Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/29/21

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/29/21


Written By Joseph

Steve is with Jack at the Horton house. Jack thanks him for coming by. Steve points out that Jack hasn't said a word about Gwen or Abigail. Jack says that's because he hasn't heard a word from either of them. Steve thought Gwen was getting a pregnancy test yesterday morning. Jack thought Kayla would have said something to him. Steve reminds him that she can't. Jack confirms he still doesn't know for sure if Gwen is pregnant. Steve says he shouldn't say this but he wishes Gwen never tracked him down. Gwen then arrives and says she's sorry to barge in but asks if he has a moment. Steve tells Jack that he'll see him later but Jack stops him and points out that they have not been formally introduced. Steve recalls seeing Gwen at Jack and Jennifer's anniversary party that blew up. Gwen introduces herself and acknowledges Steve as her uncle.

Abigail is at home at the DiMera Mansion, checking her phone and seeing five unanswered text messages from Jack, checking on her and asking her to call him. Chad comes in and asks if Abigail is ready to go to couples therapy as they have an appointment today. Abigail tells Chad to go by himself because she's done with that as she gets up and walks out of the room.

At Titan, Gabi shows Philip pictures for Gabi Chic. Philip acknowledges that Gabi created a successful brand all on her own so he has confidence in any decision she makes. Gabi asks if he means in business or in general. Gabi guesses they should talk. Philip asks what there is to say about how they almost slept together to help her get over Jake.

Jake calls Allie and asks if she's talked to Kate because he can't seem to find her anywhere. Allie says she hasn't heard from her. Jake asks her to tell Kate to call him if she does hear from her. Allie agrees to and then says she has to go. Allie hangs up as Henry woke up crying. Allie goes to check on Henry and sees that he's burning up.

Kate is tied up and gagged in the wine cellar of the DiMera Tunnels. Kate thinks back to arguing with Kristen and then Kristen knocking her out. Kristen then enters the room and asks Kate how her night was.

Gabi tells Philip that he's an extremely attractive man and successful. Philip says there is something between them and they both feel it but she's not over her ex which she was always honest about. Abigail then walks in. Gabi questions what she's doing here and says they are in the middle of a meeting. Abigail declares it's over now and she's going to take Gabi to lunch. Gabi says she can't just do that and asks if it's about Gwen. Abigail tells Philip it was nice to see him and then drags Gabi out of the office.

Steve tells Gwen that he may be her uncle but he's not ready to be the doting type because of Abigail. Steve respects that Jack is trying to do right by her but warns that if she wants to be welcomed into this family, she needs to beg Abigail's forgiveness and start treating her with the kindness and respect that she deserves. Steve then walks out of the house. Jack tells Gwen that Steve isn't known for his tact. Gwen tells him it's okay. Jack asks what Kayla said. Gwen confirms that she is pregnant for sure. Gwen adds that she made the decision to keep Chad's baby.

Chad calls to cancel his appointment for couples therapy. Jake comes in and asks if Chad has seen Kate. Chad says no and thought they were heading off to an island together. Jake says they were supposed to as the flight was supposed to leave last night but when it came time to go to the airport, he couldn't find Kate and he still can't. Jake says all he got was a short text that said suddenly something came up.

Kate asks Kristen if she thinks she's going to get away with keeping her down here while she parades around Susan Banks. Kristen asks who will miss her. Kate reminds her that Jake will be looking for her. Kristen says she knows all about their getaway and that Kate will still have an island paradise but she'll be traveling alone.

Tripp works with Kayla at the hospital. Kayla praises Tripp for his work during rounds and tells him that he will do great. Tripp knows how lucky he is to have her on his side. Allie then arrives with Henry and tells them that Henry has a fever of 103. Kayla says she was right to bring him in and they head for a hospital room.

Kristen checks Kate's phone and sees another text from Jake. Kristen remarks that it seems Jake is really into her. Kate assures that Jake won't give up until he finds her. Kristen responds that she's taking care of that right now and texts Jake back that something else came up. Kate argues that Jake won't buy that. Kristen says she will let Vivian know that she doesn't have to worry about Kate and Jake anymore. Kate asks why she's going through all this trouble instead of just letting her handle it. Kristen remarks that she's not in position to handle anything. Kate disagrees and says if Kristen just lets her go, she will dump Jake.

Chad tells Jake that he's sure something just came up. Jake insists that Kate was looking forward to this trip and wouldn't blow him off with a four word text. Chad says he hasn't heard from her and he has a lot of his own stuff going on. Jake asks what's going on so Chad reveals that Gwen is pregnant with his child. Jake tells him he's sorry but notes that it's kind of Chad's doing which he admits. Chad adds that it's probably cost him his marriage.

Abigail brings Gabi to Julie's Place which Gabi complains about. Abigail says she needed to talk to someone who has the skills to help her out. Gabi argues that she doesn't care what goes on between her and Gwen. Abigail then informs Gabi that Gwen is pregnant with Chad's child and she wants to keep the baby.

Jack tells Gwen that he doesn't know what to say as she made it clear that she didn't want to be pregnant and now she's talking about being ready to have this baby alone. Jack says the decision will make it a lot more difficult for them to have a good relationship. Gwen swears that she's not doing it to hurt Chad and Abigail. Gwen says it has nothing to do with them and is entirely on her.

Kayla asks if it's okay if Tripp examines Henry while she supervises. Allie agrees, noting that she trusts Tripp.

Jake tells Chad that he's known Gwen a lot longer than he has and she's always working some kind of agenda. Jake asks what if Gwen is not pregnant and working an angle. Chad wishes it was that but she saw a doctor and he saw the lab results so she's definitely pregnant with his kid. Jake asks how Abigail is doing. Chad asks how he thinks. Chad says they were starting to work things out but this derailed that. Jake guesses Gwen got exactly what she wanted. Chad admits that Gwen seems to feel bad about how this is hurting so many people.

Gwen tells Jack that she was going to have an abortion but then Kayla said she would need a sonogram because she's in her second trimester. Gwen explains that she said she didn't want to see the baby but then she changed her mind. Gwen says she doesn't know why but when she saw life inside of her, she realized she was going to be a mother. Gwen talks about feeling unwanted for most of her life and she doesn't wish that on anyone. Jack is sorry she grew up that way. Gwen understands that he didn't know about her which changes everything for her. Gwen tells him not to feel guilty. Gwen hopes that Jack can be happy for her because she is so very happy and she's already in love with her child.

Gabi tells Abigail that she feels really bad for her. Abigail asks Gabi to help her out. Gabi doesn't know what Abigail expects her to do. Abigail explains that she tried to convince Gwen to get an abortion but she refused. Gabi says they can't kidnap her again. Abigail doesn't know what else to do. Abigail argues that if Gwen has this baby then she can't pretend her husband didn't sleep with her sister so she questions how to move on from that. Gabi says if she had the answer to that, she'd be able to herself but she's still in love with Jake.

Tripp notices Henry pulling on his ear and thinks he might have an ear infection. Kayla agrees and says they'll put him on antibiotics. Tripp makes a suggestion on medicine to give him so Allie thanks him.

Jack tells Gwen that he totally understands why she wants to have the baby which makes her happy. Gwen adds that she talked to Chad and he understands. Jack asks what about Abigail. Gwen says she tried to tell her how she felt but she wouldn't listen to a word. Jack says they can't blame her. Gwen can't imagine two sisters getting off to a worse start than her and Abigail. Gwen blames herself for putting them there and says she will make it as easy as she can for Abigail. Gwen declares that she's having Abigail's husband's baby, so she's going to leave Salem to do it.

Chad tells Jake that Gwen made it clear that she doesn't expect anything from him. Chad says that Gwen doesn't want him to support her or even be part of the baby's life. Chad declares that the problem is, he can't turn his back on a child of his.

Abigail questions Gabi still being hung up on Jake. Abigail thought she sensed something between her and Philip. Gabi calls Philip a distraction and says she came onto him but when they got in to bed, she couldn't go through with it. Gabi guesses she lost her killer instinct. Abigail agrees since Gabi lost her nerve when they had Gwen locked up in the basement.

Kristen tells Kate that she made it clear that she won't give up Jake, so she's going to have to break his heart herself. Kate questions how she proposes doing that.

Chad tells Jake that he doesn't want to lose Abigail over this. Jake talks about noticing that Abigail's love for him can stand a lot. Jake adds that Abigail dealt with the fact that Chad slept with Gwen so hopefully now, she can deal with the fact that his child with Gwen will be part of their life. Jake wishes he could stay and help him out but he has to find Kate. Chad wishes him luck as Jake exits the room.

Kristen reaches in to her purse and pulls out a Kate mask and explains that she will look and sound exactly like her. Kate argues that it will never work. Kristen says it will because it always does. Kristen declares that after she dumps Jake, Kate will be leaving Salem, never to be heard from again. Kate argues that she won't get away with this so Kristen puts the gag back over her mouth. Kristen explains that she has to go upstairs now and put on one of Kate's hideous outfits. Kristen remarks that it won't take Jake long to get over her as she seems to have that effect on men. Kristen then exits the room, leaving Kate tied up.

Jake goes to Titan and tells Philip about how he can't find Kate anywhere. Philip suggests maybe she changed her mind about him. Jake assures that Kate feels the same about him as he does about her and he's worried that something bad happened to her. Philip insists that Kate can take care of herself and if she wants him to find her, he will. Philip suggests Jake get going before Gabi comes back.

Gabi tells Abigail that she pulled her out of a meeting so she has to get back to work. Gabi recalls talking to Gwen about how Abigail had everything in her life; two kids, a husband who adores her, and an enormous family who loves her. Gabi tells Abigail to face that Gwen is having Chad's baby but focus on everything in her life and count her blessings while fixing her broken marriage. Abigail argues that Gabi has just as many things going for her as she does but she still can't get over Jake. Gabi states that she's finally facing the reality that Jake doesn't want her so she's just going back to fix her broken heart and move on. Gabi asks if Abigail can say the same thing. Abigail then gets a call from Chad but says she can't talk right now. Gabi takes Abigail's phone and answers her phone for her, telling Chad that Abigail is right there. Gabi then hands the phone back to Abigail and storms out.

Gwen tells Jack that Salem is not that big of a town so she doesn't want to worry about running in to Abigail at the grocery store. Gwen says she'll just be a big reminder of how much she hurt Abigail. Jack asks if Abigail has any idea what Gwen has in mind. Gwen says no and she doesn't think Abigail would see her choice of having the child as anything but spiteful. Gwen doesn't want her baby to grow up with a stepmother, who wishes they didn't exist. Gwen thinks the sensible thing to do is to create a lot of distance between her and Abigail. Jack asks where she will go. Gwen suggests South Philadelphia. Jack points out that she has no one there. Gwen assures that she's fine and tough. Jack points out that if Gwen stays, she will at least have him. Jack gets why she wants to go but declares that as her father, he can't let her do that.

Steve goes to the hospital and tells Kayla that he came down to see how Tripp is doing. Kayla tells him that Tripp is doing very well and just examined Henry for Allie. Kayla tells him how Tripp diagnosed the ear infection and he was professional and sympathetic. Steve jokes about Tripp being sweet on Allie.

Allie thanks Tripp again for finding out what's wrong with Henry. Tripp says that's his job. Allie notices Tripp's name badge now says "Tripp Johnson" and asks about it. Tripp informs her that he decided to take his dad's name. Allie says that's great and he must be proud. Tripp says he hopes so. Tripp tells her that Kayla has probably called in her prescription so she can pick it up on her way home. Allie hopes to get Henry feeling better soon. Tripp goes to leave but stops and asks if Allie can keep a secret. Allie jokes that she may be Sami Brady's daughter but she can keep a secret. Tripp then informs her that he tried to act all cool and calm when she came in with Henry, but admits he was just as scared as she was. Tripp says that Henry is his nephew so he never wants to see him sick or in pain.

Gwen tells Jack that he can't give her orders. Jack asks her to hear him out. Jack declares that he wasn't there for Gwen's mother but he's going to be there for her. Jack tells Gwen to go back to the Salem Inn, pack her things, and move in here. Gwen asks if he really means that. Jack confirms that he does. Gwen asks about Abigail. Jack says that is his problem. Jack tells her not to worry about that and take care of herself and his grandchild. Jack states that the rest will just work itself out. Jack hugs Gwen as she cries.

Abigail answers Chad's call and says she knows she shouldn't have ran out on him this morning. Chad says they need to figure out what happens next and asks her to come home so they can talk. Behind Chad's back, Kristen sneaks out from the tunnels and out the door.

Philip tells Jake that when Kate decides she's done with a guy, this is how she lets them find out. Philip adds that Jake has options since Gabi isn't over him. Jake argues that Gabi is not over his brother Stefan. Gabi then walks in. Jake says this keeps happening so he has to do a better job of staying out of her way as he then walks out of the office. Gabi asks Philip what Jake was doing there. Philip explains that he's looking for Kate and he tried to tell him that she had a change of heart, but he wasn't buying it.

Kate screams as she remains tied up in the wine cellar.

Kristen puts on her Kate mask and outfit to look and sound exactly like Kate. She then calls Jake, who asks where the hell she is. Jake says he's been all over Salem looking for her and now he's heading to the Brady Pub, hoping Roman has seen her. "Kate" decides she will head there too as she has a lot to explain and hangs up, leaving Jake confused.

Allie tells Tripp that getting sick or hurt is part of life but Tripp will be the one making people feel better. Tripp says he's still just a student. Allie encourages that she knows he's going to be great. Tripp says he wants to believe her as they get close.

Jack calls Jennifer and asks if it's a good time to talk. Jennifer says it is and asks if everything is okay. Jack informs her that he just made a unilateral decision for the two of them and wanted her to know about it. Jennifer asks what kind of decision. Jack reveals that Gwen was saying she was going to leave Salem so he persuaded her to move in to their home instead. Jack didn't want Gwen to go through this pregnancy alone and hopes Jennifer is not too thrown by this. Jennifer admits she's a little surprised and taken back but it's his home too and Gwen is his daughter. Jennifer worries about how Abigail will feel about this.

Abigail goes home to Chad. She says she hates what's happening with Gwen but she doesn't want to lose Chad over it. Chad says she has no idea what it means to hear her say that. Abigail states that her sister having his baby is just a fact of life. Chad knows how much it's hurting her. Abigail says not as much as it would hurt to lose him. Abigail says she loves him and she's willing to trust that their love will help them find their way through this. Chad then hugs Abigail.

Gwen goes to her room at the Salem Inn and packs her bag. Gwen tells her baby that she thought it was going to be just them but now they have Jack in their corner. Gwen then gets a stomach pain and drops to the ground.

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