Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/21/21

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/21/21


Written By Joseph

Lani questions Paulina wanting her to help with Chanel. Paulina complains that Chanel is impossible and talks about how she slammed the door in her face. Paulina needs Lani to convince Chanel to get out of that sham of a marriage to Xander today.

Xander questions Chanel wanting a divorce. Chanel asks if he does since she tricked him in to marrying her. Chanel says she will search for the best divorce lawyer in town. Xander stops her and warns that she's not going to unload him that easily. She asks what he means. Xander responds that he's not interested in ending their holy union.

Abigail goes to the hospital and asks Kayla where Gwen is because she needs to know if Gwen is pregnant and if she intends to have the baby.

Gwen goes to the DiMera Mansion. Chad informs her that he told Abigail that she saw Kayla this morning. Gwen confirms that she had the blood test and she is pregnant with his child. Chad says that Abigail said they had a talk yesterday. Gwen confirms that Abigail wanted her to have an abortion and she seriously thought about it. Chad asks if she's made up her mind. Gwen announces that she is keeping her baby. Chad asks why she's doing this. Gwen says it's not like she wanted to get pregnant and she knows she tricked Chad into bed but this was not part of the plan. Gwen knows it would be better for everybody if she didn't have the baby. Chad brings up Abigail saying she begged Gwen to end the pregnancy. Gwen confirms that Abigail pushed hard. Chad questions if Gwen is having the baby just to spite Abigail.

Abigail asks Kayla if she confirmed Gwen is pregnant and if she said she's keeping the baby. Kayla says she can't discuss it but Abigail insists. Abigail argues that it could permanently change if not ruin her life. Abigail thinks she has a right to know if her husband got Gwen pregnant.

Claire talks to Ben at home, saying she still can't believe it as Belle is not a murderer so there's no way she could have done this. Ben says there must be a mistake. Claire says that Melinda is out for blood. Ben relates since it seems that Ciara is out for his.

Ciara is in her hospital bed, talking on the phone with Shawn about being unable to believe Belle killed Charlie. Ciara tells him to let her know if she can do anything as they hang up. Theo then enters Ciara's room with flowers. Theo sits with her and says he hoped they could talk about the other day when she kissed him.

Ben explains to Claire that he got Dr. Rolf's memory drug from Jake and went to see Ciara hoping she would take it but when he got there, she was sleeping. Ben admits he was set to inject her even though she was sleeping and he knew it was wrong but he couldn't help the feeling knowing that Ciara loves him and that she would want him to do whatever it took to bring them back together. Ben says he was all set until Theo walked in.

Ciara asks Theo what there is to talk about. Ciara says she just felt close to him so she kissed him and asks what's wrong with that. Theo reminds her that she's married even if she doesn't remember it. Ciara argues that she doesn't want Ben to be her husband and says the thought of it makes her sick. Ciara asks why she would want to be married to such an evil and deranged person.

Chanel tells Xander that they are ending this marriage but says she can just get an annulment. Chanel talks about being tempted to consummate their marriage but says Xander couldn't hold up his end. Xander argues that didn't happen but Chanel says he wouldn't remember. Xander says it's all coming back to him now and says he can sell it so it will be his word against hers so she's stuck with him. Chanel argues there's other reasons for an annulment and asks why he's doing this since he wanted the divorce just yesterday. Xander says that was before he found out how loaded her mom is.

Paulina tells Lani that Abe told her all about Xander and calls him a monster. Lani points out that Xander did help them find the twins. Paulina calls that the one good deed Xander has ever done in his life and says Chanel doesn't need a bad influence. Lani agrees so Paulina asks her to talk to Chanel. Lani wants to help but asks what makes her think Chanel would even listen to her.

Kayla takes Abigail to her office to talk in private. Abigail asks if the test confirmed Gwen is pregnant. Kayla reminds her that she can't divulge information about her patient but she's also Abigail's aunt so she will support her in any way she can. Abigail talks about knowing the home pregnancy tests are usually accurate but just hoped it was wrong. Abigail says it will just be a constant living reminder that Chad cheated on her with Gwen of all people, her half sister. Abigail doesn't know how they can move past that.

Gwen tells Chad that her decision to have the child has nothing to do with Abigail. Gwen knows that's hard to believe since most of her decisions last year focused on hurting her sister. Gwen says when she learned that her father didn't intentionally abandon her, her focus shifted on creating a relationship with him. Gwen knows that having Chad's baby is going to get in the way of letting that happen. Gwen notes that Chad is awfully quiet. Chad says maybe he's foolish for admitting this but he can tell Gwen is sincere and she's not doing this for the wrong reasons. Chad adds that he can't understand what are her right reasons. Chad asks why Gwen is choosing to have this baby.

Kayla tells Abigail that she knows Chad made a huge mistake when he believed Gwen's lies and she knows this complication makes the whole situation more painful for both of them. Kayla knows they have faced more than their fair share of challenges but always fought their way back to each other. Kayla hugs Abigail and tells her that she's so sorry as Abigail cries that she feels so out of control. Abigail says she hates Gwen and she's so consumed with idea of how to punish her for everything she's done. Abigail worries about getting control of it or else she doesn't know why anyone would want anything to do with her.

Gwen tells Chad about her sonogram and how she wasn't going to look at the screen because it would remind her of all her regret and the pain she caused but then she just changed her mind and asked Kayla to show her the screen. Gwen says the image of the baby was real and that made her think of all the years that she felt unwanted and discarded when she thought her father wished she wasn't real. Gwen says those feelings turned her in to the hateful person she is today. Gwen declares that's when she realized that she can't do that and she has to keep this child. Gwen adds that she has to give it all the love that she was so desperate for but never got.

Paulina tells Lani that she just wants Chanel to have all that she didn't have growing up and to avoid the mistakes she made growing up. Paulina says it hurt so much for Chanel to shut the door in her face when she was there out of love. Lani encourages Paulina to give her some time but Paulina refuses. Paulina insists that Chanel will listen to Lani because she has her life together. Lani says that hasn't always been the case. Paulina thinks that's even better since she figured things out and is now a strong, independent woman who earned things through hard work. Paulina tells Lani to go convince Chanel that she's making the biggest mistake of her life while she will watch her twins.

Chanel questions Xander wanting a payout and asks what kind of person he is. Xander tells her to look in the mirror. Xander argues that she married him for money he doesn't have so he'll divorce her for money her mom does have which makes them the same. Chanel calls him an ass and says she was only dumping him because he was poor but if he gets a big payout from her mother then he'll be rich so she'll have no reason to want a divorce. Xander admits she has a point. Chanel calls it their first fight. Xander says there is no real reason for them to be at odds when they both want to end this marriage and get their hands on her mom's money. Xander suggests they work together, get Paulina to pay up, and then split the settlement 50/50.

Claire questions Ben about Theo walking in on him with a syringe in his hand over Ciara. Claire asks what happens. Ben informs her that Ciara woke up and freaked out so Theo told him to get out. Claire knows how desperately Ben wants Ciara to get her memory back but she's glad he walked away. Ben clarifies that he didn't walk away until trying to jab Ciara with the syringe. Ben admits he was desperate and didn't know if he'd have another chance. Ben says he apologized and tried to explain as he thought he could get Ciara to agree to take the drug to try to get her memory back but then Theo walks in. Ben says ever since Ciara lost her memory, Theo has always been right in between them. Claire agrees that Theo has gotten protective of Ciara lately. Ben remarks that it's almost like Theo wants to keep Ciara all to himself. Claire agrees that maybe he does.

Ciara tells Theo that she does not want a life with Ben Weston. Ciara asks how she could be with him after he killed three women, almost killed Will, and did horrible things to Chad and Abigail. Theo brings up that Ben has changed. Ciara asks if he's team Ben. Theo says whatever makes her happy is what he wants. Ciara responds that kissing Theo made her happy and being with him makes her happy because she feels like she can be herself around him. Ciara talks about coming back to Salem after Theo was shot and feeling like they were robbed of their chance to be together but now she almost feels like they got that chance back.

Xander asks Chanel what she says to their deal but they are interrupted by Lani arriving. Xander asks Lani if she came to welcome him to the family. Lani wants to talk to her cousin alone. Xander jokes that he's not sure he can tear himself away. Chanel tells him that she'll be fine so Xander tells her to try not to miss him too much as he exits. Chanel then asks what Lani wants to talk about. Lani says they'll start with getting her out of this marriage.

Ben asks Claire if she knows more than what she's saying and if she talked to Theo about his feelings for Ciara. Claire admits that she asked Theo how he felt about Ciara now and he totally avoided the question. Ben guesses that Theo does want to keep Ciara all to himself and declares that won't happen. Ben says he's going back there to make Ciara understand that she belongs with him and nobody else. Claire stops him and says that's the last thing he should do.

Theo tells Ciara that she's always been special to him and he always hoped things would work out for them but asks what happens if she remembers Ben. Theo doesn't want to fall for her again and then one day she remembers her life with Ben and decides to go back to him. Ciara realizes he's afraid of getting hurt.

Abigail tells Kayla that she doesn't want to feel this way all the time. Kayla encourages her to let go of what she can't control instead of focusing on Gwen and do what's best for her, Chad, and their family. Abigail asks how to start. Kayla suggests going home to tell Chad how much she loves him and how badly she's hurting. Kayla tells her to be brutally honest. Kayla thinks if she trusts their love, she'll find a way to heal.

Gwen thanks Chad for his kindness as she knows it's unfair of her to just come here and bare her soul to him. Gwen knows her choice is not going to make everybody's life easy. Gwen points out that Chad's gone quiet again. Chad asks what there is to say. Chad admits her choice will have an effect on all of them but it is her choice to make. Gwen insists that she doesn't want to cause him any more grief so she does not want him to feel responsible for the child or expect him to be part of their life. Chad says regardless of what she expects or wants, that will not be possible.

Chanel asks what makes Lani think she doesn't want to be married to Xander. Chanel guesses that Paulina sent her. Lani says that Paulina is worried about this mistake she made and she is too. Chanel argues that Paulina was clear that she's a grown woman who needs to be responsible for her own choices so she made her choice and everyone needs to respect that. Lani gets that Chanel freaked out after Paulina cut her off for the first time. Lani encourages that Chanel is strong and smart with a great foundation to do whatever she wants. Lani adds that Chanel doesn't need a man or her mother to help her do that. Chanel responds that she may be right.

Ciara understands Theo's reservations and says she doesn't want to hurt him. Ciara adds that she doesn't want to get hurt either which is why she's done with Ben Weston. Ciara argues that Ben convinced everyone he's changed when he just tried to inject her with drugs in her sleep. Ciara states that Ben scared her and she's through with being scared. Ciara asks why she would ever go back to a man like him, especially when the kindest, sweetest, most amazing man she knows is right in front of her. Ciara talks about Theo always being there for her and making her feel safe. Theo says she is just as stubborn, determined, and beautiful as when they were kids. Ciara gets that this is complicated. Ciara says she's not saying they should just jump in to a relationship and suggests they just see where things go.

Claire reminds Ben that Ciara also hates her now and screams that she never wants to see her again. Ben argues that Ciara doesn't know the truth. Claire complains that Ciara's truth right now is that they are horrible people. Claire adds that the more they push her, the more upset she gets. Claire tells Ben that they need to back off. Ben says he can't do that but Claire says he has to. Claire adds that Ciara will be out of the hospital in a few days and there will be reminders everywhere of what they had. Claire insists that Ciara will remember everything and come back to him. Ben asks what if Theo gets in the way. Claire says she'll talk to him and tell him to give Ciara space. Claire asks if Ben will give Ciara space too. Ben agrees to do that but feels he needs to apologize first. Claire stops him but Ben swears he's just going to apologize and that's it. Claire encourages that he's doing the right thing. Ben says he hopes so as he exits the house. Claire then pulls out her phone and calls Theo, asking him to come by because she needs to talk to him.

Chad tells Gwen that he would love for all of this to just go away but he respects her decision and accepts the responsibility of parenting. Chad says he will always make sure their baby is always welcome in his and his family's life. Abigail then comes home and tells Gwen that she knows she's pregnant and that she's keeping the baby. Abigail informs her that she spoke to Kayla and could tell by the look on her face that the test confirmed her pregnancy. Abigail says Gwen will keep it because she can't resist having her husband's child. Abigail questions her wanting to make amends and peace or if that was all just a lie. Abigail talks about Jack buying it and how she wanted to believe her but she should've known that Gwen's going to keep the child and use it to remind her of all the things she's taken from her. Chad tells Abigail that's not the way it is.

Chanel tells Lani that she knows she screwed up and she never should've married Xander but she's learned her lesson and needs to focus on what she wants and make it happen, whatever it takes. Lani knows Chanel will make it happen, starting with getting this divorce. Chanel tells her that she already told Xander that she wants a divorce but he wants money. Lani says that's the Xander they all love and admire. Chanel adds that she doesn't have any money and she's not crawling to Paulina to admit she was right and asking her to pay for her mistakes. Lani offers to ask Paulina for her. Chanel hugs her and says she's the best. Lani asks exactly how much Xander wants.

Theo goes to see Claire. Claire thanks him for coming. Theo is sorry to hear about her mom's arrest and asks if she's okay. Claire says she knows Belle is innocent and that Shawn is all over getting the charges dropped. Theo asks why she wanted to see him. Claire says they need to talk about Ciara.

Ben goes to Ciara's hospital room.

Lani returns home and informs Paulina that Chanel agreed to divorce Xander. Paulina is relieved but Lani reveals that Xander wants a payout. Paulina says she's not surprised but if it keeps him away from her daughter, the sky is the limit. Paulina asks how much he wants. Lani then informs her that Xander wants 10 million.

Chanel informs Xander that she told Lani that he wants 10 million dollars to divorce her and calls it genius. Xander realizes that's 5 million for each of them. Chanel says if all goes according to plan, they will both be rich which makes him happy.

Abigail questions Chad as to how it is then. Chad informs her that Gwen explained why she's having the baby and it's not about hurting her. Abigail questions why Chad and Jack are always believing Gwen and asks what other reason there could possibly be. Abigail argues that Gwen came to Salem to ruin her life and now she's done it. Abigail then storms out.

Ben tells Ciara that she doesn't need to call security as he just came to say one thing and then he'll go. Ben apologizes for trying to inject her with the drug without her consent. Ben admits it was wrong and says from now on, he will stay away and give her all the time she needs to get her memory back because he knows once that happens, they will be together again. Ben goes to leave but Ciara stops him and says she's not going to come back to him. Ciara announces they will never be together again because she's leaving Salem.

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