Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/5/21

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/5/21


Written By Joseph

Ben goes to his apartment with his backpack of things he took to show Ciara. He pulls out the washer engagement ring, pictures, and the Alice in Wonderland book. Ben then realizes he doesn't have the second book and wonders where it is.

Ciara remains in her hospital bed. She reaches fo the TV remote and finds the Through the Looking Glass book that Ben left.

Belle complains to Shawn at the hospital that this was supposed to be over with Jan Spears. Shawn wants to go back and arrest her but Belle reminds him that Jan made it very clear that if they do that then she will press charges against John for attempted murder.

Marlena asks what John has been holding back. John reveals he remembers something else about that night; a gunshot. Marlena asks if he heard a gunshot while sitting in his car outside Charlie's apartment but John doesn't know.

Tripp tells Allie that there is something he needs to tell her about Charlie.

Ava reveals to Nicole that when she first got to Charlie's apartment, she saw Tripp leaving in the parking lot. Ava says she called out to him but he didn't hear her and then she went upstairs where she found Charlie with a bullet in his chest. Nicole states that this is huge and questions why she's just now telling her. Ava responds that she didn't think it was important which Nicole questions. Ava says that Sami confessed but now she knows Sami is innocent. Nicole realizes that Ava is afraid one of her sons killed the other.

Tripp tells Allie that this is really hard to say. Allie assures that he can trust her. Tripp informs her that he went to Charlie's apartment the night he was killed.

John tells Marlena that he doesn't remember exactly when he heard the gunshot but he keeps hearing it like a flashback. Marlena asks what he sees when he hears it. John says it's just the sound. Marlena goes over John going to Charlie's apartment and he was very angry. John says he was just about to get out to confront Charlie when he got slammed with a pain in his head and blacked out. Marlena guesses that's when the gunshot happened. John argues that it was loud so he questions how he could've heard it from his car. Marlena asks what he's saying. John asks what if he got out of his car, went to Charlie's apartment and just blew him away.

Belle complains that Jan can't terrorize their entire family and then blackmail them in to letting her go. Shawn doesn't know what to do. Belle argues that they can't panic because that's what Jan wants. Shawn agrees that they have to relax and think. Belle decides she will go fill her parents in and then they will come up with a plan to deal with the psycho. Shawn assures that Jan won't beat them and whatever she's cooking up is no match for them. Shawn says he's going to check on Ciara and then they will strategize. Shawn kisses Belle and walks away.

Ciara looks at the book and thinks back to Ben trying to encourage her to remember their relationship. Ciara then opens the book.

Ben looks at the Alice in Wonderland book and says Ciara's name.

Ciara flips through the pages of Through the Looking Glass and has a flashback to one of her dreams of Ben.

Ben has the same dream thought of telling Ciara that he's there.

Ciara closes the book.

Ben holds the book and thinks back to his dream of finding Ciara.

Ciara raises her hand as she did against the glass in the room she was held in and repeats "You found me."

Ben puts down the book.

Ciara continues looking at her book and having flashbacks.

John tells Marlena that they know it wasn't Sami or Allie that killed Charlie so he asks what if it was him. Marlena encourages not jumping to conclusions. John says he was angry and there that night so what if he put a cap in Charlie while blacked out and doesn't remember. Belle walks in and asks if everything is okay. John tells her that Marlena was just telling him about Jan being awake. Belle adds that Jan is wasting no time trying to make them all miserable. Belle explains that she went to the hospital to watch Shawn arrest Jan but Jan said if they did, she'd press charges against John for trying to kill her.

Allie questions Tripp going to Charlie's on the night he was killed. Allie asks what Tripp did but they are interrupted by Sami showing up at the door and exclaiming to Allie that she is off the hook.

Ava tells Nicole that Tripp couldn't have done this. Nicole knows it's painful but says they can't ignore the evidence. Nicole adds that they both know how furious Tripp was with Charlie so he had big motives and they know Kate's gun was in Charlie's apartment so Tripp had the opportunity to kill his own brother. Nicole assures they will help Tripp and find him the best lawyer. Ava talks about how Charlie made so many people angry at him. Nicole relates to being one of those people. Ava says she's his mother and even she threatened to take him out. Nicole points out that Ava didn't do it and Sami could go to prison. Ava argues that she won't since she recanted. Nicole explains that Melinda won't let it go since she has a signed confession. Nicole declares that they can't let Sami go to prison for a crime she didn't commit so she has to tell Rafe. Rafe then comes home and asks what they have to tell him.

Allie tells Sami that she's so relieved. Sami talks about getting free to come tell her.

Rafe asks Ava and Nicole if they want to fill him in. Rafe then reveals to them that Melinda just dropped the charges against Sami. Nicole is surprised as she thought Melinda was hellbent on seeing Sami go down for this so she asks what happened. Rafe explains that the coroner placed the time of death between midnight and 3 AM when Sami was still on her flight from Europe so there is no chance that Sami shot Charlie. They conclude that means the killer is still out there. Ava asks about the investigation and if there's any new suspects.

Sami tells Allie about Rafe being upset about her false confession then she comes in and sees Tripp so she apologizes for not knowing Allie had company. Allie doesn't think Sami ever actually met Tripp so she introduces them. Sami mentions hearing bad things about him until finding out he wasn't the one who attacked Allie. Sami is sorry for what he went through. Tripp assures that he doesn't blame Allie and he understands why she thought it was him. Sami asks if they are okay now. Allie confirms that Tripp knows she's sorry and has been really forgiving. Sami tells Tripp that she was going to say she's sorry about his brother but she's not. Tripp says he understands and has very complicated feelings about it. Tripp acknowledges that Charlie lived a rough life but he's gone now so they all can move on because he can never hurt anyone again.

John remarks that Jan is lucky that she's nowhere near him right now because he'd put her right back in a coma. Marlena tries to keep him calm as John complains that he's sick of Jan and that she needs to be stopped. Belle says she and Shawn were just freaking out about this nightmare but then she realized it can be different this time as they don't have to let Jan play her mind games. Belle assures that they are the ones in control here. Ben shows up at the door so Marlena steps out to talk to him. Ben apologizes for bothering her at home but asks if she's heard from Ciara. Marlena says she hasn't while Ben says that he has.

Shawn goes to visit Ciara, who is staring at the Through the Looking Glass book in her hands. Shawn asks if she's okay. Ciara says nothing is wrong. Shawn feels she looks upset but Ciara claims she's fine. Ciara asks if he's found Hope but Shawn says not yet. Ciara doesn't understand and asks where she is. Ciara argues that she's back and not missing anymore. Shawn says he's called Hope but she must not have service. Ciara guesses she's too sad to talk to anyone. Shawn promises that Hope is okay and just doing what she needs to do. Ciara thought he left town to track her down so she asks why he's back. Shawn says he had a situation to deal with but as soon as it clears up, he's going back to look for her. Ciara cries that she misses their mom so much. Shawn assures that he will bring her home. Ciara asks about his other situation to deal with. Shawn says it's nothing exciting. Shawn asks about the book she's reading. Ciara says Ben left it by mistake. Ciara talks about Ben bringing her pictures and her ring to try to jog her memory to remember the life they lived together but it didn't work. Ciara insists that she does not remember being involved with Ben and she doesn't think she wants to.

Ben explains to Marlena that he went home and unpacked the things he brought to help Ciara remember and then he realized he left the Through the Looking Glass book at the hospital and when he opened the first Alice in Wonderland book, he got hit with a flashback to a dream that he and Ciara shared. Ben insists that he's positive that Ciara got hit by that flashback at the exact same time as he felt their connection. Ben hopes that Ciara was feeling the same enough to let Marlena hypnotize her. Marlena says she's sorry but Ciara hasn't called. Ben assures that she will and that she won't stop until she finds her way back to him.

Belle finishes a call, confirming that the charges against Sami have been dropped. John says that's great news. Belle says it's not for Melinda, who wants someone arrested and charged for Charlie's murder. John asks if they have any other suspects. Belle says not yet but she doesn't think they will have to look very hard to find someone who wanted Charlie dead...

Sami talks about Tripp going through finding out he had a long lost brother who tried to ruin his life. Tripp says it doesn't compare to what Charlie did to Allie at all but Charlie's gone now so they can all just move on with their lives. Allie tells Sami how great Tripp is with Henry. Sami is happy to hear that since Henry will need men in his life to look up to. Allie brings up that Sami never said why Rafe got the charges dropped against her. Sami explains that the autopsy proved that Charlie died while Sami was still on the plane coming from Italy. Allie and Sami conclude that between the time Allie left Charlie's apartment and Sami got there, someone else showed up and killed him.

Rafe tells Ava and Nicole that he doesn't have any new suspects yet or any leads. Rafe decides he's going to grab something to eat and then get back to it. Ava wants to make him something but Rafe decides since Ava cooked last time, he's going to cook and make his famous tacos. Rafe asks Nicole to stay. Ava notes that Nicole said she has to get back to Allie and the kids but Nicole says she's in no rush and she loves tacos. Rafe says that's great and goes to his room. Ava questions what Nicole is doing and if she's going to tell Rafe what she told her. Ava asks why since Sami is in the clear, adding that they don't know that Tripp did it. Ava pleads with Nicole that Tripp is the only child she has left now so she can't lose him. Ava and Nicole step outside. Nicole complains that Ava is asking her to lie to Rafe. Ava brings up how long she's waited to have a relationship with Tripp and now she finally can. Ava reminds Nicole that she took her advice and broke away from the family business so she's completely starting over and Charlie's gone so he can never hurt anyone ever again, unless Nicole tells Rafe what she told her. Ava adds that if Nicole dose, she will destroy her and Tripp's lives.

Sami remarks that she and Allie didn't kill Charlie so the question is who did. Sami asks if Allie and Tripp have any ideas. They get interrupted by Henry waking up crying. Tripp offers to go take care of him but Sami volunteers as she wants to hold him so she goes to the bedroom. Tripp tells Allie that he's glad her mom is free. Allie reminds Tripp that before Sami came, he was about to tell her what happened at Charlie's. Allie adds that he's scaring her and asks if he killed Charlie.

Belle tells John that she wishes Jan stayed in the coma forever instead of worrying about her roaming around free and torturing them. John encourages that Belle and Shawn could always handle Jan. Belle says she's more worried about Claire since Jan already tried to bond with her. John assures that she won't fall for that again but Belle talks about how Claire isn't in a good place and is vulnerable with everything going on with Ciara.

Ben asks if Marlena thinks he's just making this up and the connection he and Ciara have isn't real. Marlena assures that she and John have that same connection. Ben wonders if he should try to talk to Ciara at the hospital again. Marlena encourages him to be patient. Ben worries about their connection fading. Marlena insists that it never fades when the love is real.

Ciara asks Shawn why she would put any effort in to going back to her life with Ben Weston. Shawn encourages that Ben loves her and almost killed himself looking for her. Ciara blames Ben for her being in that mess in the first place. Shawn talks about Ben never giving up on Ciara and always believing that she was still alive. Ciara brings up Ben killing three women. Shawn states that Ben is better now. Ciara says everyone keeps telling her that but she still thinks Ben is crazy. Ciara talks about Ben's rants about their psychic connection and dreams. Ciara says she had to ask Roman to kick Ben out. Shawn understands why being alone with Ben might be too much right now. Shawn suggests Marlena might could help. Ciara tells him that she already talked to her and Marlena asked if she was open to hypnosis to get her memories back. Shawn asks what she said to that.

Allie tells Tripp that he can tell her whatever happened at Charlie's but Sami comes back with Henry. Tripp decides he's going to go so Henry can have alone time with his mom and grandma. Sami tells Tripp that it was really nice to meet him and thanks him for all he's doing to help Allie and Henry. Tripp then exits.

Rafe tells Nicole and Ava that the tacos are ready and there's plenty for everyone so they come back inside. Rafe asks what Nicole wanted to tell him before. Nicole tells him that it's their teddy bear Duke and that Henry ripped one of the eyes off of it. Nicole says she will sew it back together. Nicole then decides she should get back to the kids, thanks Rafe for the tacos, and hurries out.

Belle tells John not to worry about Jan as she will find a way to neutralize her. John responds that he already has. Belle asks what that means. John responds that when someone threatens him, he has options and when someone comes after his family, there's only one option as he will do whatever it takes to keep them safe. John orders Belle to tell Shawn to arrest Jan Spears and lock her up so she never hurts any of them again.

Ben thanks Marlena again as he doesn't know how he'd make it through this without her. Marlena then gets a call from Shawn, who says he's at the hospital with Ciara. Shawn says Ciara wanted to let her know that she's made a decision about her hypnosis offer.

Sami is glad Allie and Tripp have been able to move past everything that happened and they can put it all behind them finally and focus on Henry.

Nicole walks through the town square and runs in to Tripp. Nicole asks if he heard about Sami's charges getting dropped. Tripp says he just ran in to Sami. Nicole notes that means Charlie's killer is still out there but it's only a matter of time before they catch this person. Tripp agrees and walks away.

Ava and Rafe eat tacos. Ava says they are so good. Rafe says he'll give her the recipe so she can make them for Tripp. Rafe notes her reaction and asks what she's thinking. Ava says she's thinking of her other son. Rafe encourages her to talk to him. Ava states that she made Charlie who he was so she will blame herself forever but now that he's gone, she actually feels relieved. Ava says that may make her a terrible mother. Ava knows Rafe is a man of the law and that murder is never justified but if he was going to drop the case now, she'd be fine with it. Rafe tells her that he understands and talks about how he loves Allie so he wishes the case would just go away but he can't make that happen as he's a cop and it's his job to make sure that justice is served and whoever killed Charlie is brought to justice. Rafe declares there are no exceptions.

Belle tells John that she's not going to let Jan manipulate them. John argues that Jan needs to be behind bars while Belle argues that John does not deserve to go to prison for reacting to his family being in jeopardy. John has another flashback to the gunshot sound. John tells Belle that he will be fine as if he committed a crime then he has no problem paying for it.

Marlena hangs up and informs Ben that Ciara agreed to let her hypnotize her. Ben hugs Marlena and thanks her.

Ciara lays in her hospital bed holding the Through the Looking Glass book as she falls asleep.

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