Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/16/21

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/16/21


Written By Joseph

At the police station, Rafe is crossing off suspects in the Charlie Dale murder case in the interrogation room. Melinda Trask enters and points out that he has now has no suspects. Melinda says she assured an arrest is imminent. Rafe says he's working on it but Melinda disagrees. Rafe assures he will find whoever did it. Melinda warns that he better because if she can't have the killer, she may have to settle for Rafe.

Marlena goes home to John and tells him that her lunch with Belle went well. Marlena then informs John that he will not be facing assault charges from Jan. John is surprised that Melinda agreed to it now that Jan is out of the coma and could testify against her. Marlena clarifies that Belle struck a deal with Jan for Belle to not press charges against Jan if she doesn't press charges against John. John refuses to let Jan get off free.

Belle goes to the police station as Shawn finishes a call. Shawn tells Belle that he's heading to the hospital to arrest Jan but Belle reveals he can't do that as she agreed to drop the charges if she dropped the charges against John. Shawn argues against Belle not talking to him first. Belle argues that she can't let John go to prison. Shawn complains that they can't let Jan go free since she's been tormenting them since high school. Shawn worries that Belle gave Jan an invitation to come after them. Belle says she can handle Jan. Shawn asks if she thought about Claire in this.

Claire goes to the hospital to see Jan Spears and returns the healing crystal that Jan had given her. Claire remarks that never seeing Jan again would do her good and that she hopes Jan rots in prison for what she did to Belle. Claire goes to leave but Jan says not so fast.

Rafe assures Melinda that he's been working around the clock on this case. Melinda complains about Sami's innocence. Melinda argues that she actually wants to put criminals behind bars while Rafe argues that Sami is not a criminal. Rafe feels focusing on Sami is a waste of time. Melinda goes over the previous suspects all having a relationship to Rafe. Rafe tells Melinda that he's conducting an impartial investigation. Melinda asks why he eliminated Allie as a suspect. Rafe explains that Allie admitted to confronting Charlie with a gun the night he was murdered. Melinda points out that Allie failed to come forward right away and asks where she got the gun. Rafe adds that it was borrowed from her grandmother but Charlie took the gun from her and Allie left the apartment. Melinda questions Rafe believing that. Rafe insists that Allie did not do this. Melinda warns Rafe that he has to find actual proof that Allie is not a killer.

Allie goes to the Brady Pub with Henry in his stroller where Roman greets them. Roman is glad to see her but thought she might be avoiding him. Allie says she's sorry but she was ashamed of stealing Kate's gun again and knew he would be disappointed. Roman understands but says she did the right thing in the end which is all that matters.

John tells Marlena that Belle has to undo whatever deal she made. Marlena tells him it's too late as the papers are signed and filed. John argues that he wants Jan arrested. Marlena says John getting arrested wasn't okay with Belle.

Belle assures Shawn that she thought this through carefully. Shawn argues against her deal with Jan and calls it pointless. Shawn states that Jan broke the law so he's going to arrest her whether Belle likes it or not.

Rafe tells Melinda that she has it backwards because they start with innocent until proven guilty. Melinda questions him giving a lesson on the law. Melinda argues that they don't just take the word of murder suspects. Melinda wants Allie called down for another interview. Rafe insists that Allie did not do this as he could always tell when she's lying. Melinda talks about Allie keeping quiet which Rafe says was only because she thought she was protecting Sami. Melinda asks if Rafe is willing to stake his job on this assumption which Rafe confirms. Melinda asks about Tripp and what makes Rafe think he's innocent or if he's willing to risk it all for him too.

Tripp goes to the Brady Pub and joins Roman and Allie with Henry. Allie talks about Henry being up all night. Tripp says he came to get food for Steve and Kayla to thank them for letting him move back in. Roman goes to get the food ready for him. Tripp decides to sit with Allie while he waits. They joke about each being up all night. Tripp talks about his college exams which Allie realized she caused to get delayed for him.

John tells Marlena that he's going to call Belle to give her a piece of his mind. Marlena repeats that it's too late. John worries that Belle is risking her life. Marlena is sure that Belle is getting an earful from Shawn now.

Belle stops Shawn and says if he arrests Jan then John goes to prison. Belle knew if she told Shawn about the deal, he would've stopped her. Shawn brings up their wedding when Jan said Belle was dead. Shawn doesn't want to live in fear that Jan is out there and able to attack Belle or Claire. Belle argues that Jan never hurt Claire and acted like her friend. Shawn argues that she was only using Claire. Belle assures that Claire now knows what Jan is capable of. Shawn worries that Jan just wants to get rid of Belle to have a future with him. Belle points out that they are married now but Shawn says they know that won't stop Jan Spears.

Claire tells Jan that she's hurting her. Jan says she's sorry and then tells Claire she can go now as that's all she wanted to say. Claire brings up Jan kidnapping and drugging Belle then forcing Shawn to marry her. Jan insists that she's really sorry and is in a new woman after her coma. Claire argues that her last coma didn't change her one bit. Jan says it's a miracle to get a third chance but complains that no one cares that she's okay as she's all alone with no family or friends, except Claire. Claire tells Jan that she is not her friend. Jan mentions taking a walk yesterday and seeing Ciara down the hall. Jan guesses that now that Ciara is back, Claire has no room for her. Jan then asks if something happened with Ciara. Claire says it's none of her business but Ciara hates her again. Jan thought they were starting over. Claire explains that she thought she lost her chance when she thought Ciara died but Ciara doesn't ever want to see her again. Jan remarks that Ciara doesn't understand her like she does. Jan guesses how Ciara is treating her and how painful it is to be told to be something you are not despite working hard to get better. Jan claims they are both misunderstood. Jan asks Claire not to treat her how Ciara is treating her. Jan feels she deserves forgiveness just like Claire. Jan asks if they can please be friends again.

Allie worries that she ruined med school for Tripp. Tripp understands why Allie thought he attacked her and assures that she didn't ruin his future. Tripp says it's nothing compared to what she went through. Allie apologizes but Tripp assures that they are good. Tripp suggests never bringing it up again. They agree to start over with a clean slate.

Melinda asks Rafe why he would stick his neck out for Tripp. Rafe explains how Ava confided in him that she went to Charlie's apartment and saw Tripp leaving the building so she went inside where she found Charlie had been shot and he died in front of her. Rafe adds that Ava was terrified that one of her sons killed the other so he knew she did not shoot him. Rafe tells Melinda that Tripp never went inside the apartment and left. Melinda points out that they know four people went to Charlie's apartment that night and if none of them killed him, that means he had another visitor. Melinda asks if Rafe has any other leads as to who the person might be. Rafe reveals he does have one piece of evidence that is not accounted for, a red jacket button.

Belle holds her red jacket as she sits with Shawn and talks about how Rafe will understand her deal with Jan. Shawn argues that Rafe wanted the conviction and this makes the department look terrible. Shawn brings up that Melinda is all over Rafe for the Charlie Dale case not being solved. Belle asks if there's any updates. Shawn says he heard that Rafe eliminated all suspects. Shawn is glad that Sami and Allie are in the clear but questions what are the odds that someone else was in Charlie's apartment...

John questions Marlena not seeming upset about Belle's deal with Jan. Marlena assures that she is but she doesn't want John facing attempted murder charges. John asks what about straight up murder charges. John reminds Marlena that he remembers driving to Charlie's apartment and hearing the gun shot in his head but he doesn't remember the time in between blacking out and waking up. John wants Marlena to hypnotize him because he has to know if he is a murderer.

Tripp asks what's new with Allie. Allie talks about life being crazy for awhile but now it's just taking care of Henry. Allie says being a mom is exhausting but she loves it more than she ever thought she would. Allie calls this the first time since Henry's birth that she has had a moment to think about her own future. Tripp encourages that she will figure it out. Allie talks about how before Henry, she just went from party to party while Tripp has been working to become a doctor. Tripp asks what she's interested in. Allie admits she has no idea what she wants to do with the rest of her life.

Claire questions why she would ever want to be friends with Jan. Jan guesses she has a boyfriend now in Charlie so she doesn't need her as a friend anymore. Jan talks about being the reason Claire was with Charlie so she thinks Claire should be grateful. Claire then informs Jan that Charlie turned out to be the man who raped her cousin Allie. Jan asks if he hurt Claire. Claire says he almost attacked her and talks about how scared she was. Jan wants to bash his head in but Claire reveals it's too late because Charlie is dead.

Melinda looks over the jacket button and guesses it belongs to a female. Rafe says forensics said the same and it was found next to Charlie's body. Melinda declares that if they find the owner of the button, they may also find the killer.

Shawn talks to Belle about how plenty of people wanted to take Charlie out including them. Rafe comes out of the interrogation room and says he'll be dropping by to get Jan. Shawn informs Rafe that he wasn't able to bring Jan in which Rafe questions. Belle says she has this.

Marlena isn't sure hypnosis is a good idea. John insists that he needs to know if he just heard the gunshot or if he pulled the trigger himself. John asks if Marlena wants to know as well. John then guesses that Marlena thinks he did it. Marlena assures that she doesn't. John knows that it's possible and says he knows he's capable of murder ever since Stefano trained him to be his pawn. John says he's always tried to keep it in check but he's wondering if his brain has been triggered to make him a danger to everyone around him. John brings up when they first met and how Marlena hypnotized him to get his memory back. Marlena calls that different but John says he just needs to remember and there's no one more qualified to make that happen for him than she is. John argues that he won't be at peace until he knows the truth one way or another. John pleads with Marlena so she agrees to hypnotize him. Marlena hopes that this is not a terrible mistake.

Tripp tells Allie that he wasn't born knowing he wanted to be a doctor as up until a few years ago, his life was a total mess. Allie encourages that now he's on an amazing path. Tripp talks about still having to finish med school and then complete his residency. Allie assures he will do great. Tripp says she will too. Allie feels she hasn't accomplished anything in her life. Tripp looks at Henry and disagrees. Allie calls Henry her greatest joy but says this was not the plan as she was going to put him up for adoption and move back to London. Tripp points out that she has a great thing going with Nicole. Allie feels she can't keep freeloading off her forever and at some point, Eric will come home and they will want their space back. Allie wants to find a job but questions how to look for work while also looking for Henry. Tripp says he will look after Henry if Allie has an interview. Allie argues that Tripp doesn't have time for that but Tripp assures he wants to be part of Henry's life so he'll make time.

Jan is shocked to learn that Charlie is dead and asks what happened. Claire informs her that he was murdered. Jan asks who did it. Claire says they still don't know. Jan says she wouldn't blame Allie for doing it since she was raped around her age. Claire says she had no idea. Jan says she's not making excuses for the terrible things she's done but her life was never the same. Claire tells her that she's so sorry. Jan declares that someone who could do what Charlie did doesn't deserve to live and she thinks whoever killed him should get a medal..

Marlena brings John to her office. John says doing it at home would have been fine but Marlena says it's quiet here and no one will walk in on them. John says he's ready whenever she wants to start. Marlena thinks it's better to leave it off the record but John disagrees because he doesn't want her covering for him. Marlena says she can't testify as his wife but John insists that she treat it like any other session with no special treatment. John tells her to get started so Marlena begins hypnotizing John.

Allie says she can't ask Tripp to babysit Henry while he's in med school but Tripp insists. Henry wakes up crying so Tripp picks him up to check on him. Henry ends up spitting up on Tripp. Allie apologizes and tries wiping it off but suggests they just get his shirt off. Roman comes back to tell them Tripp's food is ready and sees them getting close.

Marlena continues hypnotizing John to the night that Charlie was murdered. John recalls being so angry when Belle told him what Charlie did to Claire so he grabbed his coat and went out the door to his car. John says he drove over to Charlie's apartment. Marlena asks what happened then. John says he doesn't remember. Marlena asks him again. John remembers getting out of the car and going in to the building then up the stairs to Charlie's apartment.

Belle tells Rafe that she's sorry but she can't let John go to prison. Belle tells Rafe and Shawn that it's done and she has no regrets. Rafe says he doesn't blame her for wanting to protect John but wishes she hadn't taken matters into her own hands. Belle felt she didn't have a choice while Shawn feels she could've talked to them. Belle declares that she's done as this is ridiculous. Belle then puts on her red jacket. Rafe notices the missing button and asks what happened to her button.

Allie explains to Roman that Henry spit up on Tripp's shirt. Tripp says it's fine and he'll just change at home. Roman tells Tripp to enjoy the chowder and walks away. Tripp assures Allie that it's okay. Henry throws his pacifier so Tripp and Allie both reach down to get it and their hands touch.

Jan offers to make it up to Claire by taking her out to dinner. Claire asks what she's talking about, believing Jan is going to prison for a long time. Jan guesses she hasn't heard the news and reveals that thanks to Belle, she's not going to prison and she's free.

Belle tells Rafe that Jan pointed out that she was missing a button last night but she doesn't know where it went. Rafe then reveals the evidence bag with the button inside. Shawn questions where he got that. Rafe then informs them that it was at the scene of Charlie Dale's murder.

Marlena asks John what happened after he went to Charlie's apartment. John says he was in the corridor when he heard a voice. John recalls hearing Charlie say "don't shoot". John then went inside and witnessed Charlie being shot which shocks him.

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