Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/26/21

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/26/21


Written By Joseph

Lani and Eli watch over their babies at home. Eli changes baby Carver's diaper while Lani tells him about Paulina stopping by to ask her to talk Chanel out of her marriage to Xander. Lani is happy that she convinced Chanel that she deserves better but Xander is demanding 10 million dollars in exchange for the divorce which shocks Eli.

Paulina asks Xander for his answer. Xander reluctantly accepts the check. Chanel questions what the hell he is doing. Xander argues it's more than he had so now they can move on with their lives. Chanel complains that it's only $50,000 each. Paulina is then shocked to learn they were planning together to split the money.

Philip invites Gabi to dinner but Gabi suggests he take her back to his place instead.

Kristen puts her Susan disguise back on and says Kate could've made this easy but she had to make it complicated so now she has to go to plan B. Kristen as "Susan" stands over Kate as Jake then walks in and questions who the hell she is and what she's doing in his house.

Chloe reads about treatments for brain cancer and tells herself that there is hope so she wants to help Lucas fight this together. Chloe then gets a call that surprises her.

Abe and Theo eat together at the Brady Pub. Abe tells Theo that when he met Chanel, he didn't realize she was Paulina's daughter and Lani's cousin. Theo says he had no idea either but he figured out pretty early that she's not the one for him. Abe brings back hearing that Chanel wanted to go back to South Africa with him. Theo says that's only because Paulina cut her off and told her to get a job but there's no way in hell he's going to be Chanel's meal ticket. Abe calls her determined but thinks she has managed to land herself in some serious trouble. Theo asks what he means so Abe reveals that Chanel married Xander.

Chanel swears she wasn't scamming Paulina and claims she was scamming Xander by telling him what he wanted to hear while she was going to give the money back to her. Paulina tells her to save it as she's no better than him. Paulina brings up Xander's crimes and questions Chanel teaming with a criminal. Paulina talks about paying for everything for Chanel growing up. Paulina declares that she spoiled Chanel rotten and she's never been so disgusted with a human being in her life.

"Susan" rushes over to Jake and introduces herself to him. Jake then says he knows exactly who she is.

Brady finishes reading a bedtime story to Rachel and heads back to the living room. Brady then gets a call from Chloe, who informs him that Belle has been arrested for the murder of Charlie Dale. Brady says he had no idea and he's sure Sami doesn't either. Chloe asks about John. Brady says he and Marlena aren't home so he will give John a call then call her back.

"Susan" argues that Jake couldn't know who she is if they've never met. Jake explains that Ben was telling him about her and her premonitions. Jake adds that she's also his brother EJ's mother. Jake points out that she never answered what she's doing in his living room. "Susan" claims she had a premonition about him and that she saw him with a beautiful woman with dark hair. Jake says that would be his girlfriend Kate but "Susan" says she's getting something more like Gabi.

Gabi questions if Philip has to think about it and if he's not interested. Philip assures that he is and asks what man wouldn't be. Gabi says it took him long enough. Philip points out that he saw her face when Jake said he was going on a romantic getaway with Kate so it's obvious she still has feelings for him. Gabi says he already knows that. Philip argues that jumping in to bed with him isn't going to get rid of that. Gabi thinks it will make her feel a lot better. Gabi asks if he wants to psychoanalyze her or sleep with her. Philip asks what she thinks as they walk off together.

Theo is surprised to learn Chanel married Xander but remarks that they kind of deserve each other. Abe thinks she might be in over her head. Theo assures that Chanel is good at taking care of herself. Abe asks about Theo's feelings for her. Theo says at first he thought she was cool and fun but she's all about herself all the time so he's glad he got out when he did. Theo adds that now he's free to be with someone he cares about and who cares about him. Theo then reveals they are moving to South Africa together so Abe asks who this person is.

Lani and Eli talk about how Xander wanted 10 million dollars from Paulina. Lani adds that she doesn't know what Paulina is going to do but she flew out like a bat out of Hell when she found out so she almost feels sorry for Xander.

Chanel tells Paulina that she can explain but Paulina guesses she'll keep lying. Chanel promises to tell the truth and admits that Xander was going to give her half of the money. Chanel says she didn't marry Xander to extort her as she thought he was going to be her meal ticket but she didn't know he was a washed up slacker CEO and when she realized he was poor, she wanted a divorce but he refused when he found out how loaded Paulina is. Chanel says a payoff was the only way Xander would let her out of the marriage contract. Paulina questions Xander offering her half of the money. Chanel explains that she told him if he got the money, she'd have no reason to divorce him so they agreed to split it. Paulina guesses there's only one thing to do. She takes the check back from Xander and rips it up, declaring they both get nothing. Chanel complains that now she'll be stuck in this miserable sham of a marriage. Chanel asks if Paulina doesn't care what happens to her. Paulina says she can barely stand to look at her. Paulina tells Chanel that she made her bed so she will lie in it as she then walks out of Julie's Place. Chanel remarks that her mother hates her. Xander encourages that she doesn't. Chanel says she's never seen Paulina so angry. They argue over whose fault it was. Chanel calls him a loser while Xander calls her a brat. Chanel declares that she wants a divorce and she wants it now.

Abe questions Theo taking Ciara back to South Africa. Theo says it was her idea. Abe asks about her marriage. Theo says in Ciara's mind, it's totally over and it makes her sick that she was ever married to Ben. Theo adds that Ben won't leave her alone and is constantly pressuring her to remember when she doesn't want to and she's scared of him. Theo admits he's scared that Ben could really hurt Ciara which is why they are leaving as soon as she gets released from the hospital tomorrow. Abe knows they've always cared about each other and that Theo has been protective of her but he's afraid of Theo getting hurt again. Theo tells him he got the same speech from Claire but he's all grown up now and knows what he's doing so he can't talk him out of it. Abe guesses he can't talk him in to staying a little longer either. Theo says he wishes but he has to get back to work. Abe is proud of Theo, the life he's created, and his business with JJ. Abe wishes he wasn't so far away as the goodbye is never easy. They decide on see you soon and say I love you to each other as they hug.

Lani tells Eli that she's going to the store while he watches the babies. Eli points out that both babies are asleep at the same time for once so he wants to take advantage of his beautiful wife as they kiss.

Philip brings Gabi to his bedroom at the Kiriakis Mansion. Philip offers to have food made for her or a drink. Gabi instead tells him to shut up and kiss her so they kiss.

Jake tells "Susan" that she is wrong. She claims her premonitions are never wrong and that he is in Gabi's arms with no Kate in sight. Jake assures that he used to date Gabi but that is long over and he's with Kate now. Jake then asks what is behind "Susan".

Chanel tells Xander that he's not getting anything from Paulina so he has zero reason to force her to stay in this stupid marriage. Xander tells her she can have her divorce and he'll never have to see her again. Xander asks for the ring back. Chanel says that he said she could keep it. Xander calls it something to remember him by so Chanel tosses it back to him. Chanel suggests he sell it after two failed marriages and then storms out.

Paulina goes to the Brady Pub and is relieved to see a friendly face in Abe. Abe asks if everything is alright. Paulina says she's not so Abe guesses it has to do with Chanel's marriage to Xander. Paulina talks about never being so furious at anyone like she is at her daughter. Paulina tells Abe about Xander wanting 10 million dollars for the divorce and that Chanel was in on the scheme. Abe encourages that Chanel is young and will learn from her mistakes. Paulina then declares that she's Paulina Price and she doesn't cry. Paulina says she has to make her next move, the sooner, the better. Abe asks what that is. Paulina informs him that she is leaving Salem.

Eli and Lani continue kissing. Lani suggests he take her to the bedroom but they are interrupted by a knock at the door. Lani answers the door to see Theo. Theo hopes it's not a bad time and says he can come back but they invite him in. Theo announces he won't stay long as he just came to say goodbye.

Philip and Gabi kiss onto the bed. Philip asks if she's sure. Gabi tells him to make love to her.

Jake finds a glass on the floor and questions what it's doing way over there. "Susan" keeps him from seeing Kate's body behind the couch and insists that she had a vision of Jake and Gabi having a passionate romance. Jake repeats that it's over. "Susan" asks what's in his heart. Jake calls this ridiculous. "Susan" continues to insist that it's real and tells Jake not to pass this by. Jake thanks her for stopping by but thinks her mojo is off. She tells him that he has to go right now to tell Gabi how he feels about her.

Chloe finishes a call with Dr. Dunn about Lucas's "condition". She thanks the doctor for agreeing to come to Salem on such short notice as she hopes he can help with some sort of new treatment. Chloe thanks him and then hangs up. Chloe then gets a call back from Brady and asks what he found out. Brady informs her that John and Marlena weren't able to see Belle so it looks like she's being held overnight. Chloe feels bad for his family after what happened to Allie. Brady talks about how good Allie is doing now with her son. Chloe is glad something good came out of a terrible experience. Chloe encourages that John and Marlena will get through this. Brady says he's going to try to see Belle tomorrow morning and adds that Chloe is welcome to come with him if she wants. Chloe says she would but she can't because she has a really important doctor's appointment tomorrow. Brady guesses it's not a routine checkup and asks if something is wrong.

Abe questions Paulina leaving Salem and asks about her big plans for the town square rezoning or if she's just giving up. Paulina responds that she never gives up but now that the project has been given the green light, she needs to fly back to Miami to settle some affairs to make Salem her new permanent home. Paulina asks if he thinks Salem can handle her. Abe says he's not sure but he's glad to hear it. Abe adds that with Theo leaving town, she made his day. Abe admits that when she first said she was leaving, he realized he would miss her. Paulina jokes that he won't get rid of her that easily.

Lani asks Theo if he's sure that he and Ciara don't want to take more time to think about this since taking her to South Africa is a really big step. Theo assures that they both want this and they aren't rushing in to things. Theo says he needs to get back to his job and Ciara needs a place to stay so he's just helping out his friend. Lani asks if Ciara is just a friend. Theo says she is for now. Lani asks what happens when Ciara gets her memory back. Theo responds that they will deal with that when, or if, it happens. Theo says they can't change his mind as he already heard the arguments. Eli reminds Theo not to stay away too long because his goddaughter will miss her favorite uncle. Theo says he will be back soon and expects lots of video chats. Lani asks if he has to go since she feels like he just got here. Theo says he does and hates saying goodbye as he and Lani hug.

Gabi starts thinking about kissing Jake while in bed with Philip. Philip asks if everything is alright. Gabi stops and says she can't do this.

Jake tells "Susan" that he and Kate should be leaving for the airport in a few minutes so he asks if she's seen her. "Susan" suggests she's upstairs so he should go help her pack. She tells Jake to have a great trip even if it's with the wrong woman. Jake responds that Kate is the only woman. Jake then turns around and questions what the hell is that.

Chanel sits in the town square frustrated until Theo appears.

Lani tells Eli that Theo taking Ciara to South Africa can't be good after he just broke up with Chanel. Lani talks about how long Theo has been in love with Ciara and worries about if she breaks his heart. Lani asks what if Ciara remembers everything and can't get back to Ben fast enough. Lani feels she should've tried harder to talk Theo out of it. Eli encourages that Theo is going to do whatever he wants and Eli wants to get back to doing what they were doing before the babies wake up. Eli and Lani start kissing again until they are interrupted by another knock at the door. Lani answers the door to see aunt Paulina, who says she hopes it's not a bad time. Paulina jokes about seeing Eli shirtless then says she just came to say goodbye. Lani responds that there's been a lot of that going around today.

Chloe assures Brady that she's fine and the doctor appointment is for a friend. Brady says she's very kind for that. Chloe responds that the person means a lot to her and she is worried but she's hopeful. Chloe asks Brady to keep her posted on Belle. Brady says he will and tells her to take care. Brady wishes her luck tomorrow and hangs up.

Jake finds a piece of Kate's clothing on the floor and says she obviously bought it for their trip so he questions what it's doing down here if she's upstairs packing. "Susan" rushes Jake out the door to go upstairs to ask Kate himself. Kristen then goes back to Kate on the floor and said Kate could've made it easy on herself but she had to find out that she's "Susan Banks" and she had to resort to violence. Kristen declares that she has to figure out what the hell she's going to do.

Philip thought Gabi wanted this. Gabi says she thought she could but she can't. Gabi assures it has nothing to do with him. Philip guesses it's Jake. Gabi admits she couldn't stop thinking about him. Gabi asks why she's so pathetic when Jake clearly doesn't want her. Gabi questions why she can't just forget about him like he did to her. Philip tells her it will be their secret. Gabi says she barely knows Philip and he's her boss so she feels like a fool and apologizes. Philip assures it's okay and hugs her.

Kristen declares that she's going to have to make Kate disappear like she did to Sarah. Kristen adds that it's all Vivian's fault since if she doesn't break up Jake and Kate, then Vivian will send her back to prison and she can't let that happen. Kristen drags Kate in to the DiMera tunnels. Jake comes back downstairs and calls Kate, leaving a message for her to call him when she gets it because they have a plane to catch.

Xander remains drinking at Julie's Place. Xander talks about still not understanding why Sarah went away since one day they were madly in love and then she was gone.

Theo sits next to Chanel and asks if she's okay. Chanel claims that she's fine and doesn't suppose he would reconsider taking her back to South Africa with him. Theo says no which Chanel says she expected. Chanel says she'll figure something out as she always does.

Lani questions where Paulina is going and what happened with Xander. Paulina reveals that Chanel was in on it to split the 10 million with Xander. Lani thought she got through to Chanel about taking responsibility and doing the right thing. Paulina says Xander and Chanel aren't as clever as they are greedy so they are getting nothing. Paulina tells them that she has things to do so she has to go to Miami for a week or two but she'll be back. Eli says they will watch Chanel for her. Paulina jokes that unlike Chanel, Lani knows how to pick them. Paulina thanks Eli. Eli and Lani go to get pictures of the babies to show Paulina. Paulina then looks over the babies and says she hates leaving them but before she goes, she's going to tell them a little secret..

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