Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/15/21

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/15/21


Written By Joseph

At the DiMera Mansion, Kate complains to Lucas about Gabi interrupting her lunch with Philip and flirting with him as well as the other night when she walked in on Philip with his shirt off while Gabi said she was tending his wound. Lucas encourages that if Gabi is all over Philip, she won't have any time to sink her teeth in to Jake.

Jake questions Gabi saying she and Philip are on a date which they confirm. Philip says they are having lunch at the Bistro as they walk on.

Kristen talks on the phone to Vivian, saying she knows she promised to break up Kate and Jake but she's been a little busy. Kristen adds that she's well aware that Vivian can and will expose her if she doesn't come through for her. Kristen then hangs up because there's a knock at the door. Kristen goes back to pretending to be Susan as she answers the door to see Chloe, who says she has a bone to pick with her.

Ben sneaks in to Ciara's hospital room while she is asleep. Ben looks at her and then pulls out the syringe of Dr. Rolf's formula. Ben states that he's only doing this because he loves her and he knows that she wants them to be together just as much as he does. Ben says he loves her so much and he knows this is extreme but he doesn't know any other way for her to remember him and what they have. Ben prepares to inject Ciara with the syringe when Theo walks in and questions what the hell he's doing.

Brady goes to Nicole's apartment to confront her about the emergency meeting she set up, only she wasn't there and Chloe was. Nicole apologizes and claims there was a change in plans. Brady thinks her plan went exactly as she hoped. Nicole then admits she set him up because she thought he and Chloe needed to talk. Nicole asks if they did talk. Brady questions what they would need to talk about that was so important. Nicole claims she just thought Chloe needed to tell him something. Brady confirms that Chloe told him that she has feelings for him but notes that he had already heard it from "Susan".

Chloe can't believe "Susan" told Brady that she had feelings for him when it was their private conversation. "Susan" questions who told her that she told him. Chloe informs him that it's all out in the open now because they just spoke at the office. "Susan" argues that Nicole said there was a work meeting and that Chloe wouldn't be there. Chloe explains that Nicole lied so that she would be honest about her feelings to Brady. "Susan" talks about Nicole looking out for her. Chloe adds that Brady already knew because "Susan" shared her deepest personal feelings. Chloe questions why the hell she would do that.

Philip and Gabi find out the the Bistro is closed for the week due to flooding. Philip tells Gabi that he has another plan and they walk away.

Kate tells Lucas that she just thinks Philip could do better. Lucas asks what the problem is then. Kate asks who said there was a problem. Lucas thinks Jake will be a problem because if Gabi is all over Philip, that will make Jake jealous, and that will really make Kate mad. Sami then arrives, interrupting them. Kate congratulates Sami on not being a murderer. Sami tells Lucas that she needs to talk to him privately and drags him out of the room. Sami brings Lucas to his room at the mansion. Lucas jokes about he and Sami being alone in a bedroom again. Sami says they just need to talk privately. Lucas doesn't want anyone to see them together and get the wrong idea either but Sami reveals someone already knows that they slept together.

Chloe argues that she trusted "Susan" to keep her confidence. "Susan" complains that she thought Brady had the right to know and reveals she suggested Brady keep his distance from her so he wouldn't lead her on. Chloe explains that she decided to tell Brady. "Susan" questions what she said to him. Chloe then reveals that she reminded Brady of what a horrible person Kristen is and that he would be better off with her.

Jake comes home and pours a drink. Kate calls it a surprise and asks what he's been up to. Jake tells her that he went to see Ben then took a long walk. Kate asks how Ben is doing. Jake tells her that he's a total mess. Kate can't imagine how it feels to have the love of your life not remember you. Jake thanks Kate for helping Ben get his hands on the drug for Ciara. Kate hopes it works and that Ciara gets her memory back. Kate asks if Jake has heard from him. Jake says not yet but he hopes no news is good news.

Ciara wakes up and pushes Ben away, questioning what he's doing. Ben wants her to listen to him but Theo calls him a crazy man with a needle and holds him back. Ben says it's not what they think. Theo tells Ben to give him the needle but Ben tells him to get away and that Ciara needs to listen. Ciara questions if he's trying to kill her for rejecting him and calls him an absolute psychopath. Ben explains that he's trying to help Ciara. Theo asks what's in the syringe. Ben tells them that it's a drug to help get Ciara's memory back. Ciara questions why Marlena isn't giving it to her then. Ben insists that Ciara will remember everything if she takes it. Ciara has never heard of a drug like that but Theo guesses it's Dr. Rolf's drug. Ben assures that it works. Theo worries about the side effects. Ben insists that Dr. Rolf has perfected it since then. Theo thinks Ben is just desperate. Ben assures that he wouldn't risk Ciara's health and promises Ciara won't feel confused or scared if she remembers everything. Ben argues that she would know the truth about them if she just lets him help her.

Jake tells Kate that Ben is so desperate and he doesn't know what Ben will do if the drug doesn't work. Kate comments on Jake drinking this early. Jake calls it a long day. Kate asks if something else happened besides Ciara and Ben.

Philip and Gabi go to Julie's Place for lunch. Philip asks if something is wrong. Gabi says it's not her favorite place since Julie hates her. Philip asks if it's because of Gabi killing Nick. Gabi says that's just the tip of the iceberg with her and Julie.

Nicole is not surprised that "Susan" told Brady and couldn't keep her mouth shut about something that isn't her business. Brady questions when it became her business. Nicole says she's concerned about him and Chloe. Brady argues that she hates Kristen but Nicole says that has nothing to do with it. Brady asks what she expected out of this ambush. Nicole thought it was an opportunity for Chloe to talk to Brady about how she feels and asks how it went. Brady says that Chloe recounted all of Kristen's sins in detail and told him that he'd be better off without her. Nicole is proud of Chloe. Brady questions why Nicole didn't warn him. Nicole argues that they needed this and now it's all out in the open. Brady remarks that it's really out in the open. Nicole then asks what exactly Brady said to Chloe.

"Susan" questions Chloe telling Brady that Kristen is a horrible person. Chloe says that's not news to anyone. "Susan" asks what Brady said about that. Chloe says Brady tried to defend her but it was pathetic, bringing up what Kristen did to Victor and Marlena. "Susan" says they aren't talking about Kristen but about Chloe and Brady so she asks what he said about Chloe. Chloe explains that she brought up the sparks between them lately so she asked him if the feeling was mutual. "Susan" guesses that Brady obviously told her that she was wrong but Chloe reveals he didn't.

Lucas questions Sami saying someone saw them. Sami reveals that she turned around and "Susan" was standing right there. Lucas asks what she did. Sami says she tried to lie but "Susan" overheard them talking about sleeping together and is now threatening to tell EJ. Sami warns that if she tells EJ, it blows up her entire life. Lucas encourages her not to freak out and that Sami can destroy "Susan". Sami then reveals to Lucas that "Susan Banks" is not Susan, but she's actually Kristen.

Jake tells Kate that Mr. Shin is just busting his ass about quarterly reports. Kate says she can cancel her appointments and help him work on the reports. Jake tells Kate that he knows what she can do to help him as he kisses her. Jake then says he's better already. Kate is glad she could help in some way. Jake offers to take her to lunch then back home for dessert. Kate asks about the reports. Jake says Mr. Shin will just have to wait. Kate asks what's for lunch. Jake decides on Julie's Place so they exit together.

Gabi tells Philip about accidentally pushing Julie down the stairs and having a pacemaker implanted in her with an app to control her heart. Philip asks why she's telling him all of this. Gabi says she has nothing to hide and it's no secret since she tried to give Julie a heart attack in front of half of Salem at Eli and Lani's wedding. Philip asks why she's not in prison. Gabi says she's smart and asks if this is too much for their first date. Philip says no and that he's actually impressed. Philip thinks they are kindred spirits as he has dark secrets of his own. Gabi says he has her attention. Philip brings up dating Chloe in high school and how he thought she would be his forever until Brady moved in...

Brady tells Nicole that he wasn't going to let Chloe trash Kristen. Nicole argues that Kristen deserves it for everything she's done. Brady doesn't care what people think because he loves Kristen. Nicole asks if he's just telling himself that because he doesn't want to hurt Kristen. Brady insists that it's true. Nicole argues that Chloe was Brady's first love and asks if he can honestly tell her he doesn't feel something for her.

"Susan" questions Brady not just throwing Chloe out and asks what he said. Chloe informs her that Brady made an excuse and got out of there as fast as he could. "Susan" guesses he just didn't want to give her the pain of rejecting her to her face. Chloe says she didn't take it like that at all.

Lucas questions "Susan" being Kristen. Sami confirms that Kristen has been masquerading as Susan for weeks now. Lucas asks why she would out herself. Sami says she apparently needs her help which worries Lucas. Lucas asks why Kristen would pretend to be Susan in the first place. Sami explains that Kristen is worried about Chloe moving in on Brady. Lucas questions why Susan would go along with that and then why Kristen would ask Sami for help. Sami tells him that Kristen is blackmailing her by making it clear that if she doesn't get Chloe out of the picture, her marriage is over.

Ciara tells Ben that she didn't want to be hypnotized because she doesn't want to remember their relationship and now he tried to inject her with an experimental drug without her consent. Ciara calls Ben sick and crazy as she yells at him to get out. Ciara warns that if Ben doesn't leave, she'll call Kayla to kick him out of the hospital because she never wants to see him again. Ben says if only she knew how much he loved her. Ciara questions this being how he shows her by trying to inject her with a syringe. Ciara remarks that she should be lucky he doesn't have a necktie. Ben argues that he would never hurt her and he saved her life. Ciara repeats that she doesn't want to remember or know Ben and she never wants to see him again so she tells him to get out of her life already. Ben says if that's what she wants. Ben turns to leave but stops to try to rush back with the syringe but Theo stops him.

Gabi questions Philip having a son named Pocket. Philip calls it complicated. Gabi asks if that's how he feels about Chloe. Philip says he used to think Chloe was the best thing that ever happened to him. Gabi asks if he still loves Chloe. Philip says she was his first love but if she doesn't return his feelings, there's not much else to do but move on. Kate and Jake then arrive at Julie's Place, annoyed to see Gabi and Philip are there. Gabi asks if they are following them.

Brady tells Nicole that it's not her business but Chloe mentioned she thinks there's still a connection between them. Nicole asks if Brady feels something for Chloe. Brady says even if he did, it's not like he's going to turn his back on Kristen and leave her for Chloe. Nicole asks why not.

Chloe tells "Susan" that she and Brady have known each other since she was 16 and they have always been honest with each other. Chloe feels if Brady didn't have feelings for her, he would've said so. "Susan" argues that Chloe is grasping at straws and tells her that Brady walked out because he's in love with Kristen DiMera. Chloe argues against that so "Susan" yells at her to shut up.

Lucas thinks Sami is in the position of power because she could just call the police on Kristen breaking out of prison. Sami worries that Kristen would call EJ to tell him she slept with Lucas and then EJ would never forgive her. Lucas points out that Sami forgave EJ when he slept with Abigail then apologizes for bringing that up. Lucas questions how Kristen expects her to get Chloe out of the picture anyways. Sami complains that she doesn't know but she came here so they could figure out a plan to get her out of this.

Theo yells at Ben to get out. Ben argues that Theo would like that. Theo says it's about what Ciara wants. Ben tells Ciara that he will love her forever and goes to leave but Ciara stops him.

Jake tells Gabi that they are not following them as they were going to the Bistro. Philip informs him that it was closed. Kate wasn't aware that Jake saw them earlier. Gabi guesses it slipped his mind but mentions that she and Philip are on a date. Philip suggests they move on. Jake and Kate agree so they exit Julie's Place. Philip calls that a fun encounter.

Brady tells Nicole that no matter what he feels for Chloe, he is still in love with Kristen. Nicole argues that he can't love two people at the same time. Brady argues that Kristen is in jail and he promised to wait for her no matter how long it takes so he's not going to tell her that he is leaving her. Nicole offers to go to prison to tell Kristen. Brady insists that he's staying with Kristen because he loves her and that's the end of it. Nicole argues that Brady is a loving and kind man while Kristen is a psychopath. Brady argues that Kristen has changed but Nicole disagrees and says he has to know that Kristen will revert to form sooner or later. Nicole asks how Brady can't see that he and Rachel would be better off without Kristen.

"Susan" apologizes for yelling at Chloe and claims she's just missing the love of her life. Chloe suggests she pack up and join Roger on tour. "Susan" argues that Chloe would like that but says Chloe should be thanking her for what she did. Chloe tells her to just mind her own business and walks out of the house. Kristen declares that she doesn't care what it takes as Chloe is not going to steal the man she loves.

Ben asks if Ciara remembered something. Ben asks if she remembers him. Ciara warns him not to take another step. Ciara tosses their wedding photo and tells him to take it because it's his and she doesn't want to see it or him ever again in her life. Ben says goodbye to Ciara and exits the room.

Jake and Kate go to the Brady Pub for lunch instead. Kate questions Jake not mentioning Philip and Gabi on a date earlier. Jake thought they weren't talking about Gabi anymore. Kate thought Jake would think she would want to know about Philip being with Gabi. Jake thought Kate would be happy that Gabi has her hooks in someone else. Kate hopes that's not what upset Jake earlier. Jake doesn't want to do this and assures that he's not interested in Gabi so there's no reason for him to be upset that she's on a date. Jake adds that he's still very much in the mood for dessert so he's going to pay the bill.

Philip talks to Gabi about taking speed reading techniques and asks how their date is going so far. Gabi says it's fine but Philip thinks she's thinking about Jake non stop. Gabi suggests Philip buy her another bottle of wine to make her forget all about him.

Brady tells Nicole that they are done here. Nicole argues that denying his feelings won't make them go away and he can't avoid Chloe because they work together. Brady goes to leave but Chloe arrives and asks what he's doing there. Brady says he was just leaving and quickly walks away.

Lucas asks Sami how he's supposed to get Chloe out of the picture to keep her and Brady apart. Sami says they are brainstorming. Sami then gets a call from Kristen, asking where she is. Sami says it's none of her business and asks what she wants. Kristen tells Sami that Chloe was just there talking about telling Brady about her feelings and she's convinced herself that Brady feels the same. Sami says she's sorry to hear that. Kristen tells Sami that it's time to do her part. Kristen warns that she will blow her life with EJ to hell because if she and Brady don't have a happily ever after then neither will Sami and EJ. Sami stops her and says she has a plan. Kristen warns her about screwing with her and asks what the plan is. Sami tells her to trust her that it will work perfectly and by the time she's done with Chloe, she won't give Brady a second look. Kristen says she better not as they hang up. Lucas tells Sami that was great bluffing but Sami assures that she does have a plan. Sami reminds Lucas that Chloe is his ex-wife so all he has to do is make her fall back in love with him. Lucas is unsure but Sami calls it brilliant.

Ben sits in his room holding he and Ciara's wedding photo.

Theo checks on Ciara but she says she's fine thanks to him. Theo is glad he got there in time to stop Ben from injecting her. Ciara states that Theo has always been there for her ever since they were kids and she's always known she can count on him. Ciara calls Theo her rock now more than ever and they end up kissing.

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