Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/2/21

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/2/21


Written By Joseph

John joins Marlena in their living room. Marlena informs him that Belle just called about Jan Spears.

Shawn goes to the hospital and asks Belle if it's true. Belle confirms that unfortunately Jan Spears is waking up from her coma. Belle says the doctors called to give her a heads up as they think Jan will wake up sometime this morning.

Jan Spears then wakes up in her hospital bed. Dr. Snyder and Nurse Judith enter to check on her. Jan asks where she is.

Allie takes care of Henry at home and calls Lucas to ask if he's talked to Sami and if Rafe got things straightened out. Allie assures that Rafe won't stop until he gets the truth.

Rafe joins Sami in the interrogation room and tells her that Melinda Trask won't budge as she is doubling down on holding Sami to her confession. Sami argues that she only confessed to protect Allie but she did not murder Charlie Dale. Rafe says Melinda knows all of that but she does not give a damn and is hellbent on prosecuting Sami for murder one.

At Rafe's, Tripp is with Ava, reading the article on Sami confessing to protect Allie. Tripp mentions that he and Claire went to see Allie, who explained the whole thing. Ava asks if he believes neither of them did it. Tripp confirms that he does. Ava remarks that it means the real killer is still out there. Ava then thinks back to going to Charlie's apartment that night wearing black gloves. Tripp also thinks back to going to Charlie's apartment that night himself and demanding that Charlie open the door. Tripp then tells Ava that there is something he needs to talk to her about.

Marlena informs John that Jan is waking up. John realizes the doctors called Belle because she is his lawyer since John is the one who put Jan in the hospital by trying to kill her.

Belle tells Shawn how the doctors have noticed a change in Jan's vitals and then this morning it seemed like she was waking up. Shawn looks forward to arresting Jan for what she did to Belle. Belle hates thinking about that day and says she never imagined how much trouble she would've caused, not just for them but for everyone. Shawn assures this is the end as he's going to arrest Jan and she will never be able to hurt them ever again. Shawn then hugs Belle.

Ava notes that Tripp sounds serious. Tripp says it's about the night that Charlie died. Nicole then comes in, interrupting them. Ava tells her that Rafe already left for work. Nicole says she came to see her. Ava tells her that she and Tripp were in the middle of something. Tripp decides they can finish later and asks Nicole about Henry. Nicole says Henry is teething and Allie is taking care of him. Tripp offers to stop by to help. Nicole admits Allie would love that as she said he's been great with Henry. Tripp then exits. Nicole tells Ava that it's great that Allie and Tripp are getting along. Ava agrees after everything they have been through. Nicole brought Ava some Italian cookies, feeling that she owes her an apology.

Sami complains that she hates people that can't admit they are wrong. Rafe remarks that is what Sami always does. Sami tells him not to be smug. Sami argues that it's just because Melinda couldn't get her for shooting that cop to protect Rafe. Rafe tells her that he'll always be grateful and thanks her. Rafe tells Sami that this isn't just about Melinda getting payback as it doesn't look tough on crime to release someone who confessed to a murder. Sami gets that Melinda won't be reasonable so they have to figure out who really killed Charlie Dale. Rafe assures that he intends to but notes that Sami made his job a lot harder. Sami knows everything is her fault but encourages that Rafe is good at his job. Rafe complains about having Melinda watching over him and warns that Melinda wants to find more evidence to convict Sami. Sami asks if he's throwing in the towel. Rafe wishes she just would've leveled with him. Sami admits that she's scared. Rafe responds that she should be. Sami understands there are a few instances where she lied in the past and that Melinda will use that. Sami cries that Rafe has to find who did this. Rafe responds that he has something more important to do right now and that's proving that Sami didn't do it.

Tripp goes to see Allie. Allie says she just got Henry down for a nap. Tripp mentions that Nicole said she had a rough night with him. Tripp suggests Allie go take a nap and he will take care of Henry if he wakes up. Allie says that's nice of him but she doesn't think she could sleep right now after just talking to Lucas and they are not letting Sami go as she's still charged with murder.

Ava questions what Nicole is apologizing for. Nicole admits she practically accused her of shooting her own son. Nicole says when she found out Allie and Sami didn't kill Charlie, she remembered Ava saying she should take Charlie out of this world and she jumped to conclusions which was completely unfair. Ava then reveals to Nicole that she wasn't wrong as she did go to see Charlie that night.

Belle questions why she let Jan in to her hotel room the night of their wedding. Belle recalls trying to get the gun away from Jan but she was too strong for her. Belle calls it a nightmare. Shawn repeats that he's looking forward to making this arrest. Dr. Snyder comes over and greets them. Belle asks what's going on. He reveals that Jan is awake and alert. Belle asks if she's herself again or if there's brain damage. He says she seems remarkably well and is doing fine. Shawn declares that he needs to speak to her on police business. Dr. Snyder asks him not to tire her out as he walks away. Belle decides she's going with Shawn because she wants to see the look on Jan's face when he tells her that she's going down for what she did. Belle and Shawn enter Jan's hospital room, which Jan calls a surprise. Jan thought they would be on their honeymoon. Jan asks them how the wedding was as if she has no memory of interrupting the wedding.

John tells Marlena that he can still see Jan lifting her veil with a sick smile and forcing Shawn to go through with it. John talks about thinking it was all over when Brady showed up with Eli. Marlena tries to keep him calm as John gets worked up, talking about how he just wanted to watch Jan's sick smile die. Marlena understands Jan pushed him too far so he's not to blame for what happened. John states that now Jan is awake so he questions what happens next.

Allie wonders what happens now and how long Sami will be kept for since she can't prove she didn't kill Charlie. Tripp goes over what Sami told Rafe. Allie brings up how it's Melinda that won't let Sami recant her confession. Allie says Lucas is trying to keep her calm but she remains worried. Tripp jokes that at least she has Henry to distract her. Allie talks about being frustrated when she's not able to calm Henry down. Tripp praises her as a really good mom. Allie can't believe how nice he is to her after what she did to him. Tripp understands she made a mistake and says she's human. Allie feels she almost ruined his life. Tripp brings up what she has gone through. Allie blames herself for Sami being in jail but Tripp insists that it's all because of Charlie.

Nicole questions Ava seeing Charlie the night he died. Ava calls it a relief to finally say it as she's held it inside. Nicole assures that whatever she tells her won't go any further. Ava says she was so crazy that night. Nicole blames herself for telling Ava that Charlie threatened Tripp and then left her alone. Ava assures nothing would've made a difference as Charlie was just in her mind. Ava thinks back to Charlie drugging her when he had her tied up. Ava says she knew what Charlie was capable of so she wasn't going to let him hurt Tripp. Nicole asks if it's true that Ava didn't kill him.

Sami thanks Rafe. Rafe says he's just doing his job. Sami knows he won't believe it but insists she does listen to him. Rafe jokes that has never happened. Sami says it's usually just after the fact. Sami knows he was trying to help Allie until she busted in and screwed it all up so she's sorry. Sami knows what a good cop and man he is. Rafe stops her and says she can be sincere after they get her out. Sami questions how he's going to get her out of here. Rafe responds that he will do what cops do and go in to the evidence.

Allie asks Tripp what he could possibly blame himself for. Tripp talks about how Ava is blaming herself for the way she raised Charlie. Allie points out that Tripp didn't do anything to him. Tripp says nothing concrete so Allie asks if he did something not concrete. Tripp talks about how Kayla took him in when they aren't even blood related and Sami took a bullet for Allie and Nicole took Allie and Henry in. Allie doesn't understand. Tripp explains that Charlie never had any of that ever. Allie insists that is not Tripp's fault so he has every right to hate his guts and never has to feel guilty about it.

Sami asks Rafe what evidence there is. Rafe informs her that the final autopsy confirms Charlie was killed by Kate's gun with the first bullet fired by the killer and the second by Sami. Sami acknowledges that she told him that already. Rafe stops her and adds that the first bullet struck Charlie in the heart which was the cause of death while the second was near the lung and after he was already deceased. Sami asks what Melinda said to that. Rafe informs her that Melinda asks how she knows that Sami didn't fire both bullets.

Jan guesses Belle and Shawn are not eager to tell her about their wedding but guesses it was great. They remain silent. Jan asks if Claire invited Charlie and talks about how she thought they would make such a cute couple. Belle questions what the hell Jan is trying to pull here. Jan claims that she's just trying to catch up and doesn't even know how long she's been here. Belle and Shawn then inform Jan that she's been there since she kidnapped Belle, broke up their wedding, and threatened to kill Belle if Shawn didn't marry her. Jan claims she has no idea what they are talking about.

Marlena understands John was out of control and couldn't help himself. John knows how he felt when he found out that Charlie was going to get away with what he did to Allie and he wanted to strangle him too. John says that's why he went to pay him a visit but complains that he still doesn't remember what happened next.

Nicole says maybe Ava shouldn't tell her anymore but Ava says she needs to. Ava informs Nicole that she got to Charlie's apartment but he was already on the ground so she did not shoot him. Ava then reveals that Charlie was still alive at that point.

Tripp tells Allie that he came over to help not so she could listen to his whining. Allie understands the whole situation with Charlie is hard to sort out but he was still Tripp's brother. Allie knows it hurts to watch Ava since she lost a son. Tripp calls Allie amazing for thinking about he and Ava when she must be worried sick about her mom. Allie states that Sami has gotten away with a lot in her life but Melinda scares her. Allie wishes she would hear something. Tripp offers to leave but Allie says it's nice to be with someone who wants the truth to come out as much as she does.

Sami complains that it's clear that Melinda wants to pin this on her even if the autopsy backs up her story. Rafe hopes the autopsy does more than that. Rafe asks when Sami's flight from Italy got in to Salem. Sami says it was 5 AM. Rafe reveals the time of death has been placed somewhere between midnight and 3 AM. Sami jumps up and excitedly hugs Rafe, exclaiming that he cleared her as she thanks him.

Nicole questions Charlie still being alive and asks what Ava did. Ava recalls wanting to call an ambulance but Charlie said no and that he was glad Ava came so he could tell her that he loves her. Charlie asked Ava to say she loved him back before he died. Ava said of course she loved him and then he passed away. Ava breaks down crying as Nicole hugs her.

Marlena reminds John that he blacked out that night. John remembers driving to Charlie's to give him hell for what he did to Allie and Claire. Marlena points out that it's a good thing he blacked out before going inside. John then reveals that he's not so sure he didn't go inside...

Shawn tells Jan that this isn't going to work as they aren't buying her act because they don't trust her. Jan asks Belle if she doesn't trust her either. Belle brings up Jan pulling a gun on her and how Jan has been trying to destroy her for her whole life. Jan repeats that she doesn't know what she's talking about. Belle says she can testify that Jan held her at gunpoint and stole her wedding dress. Shawn adds that a room full of people witnessed Jan try to blackmail him in to marrying her. Jan then admits it's all coming back to her now and jokes that those were good times.

Sami exclaims that she knew Rafe could do it and that she could trust him. Rafe jokes about Sami lying to him since the beginning of the case. Sami wants Rafe to let her go but Rafe says he has to get approval of Melinda Trask. Sami argues that this proves she could not have killed Charlie. Rafe adds that it also proves she's been lying since she confessed so Melinda might want to pay her back. Sami wants Rafe to talk her out of it. Rafe agrees to try as he wants to get Sami out of his station and out of his hair. Rafe then exits the room. Sami tells herself that he didn't mean that.

Tripp comments on Allie and Rafe being pretty close. Allie says growing up, her family was like a circus but Rafe was like an oasis of sanity and he made sure nothing ever changed between them. Allie regrets not trusting Rafe and telling him the truth from the beginning. Allie continues to wish she would hear something. Allie adds that Rafe won't say any more about the investigation but he will do his job and figure out who shot Charlie.

Marlena questions John not being sure he went in to Charlie's apartment. Marlena points out that he blacked out in the car and came to in the car. John recalls seeing all the missed calls and messages so he knew he was there for awhile. Marlena asks what makes him think he went inside. John reveals he hasn't been completely honest with her.

Nicole tells Ava that at least she got that last moment with Charlie. Ava talks about being so angry with him for what he did to Allie and for threatening Tripp. Ava admits she hesitated when Charlie asked her to tell him that she loved him. Ava states that she doesn't know if she was just telling him what he needed to hear or if she even meant it. Ava adds that she just left Charlie alone and dead. Nicole asks why Ava didn't tell anyone this before. Ava continues crying as Nicole comforts her.

Belle questions Jan remembering everything she did. Jan confirms she does and was just foggy from the coma. Shawn tells Jan that she is under arrest and begins reading her rights but Jan shouts that she remembers John trying to strangle her which she's pretty sure is attempted murder. Jan declares that if she's going down, so is John.

Marlena asks what John has been holding back. John reveals he remembers something else about that night; a gunshot.

Rafe returns to the interrogation room and tells Sami that he has good news and bad news. Rafe says the good news is that Melinda dropped the murder charges and Sami is free to go but the bad news is that Melinda is thinking of charging her for lying to the police and tampering with evidence. Sami doesn't care as it's not a murder charge so she excitedly thanks Rafe.

Nicole questions why Ava didn't tell the police or Rafe that night since she didn't shoot Charlie and why she pretended not to know Charlie was dead. Ava responds that she has her reasons. Ava then reveals when she first got to Charlie's apartment, she saw Tripp leaving.

Tripp asks Allie about Rafe not giving up until he knows who really shot Charlie. Allie assures that Rafe won't give up until he can prove it in court because nothing is more important to Rafe than justice. Tripp then tells Allie that there is something he needs to tell her...

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