Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/14/21

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/14/21


Written By Joseph

Ben is in his room reading through his Alice in Wonderland book until Jake shows up. Jake says Ben looks like hell but he wanted to check up on him. Jake asks if Ben took his advice about Ciara.

Justin brings flowers for Ciara at the hospital and tells her it's so good to see her as he hugs her.

Chad finishes setting up Thomas and Charlotte with a movie then heads in to the living room of the DiMera Mansion where he's surprised by Theo. Theo comments on Chad rocking the stay at home dad routine as they hug.

Jack asks if Gwen really thinks he would abandon her now. Gwen cries to Jack that she's pregnant and the dad is Abigail's husband. Jack admits it's terrible but there's no way he will let her deal with it alone. Gwen thanks him and knows it's hard on him too. Jack tells her they just have to be careful. Gwen remarks on how Abigail would react if she found out that she's pregnant with her husband's child as Abigail then walks in and questions what Gwen just said.

Gabi goes to the Titan office and asks if Philip has a minute to go look at final projections for the Gabi Chic fall line. Philip says he can't do that. Gabi complains that they are rolling out to their competitors and they have a deadline so him not having time is not an option. Gabi argues that it's really important so he needs to make time for this. Philip informs her that he was going to say they should talk about what happened the other night before they talk business.

Chad tells Theo that he heard he was in town and that it took him long enough to come over. Theo admits the Carver side of the family has been keeping him busy. Chad brings up hearing Theo is a Godfather now. Theo asks how everything is with Chad. Chad says the kids are awesome and that he and Abigail are lucky. Theo asks how Abigail is. Chad says she's good but Theo questions what's going on. Chad suggests they play a game of chess and he'll tell him all about it.

Abigail asks if she just heard what she heard. Jack says he didn't see her come in. Abigail says now she knows why Jack isn't answering her calls or returning her texts. Abigail remarks that Gwen has come up with yet another way to screw with them. Abigail tells Gwen to tell the truth for once if she's capable of it. Gwen responds that she's sorry but it's true that she's pregnant.

Gabi asks Philip what he wants to talk about regarding the other night. Philip brings up her hand on his leg while Gabi points out that he kissed her. They agree that it's fun to mess with Kate and Jake. Philip comments that Jake may be dating Kate but he looked to be getting hot under the collar when he saw Philip kiss Gabi. Gabi claims she didn't notice because she doesn't care about Jake or his reactions. Gabi says they were having so much fun so who cares. Philip adds that the best part was Jake's news that they lost the lease to the Gabi Chic space. Gabi says it serves them right after stealing it from them. Philip suggests they celebrate. Gabi suggests they do so by going over the numbers while Philip was thinking more like dinner tonight.

Chad fills Theo in on all the DiMera drama. Theo says he feels bad for Chad and Abigail. Chad tells him not to feel bad for him. Chad calls sleeping with Gwen a horrible mistake and one of the dumbest things he's ever done in his life. Chad talks about believing all of Gwen's lies when he should have seen through them. Chad adds that Abigail is giving him a second chance. Chad admits when Abigail moved out, he thought he lost her for good but they are headed in the right direction since she moved back in and they are seeing a couples therapist. Chad hopes they are doing everything they can to make their marriage work. Theo asks how it works since Chad slept with Gwen, who is Abigail's sister which means she will be in their life. Chad calls it complicated but says that Gwen is determined to make amends for everything she did to hurt the family. Theo asks if he thinks Abigail will forgive her. Chad admits that's a bit more complicated at the moment. Chad brings up Abigail wanting to make a truce and says she's with Gwen now, trying to make peace.

Abigail calls Gwen unbelievable and says she chose to believe all her lies again. Jack assures it's not a lie and that Gwen is pregnant. Abigail argues that Jack doesn't believe Gwen killed Laura either. Abigail brings up Gwen's lies and says she's sure Gwen could fake a pregnancy test. Jack assures that he was there when she took the test and how it explains why she threw up yesterday. Gwen insists that she is pregnant with Chad's child.

Ciara thanks Justin for the flowers. Justin informs her that they are from Victor. Ciara thought Victor was coming to see her too. Justin says he was but he's feeling under the weather. Ciara suggests a video chat later. Justin gives her a card from Victor as well. Victor writes in the card that he truly believes not being able to remember Ben Weston is the best thing that could've happened to her.

Ben and Jake sit together with beers as Jake asks how it's going with Ciara. Ben explains that he took his advice and went to the hospital with a backpack full of things to jog her memory and how he told her everything about their story but she didn't remember anything at all. Jake asks if he just gave up. Ben says he asked Marlena to hypnotize Ciara to get her memories back so Marlena tried to take her back to the cabin but Ciara remembered waking up trapped on the bed with the whole place going up in flames. Ben adds that Ciara freaked out so Marlena had to end the session. Jake tells him he's sorry. Jake calls it a setback and says maybe next time she'll remember. Ben tells him that there won't be a next time because Ciara refuses to try it again and says she hates him and doesn't want him anywhere near her. Jake repeats that he's really sorry. Ben asks how it's possible that after everything they went through, he finds her alive against all odds, brings her home safe, and now he might have actually lost her forever. Jake suggests it may be time to try that serum.

Gabi asks Philip if he means a business dinner or a date. Philip confirms he was thinking a date. Gabi doesn't think that's such a good idea because they work together. Philip brings up that she mixed business with pleasure in the past. Gabi suggests she's learned her lesson. Philip asks if she's not into him or if she's still hung up on Jake.

Jake asks Ben why not use Dr. Rolf's serum since it worked on Will. Ben explains that Marlena told him that serum was designed to fix amnesia effects from another drug so it might not even work for Ciara. Jake says you won't know unless you try. Ben adds that Marlena said it could be dangerous and he loves Ciara way too much to risk her health. Jake asks even if it means remembering what they had.

Ciara continues reading Victor's card. Victor wrote about the explosion at Ciara's wedding so she immediately asks Justin what he's talking about. Justin doesn't think she needs to hear about that but Ciara demands to know. Justin then informs her that Eve Donovan set off a bomb at Ciara's wedding. Ciara realizes that was because Ben killed Eve's daughter and calls it just another target on Ben's back because of the horrible things he did. Justin admits he didn't know what Victor wrote in the card but wishes he wouldn't have brought that up. Ciara questions not bringing up Ben Weston like he's off limits. Justin calls it a very difficult situation for her so he doesn't think she should be pressured in to thinking one way or another about Ben. Ciara argues that she knows exactly how she feels about Ben and no pressure will make her feel differently. Ciara declares that she hates Ben for the things he's done and she can't believe so many people, including Justin, were okay with her getting involved with a serial killer.

Theo tells Chad that he's pulling for he and Abigail to be okay. Chad says that's enough of their problems and asks about Theo. Chad brings up Theo dating someone in South Africa. Theo says they broke up and that he kind of knew it wouldn't work from the beginning since they had different goals and it was for the best. Chad encourages that he's back on the market then and asks if there's any prospects. Theo says not really. Chad asks what that means. Theo brings up the situation with Ciara. Chad calls it amazing that she's alive but he heard she's having issues with her memory. Theo confirms Ciara has complete amnesia about the last few years so as far as she remembers, she still hates Claire for trying to sleep with Tripp and in her mind, Ben is still a serial killer. Chad suggests that could be a good thing. Chad says everyone wants to believe Ben's some new man and are all excited about his great redemption but after everything Ben put he and Abigail through, the last thing he wants to see is Ben have a happily ever after with a woman who is way too good for him. Theo is relieved as he thought he was the only one who felt that way. Chad thinks a lot of people do. Chad believes Ciara could do a hell of a lot better which Theo agrees with. Chad realizes Theo thinks he might be that better guy.

Abigail questions how she knows Gwen's child is Chad's if she really is pregnant. Gwen assures she hasn't been with anyone else since that night. Abigail questions Gwen not realizing she was pregnant until now when that was New Year's Eve. Gwen says she just assumed it was stress with everything going on. Abigail argues that Gwen knew she was pregnant for weeks and was waiting for the right moment to drop her bombshell. Jack tries to intervene but Abigail doesn't want to hear it. Abigail mocks Gwen ever being truthful in the past. Gwen understands Abigail not believing her after all the things she did to her last year. Gwen admits she blamed Abigail for how her life turned out but she realizes now that it was not fair so she's trying to make amends with her because she knows what she did was wrong. Gwen declares all she wants now is for them to move on and some sort of relationship with her as sisters. Gwen assures that finding out she is pregnant with Chad's child is the last thing she wanted. Abigail remarks that if that's true then she needs to terminate it. Abigail asks why she wouldn't if being pregnant by Chad is the last thing she wanted. Jack suggests they all take some time. Abigail argues that Gwen wanted to make amends so she questions why cause more pain and suffering. Abigail suggests calling the clinic right now to make an appointment and offers to drive Gwen there herself. Abigail declares that if Gwen wants to move forward, they could take care of this problem right now.

Theo tells Chad that he's not looking to start anything with Ciara, pointing out that Ben is still her husband no matter how she feels about him right now. Chad guesses that Theo is still thinking of Ciara as more than a friend. Theo repeats that Ciara is married but admits he still has feelings for her.

Justin explains to Ciara that by the time she and Ben became engaged, he only thought of Ben as the man that Ciara was madly in love with and who loved her. Ciara brings up that Ben killed people in cold blood. Justin thinks they all believed with therapy, medication, and that he was so devoted to her, that he had turned his life around. Ciara doesn't think you can do that after taking the lives away from three innocent people. Justin doesn't think they should talk about this right now. Ciara understands Justin cares about her and that he chose to support her and Ben but there's no way he can convince her that someone capable of what Ben did, can turn his life around. Ciara agrees with Victor that forgetting about her life with Ben is the best thing that ever happened to her.

Ben tells Jake that there is nothing he wants more in the world than Ciara back in his arms but not putting her life and health at risk. Jake points out that he might not have to, noting that he and Kate took the drug and had no side effects. Ben argues that they don't know if the serum works. Jake points out that it can work and feels it's worth a shot. Ben remains unsure. Jake says he doesn't have to decide right now but if wants to do it, he will make a call and find out how Kate got her hands on Dr. Rolf's drug.

Gabi tells Philip that it's ridiculous as she's not still hung up on Jake since he doesn't appreciate what she has to offer. Philip is not convinced. Gabi admits she's a poor loser and is not used to getting dumped. Gabi adds that she gave Jake the opportunity to make the right choice but he chose Kate even though she's age inappropriate for him. Philip remarks about her not being over Jake. Gabi admits she might be a little but she doesn't want to be and she wants to get past it. Philip suggests the only way to get over an old relationship is to start a new one. Gabi remarks that he's not too subtle. Philip says he's just trying to be helpful. Gabi asks if he's coming on to her. Philip thinks they should give it a try and they are off to a good start. Gabi argues that they don't have much in common. Philip talks about how he thought he had something going with Chloe again but she totally rejected him. Philip says he won't dwell on it and wants to move forward which is why he's very interested in taking Gabi to dinner. Gabi understands where he's coming from but feels that dinner is too much pressure so she is saying no. Gabi then suggests they could have lunch so Philip accepts and calls it a date as they exit the office together.

Justin tells Ciara that he didn't intend to spend the entire time talking about Ben. Ciara tells him that she's sorry as she hasn't asked how he's doing. Ciara asks how his sons are. Justin says they are fine and since he's been instructed to not tire her out, he's going to head home to rest. Justin tells Ciara that it was good to see her and to take care of herself as she knows how loved she is. Ciara says she's grateful for that. Justin says he will see her soon as he exits.

Ben asks Jake how he's supposed to convince Ciara to take the serum since she hates him right now and doesn't want him anywhere near her. Jake says that's for him to figure out. Ben asks what if something goes wrong. Jake argues that the hypnosis already went wrong so he doesn't have many options. Ben talks about how hard and long they fought to finally be together and says it can't end like this. Ben knows that deep down Ciara loves him and she would want to remember what they had and the life they dreamed of. Jake tells Ben that he has his back no matter what he decides. Jake adds that he can find out from Kate how to get the serum and Ben doesn't even have to use it but there's nothing wrong with just in case. Ben then tells Jake to call Kate so he does.

Chad tells Theo that he thinks he would be much better for Ciara than Ben but if something happened between them and then Ciara got her memory back and fell back in love with Ben, he doesn't want to see Theo get hurt. Theo acknowledges that it's definitely a risk. Theo then beats Chad in the chess game. They agree that they miss this. Theo says he should get going to his goddaughter. Chad tells him to have a good time as they hug. Theo adds that he hopes things work out between Chad and Abigail as he exits the mansion.

Abigail offers to call the clinic since Gwen said she didn't want to be pregnant so that seems like the best solution. Jack stops her and argues that Gwen just found out about this and it's a lot to take in. Abigail questions it being a lot for Gwen to take in and argues that Gwen got pregnant by Chad because she told him horrible, vicious lies about her to get him in bed. Abigail asks Jack what about what she's taking in. Abigail calls Gwen a despicable human being and says she's found another way to ruin her and Chad's life. Abigail declares that she found out soon enough to minimize the horror and the only way to do that is to end the pregnancy. Abigail warns Gwen that she better do it as she storms out of the house. Jack asks if Gwen is alright. Gwen responds that alright is the last thing that she is. Jack guesses there was no good way for Abigail to have heard the news. Gwen agrees and says her reaction was no surprise. Gwen points out how having Chad's baby would complicate all of their lives. Jack agrees it will be difficult and complicated but tells Gwen that it's her body so it's her decision. Jack declares that Abigail has no right to make that decision nor does anybody else.

Abigail goes home. Chad asks how it went as Abigail goes straight to pouring a drink and says it did not go well. Chad asks what happened or if Gwen threw up on her again. Abigail responds that she did something worse than that. Chad reminds Abigail that she's not supposed to be drinking on her meds and says she is scaring him. Chad asks her what's going on and says whatever it is can't be as bad as she thinks. Abigail then reveals to Chad that Gwen is pregnant with his child and walks out of the room.

Gwen tells Jack that she realizes what to do with the baby is her decision but Abigail seems to think it's her decision. Jack thinks Abigail will calm down and realize it's not her choice. Jack adds that if Gwen does decide to terminate the pregnancy, he wants her to know that he'll be there with her to support her every step of the way. Gwen says that's very kind of him. Jack then asks her if she wants to have the baby.

Philip joins Gabi in the town square with flowers which Gabi says is very sweet of him. Jake then walks up and guesses they are trying to scheme their way back in to the Gabi Chic space. Philip says that's not a bad idea while Gabi points out that they will have to wait until after their date.

Ben sneaks in to Ciara's hospital room while she is asleep. Ben looks at her and then pulls out the syringe of Dr. Rolf's formula.

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