Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/31/21

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/31/21


Written By Joseph

Kristen tries calling Vivian and complains about her not answering as she needs to find out that Brady didn't discover her secret. Brady then enters the house looking at "Susan". She asks how long he's been standing there.

Belle sits at home, reading an article about Sami confessing to Charlie's murder. Belle says that is not what she would've recommended if she was still representing Sami. Claire then comes in, complaining about needing aspirin because she has a champagne hangover. Belle questions her drinking champagne in the middle of the day. Claire tells her to blame Chanel so Belle asks who Chanel is.

Chanel drinks champagne in the Salem Inn as her mom Paulina walks in to the room and questions her. Chanel explains that she ordered room service until Paulina stops her.

As Theo exits Ciara's room, he runs in to Ben. Ben asks how Ciara is. Theo says she's tough. Ben guesses Ciara didn't remember anything else which Theo confirms. Ben hopes that Marlena will be able to change that. Theo asks what he means. Ben tells him that they have a way of trying to get Ciara's memory back but it's all up to her.

Marlena tells Ciara that hypnosis can be a very effective tool if she's willing to try it. Ciara looks over at her and Ben's wedding photo.

Claire explains to Belle how she was sitting in the town square when Chanel joined her and suggested ordering champagne. Belle questions Claire not finding that strange. Claire adds that Tripp was there too. Belle asks if Chanel was paying for all of this. Claire confirms that's what she said but then when the bill came, she tried to stick her and Tripp with it. Belle asks what she did. Claire tells her that Eli showed up just in time and then Paulina picked up the tab. Belle questions who Paulina is.

Paulina orders Chanel not to touch the food. Chanel complains that she's hungry. Paulina points out that she is the one paying for the room and it's not cheap. Chanel argues that they can't return the food. Paulina says it's her room so it's her dinner.

Brady tells "Susan" that he just walked in and he thought she had left town. "Susan" claims she did go to see Roger on tour but only stayed for one show and came back. "Susan" asks about his visit with Kristen. Brady questions how she knew about that. "Susan" mentions that Chloe told her and that Chloe is in the kitchen with John fixing dinner. Brady decides he should go greet Chloe but "Susan" tells him not to since they are fixing dinner. "Susan" suggests they catch up. Brady responds that it will give her a chance to explain the secret that she doesn't want him to know about. Brady adds that she seemed pretty mad at her phone too. Brady asks her what the secret is. "Susan" claims she doesn't remember and tries to go to the kitchen but Brady accuses her of keeping something from him. Brady doesn't want her to go anywhere until she tells him what it is. "Susan" then tells him that the secret is that Chloe has feelings for him.

Chanel tells Paulina that she ordered enough food for both of them. Paulina reminds her that she cut off her credit cards because her spending was out of control. Chanel mentions being in South Africa. Paulina questions her not being sorry. Chanel says she was broadening her horizons. Paulina tells her that it's over because she needs to learn responsibility and make her own way. Chanel complains that she doesn't have a job and questions Paulina leaving her to sink or swim while covering college for her niece and nephew that she barely knows. Chanel asks how that's fair. Paulina says it's her money so she decides how to spend it and she doesn't want to spend it anymore on Chanel being lazy.

Claire informs Belle that Paulina is Chanel's mom and Lani's aunt. Belle realizes then that Chanel is Lani's cousin. Claire confirms that they came to town to meet the twins. Belle questions Paulina having no trouble paying Chanel's $600 champagne bill. Belle asks if it taught Claire a lesson. Claire feels now is not the time for a lecture. Belle questions her getting drunk in the middle of the day. Claire admits it felt good to blow off some steam because of Ciara as she's really sad that after everything they went through to become friends again, Ciara is back to hating her. Belle tells her that she's sorry and hugs her.

Ben tells Theo that he knows Ciara is confused in her head right now but in her heart, he believes she still loves him. Theo doesn't think she does. Ben asks what makes him say that. Theo explains that he spent time with Ciara and she opened up to him so it's not that she doesn't remember him but she refuses to accept that she even could love a serial killer. Ben insists he's not that guy anymore and asks if Theo even tried to tell her that or stick up for him at all. Theo admits that he didn't.

Marlena mentions hearing Theo came to visit Ciara. Ciara confirms that he did and he just left. Ciara says it was nice but even Theo couldn't explain how she ended up married to the Necktie Killer. Marlena points out that Theo wasn't around the last few years. Ciara appreciates Marlena wanting to help her but questions why she would even want to remember Ben Weston somehow duping her in to falling in love with him. Marlena explains that she wasn't duped and that love was real. Ciara brings up Ben saying he rescued her after her motorcycle accident so she must have been vulnerable. Marlena acknowledges that Ciara was very wary of him at first but then spent more time with him and they fell in love. Ciara questions how she could fall in love with a man who killed three women and tried to kill Will. Marlena says it seems odd but she believes in him. Ciara asks why. Marlena knows Ben was having a hard time but he took medication and worked so hard on himself to become the man that Ciara fell in love with. Ciara asks if someone like that can ever really get better. Marlena assures that Ben did or else she wouldn't have advocated for his release from Bayview or their relationship. Ciara questions her thinking it was a good idea for her to marry Ben. Marlena insists that they loved each other and that Ben was no longer the man they knew in the past. Ciara asks why she is terrified of him then.

Chanel questions Paulina telling her how to live on a budget. Paulina responds that she spends because it's her money. Paulina talks about working 12 hour days to get to where she is and she's proud of it. Chanel complains that she spent her life in daycare and with nannies. Paulina says she tried to do the best she could to give her a good life. Chanel says she would've rather had her. Paulina says she wanted to spend more time with her more than anything which Chanel questions. Paulina says she had to put a roof over their heads and food on the table. Paulina thought spoiling her would show her how much she loved her. Paulina admits she could've been more hands on as a mother and it's her fault that Chanel doesn't understand the value of money but that needs to change. Chanel says that can change tomorrow and she just wants to eat. Paulina tells her no and that she needs to get a job. Chanel then exits the room.

Brady questions "Susan" thinking that Chloe has feelings for him. "Susan" notes that Brady doesn't seem surprised. Brady admits she's not the first person to suggest it as Kristen and Philip both said something. Brady says he asked Chloe and she denied it. "Susan" says that's only because Brady is with Kristen and Chloe doesn't want to seem like a homewrecker. Brady says no one would ever think that about her. "Susan" remarks that Kristen might but says it's not like Chloe is going to come between Brady and Kristen. Brady questions that Chloe told her that she has feelings for him. "Susan" worries that Chloe will be so upset that she told her secret. Brady feels he has to talk to Chloe about it but "Susan" says that's the last thing he should do. Brady thinks it's best to keep things open. "Susan" disagrees and says it's better to just get away. "Susan" says if Brady loves Kristen and cares about Chloe as a friend then he will give her space. "Susan" suggests it's got to be hard for Chloe to be around Brady so much but knowing she can't have him. Chloe then comes out of the kitchen and acknowledges that Brady is just in time for dinner. Chloe then asks if everything is okay.

Ben questions Theo throwing him under the bus. Theo says he was just being a supportive friend. Ben argues that a supportive friend would support her marriage. Theo asks why he should when he doesn't even know him. Ben says Theo knows that he loves Ciara and that she loves him. Theo questions that since he wasn't around when they were together. Ben is sure she would've told him when she visited him in South Africa. Theo remarks that it's different seeing it in person as he doesn't know this version of Ben. Ben asks if Theo believes that he's changed. Theo notes that Abe and everyone tells him that he has. Ben knows how much Theo means to Ciara so he will do whatever it takes to prove himself to him but he hopes that Theo will be a good enough friend to try to convince Ciara to retrieve her memories. Theo responds that he's just glad to have his best friend back. Theo says he promised to get Ciara some ice cream so he'll catch him later as he then walks away.

Marlena tells Ciara that she can see why she would be afraid of Ben if she only remembers the man he used to be. Marlena promises that Ben has changed now. Ciara questions everyone just accepting that a serial killer is married to a police officer's daughter. Marlena admits it was hard for everybody, especially family and friends. Ciara thinks they would all be horrified. Marlena says they were. Ciara feels it's like being told about someone else's life. Marlena knows so much has happened and brings up Claire. Marlena says Claire and Ciara had made up and been friends like they always were. Ciara states that she doesn't remember that either. Marlena asks if she wants to remember all of the things that have happened that she's missed.

Marlena leaves Ciara's room so Ben asks how it went. Marlena says she did the best she could. Ben guesses Ciara said no to hypnosis. Marlena clarifies that she wants time to think about it and they can't pressure her. Ben worries that the more time that passes without her remembering, he's scared he won't get her back. Marlena encourages him to be patient and hope those memories still exist but they can't force her. Ben guesses she means that he shouldn't visit her again. Marlena says for now, no. Ben thanks her for trying. Marlena assures that she's not giving up on Ciara and she knows Ben won't either. Ben thanks her again and exits the hospital.

Theo runs in to Chanel in the town square and they recognize each other.

Belle goes to the hospital and asks how Marlena is after seeing that Sami confessed to Charlie's murder. Marlena informs her that she confessed but then recanted which Belle calls classic Sami to deny everything. Marlena calls it complicated. Belle asks what Sami thinks she's doing. Marlena explains that Sami confessed because she thought Allie killed Charlie while Allie thought Sami did it. Belle guesses that means neither of them did it so the real killer is still out there. Marlena says the police have leads but she hasn't heard any names yet. Belle says she came to see Ciara since Claire is a mess so she thought maybe she could help. Marlena confirms that Ciara is having a hard time as she still doesn't remember the last few years. Marlena adds that she offered hypnosis but she wanted time to think about it. Marlena says she's had success in the past with hypnosis but the person has to really want the information. Belle asks if it's okay to go see her. Marlena calls it a good idea as she is glad Ciara is having company, feeling she needs people who love and support her. Marlena mentions thinking that Theo cheered her up some. Belle then heads to Ciara's room.

Chanel says Theo looks good. Theo says she does to and asks why she's in Salem. Chanel says she had no idea he was here and figured he was still in South Africa. Chanel asks what Theo is doing in Salem. Theo responds that his family lives here. Chanel calls that a coincidence because her mother is here visiting her family. Theo questions her having family in Salem and asks who her mom is related to. Chanel doesn't want to talk about her right now and asks what Theo has been up to since they last saw each other in Cape Town. Theo asks if she means when she broke up with him. Chanel calls it mutual and says they are still friends. Chanel says she missed him and didn't realize how much until now. Chanel mentions that she's starving and suggests Theo take her to dinner so they can catch up.

Belle hugs Ciara and says it's so good to see her. Belle asks how she's feeling. Ciara brings up not remembering years of her life and calls it weird. Ciara feels like herself but everyone around her has changed. Belle guesses that must be really unsettling. Ciara is glad to have her family around her. Belle mentions being so glad she's back, especially Claire. Ciara remarks that Claire loves her so much that she tried to sleep with her boyfriend, Tripp.

Ben goes to see Claire. Claire mentions nursing a wicked hangover which Ben questions. Claire calls it a really long story but mentions running in to Jake before that and he told her that Ben was going to see Ciara. Ben hoped he would be able to jog her memory but it didn't work. Ben thinks it just made it worse.

Brady and Chloe finish eating dinner. Brady tells her that the dinner was amazing. Chloe says it was completely John and she didn't know he was such a good cook. "Susan" remarks on John doing all the cleaning now and suggests Chloe go help with the dishes. Brady asks "Susan" to go help John so he and Chloe can talk. "Susan" reluctantly goes to do that. Chloe asks Brady if everything is okay. Brady says yes and asks why it wouldn't be. Chloe knows Brady well and notes that he seemed pretty distracted during dinner. Brady says he just has a lot on his mind. Chloe asks if it's about his visit with Kristen since he didn't tell her how it went. Brady admits it didn't go that well. Chloe asks what happened. Brady says that Kristen wasn't herself and he ran in to Vivian. Chloe asks if Vivian is causing problems for Kristen in prison. Brady says they are actually looking out for each other right now. Brady adds that Vivian said Kristen was struggling and that seeing him gets harder every time. Chloe understands seeing him would make Kristen miss he and Rachel even more. Brady notes that she suggested not visiting as often. Chloe tells him that she's sorry.

Theo tells Chanel that he can't go to dinner with her. Chanel asks about the ice cream he has. Theo explains that it's for his friend Ciara, who is in the hospital after being in an explosion. Theo says he needs to go before it melts but notes that it was good to see her. Theo then walks away.

Ben tells Claire that he thought showing Ciara their wedding photo and her wedding rings would trigger something but it just made it worse. Claire encourages that Ciara will come around. Ben assures that he's not giving up and already asked Marlena to hypnotize her. Claire calls that a great idea and asks if Ciara agreed. Ben says she said she would think about it. Claire questions what there is to think about. Ben feels it's because she only thinks of him as a serial killer. Claire relates to being thought of as the slut who tried to steal her boyfriend.

Belle tells Ciara that she loves Claire but she made some terrible choices and did some hurtful things to her but Claire desperately wants them to be friends again. Ciara thought that Marlena sent her but now thinks Claire did it. Belle says she volunteered because she wants to help make things right between them. Ciara hopes she can remembers how much she and Claire meant to each other then. Belle suggests the hypnosis could help. Belle tells Ciara that she loves her and is happy to have her back as she hugs her. Belle tells her to take care and exits. Ciara looks back at her and Ben's wedding photo.

Chloe knows it must have been hard for Brady for the woman he loves to say she doesn't want to see him. Brady admits it was and he tried to talk her out of it. Chloe says no one tells Kristen how to think or feel. Chloe asks if there's anything she can do. Brady says it's late and he needs to check on Rachel. Chloe guesses she will see him at the office tomorrow then. Brady says he was thinking about working from home tomorrow. Chloe asks if he's feeling okay. Brady says he's fine and just feels like he should spend more time with Rachel. Chloe says she's here if he needs any help. Brady says he will let her know as Chloe then exits. "Susan" comes back in and tells Brady that he did the right thing. Brady hopes so but feels Chloe was a bit hurt. "Susan" remarks that Chloe has been unlucky in love more than once so she'll get over it.

Chanel goes home to Paulina's room. Paulina asks if something is wrong. Chanel says it's nothing she can't handle. Paulina tells her she's here if she wants to talk. Chanel insists she's fine and that Paulina said she needs to be independent. Paulina decides to offer some of the food from the room service which makes Chanel happy as she thanks her.

Belle comes out of Ciara's room and tells Marlena that her visit with Ciara was really good. Belle adds that Ciara is considering hypnosis and said she wants to remember how close she was with Claire. Marlena asks about Ben. Belle says that she's not so sure about.

Theo returns to Ciara's room with her favorite ice cream. Theo apologizes for it melting a bit as he ran in to someone in the town square. Ciara asks who he ran in to. Theo says it was just someone he used to know. Ciara jokes about not sharing her ice cream.

Claire tells Ben that she can't blame Ciara for not wanting anything to do with them. Ben acknowledges that the version of him that she remembers was a monster. Claire adds that she was a selfish brat who stabbed Ciara in the back. Ben notes that it took forever to change her mind the first time. Claire informs him that Belle went to make a case for her and hopefully for him too. Ben feels the look in Ciara's eyes is like losing her all over again. Ben talks about praying every day that she would come back to them and now this. Ben adds that this can't be permanent as she has to remember him.

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