Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/27/21

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/27/21


Written By Joseph

John and Marlena are at home, where John shows Marlena the article on his tablet about Belle being arrested for murder.

Nicole sits in the town square, reading the article about Belle's arrest for murder. Jan Spears walks by and calls it shocking.

Claire hugs Belle at home and says she's so thankful Belle made bail. Claire can't believe this is happening and wants to fix it. Claire says she's so sorry as this is all her fault for getting involved with Charlie. Claire argues that Belle only shot him to protect her. Belle says that's not what happened. Claire tells her that they are alone now so she can tell her the truth.

Shawn goes to see Ciara in the hospital and says he got her message. Ciara thanks him for coming and says she knows he's going through a lot right now. She asks how Belle is. Shawn informs her that he hasn't gotten the charges dropped yet but she's out on bail. Ciara says that's good news. Shawn adds that he has more good news as he reveals that he found their mom, Hope.

Theo goes to the hospital and sees Ben, who tells him that they need to talk. Ben knows Theo plans on going to South Africa with Ciara. Theo informs him that they are leaving today. Ben begs him not to and says if he truly cares about Ciara, he needs to find a way to convince her to stay in Salem. Ben argues that he cannot let her leave. Theo insists that it's what Ciara wants. Ben tells Theo that he needs Ciara to stay in Salem. Theo brings up Ben trying to inject Ciara with a drug which he calls a mistake. Theo tells Ben that all he does is scare Ciara and upset her because she doesn't understand how she could have married a serial killer. Ben argues that he would do anything for his wife because he loves her. Theo tells him that he needs to stop. Ben swears to back off and stay away if Theo gets her to stay in Salem but he can't have her living on the other side of the world because if she leaves, he feels like this whole thing is over. Ben insists that it's what is best for her. Ben tells Theo that it's not time to think about himself. Theo argues that this was Ciara's choice so he's not about to talk her out of it. Ben asks Theo to at least give him a few days to wrap his mind around this. Ben pleads with Theo to try to get Ciara to stay a little while longer.

Ciara calls it amazing that Shawn found Hope and asks how she is. Shawn says she's fine and she is in Morocco now after the last lead on Ciara. Ciara questions Hope not keeping in touch. Shawn explains that Hope got in to a jam with some of Vincent's former associates but she got out and managed to contact him. Shawn admits that Hope was ecstatic to find out Ciara was alive. Ciara can't wait to talk to her. Shawn then reveals that Hope is on her way to the airport now and she will be in Salem tomorrow.

Rafe is at home, finishing a call with Doug. Rafe thanks Doug for letting him know and hangs up. Ava comes in and asks Rafe what's up. Rafe informs her that Hope is coming home tomorrow. Ava calls that great and notes that Rafe seems happy. Rafe confirms that he is because Hope will finally be reunited with her daughter. Ava says she is thrilled for them but can't help but think there might be something more for Rafe.

John tells Marlena that it's all over the news that their little girl has been arrested for murder. Marlena argues that it doesn't mean she's guilty. John reminds Marlena that he remembered everything when she hypnotized him. Marlena says he only remembered a few details but that doesn't prove anything. John insists that he saw Belle pull the trigger.

Belle tells Claire that she did not kill Charlie. Claire doesn't understand how her button got to Charlie's apartment. Belle says she has absolutely no idea.

Nicole mentions hearing Jan came out of her coma. Jan calls it a miracle that she got a third chance at life. Nicole questions why Jan isn't behind bars for kidnapping Belle. Jan explains that they came to an agreement. Jan adds that she and John are both free while now Belle has been arrested for murder. Nicole argues that Belle had many reasons to hate Charlie but killing him in cold blood just doesn't seem like Belle. Jan thinks back to being the one to shoot Charlie. Nicole says that Jan can't possibly think Belle murdered Charlie. Jan says she's done wasting time on Belle and Shawn, claiming she has emerged from her coma as an entirely new being. Nicole argues that Jan has to admit that Belle is not the type of person to commit premeditated murder. Jan talks about the button being found at the scene after Belle walked in on Charlie about to attack Claire. Jan assures that Belle made sure Charlie could never hurt anyone again. Nicole doesn't approve of murder. Jan remarks that they used to. Jan comments that the police agree that it was Belle or else Rafe wouldn't have arrested her.

Ava brings up how Rafe used to be married to Hope. Rafe informs her that he and Hope decided to give it another shot last year but he had to go away unexpectedly and when he came back, Hope had gone to search for Ciara. Rafe adds that he did track her down but when he found her, she wasn't ready to be with him and said she had to focus on finding Ciara. Ava asks Rafe what he's feeling now that Hope is going to be home.

Ciara tells Shawn to call Hope back and tell her not to come home. Shawn questions if she doesn't want to see her. Ciara assures that she does, just not here. Shawn says he'll get her out of the hospital and she can see Hope tomorrow. Ciara then informs him that's not going to work because she's leaving Salem today with Theo.

Theo tells Ben that he knows how hard all of this has been on him. Theo says he's sorry but he won't make up a story to make Ciara stay because it would be wrong to deceive her. Ben argues that he's just asking for a few days. Theo tells Ben to put Ciara first instead of clinging to something that no longer exists. Theo remarks that if Ben really loves Ciara, then he will get out of her way and let her go. Theo then walks away. Ben then leaves the hospital.

Rafe tells Ava that he doesn't know since Hope isn't even home yet. Rafe says he's just happy for her and excited that she and Ciara will finally be reunited. Ava says that's great. Ava asks about Rafe arresting Belle. Rafe explains that Melinda forced him to but she doesn't have any evidence or a case against her. Ava brings up reading that the button was found at Charlie's apartment and asks how that was explained. Rafe states that Belle swears she's never been to Charlie's apartment and he thinks she's telling the truth. Ava understands a lot of people wanted Charlie dead. Rafe acknowledges that protecting your family is a powerful motive but he's not convinced that Belle is the one who did it.

Jan wonders how much prison time Belle will get. Nicole asks if she's really enjoying this. Jan claims she's not at all. Nicole says Jan can say whatever she wants but she knows that Jan still hates Belle. Jan thinks Belle did a good thing ridding the world of Charlie Dale. Jan mentions Claire filling her in on Charlie while she visited her at the hospital. Nicole finds it odd that Claire would visit her in the hospital after what she did to her mother. Jan claims that before that, they were BFFs so she apologized and now everything is good. Nicole brings up that Belle was arrested for shooting someone at point blank range. Jan talks about what Charlie did to Claire and remarks that it made her feel like she could've killed him, herself...

Belle goes to see John and Marlena. She says she came to assure them that everything is okay. They ask what they can do to help. Belle says that Shawn hired Justin as her attorney and how he thinks the case is flimsy. Belle insists that she's never been to Charlie's apartment and no one has ever seen her there. John then reveals that he did and tells Belle that he went to Charlie's apartment that night and he saw Belle shoot Charlie.

Ciara informs Shawn that she's moving to South Africa today. Shawn says he loves Theo and he knows they are close but he doesn't think she should do this. Ciara asks if it's because of Ben. Shawn talks about spending time with Ben while Ciara was missing. Shawn says he and everyone else thought Ciara was gone but Ben didn't. Ciara says she's heard all of this before. Ciara talks about regretting getting hypnotized. Ciara tells Shawn to stop trying to convince her that her and Ben belong together because they don't and she doesn't want Ben in her life. Shawn argues that it doesn't mean she has to move to another continent. Ciara insists that she does because Ben won't leave her alone. Ciara adds that she doesn't feel safe around Ben so she needs to go somewhere where he can't just come after her whenever he wants. Ciara declares that she's made up her mind and she's leaving today as nothing and no one can change her mind.

Ben goes to see Claire and informs her that Theo and Ciara are leaving for South Africa today. Ben adds that he tried to convince Theo not to take Ciara but he wouldn't listen and they are leaving for the airport as soon as Ciara is released from the hospital. Claire tells Ben that she's so sorry. Ben declares that he has to do something to stop this. Claire asks how. Ben responds that he only has one option and it's a little bit extreme but he needs Claire to help him.

Jan tells Nicole that every time she thinks of how scared Claire must have been and what Charlie could've done to her makes her blood boil. Jan repeats that she could easily have imagined blowing him away herself for Claire but claims that she couldn't have since she was still in her coma...

Belle questions how the hell John could have seen her at Charlie's apartment when she was never there. Belle questions why this is the first time she's hearing about this. John explains that he didn't remember until recently. John brings up running in to Charlie earlier that night. Marlena comments on how angry John was. John admits he didn't rest at home and he drove over to Charlie's but then he blacked out. Belle is missing where he saw her shoot Charlie. John repeats that he blacked out but he kept getting flashes for weeks and hearing a gunshot. Marlena explains that John was afraid he might have lost control. John adds that he convinced Marlena to hypnotize him and that's when it all came back to him. John says he went up to Charlie's door and that's when he saw Belle with the gun. Belle calls that impossible. John says he saw her in her red coat, the same one he saw her earlier that night which is how he knew it was her. Belle swears that she was not there and she's telling the truth.

Shawn tells Ciara that she doesn't have to leave today and she can stay to visit with Hope then go join Theo in a few weeks. Ciara insists that she's ready now. Ciara asks Shawn to call Hope to tell her to meet her in South Africa, noting it's closer to where she is anyways. Shawn is sure Hope would rather be here. Ciara argues that she doesn't want to be here and doesn't want to risk being attacked by Ben again which Shawn questions. Ciara informs him that Ben came at her with a needle and tried to inject her with Dr. Rolf's memory serum without her consent but Theo stopped him. Shawn says he's sorry as he didn't know this. Ciara asks if he gets now why she doesn't want to be here or why she doesn't feel safe around Ben. Shawn admits that he does get it and he will have a talk with Ben. Shawn adds that they just got her back after so long with so much sadness and grief. Shawn asks Ciara to stay a few more days to say goodbye. Ciara responds that she already said her goodbyes as she called Doug, Julie, and Victor. Ciara says the last person on her list is Rafe and she can just call him now. Shawn tells Ciara how much he will miss her as he hugs her. Ciara asks Shawn to call Hope to ask her to meet her in South Africa while she's on the phone with Rafe. Shawn agrees to call Hope but says he won't stop wishing that he could find a way to get her to stay.

Ben asks Claire to distract Theo by coming up with a reason for him to come over and keeping him there for half an hour while he kidnaps Ciara. Claire questions his plan and where he would take her. Ben explains that he would take her to the cabin because he knows if it's just them there, she will remember everything. Claire knows Ben is desperate but feels he's not thinking clearly. Ben argues that he loves his wife and he knows she still loves him. Ben states that hypnosis wasn't the answer and neither was Dr. Rolf's drug but this is it. Ben tells Claire to figure out what to tell Theo and he'll call her when it's time. Claire responds that she will not let him do this.

Ava asks Rafe if he really thinks that Belle is innocent. Rafe confirms that he does as he finds it hard to believe she would keep quiet while people she cares about were being falsely accused. Ava asks what's next then. Rafe says he'll keep investigating until he finds the killer and he assures they will. Rafe then gets a call from Ciara. Rafe mentions talking to Doug who told him that Ciara is being released from the hospital today. Rafe adds that he doesn't want to intrude on her reunion with her mom so she can just let him know when to come by. Ciara then informs him that she's calling to say goodbye because she's leaving Salem and moving to South Africa with Theo. Rafe is shocked and asks when this happened. Ciara calls it a really long story and promises to tell him all about it but she doesn't have a lot of time because they are leaving today. Ciara says they have their plane tickets and they can't postpone it as she reveals that Hope is meeting them there. Rafe thought Hope was coming to Salem. Ciara informs him that there's a slight change of plans but it's all her fault and Hope had nothing to do with it. Theo then comes in the room and tells Ciara that they should get going. Ciara tells Rafe that she's sorry but she has to go. Ciara promises to keep in touch and says she's really going to miss him. Rafe says he will miss her too and asks her to text him when she lands. Ciara says she loves him and hangs up. Ava asks Rafe if Hope isn't coming home after all which Rafe confirms. Ava asks if he's okay. Rafe claims he's fine. Ava tells him that he doesn't have to pretend with her.

Ben argues that Claire doesn't get it because if Ciara leaves, she's not coming back. Ben brings up Ciara and Theo's history and how they are getting closer by the minute. Claire argues that if Ben kidnaps Ciara, she will freak out and be traumatized. Ben disagrees. Claire points out that all that Ciara remembers about the cabin is it being where she tried to set her on fire. Ben insists he's taking her there to bring back the other good memories. Claire questions how he's going to do that. Claire argues that Ciara will call the cops and Ben will get arrested. Ben believes that Ciara knows how much they love each other. Claire insists that this is a huge mistake and he's just going to push her further away. Ben questions if Claire won't help him by distracting Theo for a little while. Ben adds that he thought Claire was his friend. Claire says she is his friend so she won't lie to Theo so that he can kidnap Ciara. Ben decides he will do this on his own then and walks out.

John tells Belle that he knows it was her and says he blocked it out because he didn't want to believe it. Belle asks if he saw her face. John admits he didn't and only saw her from behind with the red coat and the hood up. Marlena suggests it could've been somebody else in a similar coat. Belle confirms it was definitely her coat since the button was missing. Belle adds that someone else was at Charlie's apartment in her coat and did it on her purpose. Belle declares that she was set up.

Nicole suggests Jan do them all a favor and slip back in to a coma. Jan calls that a terrible thing to say. Nicole brings up how Jan kidnapped Belle and forced Shawn to marry her. Jan brings up when Nicole talked her in to electrocuting Victor so she could steal his money. Nicole says she was a different person then and she's changed. Jan says she has too but she has to beg people to believe her while Nicole can convince anyone that she's a perfect angel, including Rafe. Nicole calls Rafe a forgiving person, who has been a comfort to her in trying times. Jan argues that Nicole goes on about Rafe when she's a married woman. Jan suggests that Nicole is in love with Rafe. Nicole calls that absurd. Jan then walks away.

Rafe tells Ava that he doesn't know why he expected anything else since he hasn't heard from Hope since he saw her last. Rafe says he's not asking for much but she could've sent a text. Rafe doesn't know why he let himself think anything but says it doesn't matter because something always gets in the way of him and Hope. Rafe says it's Ciara so he can't be upset about that. Ava tells him that she's really sorry. Rafe thanks her as she hugs him. Ava calls Rafe a really good man and adds that Hope was a fool to ever let him go.

Nicole continues reading about Belle's arrest and reads an article that says Rafe has no comment.

Rafe and Ava end up kissing.

Marlena asks about Belle thinking she was framed for Charlie's murder. Belle says it's the only explanation that makes sense. John brings up seeing her at Charlie's apartment but Belle insists that someone went there deliberately with her coat and shot Charlie. Belle asks who would hate her enough to do something like that. Belle then stops and declares she knows who did it.

Jan goes to the police station and approaches Shawn.

Claire tries calling Ben but he doesn't answer. Claire prays for Ben not to do something he will regret.

Theo asks Ciara if she's ready to go. Ciara asks why she wouldn't be. Theo notes it's happening pretty fast and asks if there's someone else she needs to say goodbye to. Theo tells her there's no rush and they could always leave next week. Ciara assures she is ready now with no regrets as this is what she wants. They go to leave right as Ben arrives at the hospital.

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