Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/7/21

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/7/21


Written By Joseph

Abigail and Chad come home from couples therapy. Abigail hopes she didn't drive him crazy by talking about Gwen for the whole session. Abigail says it did really help her as she had an epiphany and realized she had been blaming Chad for something that never would've happened without Gwen's lies. Abigail starts talking about not letting Gwen get away with it but she gets a call from Jack, who asks if she's free to talk. Jack says he'd rather discuss it in person so Abigail says she'll be right there and hangs up.

Theo informs Julie that he just found out that his ex-girlfriend is not who he thought she was. Julie asks who she was then. Theo reveals that she's Paulina's daughter which surprises Julie.

Chanel walks out of the town square complaining and comes across Xander, who was still drinking on the bench. Xander asks what her problem is. She questions him so he tells her to just keep walking. Chanel says she's just having one of those days. Xander tells her that misery loves company and offers her a drink. Chanel says she doesn't even know him. Xander introduces himself so Chanel then takes the bottle from him.

Ben paces at the hospital as he waits with Claire to hear about Ciara's hypnosis. Claire repeats that if it wasn't working, she's certain Marlena would have come out by now which means Ciara is remembering how much she loves him.

Marlena apologizes after telling Ciara that Claire set the cabin on fire. Ciara can't believe it and asks if Marlena is going to make excuses for her. Ciara then declares that she's getting out of the hospital.

Chad sits at home having a drink when Gwen walks in. Chad asks what she's doing there. Gwen informs him that Harold let her in. Chad tells her that Abigail's not home. Gwen knows that she's with their father. Chad questions how she knows. Gwen tells him that Jack summoned Abigail for a little chat which is why she is here.

Abigail goes to see Jack at the Horton house. Abigail asks if he and Jennifer are okay. Jack says everything is okay and that Jennifer will be home as soon as she can from dealing with Laura's estate. Abigail asks Jack why he wanted to see her then. Jack informs her that he knows what happened with Gwen in the DiMera Tunnels. Abigail is not surprised that Gwen told him and complains about her trying to turn Jack against her. Abigail asks him if it worked.

Chanel tells Xander that she wants a drink but she's particular about hygeine so she would prefer a glass. Xander tells her that he's staying at the Salem Inn so they can go there. Chanel calls it a coincidence because she is too. Xander and Chanel then walk off together.

Jack tells Abigail that Gwen could never turn him against her and it's Abigail that he's worried about. Abigail asks what exactly Gwen said. Jack talks about Abigail and Gabi kidnapping Gwen and Abigail trying to inject her with the mind altering drug. Abigail claims that's not exactly what happened since Gabi took the syringe from her before she could get Gwen to admit that she murdered Laura, insisting it was on purpose. Abigail doesn't know how to just let it go because the one person she would turn to was her grandma, who is now dead. Jack asks her to let him help her heal. Jack says he said the same to Gwen as he just wants to help them make peace if she will let him.

Gwen asks if Chad is going to offer her a drink. Gwen then decides she will just help herself. Chad asks why Jack wanted to see Abigail. Gwen says it's because of her. Chad guesses Gwen ran to Jack about what Abigail and Gabi did to her. Gwen says she filed a police report. Chad asks if she thought Jack would disown Abigail and anoint her as his new favorite daughter. Gwen knows Jack would never turn his back on Abigail but says he would on her if he wasn't so obliged and guilty. Chad says he won't feel sorry for her. Gwen acknowledges that she made everyone's life hell so she doesn't expect Jack to just welcome her with open arms after what she did to him and his family. Chad notes that she sounds almost self aware and remorseful. Chad questions what her angle is. Gwen says there is no angle and she doesn't expect Abigail to see her as a real sister but if she wants a chance at a relationship with her father then they will have to learn to peacefully co-exist. Chad agrees but asks if she came for help. Gwen says that she's here to talk about her and Chad.

Ben tells Claire that when everyone said Ciara was dead, he had to believe she was alive because nothing could be worse than never seeing her again but he was wrong because what's worse is the look in Ciara's eyes when she woke up and saw him with fear. Claire encourages that he fought so hard to bring Ciara home and she helped him with the dreams they shared and their psychic connection. Claire insists that the amnesia doesn't stand a chance against that kind of love as she hugs Ben. Ciara then runs out of her hospital room with Marlena following after her. Ciara sees Claire and Ben then remarks that it's perfect that the two psycho killers are in each others' arms.

Xander brings Chanel to his room at the Salem Inn and tells her to make herself comfortable. Chanel jokes about Xander's kilt on the floor. Xander notes that he was supposed to wear it at his wedding but Sarah left him on his wedding day.

Julie offers Theo another drink but he says he's good. Theo wonders if Julie has heard anything about Ciara. Julie says not today and asks why. Theo mentions Claire saying Ciara agreed to let Marlena hypnotize her to try to get her memories back. Julie calls that wonderful and hopes it works. Theo reluctantly says he does too so Julie asks if he's sure.

Ben asks if Ciara remembers. Ciara responds that what she remembers is waking up in a cabin on fire, unable to move with no way out. Marlena tells her there's so much more she needs to know but Ciara declares that she knows all she needs to. Ciara questions Claire trying to incinerate her and asks how she could have ever forgiven her after she hurt her so bad twice. Claire tries to explain that she wasn't in her right mind and she panicked when Ciara figured out she lit the first fire. Ciara then realizes that Claire tried to set her on fire more than once.

Abigail knows Jack feels guilty for abandoning Gwen even though he never knew she existed. Abigail brings up Gwen trying to break up Jack and Jennifer and her and Chad. Abigail adds that Gwen tried to drug her and almost robbed her of her sanity after killing Laura but Jack is willing to forgive her for everything. Abigail guesses there is nothing Gwen could do that would make Jack disown her. Jack asks if Abigail could disown Thomas or Charlotte. Abigail argues that her kids aren't psychopaths. Abigail knows it's unfair to ask him to choose between his children but she doesn't see another way forward. Abigail says maybe if Gwen didn't live in Salem so she didn't have to see her but they aren't going to be sisters. Abigail says they could settle for a lack of open warfare. Jack says he's not asking her to be close to Gwen or even forgive her but Gwen wants to get past this too. Jack asks if Abigail can extend an olive branch if Gwen does as well.

Chad asks what Gwen is talking about. Gwen acknowledges that she used Chad to hurt Abigail so he was collateral damage in her revenge scheme against her while Chad never did anything to her so he didn't deserve that. Chad notes that Abigail didn't either. Gwen says she knows that now but she wanted to make Abigail pay for taking her father from her. Gwen admits it wasn't Abigail's fault or Jack's fault and certainly not Chad's fault. Gwen wants Chad to know that even if things don't work out between her and Abigail, that Chad did not deserve what she did to him so she's sorry.

Julie asks if Theo is concerned about Ciara and assures that hypnosis is very safe. Theo explains that it's not what he's worried about. Julie asks if he wants Ciara to get her memories back. Theo thinks back to Claire asking if he still had feelings for Ciara. Theo tells Julie that if Ciara does get her memories back, a lot of them are not going to be good ones...

Claire tells Ciara that she's so sorry. Ciara asks if she's sorry she survived. Marlena wants Ciara to go back to her room. Ben doesn't understand why Ciara remembers the cabin and nothing else. Marlena explains that she was taking Ciara back to the first time at the cabin but she went back to the second time. Ciara cries about being stuck and never being more terrified in her life. Ciara screams at them. Ben questions her remembering the cabin but not remembering anything about him and her. Ciara says not a single thing.

Chanel asks if Xander wants to talk about it. Xander decides on another drink. Chanel takes a drink but doesn't like it so Xander finishes the glass. Chanel suggests he slow down a bit. Xander talks about walking in on his fiancee in bed naked with her ex-husband and asks if she would be slowing down. Chanel suggests food instead and mentions Paulina ordering a ton of food for a business meeting so she'll go grab leftovers. Xander stops her and asks her not to go.

Chad questions if Gwen just apologized to him and asks who she is. Gwen comments on Chad not being like the rest of his family and says she will never forget how kind he was to her when Jake climbed into bed with Gabi. Chad says that was just because he hates Gabi while Gwen says it's because he's a good bloke and she took advantage of that so she's sorry. Chad questions what she's up to. Gwen insists that she's being completely sincere. Chad worries that Gwen could be working on her next plot to destroy their lives. Gwen notes that she deserved that but admits she has an ulterior motive.

Abigail tells Jack that there are things that Gwen has done that she can't forgive but she can get past. Abigail points out that Jack and Jennifer are back together while she and Chad are working on their marriage so part of the healing process is moving forward. Abigail then notes that the problem is Laura is dead and that cannot be fixed. Jack insists it was an accident but Abigail thinks Jack just can't accept that his daughter is a murderer. Jack informs her that Gwen called him as soon as Laura died and when he got there, Gwen was so upset she couldn't function so he believes her that it was an accident. Abigail points out that he doesn't know for sure. Abigail brings up how many times Gwen fooled them. Jack admits he doesn't know for sure but he does know that they will never know unless Gwen says otherwise. Jack declares that all that matters is Abigail either accepts it or lets it eat her alive.

Ben pleads with Ciara to let Marlena put her under hypnosis again, believing if she can remember the cabin then she can remember everything else. Ciara screams that she doesn't want to remember everything. They argue as Ciara cries about loving a serial killer or forgiving Claire. Claire tells Ciara to be angry with her but not Ben. Claire asks Ciara to try hypnosis again so she can remember. Ciara complains about Claire trying to kill her and suggests maybe Ben tried to as well since he murders people. Marlena repeats to Ciara that Ben has changed and is not that same person anymore. Ben argues that he would never try to kill her as she is everything to him. Claire wants Ciara not to let her hate for her get in the way of the man she loves. Ciara declares there's no chance in hell that she could ever love a serial killer. Ciara screams that she hates Ben and Claire then runs back to her hospital room, leaving Ben and Claire crying.

Chad questions Gwen's ulterior motive. Gwen tells him that at this moment, Jack is trying to get Abigail to at least de-escalate this war. Gwen knows she started it but all she wants now is to move on. Gwen says if Abigail agrees then she wants to make sure she's in a good place with Chad as well because they are a package deal. Chad says that's if their marriage survives. Gwen tells him that she's so sorry again and ashamed which is why she is here, begging for his forgiveness. Chad tells Gwen that he accepts her apology which surprises her. Chad states that he and Abigail are working on their marriage so he's looking ahead and not back. Gwen says now if only she could hear the same from Abigail. Chad says Abigail knows they can't keep ending up at the police station and that she wants to move past all of this but she doesn't know how. Gwen suggests calling a truce. Chad says if Abigail forgives her is completely up to her and he doesn't know if Abigail will ever be there.

Abigail tells Jack that she misses Jennifer. Abigail knows Jennifer would never take sides because she'd be afraid of hurting Jack. Jack says it's not about taking sides but about making sacrifices because they love each other as family. Jack talks about first finding out that Steve was his brother and how he hated him. Jack felt Steve stole his wife but Kayla always loved Steve first and best so he needed to accept that and things worked out well in the end. Abigail asks how Jack and Steve got close. Jack admits it took years, a lot of loss, pain, and anger, but now Steve is not just his brother, he's one of his best friends. Abigail doesn't expect to be saying that about Gwen anytime soon. Jack just wants her to try. Jack adds that Gwen said she's willing so he asks what about her.

Marlena wants to check on Ciara. Ben urges her to convince Ciara to go back under hypnosis but Marlena says not now. Marlena goes to check on Ciara while Claire blames herself. Ben argues that it's not her fault. Claire calls it a total nightmare and asks when it will be over.

Ciara gets back in her hospital bed while crying. She picks up the Through the Looking Glass book and tosses it across the room. Marlena then walks in as Ciara cries that she's sorry. Marlena responds that she's sorry too for not doing a better job of preparing her. Ciara asks Marlena not to make her do it again. Marlena says she won't for awhile but she wants to help her. Marlena asks what she can do. Ciara just wants to be left alone. Marlena doesn't think that's a very good idea. Ciara then asks Marlena if she can borrow her cell phone.

Chanel tells Xander that she will be back in five minutes. Xander repeats that he hates drinking alone. Chanel says a break won't kill him. Xander doesn't want to take a break. Chanel argues that her life is pretty much over too but she's not drinking herself blind. Xander asks her what happened. Chanel informs him that her mom cut off her credit cards and is making her get a job. Xander mocks that being a big tragedy. Xander then Chanel his wallet and says her problem is solved which makes her smile. Xander finishes his drink and suggests Chanel call room service to order another bottle while he heads to the restroom. Chanel decides she'll definitely need some tip money and looks inside Xander's wallet. She's impressed to see Xander has a card representing him as the Titan CEO and declares that her financial problems might be over.

Theo goes to the hospital and tells Claire and Ben that he came to see Ciara. Ben says she's not up for visitors. Claire adds that the hypnosis didn't go well. Theo reveals that he already knows because Ciara called and said she wants to see him. Theo tells Ben that he's sorry as he goes to see Ciara.

Chad tells Gwen that Abigail wasn't in the best place about her when she went to see Jack. Gwen complains that she never is. Gwen wants to know if she has Chad's support if Abigail is willing. Chad agrees for the sake of Abigail's peace of mind. Gwen gets a call from Jack, who informs her that he's spoken with Abigail and she has agreed to try to work things out with her. Gwen calls that wonderful. Jack asks her to come over. Gwen says she'll be right there so Jack says he will see her soon and hangs up. Jack tells Abigail they are all set and he can't tell her what this means to him.

Marlena goes over to Ben at the hospital and tells him that Ciara is calmer. Claire can't believe Ciara called Theo. Marlena says Ciara really needs a friend right now. Ben decides he has to get some air and walks away. Claire cries to Marlena that she feels like it's all her fault. Marlena assures that it's not and that memories are what they are. Marlena wishes that Ciara had all the facts. Claire argues that the fact is that she did try to kill her twice. Claire says it was so hard to get her to forgive her once so she doesn't know how to do it again. Marlena hugs Claire as she cries.

Ciara asks Theo why no one told her what Claire did to her. Theo says they didn't want to upset her. Theo is sorry that she found out the way she did. Theo hugs Ciara as she cries. Ben then looks in to the room. Ciara cries to Theo that she doesn't want to remember anything about Claire or Ben ever again in her life.

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