Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/6/21

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/6/21


Written By Joseph

Paulina sets up room service with wine in her room. Chanel comes in, excited for lunch but Paulina stops her and says it's not for her.

At Julie's Place, Julie tells Jack about how Paulina thought she was going to be Jules' Godmother and the issues they had at first but then she apologized and gave her the Fairy Godmother shirt. Julie adds that Paulina announced she would pay for Lani and Eli's twins' college education. Julie admits she thinks it was a little over the top.

Eli puts the twins down for a nap and then comes back to Lani, who is staring at the blank check from Paulina. Lani mentions that they decided to give the check back to Paulina but Eli thinks they should keep it.

Claire and Theo eat together in the town square. Theo talks about missing Ciara and thinking he'd never see her again but now she's here and okay. Claire feels the same and wishes Ciara did too. Theo encourages that if Ciara gets her memory back, they will be friends again. Claire says that's what she wants more than anything in the world. Theo agrees that everything is better when Ciara is here. Claire then asks Theo if he still has feelings for Ciara.

Marlena confirms to Ben that Shawn said that Ciara agreed to hypnosis which excites Ben, who declares that Ciara is going to get her memory back.

Theo asks why Claire is asking if he has feelings for Ciara. Claire brings up that they used to date. Theo said he just said he's glad Ciara is back. Claire feels he said more than that and reminds Theo that Ciara is married. Theo states that Ciara may have amnesia but his memory is fine. Theo adds that he just broke up with someone and weirdly, she just showed up in Salem saying she's visiting her mother and she has family here. Claire questions who his ex's mother is but Theo says he has no idea.

Chanel thought Paulina was done freaking out over room service and points out that the table is set for two. Paulina informs her that Chanel is not one of those two. Chanel questions someone coming to their room for lunch. Paulina tells her that she's having an important business meeting so she needs to make herself scarce for the next couple of hours. Chanel questions what she is supposed to do, complaining that the town is not exciting. Paulina suggests she look for a job. Chanel doesn't know what she's qualified to do. Paulina is sure she'll figure out a way to make a living and says she doesn't want to see her back until she can support herself.

Eli thinks he and Lani should accept Paulina's gift. Lani doesn't like taking handouts but Eli argues that they won't be able to save up enough money. Eli encourages all the things they can do for the kids with more money. Eli declares that Paulina is offering them a better future with less stress and more opportunity. Eli knows it feels weird but he thinks it's the right thing to do for their family so he asks why Lani is so against it.

Ben can't believe the hypnosis is actually happening. Marlena reminds him that there's no guarantees it will help Ciara regain her memories. Ben says he has faith in her. Marlena invites Ben to come along to the hospital to wait outside. Ben agrees to meet her there as he has to make a call first so Marlena exits.

Theo tells Claire that their lunch is on him. Claire talks about being strapped for cash and mentions this crazy girl who tried to stick her with an expensive bill. Theo asks what girl. Claire says he probably knows her but then gets interrupted by a phone call from Ben. Claire answers and asks what's going on. Ben informs her that Ciara agreed to the hypnosis and invites Claire to the hospital. Claire agrees to meet him there and hangs up. Claire excitedly shares the news with Theo, who looks a bit disappointed, but says that it's great news. Claire invites Theo to come with her but Theo says she and Ben should be the first people Ciara sees if she remembers. Claire thanks Theo for covering their bill and walks away. Theo then thinks back to comforting Ciara in the hospital and talking to Ben afterwards. Chanel then appears and tells Theo they have to stop meeting like this.

Julie asks Jack about Sarah's wedding as she wants to hear every detail. Jack informs her that the wedding never happened which Julie questions. Jack reveals that Sarah called it off and left town with Rex. Julie questions how that's possible. Jack explains that Rex showed up in town right when Sarah changed her mind about getting married. Julie says she's sorry and asks how Xander took it. Xander then walks in and declares that he needs a drink immediately. Xander staggers to the bar and orders a scotch double. Julie tells him that he's clearly had enough already. Xander tells her to just show that she's better than Roman. Julie asks if he got cut off at the Pub then. Xander argues that it's a bartender's job to tend bar but Julie declares she's standing with Roman on this one. Xander asks what he has to do to get a drink in this town. Jack offers him a ride home. Xander doesn't want to go home but Jack tells him it's time to go home. Xander calls Julie a terrible bartender as Jack hurries him out.

Lani reminds Eli about how Aunt Paulina would buy her extravagant gifts growing up. Lani notes that her mom didn't like it and made her send some of the gifts back. Lani says her mom was too proud to accept the gifts from Paulina. Eli says Lani can make her own choices now. Eli adds that Paulina is offering their kids a better future and asks if she's going to let her mom's feelings get in the way of that.

Abe arrives in the town square and greets Theo then introduces himself to Chanel. Theo explains that he and Chanel dated for a little while in Africa. Abe calls it quite the coincidence for them to meet up in Salem. Chanel calls it a lucky one. Abe welcomes her to Salem. Abe wishes he could stay but says he's late for a business meeting so he walks away. Theo and Chanel then sit together. Chanel finishes the fries left from Theo and Claire's lunch. Theo mentions that he didn't think Chanel would still be here. Chanel reminds him that she's staying with her mother and asks when Theo is going back to South Africa. Theo says he's most likely going back in a few days. Chanel thinks back to Paulina telling her to go find a job. Chanel then offers to go with Theo to South Africa. Theo questions her wanting to go back with him. Chanel says they had so much fun together and now that they are back in each others' lives, it's like fate. Chanel says the universe is telling them to give it another try and offers to move in with him.

Claire joins Ben at the hospital and asks if Ciara got her memories back. Ben informs her that he just got there and Marlena just went in so now they wait.

Marlena sits with Ciara and tells her that she's going to take her back a few years and she may find a lot of happy memories but maybe some bad memories too. Ciara tells her that she understands and she wants to remember as it's the only way she can move on with her life. Marlena tells Ciara to just close her eyes whenever she feels comfortable and to follow the sound of her voice. Marlena says they are going back to the summer of her accident.

Theo questions what Chanel's angle is since they haven't seen each other in months and now she suddenly wants to move in with him. Chanel claims that she's been thinking about this for awhile, ever since they broke up. Chanel says seeing him here in Salem made her realize what she wants. Theo isn't buying it. Theo says when they first got together, it was a lot of fun, but the more they went on they realized they were just not compatible as a couple or roommates. Theo asks her what's really going on.

Abe meets Paulina in her room at the Salem Inn. Paulina hopes that he likes ribeye. Abe mentions cutting back on his red meat consumption. Paulina insists and says she needs Abe in top shape for her pitch for the town square. Abe decides he's not that hungry and admits he isn't sure why they are having this meeting since he introduced her to the landlord and put in a good word for her so he kept his promise. Abe states that there is nothing more he can do for her. Paulina says that might be true if that was the only space she was interested in but what she envisions is, is a lot grander than that.

Lani tells Eli that it would be nice to take vacations or have a bigger house but she feels if they take the money from Paulina then they will be in debt to her. Eli questions thinking Paulina is offering this to have control over them. Lani explains that Paulina is complicated and is the only one who knows what her motives are. Eli asks what Paulina could possibly want in return from them. Eli points out that Paulina lives in Miami and will only show up like three times a year. Lani guesses that he's right.

Marlena hypnotizes Ciara to the summer of 2018 and asks what she sees. Ciara says she's riding her motorcycle fast and she's upset after finding Tripp and Claire together so she's not paying attention to the road. She knows she's going to crash and then everything turns black. Marlena says they won't stay in that moment. Marlena asks for the first thing she remembers when she woke up after the accident. Ciara responds that she doesn't remember. Marlena tells her that she was in a cabin in the woods and asks if she can see that. Ciara then says yes and that she was on the bed. Ciara remembers being asleep but something woke her up. Ciara begins breathing heavily so Marlena asks what she sees.

Jack walks Xander through the park and says he's taking him back to his room at the Salem Inn but Xander says he can't go there because he sees Sarah there. Xander complains about Sarah running off with Rex and declares that no one will ever love Sarah the way he does. Xander pulls a bottle of alcohol out of his jacket and begins drinking. Jack questions if he stole that from Julie's Place. Xander says that doesn't sound like something he would do. Jack tells him they are taking it back but Xander says they can't. Xander tells Jack that if he's not going to drink with him, he can just leave him alone.

Chanel comments that Theo is seeming paranoid by looking for angles when she said she wants to be with him. Eli and Lani approach and greet them. Lani comments on seeing that Theo met Chanel. Chanel reveals that Theo is her ex-boyfriend which shocks Lani, who then reveals to Theo that Chanel is her cousin. Chanel is shocked to learn that Theo is Lani's brother and asks if that means they are related. Lani explains that they have the same father but different mothers. Theo realizes Paulina is Chanel's mother and questions them having different last names. Chanel explains that Paulina kept her maiden name and questions Theo never mentioning Lani. Theo argues that Chanel never asked about his family or anything else. Eli calls it just an amazing coincidence.

Abe asks Paulina about her grand vision for the space in the town square and how can he help with it. Paulina says her vision is for the whole town square. Paulina opens a folder and says if she buys several buildings, she can restructure them in to an indoor marketplace. Abe calls it a bold idea. Paulina brings up the town's lack of diversity. Abe admits he'd like to see more black owned businesses. Paulina suggests more inclusivity and says she has an idea of how to accomplish that. Paulina talks about all the jobs it would create and positive attention to Salem. Paulina remarks that up until now, Salem has mostly been known for murders, scandals, and a high divorce rate. Abe calls that unfair. Paulina feels they could make it a model for other towns. Abe says it sounds like a solid plan. Paulina mentions the town square being a historic site so she can't do the work on it unless she gets it signed off by the mayor which would be Abe.

Claire and Ben talk about Marlena hypnotizing Ciara to see what she remembers after the motorcycle accident.

Marlena's hypnosis of Ciara continues. Ciara panics as she flashes back to waking up in the cabin and seeing it on fire. Marlena encourages her while Ciara screams for help. Marlena then brings her out of the hypnosis and assures her that she's safe. Ciara says the fire was everywhere and asks if that's what happened right after her accident. Marlena says that wasn't until later. Ciara asks why the cabin was set on fire. Marlena tells her there's a lot to understand. Ciara guesses Ben did this to her. Marlena says no but Ciara argues that Ben did the same thing to Chad and Abigail so she thinks that Ben tried to burn her up in a fire.

Eli tells Chanel that he's sorry about things getting so crazy the other day but he's glad things got straightened out. Theo asks what he's talking about. Chanel says it's nothing. Lani says there was an incident. Chanel repeats that it's nothing but Theo wants to know. Lani then informs Theo that Paulina cut off Chanel's credit cards. Theo asks if Chanel being broke is why she wanted to move back to South Africa with him and live with him. Chanel says of course not. Theo argues that they hadn't seen each other in months and now she wanted to get back together. Chanel insists it's been so good to see him but Theo tells her to save it and walks away. Chanel blames Lani and storms off. Eli jokes that it was fun.

Abe questions Paulina wanting him to break the zoning laws to give her the indoor market place. Paulina says she's just asking him to bend the laws a little. Abe questions her doing all of this for the people of Salem. Paulina admits she would make a nice profit off of it. Paulina says she's about helping people out but she has to help herself first. Paulina tells Abe that if he helps her get this off the ground, they all win. Abe says even if he approved it, she'd still have to get the building owners to sell to her. Paulina says to leave that to her and asks Abe if they have a deal.

Marlena assures Ciara that Ben did not set the fire in the cabin. Ciara asks how it started then. Marlena admits it was someone else so Ciara asks who. Marlena says that's not important right now which Ciara questions. Marlena tells her that she can know at some point but they need to take this step by step since she's still so vulnerable. Ciara wants her to tell her the truth.

Chanel walks out of the town square complaining and comes across Xander, who was still drinking on the bench. Xander asks what her problem is. She questions him so he tells her to just keep walking. Chanel says she's just having one of those days. Xander tells her that misery loves company.

Theo goes to Julie's Place and orders a whiskey. Julie guesses he didn't have a very good day and asks if he cares to share. Theo informs her that he just found out that his ex-girlfriend is not who he thought she was. Julie asks who she was then. Theo reveals that she's Paulina's daughter which surprises Julie.

Abe tells Paulina that he can't make any promises but he has to sell any changes to the city council. Paulina asks if that's a yes. Abe thinks he can get her project through. Paulina takes that as a yes. Abe tells her they have a deal and shakes her hand. Paulina tells him they can do better than that. Paulina mentions that Julie told her that Abe is single and she is a firm believer of mixing business with pleasure. Paulina moves towards Abe but they are interrupted by a knock at the door. Paulina answers it to see Eli and Lani, who enter the room surprised to see Abe inside. Eli asks if they are interrupting something. Abe says not at all and that they were just having a business meeting which is now over. Abe says goodbye to them and tells Paulina that he'll be in touch as he exits the room. Paulina asks what she can do for Eli and Lani and why they didn't bring the babies. Eli says they are with the baby nurse. Lani explains that they have been discussing her generous offer to take care of the kids' education. Eli announces that they decided to take it. Paulina is thrilled and calls it the best news she's heard all day as she hugs them.

Ben wonders what is taking so long and why Marlena hasn't come out yet. Claire feels like if it wasn't working, Marlena would've stopped the session by now so she thinks it's a good sign. Claire tells Ben that she has a really good feeling about this.

Marlena wants to take Ciara back to a different time period but Ciara demands to know about this time period. Ciara warns that she will find out on her own by looking things up on the internet. Ciara pleads with Marlena to tell her. Marlena warns that she won't like what she hears. Ciara asks who set the fire. Marlena admits that it was Claire.

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