Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/5/21

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/5/21


Written By Joseph

Justin and Bonnie eat together at the Brady Pub. Justin gets a text and says he has to get going to the police station. Justin thanks her and says he'll see her tonight as he exits. Bonnie then decides to finish his breakfast for herself.

Lani puts her babies down for a nap but then they are woken up by a knock at the door and Chanel arrives. Lani asks if Chanel came to say goodbye. Chanel says she's not going anywhere. Lani questions her having luggage with her. Chanel tells her that since she and Xander are done, she hoped she could move in with Lani.

A drunken Xander staggers out of the Salem Inn, arguing that he will pay his bill tomorrow. He bumps in to Claire, who notices that Xander is trashed at 9 AM. Xander tells Claire not to judge him when her mom just got arrested for murder.

Shawn and Belle go to see Marlena at home. Belle asks where John is. Marlena informs her that John was called back down to the police station. Shawn didn't know that. Marlena explains that John refused to answer some of Rafe's questions last night because he didn't want to incriminate Belle so Melinda threatened him with obstruction of justice and John is being interrogated now.

Melinda questions John in the interrogation room and plays the recording of his session with Marlena, where he said that he saw Belle shoot Charlie. Melinda argues that John is not a suspect so he doesn't have legal protections against self incrimination. Melinda adds that if John has information about the murder of Charlie Dale, he is obliged to share that information with law enforcement. Melinda warns that Rafe may have allowed John to stone wall him last night, but she won't be as forgiving. John is not sure what she wants from him. Melinda wants a statement corroborating what he said on the recording. Melinda asks if John witnessed his daughter Belle shoot Charlie Dale in cold blood.

Belle questions why John would talk to Melinda without an attorney. Belle wants to go there but Marlena stops her and says John wants her to stay out of this. Belle says that's too bad but Shawn agrees that Belle going down there won't do any good. Belle can't believe Marlena didn't tell her soon. Marlena tells her that John has a lawyer and to let him protect her.

Melinda questions John about watching Belle shoot Charlie and then covering for her. Melinda adds that he's only making things worse. Melinda tells him to admit it and then she will treat Belle fairly. John responds that he won't say another word without his attorney present. Justin arrives and declares that attorney is now here.

Bonnie reads the article about Belle's arrest. Jan Spears then enters the Pub and approaches Bonnie, calling Bonnie her old pal.

Claire tells Xander that her mother didn't kill anyone. Xander says that's not what he heard and says poor Charlie. Claire calls Charlie a rapist. Xander admits what Charlie did was horrific but points out that Claire broke his heart. Claire argues that Charlie lied to her every second that they were together. Xander remarks that being shot is probably preferable to having your heart ripped out with no future, direction, or hope. Claire asks if he's sure they are still talking about her and Charlie.

Lani tells Chanel to keep it down because the babies are sleeping and questions her wanting to move in here with her, Eli, and their infant babies. Chanel complains that she has nowhere else to go since her marriage to Xander is over and Paulina checked out of her hotel room. Lani points out that Chanel was trying to extort Paulina with Xander. Lani declares that if Chanel wants her help, she's going to tell the truth from now on. Chanel asks if that means Lani will help her.

Bonnie thought Jan was in a coma. Jan tells her that she woke up, just like she did all those years ago after Bonnie's daughter Mimi put her in a coma. Bonnie asks what she wants. Jan tells her that she wants justice. Jan declares that Mimi got away with what she did to her all those years ago, but Belle is going down for killing Charlie Dale.

Justin tells Melinda that pressing his client to speak without an attorney present is unethical. Melinda says they will let the recording speak for itself then and she was just giving John to add any more information he might have. Justin tells John not to say another word.

Belle is glad that Justin is representing John but she hopes it's not too late since so much damage has been done already from this recording. Belle and Shawn question how Melinda even got the recording in the first place and how she even knew it existed. Marlena admits she has no idea. Shawn asks Marlena about the hypnosis session. Marlena explains that John was struggling with flashbacks from the night Charlie was killed. Marlena recalls how John found out about Charlie attacking Claire, so he went over there in a rage to confront him. Marlena thinks back to her hypnosis session with John and how at first, John could only remember hearing a gunshot. Marlena notes that John insisted she record the session because he wanted a record of any evidence that might come out of the session but he had no idea that he would remember seeing someone he thought was Belle. Marlena adds that she never thought to erase the recording. Shawn still wonders how Melinda found out since only Marlena and John were in the room, so he questions who told her. Belle asks Marlena if it was only her and John in the room but Marlena says it wasn't.

Chanel asks Lani where she should put her stuff. Lani points out that it's not a large apartment and she has a husband with newborn twins. Chanel insists but Lani tells her this is not going to work. Chanel asks why not. Lani responds that even if she could help her, she's not sure that she should. Chanel asks what that means. Lani explains that when she talked to her about leaving Xander, she acted like she was his victim and then she found out it was all a lie. Chanel argues that she thought he was rich. Lani tells her that she made her bed. Chanel admits she was an idiot for marrying Xander but she was desperate and crazy to think she could fool Paulina. Chanel says that's all over now since Paulina left Salem and hates her, Theo is gone and hates her, so now she's back to where she started and all alone. Lani tells her that she's not alone because she has her. Chanel asks if she can stay here then but Lani says hell no.

Claire tells Xander that she heard about Sarah. Xander guesses everyone in town is rejoicing that she left him. Claire says she's not and she can see that he's heartbroken so she will forgive him for his insane defense of Charlie. Xander admits he's sensitive because he was falsely accused before. Xander agrees that Charlie was a monster but asks if he deserved to die. Claire argues that Charlie tore apart Allie's life. Xander says he understands that but he made mistakes too and worked hard to be better. Claire says they aren't talking about him. Xander says they should be and complains that Sarah had no right to walk out on him, just like Belle had no right to play God and end Charlie's life.

Melinda argues that John has something to say. Justin declares that John will not be testifying against his own daughter. Melinda points out that John already admitted what he saw. Justin argues that no judge will allow that recording into evidence at trial so as far as he's concerned, it doesn't even exist. Melinda says it does. Justin adds that when the recording is thrown out, the only evidence that she will have left is a button so her case is circumstantial and she can't make it stick, otherwise she wouldn't have dragged John here for a second round of questioning. Melinda claims she's giving John a chance to help his family. Justin argues that his family needs him home and he's not going to give her anything so she can just let him go. Justin suggests Melinda save herself the time and drop the charges against Belle.

Belle questions Marlena saying her and John not being alone during the hypnosis session. Marlena explains that they thought they were but they finished up and were talking about it, then decided to go find Belle to tell her what happened and that's when Jan Spears walked in.

Bonnie informs Jan that her boyfriend Justin is Belle's lawyer. Jan questions her dating Justin and calls that complicated. Bonnie calls Justin the best lawyer around and notes that he said the case is a slam dunk since they have nothing but a button. Jan calls that inaccurate since they have a recording of John saying he saw Belle shoot Charlie. Bonnie questions how she knows that.

Chanel asks Lani if she's homeless now. Lani agrees to help her make a plan and a resume so she can find a good job. Chanel argues that it's hard to go job hunting without a roof over her head. Chanel adds that she took a shower in the sink at Buddy's Burger Barn this morning. Chanel asks what she's going to do. Lani suggests a job at the police station. Chanel feels she could never work for the cops, calling the system broken and corrupt. Lani talks about getting to help people and how she's going back to work as soon as her maternity leave is over. Chanel asks about the babies. Lani then reveals she was about to start looking for a nanny so maybe they could help each other out.

Claire knows Xander thinks his whole world is over. Xander complains that Sarah was his whole world. Claire tells him that he has to pull himself together and move on. Xander informs her that he tried to move on with Chanel. Claire questions him getting with Chanel. Xander explains that Chanel was just looking for money because her mom cut her off and asks about Claire knowing her. Claire informs Xander that Chanel tried to scam her. Xander reveals they got married but it's getting annulled which gives him an idea. Xander then pulls out his ring but drops it. He gets down on one knee to pick it up and starts to ask Claire, but she says he has to be kidding.

Melinda tells Justin that she's not dropping any charges as the recording is still in play, which means she has compelling physical evidence and a star eye witness, who will be forced to testify against his daughter. John says that will never happen. Justin asks if they are done here. Melinda responds that they are not done until the truth is out there. Melinda tells Justin that he can pull all the legal stunts he wants but the fact is, his client witnessed his daughter Belle shoot Charlie Dale and she will have to answer for that, one way or another.

Shawn and Belle question Jan being in Marlena's office. Marlena says Jan wanted to tell her that she and Belle had spoken and reached a deal. Shawn asks if it's possible that Jan saw the recording while she was in there. Marlena admits it was on her desk but Jan would have no way of knowing what was on it. Marlena adds that she locked it in her desk after Jan left. Belle points out that Marlena wouldn't have left the door open. Marlena wonders if it wasn't entirely closed so maybe Jan heard part of John's conversation and realized it was on the recorder. Shawn declares that if she did, she's definitely the one who tipped off Melinda Trask.

Jan claims to Bonnie that she heard about the recording on the news. Bonnie tells her that she was just reading the news when she came in. Bonnie then reads the article which says that Melinda did not intend on making the damning evidence public at this point. Bonnie adds that Justin never told her about the recording. Jan suggests they aren't as close as she thinks. Bonnie questions how Jan knows more about the case than she does. Jan responds that Belle is her mortal enemy and she'll do anything to see her fry. Bonnie asks like what?

Chanel questions Lani wanting her to take care of her kids. Lani points out that Chanel needs a job and she needs a nanny. Chanel asks if she's sure she wants her. Lani says she's family so why not. Chanel reminds Lani of when she scalped her Barbie and killed her hermit crab so she's not good with kids. Lani encourages that she'll be fine. Chanel argues that she likes to stay up late and sleep until noon so she shouldn't want this and calls it a demeaning job which Lani questions. Lani says she's trying to help Chanel but not if she's going to shoot down her suggestions and insult her too. Lani warns that Chanel will be the one who ends up homeless, not her.

Claire questions what Xander is doing, arguing that he can't propose to her since they are related and even if they weren't, she wouldn't consider it. Xander says he wasn't proposing to her and clarifies that he was going to ask if she wants to buy the ring but Claire turns him down.

Justin asks for a moment alone with his client. Melinda says she'll be there when he's ready to talk as she exits the room. Justin tells John not to worry as he will not have to testify against Belle, and Melinda is just grandstanding. John asks if he's sure about the recording. Justin has no doubt that a judge will throw it out. John just wants to know how Melinda got the recording in the first place.

Shawn talks about Jan pumping him for information about Belle's arrest at the station but then Melinda came out, telling him that he needed to find more evidence while Jan was still there. Shawn notes that Jan was lurking in the back when he left. Belle guesses that's when she talked to Melinda about the recording. Marlena notes they don't know for sure but Belle assures there's no way it's a coincidence.

Bonnie asks what Jan would do to see Belle fry. Jan says that she's been following this case closely as she needs to make sure Belle gets what she deserves. Bonnie disagrees. Jan dismisses the Spectator and says all the real news is on the dark web. Bonnie questions her knowing about the dark web. Jan says all the message boards say that John saw Belle kill Charlie. Jan declares that there's no way Belle worms her way out of this one, so all she has to do is sit back and watch. Bonnie asks if she means she won't have to kidnap anyone or blow up her high school class. Bonnie adds that if Belle goes to prison, Shawn will be free. Bonnie guesses that's what this is always about. Jan remarks that Belle doesn't deserve Shawn and never has. Bonnie tells Jan that even if Belle goes to prison for life, she will never be Mrs. Jan Brady. Bonnie adds that Shawn will never fall for her in a million years and that she has no chance. Jan remarks that if Shawn could fall for Mimi, he could fall for anyone. Jan adds that Justin fell for Bonnie when she's just a poor man's version of his dead wife. Bonnie says she didn't come here to be insulted by her so she's leaving. Jan warns Bonnie not to underestimate her. Bonnie suggests Jan not underestimate Belle because Justin is a great lawyer. Jan mocks Bonnie going on about Justin. Bonnie then walks out of the Pub.

Justin tells John that Melinda is desperate to convict Belle. John gets that it's personal for her. John brings up how she put Sami behind bars and then went after Allie. Justin says Melinda is counting on getting it right this time but they both know that she's wrong about Belle. John appreciates his confidence but worries about if the recording is not thrown out in court. John declares he won't be the one to put his daughter in prison.

Belle argues there's no way Jan was just in the right place at the right time. Belle thinks Jan was spying on them. Belle also thinks it's weird that John was at the scene of the crime but never seeing the face of the person so she thinks the whole thing was a setup. Shawn goes over John seeing someone from behind, who looked like Belle, so he concludes that it must have been someone who wants to hurt Belle. Belle says when she went off on Sami the other day, she called her the person who hates her the most but they all know there's someone who hates her 1000 times more. Belle declares that it would make perfect sense if Jan was the one who killed Charlie, just so she would take the fall.

Xander talks about what the ring meant but now it's just a rock he can't unload. Claire suggests he could pawn it or maybe Victor will take pity on him. Xander remarks that he'd rather die than go back to work as Victor's gardener. Xander feels there's no great choices left for him. Claire tells him to stop feeling sorry for himself. Xander says he's been down before but never like this, all because he tried to be a better person for the love of a woman. Claire encourages that he needs to change because he wants to change, not for someone else. Xander says he loved Sarah with everything in his soul. Claire tells him that now Sarah's gone so she asks if he's going to sit here in his own misery or is he going to do something about it?

Chanel tells Lani that she is grateful for her help and she knows she's coming off like a spoiled brat. Chanel says she does want to find a job but she doesn't know how long it will take if she's sleeping in the street and living out of a suitcase. Lani says she can't make any official offers without talking to Eli first but she understands she's Chanel's only family until Paulina comes back. Lani adds that it's only temporary but she can stay on the couch for now while they find her a job and figure out something long term. Chanel thanks her and promises she won't regret it as they hug.

Xander sits alone in the town square as Bonnie walks by. Xander tells her that he has a proposition for her. Bonnie comments on him smelling like booze. Xander offers her his ring for sale. Bonnie reaches in to her purse for a magnifying glass and is impressed by the ring. Bonnie tells Xander that she'll think about it and she'll tell Justin about it in case he wants to buy it for someone special...

John blames himself for Belle being in this mess since he jumped to the conclusion that she was the one he remembered seeing. Justin says he was under hypnosis and only saw her from the back. John wishes he could remember what happened afterwards. John declares that they have to figure out who is framing Belle before it's too late..

Belle says that Jan is relatively her size and build so if Jan killed Charlie, she probably knew that John was there that night. Marlena agrees that makes sense. Belle says that was why Jan was lurking around the hospital, eavesdropping on John and looking for something to use against her. Shawn points out that Jan was in a coma when Charlie was murdered, so it couldn't have been her.

Jan remains at the Brady Pub and thinks back to shooting Charlie. Jan says to herself that she doesn't care what Bonnie says, because by the time this is over, she is going to be Mrs. Jan Brady. Claire then walks in and asks if that's a fact.

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