Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/13/21

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/13/21


Written By Joseph

Eli and Paulina go to Xander's room at the Salem Inn to find Chanel. Xander answers the door wearing just his towel as Paulina questions what in God's name he is doing with her daughter.

At the DiMera Mansion, Abigail tells Chad that the kids are bathed and dressed so now she's going to run some errands. Chad stops her and thinks they should talk about what happened with Gwen yesterday.

Gwen goes to see Jack, saying she wanted to thank him in person for calling her yesterday to check on her because no one has ever done that for her before. Jack asks how she is doing today. Gwen tells him that she won't throw up on him like she did to Abigail. Jack says he's more interested in the reason it happened since she said she thought she might be pregnant. Jack asks if she really thinks that's true.

Chloe looks at a photo of Brady, saying she would love for them to have a second chance if only he wanted that too. Chloe tries to leave the office but Brady arrives and says he didn't expect to find her there. Brady adds that Nicole said she needed him at the office right away. Chloe informs him that Nicole wasn't being honest with him and she hasn't been either as she needs to tell him something.

"Susan" questions Sami sneaking Lucas out of her mom's house. Sami claims not to know what she's talking about. "Susan" asks if she's cheating on EJ.

Brady guesses Chloe is the reason that Nicole called him to the office right away. Chloe confirms that Nicole encouraged her to talk to him. Chloe tells him that she's sorry as it isn't easy for her to talk about. Brady admits he might have an idea as to what she wants to say. Brady asks if Chloe has feelings for him. Chloe guesses that someone told him and asks if it was Susan. Brady confirms that it was. Chloe questions why she would do that.

Sami insists that she's not cheating on EJ and calls that ridiculous. Sami says Lucas came over to talk about Allie and claims he came back this morning because he left his wallet. "Susan" questions if his wallet fell out of his pants after he took them off. She adds that she heard their conversation. Sami doesn't want to hear her accusations. "Susan" argues that Sami is cheating on EJ so she has no choice but to tell him.

Chanel asks Paulina to leave. Eli suggests they step out and let them get dressed but Paulina refuses to leave. Chanel asks what she's doing there. Paulina tells her that she was worried sick after Chanel didn't come home or respond to her texts. Eli adds that she was concerned for Chanel's safety which is why he's here. Chanel can't believe Paulina called the cops. Paulina says she thought Chanel was lying in a ditch somewhere. Chanel clarifies that she was lying in Xander's bed, though she calls him "Xavier", which Eli questions.

Abigail tells Chad that she needs to get going. Chad says not until they deal with what's going on with her and Gwen. Abigail asks what there is to deal with as she tried to make nice with her and Gwen threw up on her. Chad doesn't think it was on purpose. Abigail goes over how she asked her to swear in front of Jack that she didn't kill Laura and her response was throwing up. Chad asks if she thinks it was a distraction. Abigail asks why else Gwen would lose her lunch all of a sudden.

Gwen tells Jack that she understands the pregnancy was a bomb to drop on him and apologizes for rushing out right afterwards. Jack points out that they are alone now if she feels like sharing. Gwen assumes Jack wants to know when the last time she slept with someone was and who the baby's dad is. Gwen informs him that she's sorry to say that the last time was New Year's Eve, so the only person who could be the father is her brother in law, Chad. Jack points out that was over three months ago. Gwen notes that she hasn't been with anyone else. Jack thinks she would've known sooner but Gwen says she hasn't been keeping track with everything going on because of how crazy her life has been. Jack asks how she feels about it if she really is pregnant and Chad is the father. Gwen questions why he is asking her that. Jack asks if she wants to be carrying Chad's child.

Brady tells Chloe that "Susan" said she was worried that Chloe would get hurt. Chloe doesn't feel surprised that she couldn't keep her mouth shut. Brady is glad that he knows about Chloe feels and thinks they should keep it out in the open. Chloe asks if Brady has been working from home to keep distance between them. Brady admits he thought it might make things easier as he wanted to avoid awkwardness since he's with Kristen. Chloe then remarks that maybe he shouldn't be.

"Susan" tells Sami that she's going to call EJ right now. Sami asks her not to do that and assures she's not having an affair with Lucas. Sami talks about spending years searching for EJ, never giving up on him, and nursing him back to health. Sami believes they belong together and she would hate to lose him because of what "Susan" thinks happened last night. Sami begs her to forget what she heard, saw, or think happened. Sami adds that she would do anything which "Susan" questions.

Paulina asks Eli if he knows Xander. Eli confirms that he does. Xander wants to get dressed but Eli tells him to wait. Chanel can't believe Paulina brought a cop. Paulina tells Chanel that she's not turning this around on her. Xander argues that it's way too early for this. Eli points out that Chanel is a bit young which Xander questions. Chanel argues that she's a grown woman and free to make her own choices. Paulina questions her choosing to jump in to bed with a stranger. Chanel then reveals that he's no stranger, but her husband.

Chad tells Abigail that he doesn't condone what Gwen did but he's worried about how it's affecting her. Abigail asks if he means that the woman who killed her grandmother got away with it. Chad worries that Abigail is becoming obsessed with Gwen and it's taking over her life. Abigail admits Gwen brings out the worst in her. Chad brings up that Abigail said she wants to let go of the anger. Abigail doesn't want to hate Gwen but argues that she can't let it go when Gwen won't even be honest with her. Chad tells Abigail that he is in her corner and he will never let Gwen come between them again...

Gwen tells Jack that there was a time when she would've been happy to throw her pregnancy in Abigail's face as she just wanted to get revenge on Jack and his family but now she knows Laura was the one to blame for Jack abandoning her and Jack's been nothing but great to her. Gwen wants to put things in the past. Jack tells her how happy that makes him. Gwen states that she wants to be part of this family and be Jack's daughter. Jack assures her that she is his daughter no matter what but she's also Abigail's sister. Gwen admits it will be hard to build a relationship with her if she's pregnant with her husband's child.

Brady assures Chloe that he is committed to Kristen. Chloe knows you can't talk people out of their feelings but as someone who really cares about him, she thinks Brady is making a terrible mistake. Chloe calls Brady a good person and a great dad but she thinks he's throwing his life away by being with Kristen.

Sami argues that she and "Susan" are both mothers and she knows how protective "Susan" is of EJ but if she told him what she thought, it would just hurt him and EJ has been hurt enough which "Susan" agrees with. Sami asks what she can do to prove her commitment. "Susan" declares that she will keep Sami's secret but Sami will have to keep hers. Sami promises to take it to her grave. "Susan" wants Sami to swear on her children's lives so she does and asks what her secret is. "Susan" then removes her fake teeth and her wig as she reveals to Sami that she is actually Kristen. Kristen remarks that this might be the first time in history that Sami is speechless. Sami questions how long this has been going on. Kristen admits it's been a little over a month. Sami realizes that if Kristen is here pretending to be Susan then Susan is in prison. Sami can't believe Kristen forced Susan to switch places with her. Kristen claims Susan went willingly. Sami questions what she is up to. Kristen complains that she couldn't rot in there any longer and that she's doing it to be close to Brady because it's the only way she could keep from losing him to Chloe.

Eli questions Chanel saying Xander is her husband. Xander jokingly calls Paulina mom. Chanel says it's true that they did it last night. Paulina asks why she would do a dumb thing like that. Chanel blames Paulina since she told her not to come home until she could support herself and now she can because Xander is a wealthy man.

Abigail knows Chad wants to do whatever he can to fix their marriage. Chad wants to help her get over her resentment towards Gwen. Abigail thinks that relationship is beyond repair but Chad disagrees. Chad knows the relationship started off bad as possible but she wants to make things worse and they were going to make a truce before Gwen threw up on her. Chad asks Abigail to just call Gwen so they can try again.

Jack tells Gwen not to get ahead of themselves. Gwen admits she doesn't even know for sure if she is pregnant. Jack offers to take her to the doctor for a test but Gwen reveals she already got a test and decides she can take it now.

Paulina argues that she told Chanel to get a job not to marry some random loser in the street. Chanel argues that Xander is not a loser, he's rich. Eli questions what Xander is thinking. Xander admits he's not sure which Paulina questions. Xander admits he was drunk and heartbroken before, during, and after their vows. Paulina tells Xander that she doesn't care how much money he has or how built he is. Paulina declares that she will make sure Xander pays for corrupting her daughter. Xander asks if Paulina has met Chanel. Xander asks Eli to escort Paulina from his room because he and Chanel need to work on their honeymoon. Chanel agrees that Paulina needs to go and hopes next time she sees her, she'll be ready to give her blessing. Paulina then exits with Eli.

Sami questions Kristen doing all of this again to be close to Brady. Kristen calls Brady the love of her life. Sami asks if Brady knows. Kristen says of course not. Sami asks if she is spying on Brady then. Kristen says she's doing more than that and comments on how hard she's been working to keep Chloe and Brady apart. Kristen complains that Chloe walks around pretending to be just friends with Brady but she finally admitted she had strong feelings for him. Sami tells Kristen that she doesn't even care about this. Kristen continues to complain about Chloe pretending to be sweet while trying to poison Brady against her.

Brady tells Chloe that she's not the first person to have reservations about his relationship with Kristen. Chloe thinks anyone who cares about him would be worried. Brady gets her point but decides this conversation is over. Chloe disagrees and says Nicole didn't call him here so they could talk about Kristen but because she's been wanting to tell him something for a long time now. Brady tells Chloe that she doesn't have to say anything but Chloe says she wants to. Chloe then tells Brady that they should be together again as she thinks it's what is best for him. Brady asks if this is about Chloe looking out for him or saving him from Kristen or himself. Chloe argues that it's her going for what she wants and going for it. Chloe says she's not thinking about Kristen but about what it would be like to be in his arms again.

Sami suggests Kristen just talk to Brady. Kristen admits she almost outed herself earlier but she knows that would be a big mistake. Sami guesses Brady would think what she's doing is crazy. Kristen brings up how Brady freaked out when she broke out of prison to check on him after Chloe almost got him killed so if he found out she was out again, he'd just tell her to go back. Sami asks if Kristen thinks Brady really has feelings for Chloe. Kristen notes that he says he doesn't and he said Chloe isn't a threat but they know the truth about Chloe. Kristen declares that a woman like Chloe cannot be trusted which is why she has to do whatever it takes to save Brady from her. Sami asks what that means exactly. Kristen tells her that there is only so much she can do as Susan, but now she has a partner in crime. Sami has no idea what scheme she's coming up with but declares there is no way in hell that she's getting on that crazy train.

Abigail picks up her phone but tells Chad that she can't do it because just looking at Gwen's name makes her mad so hearing her voice might set her off. Chad suggests she call Jack then and have him get them together again.

Gwen and Jack talk about waiting for the pregnancy test results. Jack asks how she feels. Gwen admits she's scared. Jack guesses that's why she came over to take the test. Gwen admits she didn't want to be alone when she got the answer. Jack then gets a call from Abigail but chooses to ignore it. Gwen then gets her test results and announces she is definitely pregnant.

Kristen argues that Sami swore to keep her secret while Sami argues that she thought she was Susan so the deal was under false pretenses. Kristen says a deal is a deal. Sami refuses to be her partner in crime. Sami brings up Kristen kidnapping her and drugging her as well as what she did with Eric. Kristen argues that Sami's list of crimes isn't short either. Sami says she isn't saying she's a good person but she's a better person than Kristen. Sami adds that Brady would be better off without Kristen in his life. Kristen asks who she is to judge. Sami declares that she's going to call Brady and tell him what's going on right now and that Chloe would be great for him. Sami tries to call Brady but Kristen takes her phone.

Chloe asks Brady to let her finish because she kept it in for so long that if she doesn't say it, she never will. Brady tells her to go ahead. Chloe says she knows how she feels about him but she wouldn't have said anything or hoped they had a chance if she didn't feel like she felt signs from him as well. Chloe knows Brady never said anything but the way he's been acting and the way he sometimes looks at her. Chloe brings up Brady's reaction when he thought she slept with Philip. Brady argues that he just thinks Philip is bad for her. Chloe argues that it wasn't the face of a protective friend. Chloe brings up helping Brady put his shirt on in the hospital after he was shot. Chloe argues that Brady can't tell her that he didn't feel anything between them. Chloe promises that if he feels the same and there's a chance for them then he won't regret it.

Kristen takes Sami's phone and threatens to call EJ. Sami argues that EJ won't take Kristen's word over hers. Kristen says if she can convince Salem that she is Susan Banks then she can convince EJ that Sami is a lying whore. Kristen states that she's a woman who knows what she wants and how far she's willing to go to get it. Sami says she's willing to take the risk. Kristen argues that Sami loves EJ more than she hates her. Kristen adds that Sami just said she was devoted to EJ and how devastating it would be to her marriage if he found out about her and Lucas. Kristen believes Sami won't expose her if it means exposing herself. Sami asks if she's sure about that. Kristen remarks that she has a lot to lose but so does Sami and if the truth comes out, EJ is gone and may never come back. Kristen asks if she really wants to take that chance.

Eli and Paulina walk through the town square. Eli wants her to calm down but she questions if he would calm down if his daughter married that meathead. Eli talks about thinking of all the things that could go wrong for his daughter. Paulina asks Eli what kind of man Xander is. Eli responds that he's trying to think of an answer that won't make this situation worse.

Xander tells Chanel that they need to talk. Chanel says she's sorry about her mom. Chanel tells Xander about wanting to order room service. Xander suggests she dial that back because he's not really that rich. Chanel brings up him being CEO of Titan and shows him his card from his wallet. Xander responds that she's behind on the times and suggests she just order some cereal.

Chloe asks Brady if he doesn't feel anything when she touches him. Chloe promises to never mention it again if Brady tells her there's no chance for them. Brady tells her that he has to go see Rachel because he left her with "Susan". Brady then exits the office.

Kristen tells Sami that it's her choice and asks if she's going to stop Chloe from doing to her what she did to EJ. Sami responds that she doesn't care what Chloe does to her. Kristen argues that she does care if she calls EJ to tell him that his loving wife just crawled out of bed with another man. Sami tells Kristen that she hates her but gives in and agrees to help her. Sami asks what she's even supposed to do and how she's supposed to keep Chloe and Brady apart. Kristen is sure she can figure it out since her scheming is one of the best next to hers. Sami asks what Kristen is going to do. Kristen says she'll go back to being Susan Banks while Sami goes back to being the long suffering wife of EJ DiMera. Kristen tells Sami that her secret is safe with her and gives her phone back to her.

Gwen cries to Jack that she's pregnant and the dad is Abigail's husband. Jack admits it's terrible but there's no way he will let her deal with it alone. Gwen thanks him and knows it's hard on him too. Jack tells her they just have to be careful. Gwen remarks on how Abigail would react if she found out that she's pregnant with her husband's child as Abigail enters the house.

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