Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/22/21

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/22/21


Written By Joseph

Kristen calls Sami, who reminds her that she has a plan and tells her to stop bothering her. Kristen says she will stop when she sees results but Chloe is still moving after Brady. Sami insists that she's working on it. Kristen tells her to work faster unless she wants her to call EJ to tell him that she's cheating on him with Lucas. Sami tells her to stop with the threats because she has a plan to get Chloe out of the way by having Lucas seduce her. Lucas then comes around the corner and disagrees with Sami so she quickly hangs up. Kristen goes back to pretending to be Susan as Brady comes in and asks her to watch Rachel. "Susan" agrees to and asks if he's going to work. Brady says he's sticking to working at home for now since things are still awkward. "Susan" asks where he's going then. Brady informs her that he's going to Statesville prison.

Claire tells Theo that he's been such a great friend to Ciara since he's been back. Theo says he's tried to be there for her and he's sorry that Ciara doesn't remember they worked things out. Claire brings up Ciara not remembering that Ben is her husband either. Claire suggests Theo help Ciara by giving her some room so she and Ben can have a chance to find their way back to each other. Theo responds that he doesn't think that's going to happen because Ciara is leaving Salem.

Ben questions Ciara saying she's leaving Salem. Ciara tells him that as soon as Kayla releases her from the hospital, she's gone. Ben asks where she's going. Ciara says it doesn't matter. Ben asks if it's about Hope. Ciara says it's not as she reveals it's about Theo because she is leaving town with him.

Kate joins Jake in the town square for lunch. Jake thanks her for meeting him. Kate says she was surprised he left work so early. Jake calls it a perk of being CEO. Kate notes Jake ordered her favorite drink and guesses that he's buttering her up for something. Jake admits that he is because he has a bit of a confession to make.

Gabi goes to Basic Black and tells Chloe that they are going to need the Titan warehouses back. Chloe argues that they were renting them as Philip was helping them out. Gabi informs her that now that Gabi Chic is involved, they are direct rivals so she's going to have to terminate that lease. Chloe clarifies that they don't have a lease as Philip was just helping her out so she will have to hear it from him. Gabi argues that she's here on Philip's behalf. Gabi then asks where Brady is.

"Susan" questions Brady going to prison now. Brady asks if that's a problem. She says no but she thought Kristen asked him to stop visiting. Brady reveals he's not going to see Kristen but Vivian. "Susan" questions why he would want to do that. Brady informs her that Vivian requested it as she said she had something important to tell him.

Claire questions Theo asking Ciara to leave town with him and argues that it's not right to take her away from her husband. Theo informs her that it was Ciara's idea. Claire asks why. Theo says Ciara doesn't want to stay in Salem with Ben, she wants to be with him.

Ben questions Ciara leaving with Theo. Ciara informs him that she's going with Theo to South Africa. Ben argues that all of her friends and family are here. Ciara says they all have memories that she doesn't have and expect her to be a person that she doesn't remember being so she has to get out and get a fresh start. Ben questions why she's going with Theo. Ciara responds that she likes being around him and he makes her feel safe as he's a decent, kind man, who has never murdered anyone.

Kate asks Jake about his confession. Jake brings up when Kate accused him of being upset that Philip and Gabi were on a date the other day. Jake admits he wasn't being honest as seeing Gabi with Philip did bother him.

Chloe tells Gabi that Brady is not in as he is working from home. Gabi questions what the hell is going on. Chloe says nothing and promises that Brady is still very much in charge so she will pass her message on to him but she wouldn't count on them giving up the warehouses. Gabi says they'll see about that and storms out.

"Susan" questions why Brady would want to visit Vivian. Brady says he has to hear her out. "Susan" asks what he thinks she wants. Brady assumes it's about Kristen since last time he was there, Vivian was concerned and suggested he stay away. Brady says he's going to find out what she wants. Brady thanks her for watching Rachel but "Susan" suddenly says she can't because she has a doctor's appointment. Brady decides he will call another babysitter then but "Susan" says that's not necessary because her appointment will be fast and she'll be back to watch Rachel and then he can go to prison. Brady says he hopes everything is alright. "Susan" assures that it will be after this visit as she then hurries out of the house.

Sami warns Lucas that Kristen could have heard him and asks what's the matter with him. Lucas questions what's the matter with her since she's pimping him out to his ex-wife. Sami calls it stopping Kristen from exposing their one night stand to EJ while Lucas says it's her problem, not his since only she is married. Sami argues that they talked about this but Lucas disagrees. Lucas declares that he won't let Sami mess up or control his life. Sami tells Lucas that he owes her since she's in this mess because of him. Lucas argues that Sami seduced him. Sami says Lucas kissed her first. They both say the other enjoyed themselves that night. Sami says they both got what they needed and asks if he's really going to let Kristen destroy her marriage because of it. Lucas reminds her that she said things weren't great with her and EJ anyways. Sami argues that it doesn't mean it's over but it will be if EJ finds out. Sami asks Lucas if he's going to let Kristen destroy her marriage or if he will help her save it.

Kristen goes to prison to see Vivian. Kristen notes that Vivian doesn't seem surprised to see her. Kristen argues that Vivian knew that she would find out she asked Brady to see her. Kristen guesses Vivian was going to expose her. Vivian confirms that she was and she will unless Kristen convinces her not to. Vivian tells Kristen that this is her one last chance.

Chloe goes to see Brady. He asks if everything is okay at Basic Black. Chloe says everything is fine but then admits it's not so he asks what's going on. Chloe tells him about Gabi storming in and demanding they give the Titan warehouses back. Brady says he will talk to Philip about that and tells her to have Gabi call him personally next time. Chloe adds that it's not just about the warehouses but about him and her. Chloe points out that Brady isn't even coming in to work anymore. Brady calls it just temporary. Chloe feels that confessing her feelings to him has ruined their friendship and maybe poisoned their professional one as well. Chloe worries that the future of Basic Black is at stake now and she would never forgive herself if she did something to cost him his company. Brady asks what she's saying. Chloe responds that she thinks she has to quit.

Claire is sure Ciara said she wants to be with Theo but she loves Ben deep down. Claire argues that Theo has no idea how strong their bond is. Claire insists that Ciara will remember and when that day comes, Theo will get hurt. Theo says he knows she wants Ciara to get her memories back and maybe that will happen but maybe it won't so they will just see where it takes them. Theo tells Claire that he has to go start packing. Claire questions him leaving already. Theo says as soon as Ciara gets released from the hospital because they are ready to get on with their lives. Theo is glad they could say goodbye but Claire doesn't want to. Claire hugs him and says she'll really miss him. Claire hopes he doesn't think she was trying to guilt him before but says it's only because she cares about him and she thinks he's making a really big mistake. Theo says if he is, it's his mistake to make. Theo then exits the house.

Ben questions Ciara just going to South Africa with Theo because he makes her feel safe which she confirms. Ben says it's because they are friends but Ciara says they are more than friends. Ben reminds Ciara that they are married but now she's jumping into another relationship. Ciara argues that she and Theo have history and care about each other a lot. Ben questions her plan to be with Theo now. Ciara says they will take their time and see where things go. Ben asks if they are not together then. Ciara says not yet but declares she is leaving town with him and nothing Ben can say will change her mind.

Kate asks if Jake is telling her that he has feelings for Gabi and wants to break up. Jake questions why she always goes there. Kate says she can handle the truth. Jake assures that he's not breaking up with her, he's just being honest. Kate tells him to be honest then. Jake says he's trying. Kate asks about him being bothered by seeing Gabi and Philip on a date. Jake admits he didn't tell her because he didn't want to hurt her but he's aware that keeping things from her is even more hurtful. Jake reveals that when he realized Philip and Gabi were on a date together, he was jealous.

Vivian asks Kristen why she shouldn't tell Brady since Kristen hasn't kept up her end of the deal. Kristen argues that she's been fighting for her life out there. Vivian thinks she's being overdramatic. Kristen complains that she was on the verge of losing Brady because Chloe was moving in on him and asks if she's never been in love. Vivian says she's boring her. Kristen asks her for a little more time and swears she will pay her back for what she's done for her. Kristen adds that the drastic steps she took seem to be working.

Lucas questions Sami's plan for him to seduce Chloe so she'll stay away from Brady so Kristen won't tell EJ that they slept together. Sami calls it very simple. Lucas calls it confusing and asks what about Chloe as he doesn't want to screw up her life. Sami just wants him to distract Chloe from Brady. Lucas argues that Chloe likes Brady so it's none of his business who she wants to be with. Sami argues that Kristen is making it her business. Lucas calls Kristen a jealous lunatic. Sami agrees but says she has to help her. Lucas asks if that's no matter who gets hurt in the process because Chloe is innocent. Sami calls that debatable since Sami is going after Brady, who is already in a relationship. Sami argues that if Lucas cares about Chloe, he should want to seduce her because as long as she's interested in Brady, she has a big target on her back. Lucas asks if Sami thinks Kristen will kill her.

Brady doesn't want Chloe to quit. Chloe doesn't know what else to do since Brady isn't even comfortable coming in to his own office. Brady argues that the business is functioning fine. Chloe disagrees and feels it's affecting the way people see them. Brady asks if this is about Gabi. Chloe feels it's his business so people need to see him there and in charge. Brady assures that they know. Chloe isn't sure and blames herself for making things weird by admitting her feelings for him. Brady understands she was just being honest. Chloe admits she thought she saw something between them and that the feeling was mutual. Chloe is sorry she was wrong and that she misread his signals. Brady admits that she didn't and that she was right that he has feelings for her too.

Ben argues that Ciara can't just leave with Theo. Ciara asks why not. Ben says she's still recovering. Ciara says she feels fine. Ben thinks everything has just gotten crazy and they all need to take a step back. Ciara says that's what she is doing for herself. Ben says he came to tell her that he's backing off and he will stay away to give her space. Ben asks Ciara not to leave Salem yet. Theo interrupts and questions what the hell Ben is doing there.

Kate questions Jake feeling jealous seeing Gabi and Philip. Jake admits that he did in that moment. Kate is glad he told her. Kate says she doesn't really want to hear that but she's glad she knows. Jake adds that's only part of the reason he asked her here as he has another confession. Jake wants to take Kate on a trip somewhere where they don't have to run in to Gabi and Philip every time they turn around. Kate asks if that's how he'd get over his jealousy. Jake hoped he could focus all his attention on her. Kate says it sounds promising and asks what he had in mind. Jake says something like a private island. Kate asks about work. Jake says he's CEO so he can do what he wants. Kate reminds him that while he's gone, someone has to run the company. Jake suggests calling Tony to see if he wants to take the reins for a few weeks. Kate jokes that the problem would be getting him back out. Jake says they will cross that bridge when they have to. Jake asks what Kate says to the plan.

Vivian talks about the elaborate scheme Kristen pulled on Brady and Chloe and says she couldn't care less. Vivian only cares about Kristen breaking up Kate and Jake and asks if she at least has a plan. Kristen admits she does not. Kristen then suggests she could seduce Jake. Vivian points out that he's her brother but Kristen says they are not blood related. Vivian adds that she doesn't want Jake in Kristen's bed any more than Kate's. Kristen agrees to come up with something else. Vivian warns that she better or she'll have no choice but to tell Brady what's been going on. Kristen warns Vivian to back off the threats because the last person who threatened to expose her, it didn't end well for them.

Chloe questions Brady admitting he has feelings for her. Brady confirms that he does. Brady admits he hasn't been honest with himself or her as he did everything he could to deny it and push it down but it's been building for awhile. Chloe says she has feelings for him and he has feelings for her. Chloe asks if that means Brady wants to be with her.

Sami reminds Lucas of Kristen breaking out of jail and pulling a gun on Chloe when Brady was shot. Sami says that is who Kristen is so the more she fixates on this idea of Chloe and Brady, the more likely she is to do something about it. Sami encourages Lucas to make Chloe fall in love with him so that she forgets about Brady. Sami asks if Lucas could live with himself if something happened to Chloe. Lucas agrees to do it but notes that he's not happy about it. Sami argues that he's saving Chloe's life and romancing a beautiful woman. Lucas doesn't want to pretend to have feelings for Chloe because it's wrong. Sami asks who says he has to pretend. Lucas says he's not in love with Chloe so he can't just show up and turn on his feelings for her. Sami talks about how they were married before and got back together. Lucas points out it didn't work out then. Lucas admits it was hard to leave her then. Sami says now he has a chance to fix it and they all win so she asks what he says.

Chloe asks Brady if there's a chance for them. Brady hesitates so Chloe guesses that's a no. Brady says it doesn't change anything about his feelings for her. Chloe knows he still loves Kristen. Brady brings up Kristen being the mother of his daughter and that he promised to wait for her so their family could be together again and he can't disregard that. Chloe tells him that she understands. Chloe says she'll never feel like Kristen is right for him but she accepts his decision. Chloe apologizes for making things awkward for him and suggests quitting might still be the best option. Brady pleads with her not to quit. Brady calls her one of his best friends and says he never wants to lose her. Chloe feels the same. Brady talks about how he needs her at Basic Black but he doesn't want her to be uncomfortable. Chloe says as long as he doesn't have a problem with them working together, she doesn't either. Chloe asks if Brady will come in to the office now, which he agrees to do starting tomorrow. Brady says now he has to go to the prison.

Vivian questions Kristen threatening her now. Kristen warns that just because she's in prison, doesn't mean she's safe. Kristen informs Vivian that someone found out she's pretending to be Susan and threatened to expose her so she couldn't let the truth come out. Vivian asks what she did. Kristen responds that she made them disappear, involving a mask, a suitcase, and a desert island. Vivian suggests she do that to Kate too but she needs to do it soon because she wants Kate out of her son's life. Kristen says she will do that.

Kate tells Jake that she thinks a private island for just the two of them would be absolutely perfect. Jake agrees to make all the arrangements at DiMera and tells Kate to go home to start packing. Kate questions doing it now. Jake doesn't see why they should wait. Kate brings up most of her summer clothes being in storage. Jake suggests she just pick up a few things on her way home. Jake hopes that the island is secluded enough that she won't have to wear many clothes. Kate says that sounds good and kisses him. Kate tells Jake that she will see him at the mansion as she walks away.

Theo asks if Ciara is okay. She says she's fine and she was just explaining to Ben that they are leaving for South Africa together and that Ben was just leaving. Ben tells Theo that he doesn't want to do this. Theo says he's not doing anything as Ciara brought up the idea of coming to South Africa with him. Ben argues that Theo could've said no. Ben doesn't know what Theo thinks he's doing but warns that he's making a mistake. Theo asks if that's a threat. Ben says no. Ben gets that Ciara sees him as a terrible person she could never love but she did and somewhere inside of her, it's still there. Ben says that Ciara can run away and leave the country but she's still his wife and that's never going to change. Ben then exits the room.

Jake finishes his drink and says Gabi will be out of sight, out of mind. Jake then turns around and runs in to Gabi.

Chloe goes to her room at the Salem Inn and tells herself to get it together. Chloe asks what she thought would happen going after a man who is in a relationship. Chloe tells herself that she will find someone. Lucas then shows up at her door. Chloe calls it a surprise and asks what he's doing there.

Brady gets a call from Vivian at the prison. Vivian tells him that it was a false alarm so he doesn't have to come at all. Brady asks about her being worried about Kristen. Vivian responds that Kristen assured her that everything is fine now.

"Susan" goes to the DiMera Mansion where Kate is preparing her clothes and tells her that she'll never pull that off. Kate tells her that she scared her. "Susan" asks why she would be scared of her, remarking that Susan Banks couldn't hurt a fly...

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