Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/12/21

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/12/21


Written By Joseph

Nicole goes to the Basic Black office and greets Chloe. Chloe mentions that Brady is working from home today so Nicole asks if he's okay. Chloe assures that he is but thinks the reason Brady is staying home is because of her.

"Susan" brings Brady muffins and talks about making them with Rachel and then putting Rachel to sleep. Brady thanks her. "Susan" brings up how much Rachel and Brady miss Kristen. She's glad Brady took her advice about keeping his distance from Chloe so now Kristen doesn't have to worry about Chloe moving in on her man.

Eli and Lani kiss at home. Eli says it feels like old times. They can't believe the twins are still sleeping and look forward to when they sleep through the night. They continue kissing until Paulina shows up at the door, asking if Chanel stayed with them last night. Lani tells her that she's not here. Paulina reveals that Chanel didn't come home last night so she has no clue where she is.

Xander wakes up in bed with Chanel.

Lucas and Sami wake up in bed together. Sami wonders what they have done and tells Lucas not to blame her.

Nicole questions why Brady would stay home because of Chloe and asks if they had a fight. Chloe says it's not easy for her to talk about. Chloe says she and Brady started working together and spending so much time together again, a lot of her old feelings for him started coming back. Nicole says she had no idea. Chloe responds that nobody did except "Susan" because she told her which Nicole questions.

Brady tells "Susan" that he has some work to do. "Susan" asks if he's glad he took her advice about not seeing Chloe so much. Brady appreciates knowing how Chloe is feeling about him now and he doesn't want to hurt her since he cares about her. "Susan" insists that he did the right thing and says it's sad that Chloe is carrying a torch for him when he's in love with Kristen.

Paulina explains to Eli and Lani that she lost her temper and told Chanel to stay away from her until she finds a job but she didn't mean for her to sleep in the streets. Eli is pretty sure that's not what Chanel did. Lani encourages that Chanel can take care of herself. Paulina points out that she has no credit cards and worries about Chanel lying in a ditch somewhere. Eli suggests that Chanel could be with a guy. Paulina tells Eli that she loves him but questions if he's calling her daughter a tramp.

Xander tells Chanel that last night is a total fog but he can tell there was a lot of drinking involved. Chanel talks about how Xander was in a bad way and she felt bad as he was really hurting. Xander asks if they hooked up. Chanel claims that they did.

Sami covers up and gets out of bed, telling Lucas not to look at her. Lucas tells her she looks great and jokes with her. Sami puts on her robe and questions what she was thinking. Lucas blames himself for taking advantage of her while she was vulnerable and apologizes but Sami says it's not accepted. Lucas argues that it's not like he seduced her. Sami explains that she's not accepting his apology because he doesn't owe her one. Sami adds that Lucas didn't do anything wrong as she was there too. Sami admits she was feeling lonely and Lucas was sweet so it felt good to have his arms around her. Lucas is sorry she's been living this way. Sami responds that she's glad he came and that no one knows her better than him. Lucas agrees that they are great together even though they are not married. Sami brings up that she's married to EJ and cries that she cheated on him as she hugs Lucas.

Nicole questions why Chloe would tell something so private to Susan Banks. Chloe explains that she had been spending a lot of time at John and Marlena's and how "Susan" has been weirdly possessive of Brady but then she showed up here to apologize. Chloe talks about trying to deny it but "Susan" persisted about her feelings for Brady. Nicole questions Chloe thinking that Brady is working from home because "Susan" told him what she said. Chloe thinks Brady might have figured it out but isn't sure it was because of "Susan", though Nicole assures that it is. Chloe asks why "Susan" would do that and what she gets out of it.

"Susan" tells Brady that he can talk to her about he and Kristen rather than bottling it up inside. Brady points out how "Susan" has a hard time keeping things to herself. Brady points out how Chloe confided her feelings with her and she came right to him to tell him. "Susan" argues that she did that for Chloe and insists that Brady can still talk to her about Kristen. "Susan" brings up how Brady went to visit Kristen for the first time in a long time and he hasn't been himself since coming back. Brady responds that Kristen wasn't herself which "Susan" blames on prison. Brady comments on how Kristen is going to be in prison for a long time. "Susan" asks what he's saying. Brady doesn't like to admit it but he's feeling a real distance between he and Kristen.

Eli assures Paulina that he's not saying Chanel is a tramp. Paulina argues that Chanel doesn't know anyone in this town and only a tramp would go with a man she doesn't know. Lani points out that maybe it was Theo which surprises Paulina. Lani explains that Theo and Chanel met in South Africa and dated for a few months. Paulina says she knew Chanel was seeing someone but not that it was Theo. Eli informs her that they just found out yesterday. Lani adds that Chanel asked Theo to take her back to South Africa with him. Paulina guesses that was after their fight and says that Chanel will do anything to get out of working for a living. Lani notes that Theo turned her down but suggests maybe he let her stay at Abe's for the night. Paulina hopes so as Lani goes to call Theo. Paulina tells Eli that she hopes his daughter Jules doesn't drive him crazy one day like Chanel does to her.

Xander tells Chanel that he doesn't remember anything about last night. Chanel says he cried on her shoulder so she comforted him and said she hopes he gets over Sarah. Xander apologizes if he acted like a drunken lad and says he just needs some aspirin. Xander then gets out of bed and realizes he's wearing his kilt.

Paulina apologizes for barging in on Eli and Lani. Eli tells her it's all good as she and Chanel are family. Paulina questions how two cousins can be more different than Lani and Chanel. Paulina talks about Lani and Eli building a wonderful life. Lani comes back and informs them that Theo does not know where Chanel is.

Xander recalls that he was supposed to get married in his kilt and questions why he put it on. Chanel tells him it was his idea but notes he was pretty drunk. Xander decides to go take a shower.

Chloe tells Nicole that it doesn't matter how Brady found out but he knows now and now he's working from home. Nicole suggests it might not have anything to do with her. Chloe feels it's Brady's way of telling her there's no chance so she should give up. Nicole argues that she doesn't even have all the facts. Chloe says whether she likes it or not, Brady is with Kristen and they have a daughter together so she should just tell him she respects that. Nicole calls that the last thing she should do.

"Susan" questions Brady saying there's distance between he and Kristen. Brady says they used to have this special connection but he doesn't feel it anymore. "Susan" argues that what's in his heart hasn't changed. Brady remarks that he's sure Kristen doesn't feel it anymore either. Brady talks about going to visit in prison and how Vivian told him that Kristen didn't want him to visit anymore and that "Kristen" confirmed it. "Susan" argues that he might have just visited on a bad day but insists that Kristen didn't mean it. Brady argues that "Susan" doesn't know Kristen and questions why she's pleading Kristen's case or how she would know what's in her heart.

Sami can't believe that she cheated on EJ and talks about walking in on her mother cheating on her father and how she swore she would never cheat but now she just cheated on the man she loves. Lucas questions where the man she loves has been the last couple of years. Sami argues that he's been hurt and still has a long way to go. Lucas talks about Sami being there for EJ every step of the way but she said EJ doesn't care. Sami argues that she still loves EJ. Lucas says he's sorry she's going through this but he's not sorry for what happened last night. Sami admits that she's not either but declares that no one can ever find out, warning that if EJ ever found out then there would be hell to pay. Lucas tells her that he's sorry about EJ but says she's a beautiful young woman who has needs. Sami argues that EJ is battling depression so she doesn't know what he would do if he found out she cheated on him. Sami repeats that they cannot let EJ find out as she loves him and wants their marriage to work. Lucas reminds her that she said last night that she had nothing to go home to. Sami argues that last night was different and she feels better this morning so she's going home to EJ and is going to make their marriage work. Sami repeats that they can't let anyone ever know what happened. Lucas promises not to say anything. Sami declares that as long as they are the only ones that know then EJ will never find out. Lucas then reminds her that they are not the only ones who know because "Susan" is the one who let him in.

"Susan" tells Brady that she's not feeling sorry for Kristen and that she just figured Kristen changed for the better because of Brady and Rachel. Brady says Kristen did change and they had something really good for awhile but relationships take work and they can't do that when she won't even let him see her. Brady remarks that it's like Kristen gave up on them or something. "Susan" responds that she would never do that. Brady questions her. "Susan" thinks she needs to tell Brady the truth.

Chloe asks Nicole what is wrong with her telling Brady that she doesn't want to threaten his relationship with Kristen. Nicole mocks Brady's relationship with Kristen. Nicole talks about how Kristen pretended to be her with a mask and was vicious to her and Eric. Chloe acknowledges that she's right but points out that Kristen still got Brady even after he found out the kind of person she really is. Nicole says that's only because Brady got Kristen pregnant, thinking that it was her. Chloe thinks Brady fell in love with Kristen. Nicole admits maybe he did but they both know that Kristen is bad for him. Nicole states that Kristen going to prison is the best thing to happen to Brady and Rachel. Nicole encourages that this is Chloe's chance to make Brady happier than Kristen ever could.

Eli and Lani tell Paulina about how they told Theo about Chanel being broke and then Chanel got mad and stormed off. Eli realizes that means the last place Chanel was seen was the town square. Eli decides to go check with police headquarters to check security footage. Lani assures Paulina that they are going to find her. Paulina talks about Chanel always expecting whatever she wanted. Paulina says she spoiled Chanel and now she has to deal with it. Paulina adds that she was telling Eli that she wishes Chanel could be more like Lani. Lani talks about Paulina being sweet with gifts. Paulina asks Lani to spend time with Chanel because she needs a good influence in her life.

Xander comes out from the shower so Chanel asks if he's feeling better. Xander says it helped a little but he still doesn't know why he put on the kilt. Chanel says that Xander said it would be a shame for his wedding outfit to go to waste and questions him not remembering. Chanel then suggests she can jog his memory by revealing she is wearing Sarah's engagement ring which shocks Xander as Chanel informs him that he gave it to her last night.

Chloe doesn't think she's the key to Brady's happiness and points out that he doesn't even want to come to the office to look at her. Chloe brings up Brady going to visit Kristen in prison and how he was looking forward to it but he came back so sad. Nicole suggests maybe it's not working out and that Brady is only with Kristen to not kick her while she's down. Nicole wants Chloe to take a chance and go tell Brady how she feels. Nicole believes Chloe, Brady, Rachel, and Parker would make a wonderful family. Chloe says she can't think about that as she couldn't take getting hurt again. Chloe mentions having a meeting and not being ready so she'll see her later. Nicole tries to stop her but Chloe hurries out of the office.

"Susan" says she knows Brady thinks she's weird and that she always says the wrong things or that she doesn't know he and Kristen's feelings but she does. She says she understands more than he thinks. Brady questions what she means but Brady gets a call from Nicole, asking him to come to the office now. Brady says he's in the middle of something and asks if Chloe can handle it. Nicole informs him that Chloe's in a meeting so Brady asks what the problem is. Nicole would rather tell him in person and says she wouldn't ask if it wasn't important. Brady tells "Susan" that they have to cut this short due to a situation at the office. "Susan" shouts that she doesn't care because he can't leave now.

Eli reveals footage shows Chanel going in to the Salem Inn last night. Paulina is relieved but questions why she didn't just come to the room and if she slept in the lobby. Eli then adds that Chanel wasn't alone as she was with a man. Paulina asks who it was but Eli says they couldn't identify him from the footage so he's going to talk to the manager. Eli says he'll keep them posted as he exits. Paulina declares that she's not going to sit around and wait for a phone call so she's going with Eli as she exits.

Chanel tells Xander that she didn't con him out of the ring but he gave it to her and said she had to have it. Xander says he wouldn't do that but notes he was really drunk and Sarah doesn't want it. Chanel remarks that he's cute when he's sad. Xander tells her to keep the ring and says she can sell it if she wants since she said she had money problems. Chanel responds that she would never sell it after Xander got down on one knee and proposed. Xander blames the liquor but Chanel says it didn't sound that way to her when he begged her to marry him. Xander argues that he had been drinking for two days straight. Chanel then tells him that he was still able to say his vows which confuses Xander. Chanel then announces that they got married last night. Chanel says they just met but they really clicked. Chanel adds that Xander said marrying her would help him get over Sarah and feel like revenge. Xander questions her not having a problem with that. Chanel says she did at first but then told herself that he's good looking and loaded so she had nothing to lose. Xander can't believe this. Chanel shows Xander their marriage license and says Xander was throwing around money to get it. Xander tells her that whatever they did last night, they have to undo.

Chloe returns to Nicole and asks why she had to see her. Nicole reveals that she's taking the meeting now so that Chloe can stay here, wait for Brady, and tell him that she loves him. Chloe argues that Brady isn't even there. Nicole informs her that she told Brady that there was a problem and that she wasn't around. Chloe complains that she can't deal with that and wants her to call him off. Chloe doesn't want Brady telling her that Kristen is the love of his life. Nicole thinks it's better than pining after Brady and suggests that Brady could end up telling her that he has feelings for her too. Chloe can't believe Nicole did this. Nicole tells her she's welcome and wishes her luck as she exits the office.

"Susan" argues that Brady can't leave now as she was fixing to tell him something really important. Brady tells her it will have to wait because there's an issue at Basic Black that requires his attention. "Susan" thought he was taking her advice to not see Chloe. Brady says that Chloe will be in a meeting. "Susan" wants to finish this conversation. Brady says he's sorry but it will have to wait as he exits the house. Kristen thinks back to encouraging Chloe to open up about her feelings for Brady. Kristen then tosses a glass against the wall in frustration.

Lucas and Sami argue about "Susan" knowing about him being there. Lucas reminds her that he told her last night that "Susan" had let him in. Lucas jokes about how "Susan" could walk in with breakfast in bed for her and how she would definitely tell EJ. Sami tells Lucas to get dressed while she figures out how to sneak him past Marlena and John. Sami then opens the door to check if the coast is clear.

Chloe looks at a photo of Brady, saying she would love for them to have a second chance if only he wanted that too. Chloe tries to leave the office but Brady arrives and says he didn't expect to find her there.

Lani holds her baby Jules, wondering if Eli and Paulina found Chanel yet. Lani hopes she never has to worry about Jules like that.

Eli and Paulina are directed by the Salem Inn manager to the room to find Chanel. They wonder who is inside with her. Eli declares there's only one way to find out so he knocks on the door. Xander opens the door wearing just a towel, leaving Eli and Paulina confused, as Xander is too.

Sami tries to sneak Lucas out of the house. Lucas assures he won't say anything to anyone as he rushes out the door. "Susan" then appears and questions Sami as to what that was all about.

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