Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/19/21

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/19/21


Written By Joseph

Henry throws his pacifier so Tripp and Allie both reach down to get it and their hands touch. Tripp insists on picking it up as they smile.

Claire questions Jan being free. Jan explains that Belle offered her a deal to save John so now John won't have to go to prison for strangling her. Claire argues that Jan should be in prison for kidnapping Belle. Jan states that Belle agreed not to press charges. Claire argues that Belle would never let her walk after what she did. Jan then shows Claire their signed agreement.

Marlena asks John what happened after he went to Charlie's apartment. John says he was in the corridor when he heard a voice. John recalls hearing Charlie say "don't shoot". John then went inside and witnessed Charlie being shot which shocks him. Marlena asks what he sees.

Belle tells Rafe that Jan pointed out that she was missing a button last night but she doesn't know where it went. Rafe then reveals the evidence bag with the button inside. Shawn questions where he got that. Rafe then informs them that it was at the scene of Charlie Dale's murder. Belle doesn't understand how that could be. Shawn asks what he's talking about. Rafe says CSI found it after Charlie was shot dead so he questions what Belle was doing there.

Tripp tells Allie that he should get going so he takes his food and exits the Pub.

Jan assures Claire that the deal is official. Claire questions why anyone would believe Jan will keep her word. Jan tells Claire that she doesn't want to go to prison any more than John does. Claire argues that Jan still hates Belle and wants to be with Shawn but Jan says that's no longer true and she's a new woman. Jan claims she and Belle have put all that behind them and she thinks Claire should do the same. Jan invites Claire to dinner but Claire refuses. Jan argues that Claire is stressing when she should be celebrating that Charlie is out of her life for good. Jan claims to be Claire's friend but Claire says she is not her friend. Claire calls Jan delusional. Jan repeats that she has moved on. Claire says if that's true, she better stay the hell away from her family. Jan tells her to relax and repeats that she's a new woman. Jan asks what it will take for Claire to believe she has zero interest in messing with her family. Claire warns that she better not because she hasn't signed anything promising to keep her crazy ass out of jail. Claire then storms out of the room.

Belle tells Rafe that the button from her jacket makes no sense as she's never been in Charlie's apartment. Rafe questions how the button got in to Charlie's apartment if she wasn't there. Belle claims she has no idea and repeats that she's never been there in her life.

As Marlena hypnotizes John, she asks what he saw in Charlie's apartment. John remembers backing out and saying it can't be as he then blacked out. Marlena then brings him out of the hypnosis. John tells her that he can't believe it. Marlena asks if he remembers what happened that night. John informs her that he heard the gunshot because he saw the shooting as he was standing in the doorway when Charlie was killed. Marlena asks who fired the gun that killed Charlie. John reveals that it was their daughter, Belle. Marlena questions if he's sure. John says he couldn't see her face but he saw her red jacket with the hood up. John guesses he couldn't remember because he just couldn't face the truth. Marlena suggests he just suppressed the memory. Marlena insists that Belle couldn't do that. John doesn't want to believe it either but brings up that Belle did walk in when Charlie almost attacked Claire earlier that night. John talks about how he lost it on Charlie after that and how Charlie flipped out when Claire tried to record his confession until Belle stopped him. John remembers Belle being so on edge afterwards and asks Marlena if she remembers what Belle was wearing that night. Marlena confirms it was the red coat.

Rafe tells Belle that he still doesn't understand how the button from Belle's jacket got in to Charlie's apartment if she's never been there. Melinda Trask interrupts and says she and Rafe were just discussing the button and now she sees it matches Belle's coat. Melinda tells Rafe that was quick and credits him for the nice work. Melinda then says she will go call the mayor. Rafe stops her and says he hasn't finished questioning Belle yet. Melinda demands Belle be arrested.

Tripp goes home to Kayla and Steve with food from the Brady Pub. Tripp thanks Kayla for letting him move back in. Kayla assures they are happy to have him. Tripp talks about running in to Allie at the Pub and says Allie is a lot better now that her and Sami are off the hook for murdering Charlie. Tripp points out that Allie seemed relieved when she heard Rafe say Tripp was innocent too. Tripp says now they can move on. Kayla, Steve, and Tripp sit down to eat. Kayla brings up Tripp starting rounds at the hospital tomorrow. Tripp feels lucky to have clear direction on what he wants to do and mentions that Allie is kind of lost on that right now. Tripp adds that Allie wants to find a job and says he offered to help with Henry when she goes to interviews. Kayla says that's very sweet of him. Steve asks what she wants to do. Tripp says she has no idea but she's really smart and cool, noting that anyone who meets her likes her right away. Tripp is sure something will happen for her very soon. Steve comments that it seems like Tripp is really smitten with Allie.

Claire goes home and calls Belle, leaving a message that she needs to speak to her. Allie walks in with Henry and asks what's wrong. Claire informs her that she just found out Belle struck a deal with Jan Spears, so she's been trying to call her to ask what the hell she was thinking. Allie says she and Henry can go to give her some privacy but Claire says it's fine as she can't change it so she might as well look at the bright side that Jan won't be pressing charges against John. Claire knows John will be furious that Jan isn't going to prison but at least he isn't either.

John reminds Marlena about how Shawn was trying to calm Belle down that night and says it was definitely the same red coat that he saw. Marlena asks what else he remembers. John says he doesn't know and suggests that he was in such shock that he just shut down because he doesn't remember getting back to his car but a notification on his phone must have snapped him out of it. John declares that their little girl blew Charlie away in cold blood. Marlena argues that Belle would never do something like that but John insists that it happened right in front of him and he just saw it. Marlena repeats that Belle would never do that and then lie about it, allowing her family to be falsely accused. John states that they need to find Belle and get some answers. Jan Spears walks in and asks what they are looking for answers about.

Rafe tells Melinda that he's not arresting Belle. Melinda says they agreed that whoever owned the red jacket killed Charlie Dale. Melinda asks Rafe to read Belle her rights. Shawn argues that this doesn't prove that Belle shot Charlie. Belle tells him it's okay but Shawn disagrees and says Melinda is just trying to keep her job so she's building a case on a random button. Rafe agrees with Shawn that it's not proven. Melinda brings up Belle filing a restraining order against Charlie and thinking he was a threat to Claire, so she killed him. Shawn calls that insane while Melinda thinks the case is open and shut.

John tells Jan that they know about the deal. Jan calls it wonderful that they are both free and asks why he doesn't seem happy. Marlena says she's happy that John isn't going to prison. Jan can tell she's also deeply disappointed because she wishes she was locked up for what she did at the wedding. John tells Jan that they are in the middle of something. Jan says she just came to say that nothing like that will ever happen again and she will no longer be going after Belle. John argues that it's not just about Belle but about Claire too. Jan says she would never hurt Claire and that she considers her a dear friend. Jan mentions that she was just with Claire and had no idea about Charlie. Marlena tells her that's all over now. Jan remarks that she's sure they would agree that whoever murdered Charlie did the world a huge favor...

Claire asks Allie what brings her by. Allie informs her that she's going to start looking for a job so she wanted to ask Claire if she could watch Henry once in awhile. Claire agrees to but thought Tripp was on that. Allie says Tripp agreed to help but he starts rounds at the hospitals tomorrow so she doesn't want to impose on him. Claire assures that Tripp won't mind. Allie calls Tripp amazing but she doesn't want to mess up his big year. Allie talks about how Tripp talks about his career and how inspiring it is. Allie says Tripp will be the most amazing doctor. Claire asks when Allie started being in to Tripp.

Tripp laughs off the idea of being smitten with Allie. Steve jokes that smitten is old fashioned. Tripp says he just likes Claire and she's a really cool person. Kayla jokes that Steve won't tease him. Kayla then gives Tripp a surprise from Dr. Snyder. Tripp opens the bag and is excited to receive his first white doctor's coat. Tripp tries it on and admits it feels pretty nice as Kayla and Steve approve. Kayla then presents Tripp with his official Salem University Hospital name badge. Tripp responds that he can't wear it.

Belle tells Melinda that she did not kill Charlie. Melinda asks about her alibi then. Belle says she was at home which Shawn backs up. Shawn admits he wasn't there the whole night as he went to find Claire while Belle stayed home in case Claire came back. Melinda points out that Belle doesn't have an alibi then and says it's entirely possible that she went to murder Charlie and then came back home without anyone having a clue. Belle says that's wrong as she never left the house that night. Melinda questions how the button ended up at the crime scene then. Melinda tells Rafe to make the arrest but Rafe argues that there's not enough evidence. Melinda tells Rafe to start acting like he wants to solve this case then. Shawn argues that Melinda just wants to make any arrest. Melinda says somebody has to do something and calls the investigation a joke. Melinda argues that Belle had a motive, means, and opportunity. Melinda asks Rafe again if he wants to solve this case. Melinda declares that Rafe and Shawn will solve the case because it is their job and they know where failing to do so leads..

Allie asks Claire why she would think she is in to Tripp. Claire says she's gushing over him. Allie says she's just happy that Tripp is fulfilling his dream and she's grateful that he's always willing to help with Henry. Claire insists on the way Allie's face lit up talking about him. Allie points out that Tripp is her son's uncle and Claire's ex boyfriend. Claire tells her not to use that as an excuse but Allie insists it's not happening. Allie brings up that she accused Tripp of attacking her and ruined his life. Claire assures that Allie apologized and Tripp is clearly past that. Claire is pretty sure that she's right and Allie just didn't realize it. Claire asks if Allie is sure she doesn't feel anything for Tripp.

Steve questions why Tripp can't wear that badge. Tripp says he just needs a new one. Kayla doesn't see the problem. Tripp points out that something's changed and he hasn't had a chance to talk to them about it so Steve tells him to talk to them now. They sit back down at the table. Tripp explains that tomorrow feels like a new beginning so he's been reflecting on how he got there and the first time he met them at a diner in Arizona. Tripp brings up Ava being forced to give him up as a baby and he was adopted but his adoptive mom died when he was young so he was stuck with his adoptive dad, who was an alcoholic. Tripp talks about running away to look for his birth parents and it turned out they were looking for him too. Tripp recalls making life difficult for them when he first came to Salem. Tripp brings up what he did to Kayla. Kayla assures that is behind them. Tripp says they are both understanding and forgiving. Tripp is still blown away that they accepted him despite all his flaws and being Ava's son. Steve assures that they are working through all of that. Tripp talks about his adoptive father never wanting him. Tripp declares that he was his never his father and his home is here. Tripp adds that Steve is his father so that's why he is no longer Tripp Dalton.

Jan talks to John and Marlena about seeing Charlie and Claire together and thinking they were perfect but she was wrong. John says they are not interested in her opinion which Jan calls rude. Jan thinks he'd be nicer after what she did for him. Marlena notes they are not happy about the deal Belle made with her but there's nothing they can do about it. Jan remarks that it was stupid of her to think they'd be grateful so she exits. John declares they have to find Belle. Marlena agrees they will go home and locks her up desk. Marlena and John then exit together. Jan then sneaks back in to Marlena's office.

Tripp announces that he hired Justin to do some work for him and the paperwork just got back so it's official that from now on, his legal name is Tripp Johnson.

Claire tells Allie to be honest as to if she has feelings for Tripp. They get interrupted by John and Marlena arriving and greeting them. Allie mentions that she should get Henry home. Claire says she'll call her tomorrow. Allie then takes Henry and exits. Claire asks John and Marlena what's going on. Marlena says they came to see Belle. Claire guesses they know about her deal with Jan. Claire thinks it's horrible too but says she can't blame Belle for wanting to keep John out of prison. Claire asks if that's why they came by. John asks if Belle is there but Claire says she's not.

Rafe knows Melinda wants the case closed but calls the evidence flimsy. Melinda argues that Rafe is not doing anything. Melinda declares that she is not leaving until Belle is in police custody. Belle insists that she's innocent but Melinda disagrees. Melinda orders Rafe to arrest Belle. Shawn says he's sorry but he can't let Rafe do that. Melinda warns Shawn that it's not his call.

Jan searches Marlena's desk and breaks open the locked drawer to find the recorder that Marlena used to record John's hypnosis session. Jan declares that she will now find out what they were chatting about.

Tripp apologizes for not asking Steve first. Steve says he didn't have to but he's just speechless. Tripp asks if that's good or bad. Steve assures that he's honored and that this means everything to him as they hug. Tripp talks about how Steve has been so loyal and caring while Kayla did so much for him and he respects her so much. Tripp adds that Kayla is the reason he wanted to become a doctor. Tripp declares that they've come a long way and they're now a family. Tripp says he won't forget where he came from but he's excited and proud to start this new chapter in his life as Dr. Tripp Johnson. Tripp hugs Kayla and Steve.

Marlena tries calling Belle but she's not answering so John tells her to try Shawn. Marlena calls Shawn and tells him they are desperately searching for Belle and asks where she is. Shawn then reveals that Belle is being arrested for Charlie's murder.

Rafe reads Belle her rights and handcuffs her.

Jan listens to Marlena's recording of John saying that Belle killed Charlie, but that he didn't see her face. Jan then thinks back to that night, revealing that it was her who actually shot Charlie. Jan then says "Sorry, Charlie".

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