Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/1/21

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/1/21


Written By Joseph

Previously on Days of our Lives... Kayla was held captive by Dr. Rolf, John went off on Sami after his brain aneurysm, Belle and Philip had an affair many years ago and last year Jan Spears interrupted Shawn and Belle's wedding, claiming to have killed Belle which led to John strangling Jan.

Jan wakes up from a coma with Shawn at her side. He tells her she's been in a coma for a year.

Belle comes home to her husband Philip and they kiss.

Xander runs in to Chloe in the town square. Chloe is wearing large glasses in all black while Xander is dressed as a priest.

Steve and Kayla eat breakfast at the Pub. Steve jokes about Kayla needing an exorcism as they mention Kayla being pregnant as though Dr. Rolf had succeeded in implanting her with a clone of Stefano DiMera.

Jan asks Shawn if he's been by her side every day of the coma. Shawn says he came to get her statement about the incident that put her in a coma. Jan recalls John strangling her and says she wants to press charges. Shawn says she can but John's fate has already been sealed..

John is tied to a chair to be executed, saying this can't be happening. Sami walks in to be his executioner and they argue. Sami declares her mother is dead and it's all John's fault.

Shawn tells Jan that John is being executed after strangling Marlena to death. They joke about Salem's history. Jan asks about Belle. Shawn informs her that they are not together anymore. Jan wants to hear all about that.

Claire comes home to Belle and Philip. Belle talks about talking to the governor about trying to get John off of execution. Belle heads off to prison to see John while Philip tells Claire that he will make her breakfast, claiming that they found out Claire was really his and now he and Belle are back together so they are a family again.

Chloe tells Xander that she is a pop star known as "Ghoul Girl" who just came back from a sold out tour. Chloe guesses Xander became a priest after Sarah dumped him. Bonnie then appears dressed as a nun which Chloe questions. Bonnie claims Justin kept calling her Adrienne so she became a nun. Xander tells her that they have important work to take care of so they walk off together.

Xander and Bonnie go to a room at the Salem Inn where they start kissing.

Philip asks Claire about the tour with Chloe. Claire talks about working really hard as Chloe's assistant and she promised to let her do vocals on her next album but now she keeps blowing her off. Claire asks Philip to talk to Chloe since he is her producer. Philip suggests she work out the problem herself as Chloe then enters the house. Claire brings up how Chloe keeps blowing her off. Chloe says she's been busy but she'll put something in the books after Claire gets her herbal tea from the town square. Philip orders Claire to do as Chloe asks so Claire exits. Chloe then tells Philip she was hoping they could have a private session of their own.

Shawn claims to Jan that Claire is Philip's daughter so Belle went running to him. Jan talks about trying to warn Shawn that Belle didn't love him like she did and that he deserves better. Shawn says he has to go but Jan has more questions and asks him to stay a little longer.

John and Sami argue about John's killing of Marlena. Belle then walks in to stop Sami from executing John. Belle then gets a call from the governor's office.

Steve and Kayla talk about Kayla's pregnancy and then Kayla's water breaks. Kayla says they have no time to get to the hospital as little Stefano is about to be born.

Xander and Bonnie continue their priest and nun roleplay.

Shawn continues filling Jan in on what she missed while being in a coma. Claire comes in as though she and Jan are still friends. Jan tells Shawn not to be a stranger as he exits the room. Claire tells Jan that she needs information about her old enemy Chloe.

Philip tells Chloe that he's married to Belle but Chloe insists so they kiss.

Belle tells John that she's sorry but she couldn't persuade the governor. John remarks that he should've hired Carrie. Sami then prepares for the execution.

Xander stops the roleplay and suggests he and Bonnie just be themselves but Bonnie refuses. Xander says he just wants some variety so she decides he may have a point.

Steve helps Kayla give birth in the Brady Pub. They joke about the baby Stefano being born with a goatee. Steve exits to go get baby formula.

Claire tells Jan about Chloe being a pop star and a total diva so she asks what to do. Jan suggests she toss a radio in her bathtub like she did to Victor or she can set her on fire. Claire says she can't have Chloe dead or else she can't do vocals on her album. Jan tells Claire to fix it where Chloe can't make it to tour so that Claire has to step in.

Sami starts to execute John when Marlena rushes in and yells for them to stop the execution.

Shawn returns to Jan to confess his feelings for her and suggests they give it a try as he pulls out handcuffs.

John, Sami, and Belle are shocked that Marlena is still alive. Marlena reveals that John strangled Hattie, who had kidnapped Marlena in order to take over her life again but she fought her way back for months to save John from this. Sami points out that he still killed a woman but John says it's just Hattie.

Claire returns to Chloe with her tea which Chloe drinks and then passes out. Philip checks her pulse and declares she's dead. Claire says not to worry as she has an idea.

Steve returns to the Pub with formula. Kayla tells him that baby Stefano went out on the door on his own so they need to find him. Steve questions where he would go.

Bonnie says Xander wanted variety so they switch roles with Bonnie dressed as a priest and Xander dressed as a nun.

Jan handcuffs Shawn to the hospital bed which she calls the most romantic thing anyone's ever done for her. Jan assures she's ready to start making up for lost time as they kiss.

With Chloe "dead", Claire assumes the "Ghoul Girl" persona and Philip says he will make her a star.

John and Marlena reunite. Marlena says not even death can keep them apart as they kiss. Sami complains while Belle tells her that John and Marlena will always find their way back to each other and there's nothing she can do about it. Sami says she can do this and uses the needle on Belle then exits the room.

Steve and Kayla go to the DiMera Mansion looking for Baby Stefano. They then turn to the camera and wink, wishing everyone an April Fools as the episode up to this point was all a joke.

Back in real time, Shawn goes to the hospital and asks Belle if it's true. Belle confirms that unfortunately Jan Spears is waking up from her coma.

Jan Spears then wakes up in her hospital bed.

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