he exits the office. Belle tells Shawn that they have to get this to the police but Shawn says that's the last thing they should do. Belle questions not taking the footage straight to Rafe. Shawn tells her that Melinda won't accept it since she's not interested in looking at anyone further. Belle argues that this changes everything but Shawn says they need more evidence. Belle asks how they are going to get that.

Claire warns Jan to leave them the hell alone and then storms out of the Pub. Jan remarks that she killed for Claire once and that was surprisingly easy, so she knows she can do it again if she has to, to get what she wants..

Rafe holds Duke the teddy bear and thinks back to when he and Nicole first got it and agreed on joint custody.

Ava runs in to Nicole in the town square and says she was going to call her as she has nothing to wear on her date with Rafe, so she thought Nicole could help her pick something out which Nicole agrees to do.

Roman comes out of the park with Henry and runs in to Tripp. Tripp asks how Henry's ear is doing. Roman says he's better thanks to Tripp and mentions Allie saying how great he was with him. Roman mentions that he got a text from Allie that she's at Julie's Place having lunch if he wants to join her. Tripp agrees to do that and walks away.

Allie tells Chanel that she now knows all about Charlie Dale. Chanel calls it sad and awful. Chanel prays she meets someone who is the total opposite but wonders if it's too soon. Allie informs her that there is one guy but it can't go anywhere because it's really complicated, since he's Charlie's half brother and she thought at first that he was her rapist and almost ruined his life by accusing him. Allie says now they are actually friends but as for a romantic future, it's just not going to happen. Chanel agrees that it sounds really complicated. Allie and Chanel toast to the future. They joke that they are good at screwing up their lives. They talk about when they first met and did whatever they wanted from shopping to restaurants. Allie talks about being a mom now and having to get a job but says she misses when life was fun. They continue talking about everything they did together. They laugh about singing a song together. Allie misses how happy and free they were in London. Allie says she would give anything to go back to that time and Chanel feels the same. Allie and Chanel then lean in and kiss each other on the lips, right as Tripp walks in, surprised to see Allie and Chanel kissing.

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