Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/8/21

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/8/21


Written By Joseph

Allie, Kate, and Philip are at the Brady Pub together. Allie thanks them for taking her out to dinner. Kate can't think of a better reason for celebration than Allie being cleared of Charlie's murder. Allie acknowledges she made a terrible mistake by taking Kate's gun and she's grateful that Sami didn't end up in prison because of it. Kate states that Sami may not have murdered Charlie but someone did.

Ava goes to see Nicole and tells her how she went on to Rafe about how she felt guilty about making Charlie who he is. Ava says that she told Rafe that whoever is responsible for Charlie's death doesn't need to be punished and she's okay with dropping the case but Rafe said no. Nicole points out that Rafe is the police commissioner so he can't just drop a case for a friend. Ava says she knows but she's not thinking straight as she's worried. Nicole knows she's desperate to protect Tripp. Ava argues that there's nothing to protect and tells her to forget what she said because Rafe can never find out what Tripp did.

Gabi goes to Rafe's place and questions Rafe working from home. Rafe says that Melinda is all over him to find Charlie's killer since Sami was cleared so he's back to square one. Gabi responds that she's going to solve this case for him.

Abigail tells Jack that she doesn't know if this is a good idea. Jack understands her reluctance but says it means so much to him. Jack insists that Abigail and Gwen need to make peace because he can't stand to watch what all the hate and anger does to her. Abigail knows what she did was wrong. Abigail doesn't think she can do this and suggests telling Gwen not to come. The doorbell rings so Jack tells her it's too late. Jack encourages that Abigail can do this as he goes to answer the door. Jack then returns to the living room with Gwen. Gwen asks how they do this. Jack suggests jumping right in and asks Gwen to start. Gwen sits next to Abigail and tells her that she knows she did truly terrible things to her. Abigail points out it was to her whole family. Gwen acknowledges that she hurt all of them but states that Abigail was her main target and she wanted to take away everything she had which she felt she had been denied of. Gwen brings up drugging Abigail's champagne before Abigail even knew she existed and when that didn't work, she decided to get close to her and gain her trust so she could care for her children, plan her parents' party and be alone with her husband. Gwen wishes she had the words to express how deeply she regrets what she has done. Gwen tells Abigail that she's truly sorry for all of it. Gwen asks if Abigail has anything to say. Abigail responds that she thinks talk is cheap since they know she's a pathological liar so she questions believing any of this. Jack thinks it took a lot for Gwen to say what she did so now it's Abigail's turn.

Nicole knows Ava is terrified of losing Tripp. Ava calls Tripp her entire world and wants Nicole to convince Rafe to let the entire thing go. Nicole tells Ava to think about what she's saying. Nicole goes over Ava seeing Tripp rushing from Charlie's building and then going in to see Charlie dying from a bullet wound. Nicole questions Ava wanting her to convince Rafe to ignore it and pressure him in to dropping the case. Ava argues that it's to protect her son because their entire future is on the line. Nicole doesn't feel comfortable lying to Rafe. Ava warns that if Nicole doesn't give her word that she's going to keep quiet then she will confess to the murder herself.

Rafe asks Gabi how she's going to solve the case. Gabi informs him that she knows who the killer is. Rafe tells her to fill him in then. Gabi goes over Sami confessing and how it was confusing because it conflicted with the information she had then they all found out Sami was lying. Rafe asks Gabi who the killer is. Gabi responds that there's no doubt in her mind that it's Ava Vitali.

Philip still can't believe Charlie was an intern at Titan. Kate says they could've never guessed how dangerous he was. Philip is curious how Allie feels about all of this and asks if she's glad Charlie is dead. Allie says she's not glad that anyone was shot to death. Philip asks if she would be okay if whoever shot him went to prison. Allie decides she doesn't want to talk about this anymore and has to get home to her son. Allie thanks them and quickly exits the Pub. Philip asks if it was something he said.

Ava swears to Nicole that she will go right to Rafe and tell him that she killed Charlie. Nicole says she can't do that but Ava says she will. Ava brings up Melinda being all over Rafe to solve it so if she confesses, the case is closed. Nicole questions Ava throwing her whole life away. Ava argues that Tripp is her whole life and now Nicole is threatening to have him locked up. Ava adds that Charlie already tried to ruin Tripp's life before so she's not going to let him ruin it now. Ava asks Nicole to promise not to do anything to jeopardize Tripp's freedom. Nicole reluctantly makes the promise so Ava thanks her.

Rafe questions Gabi thinking Ava killed her own son. Gabi claims that she knows Ava did. Gabi brings up seeing Ava slipping out the back door on the night that Charlie was killed. Rafe remembers seeing that Ava's bed was not slept in the next day and Ava said she made it that morning. Gabi insists that Ava lied because she didn't want Rafe to know she murdered her own son. Gabi tells Rafe that his work here is now done.

Abigail tells Gwen that she's sorry for all the times they fought, like when she punched her after Gwen admitted to drugging her and gloated about sleeping with her husband as well as at the police station when Gwen came in with the fake black eye. Jack points out that Abigail is laying all the blame on Gwen. Abigail points out that Gwen said she was a target. Abigail then admits she started the fight at Laura's grave site and clearly went too far when she kidnapped her and threatened to inject her with the drug Gwen gave to her. Abigail realizes she should not have done those things. Jack commends them on their sincere efforts and knows they still have a long way to go but apologizing and agreeing to move forward is really big first step. Jack asks them to make him happy by shaking hands on it. Gwen offers her hand to Abigail.

Philip tells Kate that he didn't mean to upset Allie. Kate says obviously talking about Charlie is uncomfortable for her. Kate adds that she's not crazy about talking about him either because it's depressing. Kate would rather enjoy this time alone with her son. Gabi then interrupts and takes a bite of Philip's dessert.

Allie comes home and asks Nicole how Henry is. Nicole tells her that he's sleeping like an angel. Allie thanks her for taking care of him. Nicole asks how her dinner was. Allie says it was fine until they started talking about Charlie. Allie says they kept going on about who the real killer could be. Nicole knows how hard it's been on her and that Allie felt responsible for bringing the gun to Charlie's apartment. Allie informs Nicole that she thinks she knows who did it.

Ava comes home with food and tells Rafe that she hopes he's hungry. Rafe stops her and asks why she lied to him.

Abigail doesn't shake Gwen's hand so Gwen guesses that Abigail isn't quite ready. Jack understands it's challenging but insists that they can't go on like this. Abigail says that's why she agreed to come over. Abigail understands she needs to let it go and she wants to. Jack asks what is stopping her. Jack encourages Abigail to just shake Gwen's hand for Chad, their kids, and herself. Jack asks if Abigail wants this feud to overshadow the good in her life and be consumed with rage. Jack urges her to end this destructive cycle once and for all. Abigail declares that she needs one thing first from Gwen. Abigail wants Gwen to look her in the eye and swear on her life that what happened to Laura was an accident.

Kate tells Gabi that no one invited her to join them. Gabi says she doesn't need an invitation as she needs to talk business with Philip. Gabi brings up needing to find a new space for the Gabi Chic store since Kate stole it from under them. Kate calls Gabi a poor loser. Gabi responds that all is fair in love and war. Kate remarks that this is war but has nothing to do with love. Gabi suggests maybe it could as she puts her arm around Philip.

Allie tells Nicole that it's really hard to talk about because she's been getting to know Tripp and he's a really good guy. Nicole asks if she's saying Tripp killed his own brother. Allie says she hopes not but she's scared for him if he really did this. Nicole suggests taking it one step at a time. Nicole brings up Tripp being here earlier to help with Henry. Nicole asks if he talked about the murder. Allie explains that he asked if Rafe told her any more about the investigation and that she said no but that Rafe wouldn't stop until he found the killer. Allie adds that is when Tripp admitted that he went to Charlie's apartment the night he was killed.

Ava asks Rafe what she lied to him about. Rafe brings up the morning after Charlie was shot and he told Ava that it looked like her bed hadn't been slept in. Ava says she vaguely remembers that. Rafe reminds her that Ava said she made her bed that morning before going to buy eggs but Gabi was just here and had a very different story. Ava asks what Gabi said. Rafe informs her that Gabi said she saw Ava sneaking out of the house in the middle of the night on the night that Charlie was shot. Ava confirms that she did go out but she wasn't sneaking out, just being quiet to not wake anyone up. Rafe asks why she went. Ava responds that she couldn't sleep. Rafe questions why she never told him this. Ava says Rafe was so good to her and she felt bad about lying to him. Rafe asks where she went and warns her not to lie to him again. Ava then admits that she went to Charlie's place.

Abigail tells Gwen to go ahead and swear on her life that what happened to her Grandma Laura was an accident. Jack encourages Gwen to tell Abigail what she told him. Gwen then gets sick and vomits, throwing up on Abigail's legs.

Gabi flirts with Philip in front of Kate and suggests now that they are working very closely together, you never know what might happen. Kate argues that Philip is smart enough to know he's being used. Gabi says he wouldn't mind. Philip agrees and says being used can be quite a turn on as he then kisses Gabi. Jake walks in to the Pub and questions what the hell is going on here.

Nicole goes over Allie leaving Charlie's apartment and Sami showing up when he was dead so somewhere in between, someone showed up and killed Charlie. Allie assures she hasn't told anyone else and doesn't want to. Allie says she and Tripp get along really well and she's already accused him of one crime he didn't commit so she doesn't want to do that again. Nicole points out that it's possible Tripp could be guilty this time. Allie argues that possible isn't good enough so she's not saying anything to anyone else until she has all of the facts. Nicole tells her that she needs to go get them then.

Rafe brings up telling Ava that Sami was arrested for Charlie's murder and that Ava said justice was done and she understood why Sami killed him but now they know Sami didn't do it. Ava asks if he's saying that means she did. Rafe brings up Charlie kidnapping and drugging Ava so maybe she thought she had to take matters into her own hands. Ava informs him that she did not and insists she's telling the truth that she did not kill Charlie. Rafe argues that she went to see him that night and asks her to walk him through it. Ava explains to Rafe that she knocked on Charlie's door and it was unlocked so she went in where she saw Charlie lying in a pool of blood. Ava says she rushed over to him and realized he had been shot but he was still alive. Rafe asks what happened next. Ava says she pulled out her phone to call an ambulance but he stopped her and said he loved her. Rafe asks if those were his last words. Ava then reveals that Charlie wanted her to tell him that she loved him too so she did. Ava knows Charlie heard her because he smiled and then he closed his eyes and he was gone. Rafe holds Ava's hand.

Abigail complains about Gwen puking on her. Gwen says she didn't mean to but Abigail accuses her of doing this on purpose to avoid giving her a straight answer about her grandmother. Jack argues that Gwen obviously doesn't feel well. Abigail declares that she doesn't either and storms out of the house.

Kate calls Jake a welcome surprise and asks what brings him by. Jake says he has news but it's about business so he suggests they talk somewhere private. Gabi says she couldn't care less if it's about them putting a Basic Black office in the Gabi Chic space. Kate brings up her throwing a fit earlier. Gabi says they have moved on to bigger and better things which Philip agrees with. Kate asks Jake to just share the news. Jake then reveals they didn't get the lease. Kate argues that they signed a contract. Jake explains that the landlord never executed it and is already negotiating with somebody else. Kate guesses it's Paulina Price. Jake questions how the hell she knew that. Gabi asks who the poor loser is now.

Ava tells Rafe that she's so sorry. Rafe tells her that she doesn't have to apologize and he's sorry that she had to hold that in for so long. Rafe can't imagine having to watch her son die in front of her and says that must have been incredibly painful. Ava calls it nothing compared to the pain Charlie felt all his life because of her. Ava feels she failed him when all he wanted was her love and approval which she couldn't give to him so he turned into a monster and she's responsible. Rafe is sure she did the best she could. Ava complains that she gave Charlie nothing and no matter how much he wanted her to feel about him the way she felt about Tripp, she never did. Ava asks why she couldn't have just faked it and pretended. Ava questions what kind of mother doesn't tell her own son that she loves him until he's about to die. Rafe is sure it meant a lot and they were there for each other at the end. Ava says then she just walked out the door and left him alone. Ava feels she doesn't deserve Rafe's kindness since she's been lying to him for weeks. Rafe realizes the morning he got the call about a gunshot at Charlie's apartment, he told her that he was going over there but she already knew which Ava confirms. Rafe questions why she didn't say anything.

Allie questions Nicole thinking she should get the facts. Nicole wants her to finish her conversation with Tripp and find out what really happened. Allie says she can't do that because then she'd have to tell Rafe and it could ruin Tripp's life.

Gwen tells Jack that she's so sorry about that. Jack says getting sick is not her fault. Gwen calls it a bloody disaster. Jack asks if she's feeling any better. Gwen says a little and swears it was not a stunt as she wasn't feeling well. Jack doesn't believe throwing up could be a stunt and says it happens so he believes her. Gwen thanks him and says it means a lot. Jack goes to get her some ginger ale to settle her stomach.

Gabi remarks that Kate's offer was an epic fail. Kate says that she and Jake will figure it out. Gabi wishes her luck with that and says she's had enough shop talk. Gabi suggests Philip take her home and see where the night ends up. Philip agrees and they exit together.

Nicole tells Allie that it's only a matter of time before Rafe finds out the truth and if Tripp is guilty, it will only look worse for him because he let Sami confess knowing she was innocent. Allie calls that Sami's choice. Nicole says it will still look bad for Tripp. Nicole knows she cares about Tripp and he's good with Henry but it would be better if he just came clean. Nicole asks if Allie sees that.

Rafe doesn't understand why Ava didn't tell him that Charlie was dead. Ava thinks back to talking with Nicole about Tripp having motive to kill Charlie. Ava then tells Rafe that she was just upset. Ava asks why he's looking at her like that. Rafe says ever since Ava's been staying here, he's gotten to know her pretty well and she's opened up to him about her life. Rafe feels now that there is something she's not telling him so he asks if there's a reason she stayed silent this whole time.

Abigail goes home and tells Chad about what happened with Gwen. Chad asks if she's sick. Abigail insists it was totally intentional sudden stall tactic. Chad doesn't understand. Abigail explains how she put Gwen on the spot and told her to swear that what happened to Laura was an accident and that's when she opened her bag of tricks. Abigail thinks Gwen couldn't do it so she made herself throw up or she was so worried about lying to Jack that she did get sick. Abigail insists that Gwen chose to puke on her. Abigail asks why Gwen didn't turn away or run to the bathroom instead of just throwing up on her to get out of their truce. Abigail declares that she is not making peace with Gwen ever.

Jack brings Gwen a glass of ginger ale and suggests it was something she ate. Gwen turns to Jack and suggests maybe she's pregnant!

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