Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/9/21

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/9/21


Written By Joseph

Sami lays in bed until Lucas shows up at her door. Sami talks about not wanting to have a talk with Susan. Lucas says he just came to congratulate her on her release. Sami swears she will never confess to a murder she didn't commit again. Lucas jokes about Sami being back to her old self and getting in trouble. Sami thanks him for being there for her and looking out for Allie. Lucas states that Allie is tough just like her mom.

Allie goes to Steve and Kayla's to see Tripp. Kayla tells her that Tripp isn't there but he will be back soon. Kayla reveals that Tripp is moving back in with them so he and Steve went to go pack his things. Kayla invites Allie to wait with her inside and goes to make her some tea. Allie sits down and thinks back to Tripp telling her that he went to Charlie's place on the night he was killed. Kayla asks her if everything is alright.

Steve and Tripp begin packing Tripp's things. Tripp says he appreciates them letting him move back in. Steve says he never wanted him to move out in the first place so he's glad he is coming back home. Tripp says he didn't have much choice since Ava is giving up her apartment. Steve says he saw that coming. Tripp brings up Ava being unable to afford it anymore since she's cutting ties with the family business. Steve admits that surprised him. Tripp knows what Steve has been through with Ava but says this business with Charlie has really changed her. Steve knows Tripp is worried about her. Tripp talks about the investigation dragging on so it's been hard to move forward and leave all that behind. Steve says now that Rafe isn't dealing with Sami, maybe he'll be able to focus on who really killed Charlie.

Ava asks Rafe why he is looking at her like that. Rafe says ever since Ava's been staying here, he's gotten to know her pretty well and she's opened up to him about her life. Rafe feels now that there is something she's not telling him so he asks if there's a reason she stayed silent this whole time. Rafe knows it must have been awful for her to find Charlie but he thinks there's another reason that she stayed silent for so long. Rafe tells Ava that she needs to tell him the rest. Ava responds that she's afraid that Tripp did it.

Marlena and Belle talk at the hospital. Marlena is unsure if they should've let John go in to Jan's room since Jan pushes his buttons and they know how he gets. Belle feels there was no stopping him when he's dead set on something.

John enters Jan Spears' hospital room. Jan questions what he's doing there. John informs her that they have some unfinished business. Jan asks again what he's doing there. John responds that he came to apologize. John says he's not here to hurt her and just wants to talk. Jan tells him to make it short because she's still recovering. John says he just wanted to try to explain where his head was at that night when she told him that she killed Belle. John says he just lost it and took matters into his own hands. John tells Jan that he's truly sorry about it. Jan responds that she thinks he really is. Jan admits she sort of provoked him. John thanks her for saying that. Jan says she can admit she went over the top but that doesn't let him off the hook. Jan warns that if Belle presses charges against her then she will press charges against John and they will both go to prison.

Belle admits to Marlena that she doesn't think John would be talking to Jan which Marlena agrees with. Belle assures that she doesn't think John will try to hurt Jan but Marlena continues to worry. Belle insists that John is back to his old self and hasn't had any incidents in awhile. Marlena thinks back to John not remembering what happened at Charlie's apartment. Belle then asks Marlena if John has had any incidents.

Ava explains to Rafe that when she got to Charlie's apartment, she saw Tripp leaving and when she went in, Charlie had already been shot. Rafe asks if she talked to Tripp about this. Ava says she tried but they got interrupted by Nicole coming over and then Tripp left. Ava adds that she ended up telling Nicole and she said that she should tell Rafe. Ava says this isn't easy for her since she was raised not to trust the cops or turn her son over. Ava talks about finally getting her son back after all these years and now she's terrified of losing him again.

Steve and Tripp finish packing Tripp's things. Steve suggests they get to the car. Tripp stops and says before they go, there's something he needs to talk to him about. Tripp states that it's about the night Charlie died.

Sami talks to Lucas about not wanting to run in to Susan at the house. Lucas invites her to the Pub but Sami says she doesn't want to see anyone else or talk to anyone other than him because she'd have to explain what happened. Sami says Lucas was there with her so he already knows everything. Lucas is thankful that Rafe cleared her and jokes about how Sami gets along with all of her ex husbands. Sami tells Lucas that she really appreciates him being there for her. Lucas says it was great that she was there for Allie. Lucas then informs Sami that he came to say goodbye since he's sure she wants to get back to EJ. Sami responds that she doesn't know what she wants to do. Sami thinks she wants to stay in Salem a little while longer. Lucas admits it'd be nice for her to spend more time with Allie and Henry, noting that Allie does feel guilty for taking Sami away from EJ. Sami says she can't put this on Allie or Henry because it's her. Lucas asks what's going on with her and why she doesn't want to go back to Italy. Sami reveals she doesn't think she has anything to go back for.

Rafe tells Ava that telling him the truth doesn't mean she's handing Tripp over to the cops. Ava complains that it feels like that. Rafe talks about he was able to clear Sami and Allie once Sami started telling him the truth. Rafe adds that seeing Tripp come out of the building doesn't mean that he shot Charlie. Ava points out the timing of seeing Tripp leaving and then she went right in and Charlie was still alive. Rafe encourages her not to jump to conclusions as they are going to take it one step at a time. Rafe reminds her that Tripp is innocent until proven guilty. Rafe says he has to question Tripp but promises to do everything he can to help him as he's sure Steve will too. Rafe asks her where Tripp is now. Ava informs him that he's moving back in with Kayla and Steve so he should be there now.

Allie gets a text from Nicole that Henry has gone to sleep. Allie talks to Kayla about how Tripp is amazing with Henry. Kayla is happy they worked things out after everything they've been through. Allie tells Kayla that she's sorry for dragging her in to the whole mess. Kayla assures that she understood and just wanted the truth to come out as it did and Tripp was cleared. Kayla declares that now they just have to get on with their lives.

Tripp tells Steve that he should've told him this in the first place but he just couldn't. Tripp reveals that he went to see Charlie on the night he was shot. Steve hopes that Tripp is not telling him that he's the one who killed him.

John tells Jan that he didn't apologize just so she wouldn't press charges. Jan repeats that if Belle presses charges against her, she will do the same to John. John can't promise that won't happen. Jan declares this conversation is over then. John agrees and exits the room.

Belle asks Marlena if John had another episode. John comes back over and informs them that Jan will still press charges against him unless Belle promises not to press charges against her. Belle says she's not surprised but she came prepared to make a deal with her. Marlena questions how to be sure that Jan will hold up her end of the bargain. Belle asks what choice she has as she's not going to let John go to jail. John adds that he won't let Jan go free.

Sami tells Lucas to forget she said anything. Lucas refuses but Sami decides they can go to the Pub. Lucas says they aren't going anywhere until she tells him what's going on with her. Sami claims she was just feeling sorry for herself and it's no big deal. Lucas encourages Sami to talk to him. Sami admits she doesn't like to give up on anything but says helping EJ get healthy and be himself again has been the most important thing she's done in her entire life except maybe he's been through much with Kristen kidnapping him, drugging him, and then the fire. Sami doesn't know if he can ever be EJ again.

Kayla tells Allie that if she needs to get to Henry, she can tell Tripp to get a hold of her. Allie says it's okay and she will wait. Kayla asks if Allie is okay as she seems tense and offers to talk but they get interrupted by Rafe and Ava arriving at the door. They ask if Tripp is there but Kayla informs them that he's not as he and Steve went to get his things from Ava's old apartment. Kayla adds that Tripp will be back soon. Allie questions why they need to talk to him and why they are here. Rafe responds that it's police business so Kayla invites them in. Allie tries to text Tripp not to come home and that she needs to see him but Steve and Tripp then come home. Ava tells Tripp that she's sorry but she had to tell Rafe what happened the night Charlie died. Tripp hugs Ava and tells her it will all be alright. Tripp says he knows she only did this to protect him. Ava asks what he's talking about. Tripp says he knows when Charlie threatened him, Ava thought she had to stop him to protect him. Tripp talks about how Ava knew how dangerous Charlie was and that he pushed her. Ava informs Tripp that she didn't do anything to Charlie. Tripp doesn't understand since she said she told Rafe the truth. Ava reveals that she didn't kill Charlie but she told Rafe that she saw Tripp leaving that building.

Sami tells Lucas that she never says she can't do anything but Johnny moved out and Sydney went off to school then it was just her and EJ and things change. Sami feels she shouldn't be telling Lucas this. Lucas insists that he's 100% on her side and he's here for her. Sami says it's just been really hard for EJ and he tries to pretend he's not in pain but sometimes he can't help it and needs her help. Sami talks about now EJ is just mad at the pain and at the world which she can understand. Sami cries that sometimes she feels like EJ is mad at her even though she knows it's not that. Sami says she kept telling herself it would get better when the pain goes away but it's not just the pain. Sami feels it's like something got twisted up inside of him and now he just pushes her away. Lucas admits that sounds like hell. Sami feels like she couldn't do anything for him. Lucas argues that Sami has done everything she can for EJ and she's not giving up, but surviving.

Belle declares that she doesn't have a choice as she's not going to let John go to prison. John argues that if Jan goes free, she's a danger to Belle and Claire. John instructs Belle to call Shawn to arrest Jan and if he gets arrested, so be it. Belle tells John that it's not his decision to make so she is going to make a deal with Jan and nothing will change her mind. John argues that he'll file his own charges but Belle points out that she didn't do anything to him. Marlena stops them and suggests they go to the Pub to continue talking. John states that he won't change his mind which Belle says he made very clear. Belle tells them to go ahead since she has to call John to get the process started and she'll meet them there. John wants a copy of Jan's mugshot afterwards. John and Marlena then exit the hospital. Belle goes to see Jan and tells her they are going to have a little chat. Jan asks if John's apology was supposed to be his get out of jail free card. Belle remarks that John strangling her is just what everyone who ever met her wanted to do. Jan suggests she be nicer to the girl who could put her father in jail. Belle says that's why she's here because she can't let her father go to prison. Jan says that's not up to her. Belle tells Jan that she's here to accept her deal, if Jan doesn't press charges against John then she won't press charges against her.

John and Marlena go to the Brady Pub. John insists he's right about this. Marlena thinks he's doing what is best for Belle. John argues that Jan is dangerous so if they make a deal, it will just empower her and she'll think she can get away with murder. Marlena argues that it's Belle's decision to make and if John goes to prison, she will blame herself.

Ava informs Tripp that she saw him leaving Charlie's apartment so when she went in and saw Charlie had been shot, she thought maybe he had done it. Tripp admits he went there since he thought Charlie was getting worse since he was threatening to take Henry from Allie and he wasn't going to let that happen. Tripp says he got there and banged on the door, calling his name but he didn't answer so he thought Charlie was ignoring him or wasn't home but he did not shoot him. Ava hugs Tripp and is thankful while Allie looks relieved. Rafe says here we go again. Tripp explains that he tried to tell Ava a few times when he found out it wasn't Sami and then Gabi accused him but he remembered Gabi saying she saw Ava sneaking out the back door that night. Rafe questions them not telling him this. Tripp admits he should have but states Ava didn't do this. Ava says Tripp didn't either and asks if Rafe believes them. Rafe responds that what he believes is irrelevant and complains that they held up the case considerably. Steve tells Rafe that they only held back what they knew while Rafe argues that they lied. Steve thinks Rafe can understand why. Rafe admits he can but says if any of them told the truth, they could've found out who shot Charlie and found the killer who is still out on the loose.

John really wants Marlena to back him up. Marlena feels Belle won't listen to her any more than he does. John can't shake the thought that he might have killed Charlie and if he did, he might end up in prison anyway.

Jan mocks Belle for caving when she wants to see her locked up. Belle says they don't always get what they want. Jan brings up John saying he wouldn't go along with it. Belle says it's not his decision since only she can press charges against her and no one can make her if she doesn't want to. Belle presents Jan with a contract to make it official that she won't press charges against her and Jan won't press charges against John. Belle orders Jan to sign it.

Sami complains that she knows what everyone in Salem thinks of EJ. Lucas asks if they are all wrong. Sami argues that nobody knows or understands EJ the way that she does. Sami acknowledges that EJ is ruthless, driven, and ambitious but when it was just the two of them, all of that would go away and she knew how much he loved her. Lucas notes her saying loved as in the past tense. Sami feels EJ doesn't look at her with love anymore or touch her anymore and she doesn't know if that's ever going to change. Sami cries that she may have to come to terms with the fact that she will never be loved again. Lucas calls that ridiculous and says she's a wonderful woman that anyone would be lucky to have. Lucas and Sami then end up kissing.

Kayla invites Allie to stay for dinner but Allie says she has to get home to Henry so Tripp walks Allie out. Kayla turns to Steve and questions if he knew that Tripp was at Charlie's that night. Steve informs her that Tripp just told him tonight so he told him to go to the police but instead the police came to him.

Allie appreciates that Tripp went to Charlie's to protect Henry. Tripp says he wasn't going to let Charlie do that to her. Allie asks if he's okay. Tripp says it just hit him that Charlie was in there dying while he was knocking at the door so he must have just missed the person who really killed him..

Marlena tells John that his only real memory is hearing the gunshot and that was from a distance as he was in his car. Marlena insists that John did not kill Charlie. John asks who did then.

Jan tells Belle that she's not letting John get away with attempted murder. Belle warns Jan that she will be going to prison and that John will have an easier time getting off with the witnesses. Jan calls her smug. Belle says she will go call Shawn but Jan changes her mind and agrees to sign the contract. Belle thanks her and signs it as well. Belle says she will send her a copy for her safety deposit box. Jan then points out that Belle's coat is missing a button. Belle wonders when that happened...

Rafe and Ava go home. Ava repeats to Rafe that she's so sorry. Rafe questions if she thought why it's illegal to lie to the police and warns that it's dangerous. Rafe argues that she helped the person who killed her son. Ava admits all she was thinking about was the son she has left. Ava decides she'll go find a motel and says Rafe has been so good to her but she's sorry. Rafe stops her and tells her that she doesn't have to go anywhere. Ava offers to make Rafe something to eat but Rafe says he's not hungry and tells her to just go to bed. Ava asks if he's going to stay up working on the case which he confirms. Rafe adds that he will stick to hard evidence and give up on witnesses because they lie. An evidence bag lies on the table with a red button inside matching Belle's coat..

Lucas asks Sami what they are doing. Sami responds that she doesn't know as they then continue kissing.

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