Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/30/21

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/30/21


Written By Joseph

Jake sits at the Brady Pub, waiting for Kate. Roman comes over and brings him a beer. Jake says he didn't order that. Roman points out that Jake looks nervous and asks if he's waiting for a big client. Jake informs him that it's Kate. Roman questions that making him nervous. Jake explains that Kate disappeared last night and he came here thinking maybe Roman had seen her but then she called and said she would meet him here. Roman says he doesn't have to be nervous anymore. Jake feels that when he spoke to her, something about her sounded off.

Kristen wears her Kate mask and looks in the mirror, saying she has Kate's face, voice, and everything to make Jake believe her so now she just has to give the performance of her life, or Vivian will make sure she loses everything. She then exits the DiMera Mansion.

Jack calls Jennifer and asks if it's a good time to talk. Jennifer says it is and asks if everything is okay. Jack informs her that he just made a unilateral decision for the two of them and wanted her to know about it. Jennifer asks what kind of decision. Jack reveals that Gwen was saying she was going to leave Salem so he persuaded her to move in to their home instead. Jack didn't want Gwen to go through this pregnancy alone and hopes Jennifer is not too thrown by this. Jennifer admits she's a little surprised and taken back but it's his home too and Gwen is his daughter. Jennifer worries about how Abigail will feel about this. Jack thinks Abigail will understand eventually. Jennifer hopes that he's right. Jack encourages that Abigail will dig deep and find the strength to be rational. Jennifer asks if he really thinks that will happen. Jack says he's been trying to tell himself that but he really thinks Abigail is going to flip out.

Chad tells Abigail that he knows how hard Gwen's pregnancy is going to be on her and how much it means to him that she's willing to work on things with him. Abigail informs him that it was Gabi who convinced her that she needed to try by reminding her of all the wonderful things in her life. Abigail declares that she won't let someone like Gwen ruin it for her. Chad points out that Gwen said she won't be in her face anymore so she could just ignore her. Abigail agrees to try but notes it will be a lot harder when the baby is born.

Gwen goes to her room at the Salem Inn and packs her bag. Gwen tells her baby that she thought it was going to be just them but now they have Jack in their corner. Gwen then gets a stomach pain and drops to the ground as she worries for her baby.

Allie tells Tripp that getting sick or hurt is part of life but Tripp will be the one making people feel better. Tripp says he's still just a student. Allie encourages that she knows he's going to be great. Tripp says he wants to believe her as they get close. Tripp's supervisor Dr. Snyder then walks in and questions what the hell is going on in here.

Claire goes through the mail at home and thinks back to warning Ben that doing something drastic would just push Ciara further away and refusing to help him kidnap Ciara. Claire calls it a mess. Ben then shows up at her door and says he owes her an apology.

Jack tells Jennifer that Gwen was ready to leave town and raise the baby alone so he didn't know what else to do but he knows it will alienate Abigail even more. Jack says he didn't feel like he had a choice because Gwen has no one but him. Jennifer remarks that it's because of the way she lived her life. Jack points out that Gwen is carrying his grandchild and she's trying to be a better person. Jack asks if Jennifer has any advice. Jennifer states that Jack should be the one to break the news to Abigail and he should do it before Gwen moves in. Jack informs her that Gwen is moving in today so Jennifer tells him that he better do it now.

Chad tells Abigail that he was surprised when Gabi answered her phone. Abigail admits she wasn't going to answer his call but Gabi convinced her that she was being ridiculous. Chad questions why she was with Gabi and if they were plotting against Gwen again. Abigail informs him that she and Gabi are no longer working together. Chad questions if she was talking to Gabi about them. Abigail explains that she didn't feel like she had anyone else to talk to. Chad suggests she could've gone to therapy with him today to talk about it. Abigail admits that she wanted to talk to someone who hates Gwen as much as she does, who she felt understood her side of this. Chad says he does understand her side. Abigail argues that just yesterday, Chad was defending Gwen. Chad argues that he wasn't defending her and only said that he doesn't think she deliberately got pregnant to cause trouble. Chad adds that Gwen said she sees things differently since getting pregnant. Abigail declares it doesn't matter and she will just pretend like Gwen and the baby do not exist.

Gwen gets up and sits on her bed, hoping it was just a one time thing but then experiences more pain. Gwen tells her baby to hang in there as she rushes out of her room to get to the hospital.

Tripp introduces Dr. Snyder to Allie and explains how Allie brought her son in because he had an ear infection. Tripp shows him his notes. Dr. Snyder asks if Tripp examined Henry by himself. Tripp informs him that Kayla supervised and he was just saying goodbye to Allie. Dr. Snyder encourages Allie to get Henry home and on his medication while he asks for a word with Tripp in private so they exit the room. Dr. Snyder tells Tripp that he knows his stepmother is chief of staff but he doesn't get special treatment. Tripp assures that he wants to be treated like everyone else. Dr. Snyder warns that what he just walked in on is unprofessional and a breach of ethics. Tripp agrees but notes that Allie is a friend of his and her son is his nephew. Dr. Snyder warns him not to let it happen again.

Ben gives Claire flowers and apologizes for being such a jerk to her and yelling at her. Claire gets that he was just trying to stop Ciara from leaving town. Claire asks if he did it. Ben says he did not even though he had every intention of kidnapping her until he got to the hospital and saw her, then he couldn't go through with it after everything she has been through. Ben declares that he had to let her go. Claire asks if Ciara and Theo have left for South Africa which Ben confirms. Claire hugs Ben as he cries.

"Kate" goes to the Brady Pub to meet Jake. Jake hugs her and asks what's going on as he thought she was psyched to go on their trip and then she didn't show. Jake asks if there is some sort of emergency. "Kate" claims she had a crisis of the heart so she thinks they need to end this right now.

Abigail asks Chad if they can talk about something other than Gwen. Chad brings up seeing Jake a little while ago and says he and Kate were supposed to go on a trip but Kate ghosted him. Abigail mentions not seeing Kate either and asks what he thinks is going on. Chad suggests Kate came to her senses. Jack shows up and says he's sorry to interrupt. Abigail is glad he's there and apologizes for ignoring his texts as she doesn't want this thing with Gwen to come between them. Jack says he would never side with Gwen against her ever but he does have news. Jack reveals that he asked Gwen to move in with him and she agreed, which shocks Abigail.

Dr. Snyder suggests Tripp take his break and be back for rounds so Tripp exits just as Gwen arrives at the hospital. Gwen rushes over to Dr. Snyder and says he has to help her as she's pregnant and thinks there is something wrong with her baby.

Claire tells Ben that this is not the end and that Ciara will get her memory back then come back to him. Ben worries that she's so far away now that he feels he may have lost her for good. Ben wonders if he should've tried harder to get through to her. Claire worries that pushing harder might have just made her hate him more. Claire encourages that letting Ciara go was the right thing to do. Ben says that Ciara was his whole life so he doesn't know what to do anymore to get through his days. Allie arrives with Henry and apologizes as she didn't know Ben was there. Ben says he was just leaving. Claire tells him to call her any time. Ben hugs her and thanks her as he then exits. Allie comments that Ben is in bad shape. Claire responds that she would be too if she just had her heart broken in to a million pieces.

Jake asks "Kate" if she's still angry that he told her he was jealous about Gabi dating Philip. "Kate" claims that she is still angry and calls that a stupid, painful thing to say to her. Jake gets that it was stupid but insists he's with her completely. Jake says they can book another flight and leave today. "Kate" claims she'll worry the whole time that he's thinking about Gabi. She says this wasn't going to last forever so she has made the decision that this is ending and there's nothing he can say to change her mind.

Abigail questions why Gwen is moving in with Jack. Jack responds that Gwen is pregnant and alone. Abigail argues that she wouldn't be if she didn't trick a married man in to sleeping with her. Jack agrees but points out that Gwen doesn't have a job and is not prepared to be a mother so she needs support from somewhere. Abigail believes Gwen planned this whole thing to leech off of Jack. Jack informs her that it was his idea because Gwen said she was going to leave town because she didn't want to cause any more problems for Abigail. Abigail questions Jack convincing her to stick around to keep screwing things up. Jack argues that Gwen is his daughter and is carrying his grandchild. Abigail asks if Jennifer knows. Jack admits she's not thrilled but she understands so he hopes in time maybe Abigail can too. Abigail argues that she's trying to get past all of this and forget about Gwen to focus on her life but Jack makes it impossible. Abigail complains that she can't even visit her parents without having to face Gwen. Jack insists they will arrange things so that Abigail can come when Gwen is not there. Abigail argues that Jack doesn't care about how she feels so he can just do what he wants. Abigail then storms out of the room.

Dr. Snyder examines Gwen in a hospital room. Gwen talks about her cramps and asks if this is Braxton Hicks. Dr. Snyder finishes his examination and reveals that there is no heartbeat. Gwen cries that this can't be happening.

Allie can't believe Ciara really went to South Africa with Theo. Claire notes that Ben is a wreck and asks what brought her by. Allie says she had time to kill since Henry's prescription needed to be filled. Claire guesses that she must have been scared. Allie talks about running in to Kayla and Tripp at the hospital. Allie comments on Tripp examining Henry and diagnosing his ear infection. Allie talks about how good Tripp was with Henry and he was like a real doctor. Claire reminds Allie that she never answered her when she asked if Allie likes Tripp.

Tripp walks through the town square and comes across Ben at a table. Tripp asks how Ciara is doing. Ben informs him that she was just released from the hospital this morning. Tripp says that's great but Ben then reveals that Ciara went straight to the airport as she's headed to South Africa with Theo. Tripp asks what about them. Ben says she wants nothing to do with him while she's known Theo her whole life. Tripp mentions Claire telling him about Ciara's amnesia. Ben confirms she lost everything between the motorcycle accident and now which was all of their relationship. Tripp sits with him and feels that some of those memories should've come back to her. Ben says it hasn't happened yet. Tripp knows they don't have the greatest history but he wants Ben to know that he's really sorry as he knows they loved each other. Ben thanks him and agrees that they did. Ben comments on Tripp really looking like a doctor in his white coat. Tripp says he's just a first year med student but he's starting to interact with patients and treated Allie's son today. Tripp says he had an ear infection but he'll be fine. Tripp brings up Henry being his nephew and how somebody made Charlie pay. Ben knows it must be tough on him. Tripp says he'll be there for Henry as much as he can. Ben responds that Allie deserves it as she's a really nice girl. Tripp adds that she's a really good mom to Henry. Ben notes the smile on Tripp's face when he said Allie's name and asks what's going on with them.

Abigail goes to her bedroom and calls Jennifer, arguing that she can't be okay with Gwen moving in to her house when she's the reason Laura is dead. Jennifer points out that Jack doesn't believe that. Abigail complains that Gwen plays Jack and she wishes Jennifer was here to help him see that. Jennifer tells Abigail to put herself in Jack's shoes and asks if she would turn her back on one of her kids. Abigail admits she wouldn't. Jennifer encourages that Jack wants a chance to be a father to Gwen like he would've been if he knew about her so they have to give him that chance. Abigail asks what if Gwen ends up hurting him. Jennifer says Jack knows how to take care of himself. Jennifer thinks it would mean the world to Jack if Abigail could just be civil with Gwen. Abigail says after everything Gwen has done to her, she doesn't think she can do that.

Chad suggests Jack give Abigail a few minutes to cool off. Jack says he didn't want to throw this on her. Chad tells him that he appreciates what he's doing because he wants to be involved with the baby but he doesn't know how much he can be since Abigail hates the idea and Gwen doesn't love it. Chad assures they will figure something out financially. Chad is glad that Jack asked Gwen to stay so that he knows she and the baby will be safe and protected.

Gwen asks Dr. Snyder if she did something wrong and if this is her fault as she just found out she was pregnant. Gwen tells him that Kayla just did a sonogram and said the baby was good with a strong heartbeat. Dr. Snyder tells her that miscarriages can happen but she can't blame herself as some things just aren't meant to be. Dr. Snyder tells her that a nurse will be in to schedule a procedure. Gwen asks him to just leave her alone then stops him to ask if he could see if it was a boy or a girl. He confirms that it was a girl and then exits the room as Gwen cries.

Allie admits to Claire that she likes Tripp. Allie says she has seen what a sweet guy Tripp is. Allie mentions that she grabbed his hand and she hasn't felt this way about a guy in a long time. Allie adds that she wanted to kiss Tripp but his boss walked in. Claire encourages that there's always next time. Allie is unsure because of how she and Tripp met and everything that happened afterward. Claire wishes they never met Charlie but encourages that he can't hurt them again so they need to shut the door on those memories. Allie states that it's one thing to shut the door but it's another to open it to someone new.

Tripp tells Ben that nothing is going on between he and Allie. Tripp then says maybe there is but he might just be imagining it. Tripp admits he liked Allie ever since he first saw her but then everything went haywire. Ben talks about not thinking he had a chance with Ciara but he was wrong so if Tripp really feels that way about Allie, he shouldn't give up. Ben says if there's one thing he's learned the last couple of years, it's that nothing is impossible when it comes to love.

Jake can't believe "Kate" is doing this to him and says it doesn't make sense. "Kate" argues that Jake is in love with another woman which Jake disagrees with. Jake asks if it's about the age difference. "Kate" claims that she does have a problem with it and she was lying when she said she didn't. "Kate" tells Jake to accept it and move on. Kate then tells him that she's going home to pack because she's moving out and resigning from DiMera. Jake stops her and says there's something more going on so he asks what she's not telling him.

Jack questions Chad being glad that he asked Gwen not to leave town. Chad admits it would be easier on his marriage if Gwen and the baby weren't around. Chad says that he and Abigail were just starting to make peace but this will definitely derail that. Jack says he was afraid that. Chad repeats that he's glad the baby will be there so he doesn't have to wonder if Gwen is being a good mother since Jack will be there. Jack insists that Gwen has changed already and she told him how much she loves the baby. Chad hopes that feeling continues. Jack promises to keep an eye on Gwen and the baby while Chad stays focused on Abigail and their kids. Chad hopes that Abigail can come to terms with this since she's so filled with anger right now. Chad worries that it won't take much more to push Abigail over the edge.

Abigail tells Jennifer to come home soon as she hangs up. Gwen then enters her room. Abigail questions what the hell she's doing here. Gwen explains that she was looking for Chad and that Harold said he might be up there. Abigail informs her that Chad's sleeping in a guest room thanks to her but he's downstairs now. Gwen apologizes for bothering Abigail. Abigail stops her and asks what she wants with Chad and if it's about her precious baby. Gwen says it is and that she should probably tell her too. Abigail cuts her off and says Jack already gave her the good news that she's moving in with him. Gwen says that's not it but Abigail calls her a parasite who uses everyone to get what she wants. Abigail remarks that the child is nothing but a meal ticket for her. Gwen yells at her to shut the hell up.

"Kate" tells Jake to let her go. Jake says not until she tells him what's going on and asks if Gabi got to her. Roman comes over and asks if everything is okay. "Kate" says no as she just broke it off with Jake and now he's acting like a Neanderthal. Roman warns Jake to let go of Kate. Jake says it doesn't concern Roman. "Kate" warns Jake that Roman will break him in half and suggests maybe that's the kind of man she should be with. Jake feels he's not getting the whole story here and he won't stop until he finds out the rest. Jake then storms out of the Pub.

Jack tells Chad that he better get going as Gwen's going to show up at the house. Chad asks Jack to keep him posted on how the baby is doing and to keep it between them. Jack agrees to do so. Jack hopes that Chad can understand where Abigail is coming from. Chad assures that he does because when he thought Charlotte was Stefan's child, he went nuts and did things he will regret for the rest of his life.

Abigail tells Gwen that she doesn't want to hear a word out of her mouth and accuses her of trying to steal her dad. Gwen says she told Jack that she was leaving town. Abigail argues that Gwen knew how Jack would react and he played right in to her hands. Abigail feels that Gwen loves what this is going to do to her. Gwen responds that she has no idea how she feels. Abigail tells Gwen that it's not going to work out for her here so if she's smart, she will leave town because nobody here cares about her or her baby. Gwen asks how she could say that about her baby when she didn't do anything to her. Abigail calls the baby an accident conceived out of Gwen's need to destroy her. Abigail adds that she feels bad for the baby because Gwen's going to be a god awful mother, just like her own. Abigail calls Gwen a lying, heartless, slut. Gwen calls Abigail a bitch and slaps her.

Claire thinks Allie and Tripp could be good for each other. Allie points out that Claire used to like Tripp herself. Claire says they had a lot of growing up to do. Claire thinks they could have an amazing future. Allie then gets a text that Henry's prescription is ready. Allie agrees to think about what Claire said. They hug as Allie then exits with Henry.

Ben gets up from his table at the town square as Jake then bumps in to him. Ben asks if he's okay. Jake says no because Kate just broke up with him and he has no idea why.

"Kate" thanks Roman for coming to her rescue. Roman says it looks like she did what he said since he told her that she and Jake were not a good match while they were. Roman asks if she might be thinking about them getting back together.

Abigail tells Gwen to get out of this house right now. Gwen says not until she speaks to Chad. Abigail tells her to stay away from her husband and follows her out the door. Abigail catches Gwen at the top of the stairs and grabs her by the wrist.

Jack tells Chad to tell Abigail goodbye and that he loves her. Chad says he will walk him out.

Gwen cries for Abigail to leave her alone. Abigail wants Gwen and her baby out of her life for good. They struggle until Gwen pulls away from Abigail and falls down the stairs just as Chad and Jack come out of the living room and see Gwen crash to the floor below as Abigail looks in shock from the top of the stairs.

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