Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/28/21

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/28/21


Written By Joseph

Nicole continues reading about Belle's arrest and reads an article that says Rafe has no comment. Nicole thinks back to Jan accusing her of being in love with Rafe.

Rafe and Ava end up kissing.

Jan goes to the police station and approaches Shawn. Shawn tells her to go away because he's busy. Jan assumes he's working on Belle's case and remarks that he must be surprised to learn his wife killed the rapist. Shawn responds that she didn't kill anyone. Jan argues that he has to think that because it's hard to accept that the love of his life is a murderer. Shawn repeats that Belle did not kill Charlie Dale. Jan questions how he explains her coat button being found at the crime scene then.

Marlena asks about Belle thinking she was framed for Charlie's murder. Belle says it's the only explanation that makes sense. John brings up seeing her at Charlie's apartment but Belle insists that someone went there deliberately with her coat and shot Charlie. Belle asks who would hate her enough to do something like that. Belle then stops and declares she knows who did it. Marlena asks who. Belle can't believe she didn't think of it sooner. John asks who she's thinking about. Belle declares it's obvious that it was Sami.

Sami talks to Lucas on the phone. Sami can't believe he told Chloe that he has an inoperable brain tumor. Lucas argues that she told him to seduce Chloe and called that a little improbable. Lucas tells Sami it doesn't work like that so he had to come up with something to explain the urgency. Sami questions Lucas's plan. Lucas suggests Sami should seduce Chloe herself then. Lucas adds that he had to embarrass himself because of Kristen planning to tell EJ about her dirty little secret. Sami calls it their secret and acknowledges that Lucas was there for her when she really needed it. Sami is sorry for dragging him in to this. Lucas asks what are ex husbands for. Sami insists that they are doing a good thing by getting Chloe away from Brady or else Kristen will use her methods. Lucas argues that he can't undo the fact that he told Chloe that he's dying. Chloe then enters the DiMera Mansion. Sami tries to stop Lucas from hanging up but he does anyways. Lucas tells Chloe that he wasn't expecting her. Chloe says she wanted to bring him green juice for health benefits. Lucas questions how long she was standing there. Chloe says long enough to hear that he was talking to Sami. Chloe thinks it's time he tells her the truth.

Rafe and Ava continue kissing. Ava stops and asks where that came from. Rafe says he's not sure. Nicole then knocks on the door, asking if they are home. Ava answers the door. Nicole tells Rafe that she's glad she caught him before he left for work. Rafe asks if something is wrong.

Jan tells Shawn that when Belle came to see her at the hospital, she noticed the button on her coat was missing and when she pointed out, Belle turned white. Shawn tells Jan to go away. Jan guesses that Belle was terrified that she left her button at Charlie's. Shawn argues that Belle was never at Charlie's apartment. Shawn calls the button a laughable piece of evidence and says Melinda will realize there's not enough to convict so she will drop the charges. Melinda then appears and says she won't.

John questions Belle thinking that he saw Sami in her red coat. Marlena calls that ridiculous and argues that Sami doesn't hate her. Marlena insists that Sami would never frame her for murder. Belle believes Sami would to cover her own butt. Belle says that Sami came here to kill Charlie to make him pay for what he did to Allie. Belle argues that it had to be Sami. Sami comes out from her room and asks what had to be her. Belle accuses Sami of framing her for murder.

Theo asks Ciara if she's ready to go. Ciara asks why she wouldn't be. Theo notes it's happening pretty fast and asks if there's someone else she needs to say goodbye to. Theo tells her there's no rush and they could always leave next week. Ciara assures she is ready now with no regrets as this is what she wants. They go to leave right as Ben arrives at the hospital.

Lucas apologizes and thinks Chloe must think he's a jerk. Chloe clarifies that she just didn't understand him telling Sami because he said he didn't want anyone to know about his health. Lucas claims he was just thinking about Chloe saying his family needed to know so he told Sami. Chloe understands since she is Will and Allie's mother. Lucas says they decided not to tell the kids. Chloe wants Lucas to see Dr. Dunn. Lucas argues that he already has a doctor. Chloe complains that his doctor told him this is hopeless when there have been so many advancements in cancer treatments the last few years. Chloe insists that Lucas can't just throw in the towel, he needs a second opinion and Dr. Dunn is the best. Lucas says he'll think about it. Chloe argues that he doesn't have time so she made him an appointment and they have to go now.

Sami asks if there's anything Belle doesn't blame on her. Sami argues that she has no reason to frame Belle when she was cleared. John explains that the red button that matches Belle's coat was found in Charlie's apartment so she thinks someone took her coat, pretended to be her, and killed Charlie. Sami declares that she sure as hell didn't do it.

Melinda threatens Shawn with talking to his supervisor about him talking to a civilian about details of an ongoing case. Shawn argues that he didn't tell her anything that isn't already out. Melinda argues that Shawn should be out finding evidence to convict the murderer. Shawn says the button is the only thing that links Belle to the crime scene and they can't link her to the shooting. Melinda argues that Shawn can't be objective. Shawn insists that Belle would never leave a button at a crime scene. Melinda decides she will ask Rafe to pull Shawn from the case. Shawn says that no one will ever find any evidence that Belle shot Charlie because she would never do that. Melinda declares there is evidence and she will find it. Jan thinks back to listening to the recording of John telling Marlena that he saw Belle shoot Charlie.

Nicole tells Rafe and Ava that she just saw Jan Spears, who was over the moon about Belle's arrest. Rafe mentions that they were just talking about the case. Nicole thought Ava seemed upset when she answered the door but Ava says she's fine. Rafe tells Nicole that he was telling Ava that he thinks Belle is innocent and not even at Charlie's that night. Nicole asks about the button. Rafe gets a text from Melinda to come to the police station. Nicole points out that it looks like Rafe had some jam on his face so he wipes it off. Rafe tells Ava they will talk later and exits. Nicole comments that he seemed a little stressed and blames it on working for Melinda Trask. Ava notes that he has a lot on his mind. Nicole feels Ava does too and asks if she wants to talk about it. Ava decides maybe she does. Ava then reveals that just before Nicole showed up, Rafe kissed her. Nicole realizes that wasn't jam on Rafe's face then and she apparently kissed him back. Ava confirms that she did but maybe she shouldn't have since he has a lot on his plate. Ava doesn't know if Rafe even knew what he was doing since he thought Hope was coming back which surprises Nicole. Ava explains that Rafe was excited to see Hope but Ciara called and said she was going to South Africa so Hope was just going to meet her there. Nicole guesses Rafe wanted to get back with Hope. Ava says she doesn't know but she was trying to comfort him and then Rafe kissed her and she kissed him back. Nicole then agrees that Ava shouldn't have done that.

Melinda finishes a call at the station as Rafe arrives and asks what now. Melinda tells him that she wants Shawn off the Charlie Dale case because he lost his objectivity. Melinda warns that Rafe is in charge of a murder case that only got solved after weeks of inept policework. Rafe argues that it's still not solved while Melinda argues that the killer was arrested. Rafe says that someone was arrested under her orders based on a flimsy piece of evidence that could have easily been planted by the actual killer. Melinda tells him that his job is to find the evidence that will lead to a conviction. Rafe decides he will go back to the crime scene to look for evidence but when he doesn't find any against Belle, she will be forced to drop the charges. Melinda declares that there is evidence out there and she will find it as Rafe leaves the station. Jan then approaches Melinda and tells her that if the cops won't help her nail that bitch, then she will.

Sami sees that Belle is upset but remarks that she's starting to lose it. Sami tells Belle that she's making an ass out of herself. Belle continues to accuse Sami of framing her for murder. Marlena stops them and points out that Sami couldn't have done it because she was on a plane when Charlie was murdered. Sami knows she's done some bad things to her but she would never let her take the fall for a murder for her. Sami adds that if she was going to do that, she would pick someone who was more credible of a murder. Marlena stops Sami and reminds her that she was on her way out. Sami agrees that this is not getting them anywhere. Sami encourages Belle that things will be fine because Rafe is not going to stop until he finds out who really did kill Charlie Dale. Sami says she doesn't have time to wait for Belle to apologize. Sami remarks that Belle already ruined a not great day and she has other fires to put out. Sami then walks out of the house.

Chloe doesn't understand why Lucas doesn't want to go see a doctor who could save his life. Chloe asks what if his doctor is wrong and there is something that could help. Chloe questions why he won't listen to her about this. Lucas responds that he doesn't want to hurt her. Chloe doesn't understand. Lucas states that she will once he tells her the truth.

Ciara asks what Ben is doing at the hospital. Ben thinks back to Claire warning him that doing something this drastic is a huge mistake that will push Ciara further away. Ben then tells Ciara that he just came to give her something. Ciara says she doesn't want anything from him. Theo reminds him that he told him to stay away from her. Ben says he's going but asks Ciara to take her engagement ring back. Ciara reminds him that he tried to give that to her before. Ben tells her that it is hers but Ciara says she doesn't want it or anything that reminds her of the fact that she was insane enough to marry him. Ben tells her not to take it for him then, but for her dad.

Ava asks if Nicole is mad at her. Nicole says she's just worried about Rafe because he's not the iron man that he wants everyone to think he is. Ava knows Rafe was upset but says they've gotten very close. Nicole argues that Rafe is just a nice guy, who looks out for people who are in trouble and she doesn't think Ava should take much from that. Ava knows Rafe let her move in to be safe but he let her stay because they enjoy each others' company. Ava thinks it might be more than that and asks why not.

Belle tells John and Marlena that she hates it when Sami is right. Belle admits that she lost it. Belle asks what the cops are going to think if John thinks she did it. John says they will never know about it which is why he stopped her from telling Sami so they are going to keep this to themselves. Belle argues that this is a murder investigation. Marlena agrees with John that if someone is framing her, they should keep it to themselves until the killer is found.

Melinda takes Jan in to the interrogation room. Jan tells her that she needs to hear what she has to say. Melinda gives her three minutes. Jan brings up being in a coma because John strangled her. Jan says she wanted to put that all in the past so she went to see Marlena but she heard John tell Marlena that he saw Belle shoot Charlie. Melinda questions John being an eye witness to the murder. Melinda brings up knowing that Jan has raised a terrorist operation against Belle and her family and hearing that Jan lies. Melinda adds that what Jan told her is crap. Jan asks what if she told her that the conversation was recorded.

Lucas tells Chloe that the truth is that he cares about her and he wondered what would've happened if things turned out differently between them. Lucas says that ship has sailed but he took advantage of her. Chloe understands he got horrible news and reached out to an old friend. Chloe insists on taking him to the doctor but Lucas says he can't go and declares the only reason he reached out to her was because of Sami. Sami then rushes in and asks if Lucas is alright or if the tumor is already affecting his behavior. Lucas tells Sami that he can't do this anymore because it isn't fair to Chloe. Sami tries to keep the story up. Lucas says he's going to tell her the truth now. Chloe tells Sami that she wants to help which is why she made an appointment that could save his life. Lucas declares he doesn't need one because he's not dying. Sami claims that she called his doctor and he said Lucas might start acting irrationally. Sami asks to speak to Chloe in private so they step aside. Sami tells Chloe that the doctor warned her about stuff like this but she wants this to work so she asks Chloe to push back the appointment while she tries to talk sense in to Lucas. Chloe notes that Lucas seems really mad at Sami. Sami says she will try to focus on Will and Allie and make it about them. Chloe then exits the room. Sami swears to Lucas that if he tells Chloe that he's not dying, she will kill him herself.

Melinda asks Jan why there would be a recording. Jan tells her that it must be some type of session. Melinda warns her about jerking her chain. Jan says she's just telling her what she saw and heard. Melinda agrees to get a search warrant but notes that she will need a statement from Jan. Jan asks her not to make her do that. Melinda calls it standard procedure. Jan argues that John already tried to kill her so if he finds out it was her that tipped her off, who knows what he would do to her. Jan says she can't risk it and asks her to say she got an anonymous tip. Melinda guesses that if she can get the recording, she won't need her statement. Jan thanks her and says she feels a weight has been lifted off her chest. Jan talks about not being able to sleep because she's so scared of John but she felt like she was letting a murderer get away free. Melinda tells her not to worry because Belle is not getting away with it. Melinda then exits the room as Jan smiles.

Shawn joins Belle at John and Marlena's. Shawn announces that Melinda took him off the case because she felt he wasn't being objective. Shawn feels Melinda is so focused on pinning this on Belle that she just wants to shut down the whole investigation. Marlena assures that Rafe won't let that happen. Shawn insists that they won't build a whole case off a button and she didn't do anything wrong so there won't be additional evidence. Belle then informs him that there actually is.

Ava can tell Nicole is not thrilled. Nicole tells her that she and Rafe have been friends for a long time so she just wants Rafe to be happy. Ava takes that as Nicole telling her that she's not good enough for Rafe. Nicole feels they are two very different people. Ava acknowledges that she's mafia and he's a cop which Nicole states is the truth.

Ben reminds Ciara that the washer used as her engagement ring came from her father's motorcycle that he fixed after her crash. Ben wants Ciara to take it as a reminder of Bo so she takes the washer.

Lucas repeats to Sami that he has to tell Chloe the truth. Sami argues that if he does, Chloe will go back to Brady and then Kristen will eliminate Chloe one way or another. Sami adds that Kristen will call EJ and they know how he will handle it. Lucas argues that Chloe's doctor will find out he has no cancer. Chloe finishes her call and comes back while Sami sits Lucas down and claims that he almost fainted. Sami says she doesn't think Lucas is up for seeing the doctor so Chloe agrees to reschedule. Sami says she has to go since Belle has been charged with murder so she has to go be there for her. Chloe tells her that she'll take care of Lucas. Sami tells her to keep her posted on his condition. Sami calls Chloe a saint as she rushes out.

John explains to Shawn that he first only remembered a gunshot until Marlena hypnotized him and then he remembered seeing a woman, wearing Belle's red coat, and that's when she killed Charlie. Belle insists that she was framed. Shawn notes the button was left behind to lead them straight to Belle. Shawn finds it ironic that Melinda just had him taken off the task so he has no obligation to report this so Melinda will never know anything.

Rafe tells Melinda that he just spoke to the lab techs and there's no new evidence pointing to Belle as a murderer. Melinda responds that there is new evidence and it's all she needs to put Belle away. Melinda hands Rafe a paper and tells him to get right on it.

Nicole says that Ava and Rafe are from different worlds. Ava points out that she knew that when she convinced Rafe to let her stay here. Nicole says that was to protect her from Charlie but now that situation has resolved itself. Ava remarks that Charlie can't hurt her now that someone killed him. Nicole apologizes if that sounded insensitive but she doesn't understand why Ava stayed. Ava says that's because she is broke since she gave up the mob life which she did for her son, Tripp. Ava adds that Rafe understands and respects that. Nicole comments that Rafe feels sorry for people and tries to help people making changes. Ava mocks Nicole's take and says she knows Rafe. Ava adds that Rafe could have helped her by loaning her the deposit for an apartment but he asked her to stay because he likes her. Nicole argues that Rafe asked her to stay because he's alone and that's no reason to start a relationship. Ava then guesses that Nicole wants Rafe for herself. Nicole laughs it off and reminds Ava that she's married. Ava remarks that Eric forgot that too but quickly apologizes for that being below the belt. Nicole decides she should go. Ava stops her and asks her not to be mad at her. Ava says she'll never forget how nice she's been to her but if she goes after her, it's old habit to fight back. Ava apologizes again. Nicole tells her it's fine and says she didn't go after her, she's just worried about Rafe and it came out wrong. Ava points out that Rafe is a grown up, who knows how to take care of himself. Ava knows that she owes him and swears she won't take advantage of Rafe.

Lucas pours out the green juice in the fireplace and comments on it being disgusting. Chloe then comes back in the room and notes that he drank his green juice. Chloe offers to take him upstairs so he can lie down. Lucas agrees that's a good idea so they exit the room together.

Melinda goes back to the interrogation room and tells Jan that Rafe is executing the search warrant as they speak. Jan asks if she will keep her name out of it. Melinda says yes unless it's one of her famous stunts. Jan swears she is telling the truth. Melinda declares that Belle Brady is going down then.

John reminds Marlena, Shawn, and Belle that no one else can know what he saw. Rafe then shows up at the door and comes in. Shawn tells Rafe that he knows he's off the case and he's okay with it. Rafe says that's not why he's here but he's going to need to take John to the police station to get a statement. John asks about what. Rafe then plays the recording of Marlena's session with John, where John stated that he saw Belle kill Charlie.

Ciara and Theo get on the elevator to leave the hospital as Ben sadly watches on.

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