Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/23/21

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/23/21


Written By Joseph

Jake runs in to Gabi in the town square. Gabi talks about always running in to someone she knows in this town. Jake says he should get going but Gabi stops him.

Lucas goes to Chloe's room and asks if it's a bad time. Chloe says of course not but Lucas asks if everything is okay. Chloe claims it is but then admits it's not really. Lucas guesses it's Brady.

Brady asks Vivian on the phone if she's sure she doesn't need him to come to prison. Brady says he appreciates Vivian looking out for Kristen and thanks her then hangs up as Sami arrives. Sami questions why Brady was talking to Vivian Alamain. Brady responds that she's his only way to get to Kristen.

"Susan" goes to the DiMera Mansion where Kate is preparing her clothes and tells her that she'll never pull that off. Kate tells her that she scared her. "Susan" asks why she would be scared of her, remarking that Susan Banks couldn't hurt a fly. Kate questions what the hell she's doing in her house.

Xander and Chanel go to Julie's Place to wait for Paulina. Chanel orders more champagne and hopes by the time the bill comes, they'll have Paulina's money. Xander says he could've just swiped a bottle from behind the bar. Chanel says they won't have to once Paulina comes through with the money. Xander agrees that this could pay off big for both of them if they play their cards right. Paulina then arrives and questions what cards those are. Xander says he was just explaining to Chanel that she better get her to cough up some money or they will be together forever. Paulina mentions Lani said he was looking for a payout. Xander hopes they can agree on terms. Xander says if she wants her daughter's freedom, he wants 10 million dollars. Paulina laughs at him and says he'll get 10 million when hell freezes over.

"Susan" tells Kate that she had a premonition so she knows Kate will listen to what she has to say. Kate asks what her vision is. She claims it's a warning that Kate is in terrible danger because someone is after her.

Chloe asks how Lucas knew she was upset about Brady. Lucas says he knows they are working together again and he thought that would stir up a bunch of old feelings. Chloe says it's not like she went looking for it but they spent to much time together and got closer. Lucas says it's totally understandable but he doesn't think Chloe should act on those feelings since he's with someone else. Chloe says Brady made that clear. Lucas tells Chloe that she's too special to be with someone who doesn't recognize that and that she deserves someone who puts her first and is open and available. Chloe asks if Lucas means himself. Chloe questions if he's saying she should give up on Brady and be with him. Lucas says he didn't say that outright. Lucas brings up that they were married and got back together a couple years ago. Chloe reminds him that he left her. Lucas argues that he had to go to Italy to tend to Allie but he always wondered where they would be if he stayed. Lucas notes her not saying anything. Chloe says she just hasn't seen him or talked to him in forever and now he suddenly wants to jump back in a relationship. Lucas admits that he has ulterior motives.

Brady tells Sami that Vivian is the last person he thought he would be confiding in about Kristen but she's actually given him good advice on how to deal with Kristen. Sami jokes about that. Brady is glad Kristen is not alone but he's just hoping she's not okay and she doesn't screw up in prison. Sami thinks back to finding out Kristen is pretending to be Susan while Susan is in prison. Sami remarks that she's not sure how it could get much worse. Brady questions why she would say that.

Kate asks "Susan" who is after her. "Susan" says she doesn't know exactly but warns her not to blow this off, insisting that she's in danger. "Susan" tells Kate that she has to pack her bags right now and leave town. Kate says that's weird because that's exactly what she's doing. "Susan" calls it perfect timing and asks if it's a business trip. Kate informs her that it's personal as she's going away with Jake.

Gabi tells Jake that she's glad she ran in to him because she wants to talk business. Gabi brings up the Titan warehouses that were lent to Basic Black but now that Gabi Chic is with Titan, they are going to need them back. Jake questions why she's talking to him about this when Brady runs Basic Black. Gabi tells him that he apparently decided not to come to the office anymore and is working from home so she figured she'd go straight to the top. Gabi asks Jake if he doesn't think they can work this out together.

Chanel tells Paulina that she has to pay Xander. Paulina argues that she doesn't have to do a damn thing. Chanel adds that if she doesn't then he won't let her out of this marriage. Paulina mentions that Abe filled her in on everything about Xander's past so she doesn't want her daughter anywhere near him. Xander tells Paulina to pay him what he's asking and he'll be on his way. Paulina responds that normally she could but she's afraid she doesn't have that kind of money. Xander doesn't believe that she doesn't have the 10 million dollars. Paulina says the Kiriakis' might but that's a little tough for average folks. Xander talks about reading that she's one of the most successful real state estate developers in Miami. Paulina talks about not getting that way by giving out cash to scam artists. Chanel points out that no other scam artist was holding her daughter hostage. Paulina questions Chanel expecting her to clean up her mess. Paulina says it's not her fault since Chanel refused to get a job and went looking for a sugar daddy.

Lucas tells Chloe that he knows this is out of the blue so maybe he should tell her the real reason because he thinks she deserves to know why he's so desperate that they are together. Chloe asks what it is. Lucas thinks back to Sami telling him that he would be keeping Chloe safe from Kristen. Lucas then claims to Chloe that he's dying.

Sami tells Brady that Kristen has a lot going on but they know she can take care of herself because she would kill her own grandmother to get what she wants. Brady gets that she's done a lot of awful things to people they love. Sami brings up when Kristen kidnapped her so she wouldn't tell Marlena that she was trying to ruin her and John's wedding. Sami wishes she killed Kristen that day. Brady recalls that Sami couldn't find Kristen because she was dressed as Susan Banks.

"Susan" questions Kate going off with someone named Jake and says she can't go away with him because he's the one that is after her. She tells Kate that she has to get far away from Jake so she'll help her pack right now. Kate tells her that she's not going anywhere without Jake and she doesn't need her help so she wants her to leave. Kristen lets her act slip and yells at Kate that she needs to get away from Jake. Kristen tries to cover up with her "Susan" act but Kate catches on to her and pulls off her wig, revealing Kristen. Kate questions what the hell this is. Kristen tries to keep up the act but Kate stops her and says she knows it's her. Kate asks what the hell she's doing here when she's supposed to be in prison. Kate asks if she broke out again. Kristen says it was nothing so dramatic this time but she needed to be with Brady so she switched places with Susan. Kate asks if anyone knows that Susan is in prison. Kristen says no one except Vivian, who is threatening to expose her unless she drives a wedge between Kate and Jake.

Gabi asks if Jake will agree to move out of the warehouses. Jake goes over that Philip gave Chloe warehouse space to get back with her. Gabi asks why it matters. Jake says he wants to get a handle on the situation before making any decisions. Gabi says sometimes you just have to back away because fighting to hold onto something just leads to disappointment. Gabi remarks that she knows better than anyone that it's damn hard to let go.

Sami asks Brady how things are with Kristen. Brady asks why she asked. Sami says she knows Kristen would do anything to be with him. Brady says he's aware and brings up Kristen breaking out of prison a couple months ago because she thought he was in danger but she blamed the whole thing on Chloe. Brady adds that Kristen was ready to kill Chloe to protect him but Marlena talked her down. Sami calls that a bit extreme. Brady mentions that Kristen truly believes Chloe is a threat to their relationship so Sami asks if she is.

Chloe questions Lucas saying he's dying. Lucas claims that a doctor told him he has a brain tumor in the back of his head that they can't get to. Chloe argues that there has to be something they can do. Lucas says he's not giving up but he has to be honest with himself. Chloe doesn't know what to say and says she's so sorry. Lucas claims the test results just scared him and made him realize that he doesn't want to die alone.

Paulina tells Xander that she's sorry Chanel did not have the good sense to stay away from him but she's sure she will figure out a solution that doesn't include her parting with 10 million dollars. Paulina goes to leave but Xander stops her and says everything is negotiable. Xander claims 10 million was just his opening offer so he suggests 9 million. Paulina says goodbye so Xander asks for 7 million as his lowest. Paulina calls this sad and refuses any price. Chanel asks her not to walk away. Paulina asks what is left to say. Paulina calls it Chanel's problem to fix. Chanel says her talk with Lani helped her see that she's worth more than what she's been doing in life. Chanel talks about turning away opportunities but now she wants to make something of her life like Paulina did but she can't do that if she's stuck in this marriage as Xander will hold her back from her dreams and goals. Chanel asks Paulina to help her get out of this so she can turn her life around. Paulina admits the last thing she wants is for her to be stuck in a dead end marriage with a criminal. Xander continues to ask for millions but Paulina refuses. Xander asks for 1 million as his final offer and says if not, he'll never give Chanel a divorce. Chanel thinks it's fair so Paulina pulls out her check book and writes a check for 1 million dollars. Xander and Chanel smile as she then hands him the check and says she hopes he's happy.

Jake asks Gabi if they are still talking about warehouses. Gabi says of course. Philip then approaches and comments on seeing that Gabi found Jake. Gabi tells Philip that she was just telling Jake about needing the warehouses back. Philip asks if that's a problem. Jake says not at all and he's happy to let the warehouses go as they were never his to begin with. Gabi thinks back to Jake telling her that they would never be together and then how they agreed to try not to fight all the time.

Brady tells Sami that he loves Kristen. Sami asks if he has feelings for Chloe. Brady says no but then admits he does. Brady says he didn't realize it or want to admit it. Brady talks about Kristen being the mother of his child. Sami questions Brady telling Chloe that he has feelings for her and asks why he would do that, worrying about what if Kristen finds out. Brady asks why Sami cares since she hates Kristen. Sami tries to explain but Brady feels Sami is trying to convince him to stay with Kristen so he questions what's going on.

Chloe encourages Lucas that he's not alone as he has his mom, his kids, and his friends. Chloe asks if he's told Will yet. Lucas says he hasn't told anyone yet and talks about how Will and Sonny are happy and Allie is going through her own thing so he doesn't want people feeling sorry for him. Lucas says he's decided not to tell anyone so he asks Chloe not to tell anyone. Chloe promises not to say anything. Lucas thanks her and says he knew he could count on her. Chloe questions why he would keep it to himself if he said he didn't want to die alone. Lucas says he meant that he doesn't want to die without love in his life.

Xander tells Paulina that it was a pleasure doing business with her. Xander then picks up the check and notes that Paulina left a zero off so it's only for $100,000 when they agreed to a million. Paulina argues that she did not agree. Paulina says that's her price and that's her final offer so that's all he's getting from her, take it or leave it.

Sami tells Brady that she doesn't like Kristen and doesn't want to be in the same room with her ever again but she believes in family sticking together. Brady feels exactly the same. Sami asks if he won't throw away his relationship for Chloe then. Brady says he was very clear with Chloe that he's with Kristen. Sami feels he hasn't let it go so she wants him to tell her the truth. Brady then admits the temptation is very much still there.

Lucas tells Chloe that all he could think about was the things he hasn't done in his life and at the top of that list was their relationship as he really wondered what it would be like if they were still together. Chloe tells him how much she cares about him but says she has really strong feelings for Brady, even though there's no chance of anything happening, she can't just turn those feelings off. Chloe adds that she will support Lucas in any way she can as she'll be here for him every step of the way.

Jake says he will get going. Philip asks if he's heading back to the office. Jake then reveals that he and Kate are heading out of town on a vacation to a secluded island for a romantic getaway. Jake says he'll go get packing and reminds Philip the warehouses are theirs. Gabi thanks him for making it so easy as Jake walks away.

Kate questions Kristen trying to break up her and Jake. Kristen says it would've solved her Vivian dilemma. Kate questions why she's even doing Vivian's bidding. Kristen informs her that Vivian threatened to expose her to Brady. Kate says that sounds like trouble but she's thankful to be free of any trouble from Vivian since she's behind bars. Kate adds that she's free to fly off to a luxurious island resort with Jake and there's nothing Vivian can do to stop her. Kristen says except Vivian can expose her and ruin her life. Kate suggests she just tell Vivian that she broke up since she's in prison. Kristen argues that Vivian would call Jake and ask him. Kate tells Kristen that she's sorry but there's nothing she can do to help her. Kristen pleads with her because if Brady finds out, she may lose him. Kate thinks she should've thought about that before starting this ruse. Kristen argues that Kate can't do this to her. Kate says this has nothing to do with her as it's about her and Jake taking a trip and she can't stop them. Kate tells Kristen to get the hell out. Kristen then grabs a glass and hits Kate over the back of the head, knocking her out.

Paulina asks Xander for his answer. Xander reluctantly accepts the check. Chanel questions what the hell he is doing. Xander argues it's more than he had so now they can move on with their lives. Chanel complains that it's only $50,000 each. Paulina is then shocked to learn they were planning together to split the money.

Lucas apologizes to Chloe for laying this bombshell on her. Chloe says he doesn't have to apologize. Lucas decides he should go to let her process this. Chloe repeats that she's here for anything he needs as they hug. Lucas adds that he thinks Brady is crazy as he has no idea what he's missing. Lucas then exits her room. Lucas questions what the hell he just did.

Sami tells Brady that he is a good guy and doesn't want to hurt anyone but in situations like this, sometimes that makes things worse. Brady asks if she thinks he's hurting Chloe. Sami thinks Chloe deserves someone who is fully available and not with another woman. Brady assures that nothing will happen between he and Chloe. Sami says it's easy to say that but he has to shut the door and not leave the opportunity open. Brady agrees and says she gives good advice. Brady says he has to go read Rachel a story so he heads to her bedroom. Sami then pulls out her phone and calls Lucas to ask how it went and if he saw Chloe. Lucas confirms that he did. Sami asks if he professed his undying love. Lucas remarks that he wouldn't say "undying."

Chloe sits in her room, reading an article about brain tumor treatment and cures.

Philip congratulates Gabi on taking the warehouses back. Gabi says the win for her is not having to deal with DiMera. Philip invites her to celebrate over dinner. Gabi suggests he take her back to his place instead.

Kristen puts her Susan disguise back on and says Kate could've made this easy but she had to make it complicated so now she has to go to plan B. Kristen as "Susan" stands over Kate as Jake then walks in and questions who the hell she is.

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