Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/3/21

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/3/21


Written By Joseph

Kate struggles with being tied up in the DiMera Mansion wine cellar as she thinks back to Kristen telling her of her plan to disguise herself as Kate, break up with Jake, and then have Kate leave town for good.

Ben and Jake have beers together in the town square. Jake talks about "Kate" breaking up with him. Jake notes that she didn't say why but he could tell she was hiding something big. Ben asks what she said. Jake brings up telling Kate that he was jealous that Gabi was dating Philip.

Gabi finishes a call about a shipment at the Titan office. Philip comments on Gabi going easy on the supplier. Philip guesses Gabi is happy because he told her that Kate might be done with Jake.

At the Brady Pub, Roman tells "Kate" that they used to be good together so he asks what she says to giving it another try.

Abigail tells Gwen to stay away from her husband and follows her out the door. Abigail catches Gwen at the top of the stairs and grabs her.

Jack tells Chad to tell Abigail goodbye and that he loves her. Chad says he will walk him out.

Gwen cries for Abigail to leave her alone. Abigail wants Gwen and her baby out of her life for good. They struggle until Gwen pulls away from Abigail and falls down the stairs just as Chad and Jack come out of the living room and see Gwen crash to the floor below as Abigail looks in shock from the top of the stairs. Jack rushes to check on Gwen.

Gabi insists to Philip that her mood has nothing to do with Kate and Jake. Philip doesn't believe her but suggests they go get some food, noting that it's not a date, just a working dinner so they leave the office together.

Ben doesn't get why Jake told Kate that he was jealous about his ex girlfriend. Jake asks why he cares. Ben says he'd rather hear about Jake's problems than think about his own. Jake admits he was a moron for saying that to Kate but points out that "Kate" didn't say that was the reason until he brought it up. Jake couldn't shake the feeling that "Kate" was lying.

Roman thought he and "Kate" were feeling the same way but guesses he read her wrong. "Kate" calls him very special to her and says she's flattered that he's still interested but she's not the woman he fell in love with years ago. She declares that she has moved on so he should too as then walks out of the Pub.

Jack checks on Gwen but she's unconscious. Chad asks what the hell happened. Abigail says it was an accident. Chad asks if she has a pulse. Jack tries to get Gwen to regain consciousness. Chad worries about the baby and calls an ambulance to the DiMera Mansion.

Jake tells Ben that "Kate" kept insisting he was still in love with Gabi and when he told her she was wrong, she got mean. Jake insists there has to be another reason. Ben asks if he didn't make her tell him why. Jake responds that he started to but Roman interrupted.

Philip and Gabi go to the Brady Pub. Roman takes their orders and informs them that Philip just missed his mother. Roman reveals that "Kate" told Jake it's all over and then goes to get their drinks. Gabi tries to hide her smile whil looking over the menu.

Kristen as "Kate" goes back to the DiMera Mansion and comments that it looks like there has been some action so it better not mean that someone rescued Kate. She enters the living room and then goes in to the DiMera Tunnels. Kristen removes her Kate mask and enters the wine cellar, where Kate remains tied up.

Sami goes home to Marlena's. Sami comments on just seeing Rafe's car leaving and asks if there's an update on the Charlie murder case. Marlena informs her that they have a witness which surprises Sami. Sami asks if there's something she's afraid to tell her and who is claiming they saw Belle shoot Charlie Dale. Marlena then reveals that it was John. Sami questions John just saying something now when she was stuck in a jail cell. Marlena reminds Sami that was because she confessed to a murder she didn't commit. Marlena explains that John just remembered as he had blocked it out. Sami acknowledges that it must be terrible for her but she doesn't understand John ratting out his own daughter. Marlena clarifies that he didn't intentionally and they were going to stay quiet about it, but John admitting to what he saw that night was recorded and now Rafe has the recording. Sami questions where the hell Rafe got that. Marlena admits it came from her.

Philip asks Roman if he heard what happened between Kate and Jake. Roman says he heard some of it and informs them that after "Kate" told Jake it was over, Jake got up and grabbed her arm so he came over and made Jake leave. Philip comments that Roman doesn't sound too happy about all of this. Roman admits he was hoping that since "Kate" dumped the kid, she might want a grown up. Gabi asks if he told Kate that. Roman responds that he has no idea what Kate wants but apparently it's not him. Philip tells Gabi that it looks like Jake is being served up to her on a silver platter.

Jake tells Ben that Kate has always been jealous of he and Gabi even though he's tried over and over to persuade her that he's not in to Gabi. Jake adds that it doesn't help that Gabi is around all the time. Ben asks if Kate is onto something. Jake insists that he's totally over Gabi and says she was always trying to turn him in to Stefan. Ben questions why Jake cares if Gabi is dating someone else and why he smiled when he said Philip told him that Gabi's not over him. Ben thinks Kate is right to be worried about Jake and Gabi.

Jack, Chad, and Abigail arrive at the hospital. Jack goes to find out what room Gwen is in. Abigail feels Chad is looking at her like she's a horrible, evil person. Chad assures he doesn't think that but he needs to know what happened back there.

Jack enters Gwen's hospital room and tells her that she's going to be okay. Gwen confirms that's what they told her. Jack says he was terrified when he saw Gwen fall as he and Chad were coming out of the living room when it happened. Jack is relieved that she will be alright and hopes the baby will be too. Gwen thinks back to being informed that she lost her baby. Dr. Snyder enters the room and asks why Gwen was admitted to the hospital.

Abigail explains to Chad that Gwen came in to her room, looking for Chad about the baby. Chad asks why she didn't just tell Gwen where he was. Abigail feels Chad is acting like she did something wrong. Chad asks what happened. Abigail admits she and Gwen got in to an argument about Gwen moving in with Jack. Chad thought Abigail was just going to ignore her. Abigail argues that was before she found out that Gwen had conned Jack in to letting her move in. Chad argues that's not what happened. Abigail insists on how Gwen is. Chad stops and says they can't argue about this. Abigail says she's trying to tell him what happened. Chad points out that Gwen could've been killed when she fell down the stairs and she could still lose the baby.

Jack informs Dr. Snyder that Gwen fell down a flight of stairs. Jack asks him to examine her and points out that Gwen is pregnant so they're worried about the baby. Dr. Snyder asks Jack to step out while he examines Gwen. Jack asks if she's alright with that. Gwen tells Jack that she feels better knowing he will be outside. Jack then exits the room.

Chad asks Abigail if she got in a fight with Gwen and then she fell down the stairs. Abigail says it wasn't like that and explains that Gwen was determined to find Chad but she didn't want her to and insists it was an accident. Chad asks how exactly Gwen fell. Jack then comes out and tells them that Gwen has regained consciousness and doesn't seem to have any major injuries but she will have a lot of pain and bruising from the fall. Chad asks about the baby. Jack tells him that the doctor is examining her right now.

Dr. Snyder tells Gwen that he will order a CT scan and notes that luckily she didn't break any bones or have any internal injuries. He adds that she's very lucky. Gwen cries that she doesn't feel very lucky. Dr. Snyder brings up that her father doesn't know that Gwen lost the baby before she fell. Gwen says she didn't get a chance to tell anyone. Dr. Snyder notes that Gwen was disappointed when he told her there was no heartbeat and asks if she wants him to be the one to tell Jack. Gwen thinks back to arguing with Abigail about the baby before the fall. Gwen tells Dr. Snyder that she doesn't want him to tell Jack or anyone else.

Gabi tells Philip that she's not going to crawl back to Jake because he's back on the market. Philip argues that Gabi won't ignore an opportunity, she will wait for the right timing and go for it. Philip says he has a business to run so he's going to have a cheeseburger at the bar and make some calls that she didn't make today. Philip tells Gabi that she is free to do whatever her heart desires.

Jake tells Ben that he's not going to go crawling back to Gabi just because he got dumped. Jake says whatever he feels for Gabi doesn't matter because he still has feelings for Kate and he's not giving up on her. Ben relates but informs Jake that Ciara left town today. Jake had no idea and apologizes, asking where and how long she's gone for. Ben reveals that Ciara is on her way to South Africa with Theo Carver and she may never come back. Jake says he was going on about his own troubles when Ben's wife just left town. Ben reminds him that he'd rather hear about Jake's problems than his own. Jake understands Ciara was the one and asks if he wants to talk. Ben says if he starts talking about it, he'll probably lose it. Ben tells Jake that Kate and Gabi are both in Salem. Ben reminds Jake that he encouraged him to fight for Ciara so now he should take his own advice. Ben advises Jake to pick which woman he wants to be with and then do whatever it takes to let her know, she is the one for him.

Kate complains to Kristen about how long she's been tied up. Kristen says she won't be much longer. Kate asks if she talked to Jake. Kristen confirms that she did and claims that Jake acted like he couldn't care less when she broke up with him. Kristen doesn't think anyone will come looking for Kate so she has to face the facts that she's going far away from Salem and she won't even be missed.

Sami questions Rafe somehow getting Marlena's recording of John's session which Marlena confirms. Marlena explains that John saw the shooting from the door of Charlie's apartment and that he didn't see Belle's face, just her coat from behind. Marlena adds that they have put Rafe off for now but she's not sure how long that will work. Sami knows she hasn't been there for her since Belle's arrest but tells her how much she cares. Sami says she's so sorry for what she's going through as they hug.

Jake goes home to the DiMera Mansion, looking for Kate. Gabi comes out and asks what he and Kate need to talk about. Jake says it's none of her business. Gabi brings up hearing that Kate broke up with him from Roman and that Jake didn't take it very well. Jake tells Gabi that she's dreaming if she thinks they are getting back together. Gabi claims she's not still pining after him. Jake remarks that Philip told him that she is. Gabi laughs it off but Jake grabs her and says someone or something made Kate turn on him the way she did and he guesses it was Gabi, so he questions what Gabi did to her to make her break up with him.

Gwen tells Dr. Snyder that she will tell her family when she wants that she lost the baby so she doesn't want him to say the word. Dr. Snyder asks if she's going to put off telling them. Gwen says she doesn't know yet. He acknowledges that she wanted that baby so she needs the support of her family now. Gwen says she will get the support but she will do it her way. Dr. Snyder then exits the room so Jack asks how Gwen is. He says he ordered a CT scan to make sure she doesn't have a head injury but she's fine other than that. Chad asks about the baby. Dr. Snyder responds that Gwen asked him not to share that information with anyone so if he wants more info, he will have to speak to her. Chad says he'll do that then. Jack decides he's going with him but Dr. Snyder says one at a time because Gwen is overwhelmed as it is. Abigail adds that she hopes Gwen is okay. Chad then heads to Gwen's room. Jack turns to Abigail and says he doesn't get the doctor as he gets the feeling that he already knew something was really wrong.

Chad enters Gwen's hospital room and says he just talked to the doctor, who said they had to talk to her about the baby. Chad asks Gwen what the doctor said. Gwen reveals the baby was a girl but that she lost her.

Ben goes home and looks at he and Ciara's wedding photo. Ben then tosses it across the room in frustration, throws a chair, and kicks his dresser.

Kate doesn't believe a word Kristen is saying. Kate brings up how she was the reluctant one in the relationship but Jake fought really hard for it. Kate argues that Jake is smart enough to know something is wrong. Kristen admits Jake did show some resistance but claims Kate laid the ground work for what came next and she just ran with it. Kristen brings up Kate's insecurities as an older woman with a young lover and her fear of Gabi replacing her. Kristen adds that she won't be surprised if Jake goes running straight to Gabi.

Gabi tells Jake that she did not talk to Kate so maybe she just realized he's a really big jerk. Jake argues that Kate was not herself today. Gabi argues that Kate just came to her senses because any woman would have to be out of her mind to want to be with him. Jake says that must make Gabi certifiable. Gabi remarks that she's way better off without him. Jake argues if he told Gabi right now that he wanted to be with her, she'd be dragging him upstairs to her room so fast.

Abigail tells Jack that she thinks this all happened because Jack asked Gwen to move in with him. Abigail explains that Gwen came charging in to their room, demanding to see Chad, and she was still upset about what Jack did so she was too upset to deal with Gwen properly. Jack knows Abigail is hurting but argues that he couldn't let Gwen have the baby alone. Abigail thinks Gwen said she was leaving town because she knew how Jack would react. Jack insists that she meant it. Abigail knows he feels guilty for not being a father to Gwen but says that Gwen plays on that guilt. Jack explains that Gwen was going to leave town because of Abigail, to make sure she didn't have to worry about running in to her. Jack then gets a call from Jennifer and tells her that Gwen had a bad accident and fell down the stairs at the DiMera Mansion which could have killed her. With Jack's back turned, Abigail walks away.

Chad asks Gwen if she really lost the baby. Gwen confirms that she's not pregnant anymore. Gwen thinks back to Abigail saying she wanted Gwen and her baby out of her life for good right before she fell down the stairs. Gwen declares that their baby was the best thing to ever happen to her and now she's dead, all because of Abigail.

Ben flips his bed over and continues destroying his room then walks out.

Gabi tells Jake that she's happy Kate finally put him in his place. Gabi says she's going to her room alone and tells Jake that he can go to Hell as she walks away. Jake remarks that he's already there.

Philip orders another drink from Roman at the bar. Roman tells him that he'll never understand Kate. Philip says he gave up trying a long time ago. Roman says people think Kate is tough but he swears sometimes he thinks Kate is two entirely different women...

Kristen tells Kate that when she was pretending to be Susan, she told Jake that he belongs with Gabi. Kate argues that Jake would never believe her. Kristen tells Kate that her and Jake are a thing of the past whether she likes it or not and he's moving on. Kristen adds that Kate is too and puts the gag back over her mouth. Kristen says it's clear that Kate won't go without a fight so she's going to leave and come back with something that will make Kate more cooperative and relaxed for her trip.

Jack tells Jennifer that he doesn't know how the baby is but he saw Gwen's fall and he doesn't have a good feeling about the pregnancy.

Abigail enters Gwen's hospital room. Chad informs Abigail that Gwen lost the baby. Abigail says she's so sorry. Gwen argues that it's exactly what Abigail wanted to happen. Abigail claims it's not and that she was trying to keep Gwen from going downstairs but she pulled away and it was an accident. Gwen accuses Abigail of pushing her down the stairs on purpose and killing their baby.

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