Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/30/21

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/30/21


Written By Joseph

Theo sits in the hospital bed with Ciara, watching old cartoons. Ciara tells him that she wants ice cream as they joke about when they were kids. Theo comments that Ciara seems to be doing better. Ciara complains about everyone telling her that she's married to a serial killer and wants to forget that ever happened.

Ben meets Marlena in her office at the hospital. Ben tells her that Ciara still doesn't remember him but he knows there has to be something he can do so he hopes she can help him.

Gabi takes care of Philip's wound until Jake and Kate walk in to the room. Kate questions what the hell is going on. Kate tells Philip to put on his shirt, then sees the blood on it so she asks what Gabi did to him.

There's a knock at the door so Kristen assumes it's Brady but Chloe arrives. "Susan" questions what Chloe is doing there. Chloe informs her that Brady invited her for dinner. "Susan" asks where Brady is. Chloe responds that Brady is meeting her there because he went to see Kristen at the prison which "Susan" questions. Chloe asks if there's a problem. "Susan" thinks "Kristen" will get a heck of a surprise when Brady shows up.

Susan continues to complain about Kristen in prison until Brady walks in looking to visit Kristen. Susan pretends to be Kristen and asks what he's doing here. Brady says he came to see her which she calls a big surprise. Brady questions if she is okay. Brady hoped she would be happy to see him. "Kristen" claims she is and that it's just been a long time since he visited. Brady apologizes as he was recuperating from being shot and her visiting was taken away while he has been busy at Basic Black. "Kristen" then remarks that Chloe is the reason she's locked up here.

Chloe tells "Susan" that she promised Brady she would finish going over contracts. "Susan" questions Brady inviting Chloe to dinner. "Susan" tells Chloe to make herself useful instead of just sitting around. Chloe responds that she's working. "Susan" complains about John making dinner all by himself while Chloe didn't bring anything. Chloe decides she will go help John then and heads to the kitchen. Kristen then pulls out her phone and calls Vivian to tell her that she needs her help.

Brady questions "Kristen" blaming Chloe for being in prison, reminding her that she confessed to stabbing Victor. "Kristen" claims she's just really confused. Brady brings up Kristen breaking out to threaten Chloe's life which added time to her sentence. "Kristen" comments on Brady being protective of Chloe. Brady insists they are only friends. "Kristen" responds that he may feel that way but she knows for a fact that Chloe has romantic feelings for him. Brady questions how she could possibly know how Chloe feels.

Vivian tells Kristen that she's busy reading a book. Kristen warns her not to screw with her as they have a problem since Brady is there visiting with Susan. Kristen reminds Vivian that she promised to keep an eye on Susan. Vivian argues that Kristen made her a promise too so she asks if she's come up with anything to break up Jake and Kate.

Gabi tells Kate that she didn't do anything to Philip. Philip assures that Kate has it all wrong and explains that Xander hit him as he got in the middle of Xander and Roman at the Pub but he's fine. Kate argues that there's nothing fine about him being half naked with Gabi.

Ciara tells Theo that she looks at her wedding photo with Ben and sees how happy she is so she wonders how she could've married Ben when he killed three women and almost killed Will. Ciara calls Ben a psychopath and says if she actually fell in love with him, there must have been something seriously wrong with her.

Marlena knows how upsetting this is for Ben but assures that the amnesia could be temporary so they just have to give it time. Ben talks about not thinking he'd survive losing Ciara in the explosion so now he can't just give it time, he has to do something because he can't lose his wife again.

Theo tells Ciara that he wasn't in Salem when she fell in love with Ben but he remembers her having doubts when she came to visit him in South Africa. Theo explains that Ciara had gotten over the serial killer thing but they had relationship issues. Theo hoped Ciara would have stayed in South Africa so he could hang out with his oldest and best friend but she came back to Salem to be with Ben. Ciara asks why he didn't stop her.

Marlena knows how much Ben loves Ciara but all they can do is wait for the amnesia to resolve itself. Ben asks about the drug that Will took to get his memory back from Dr. Rolf. Ben suggests maybe if Ciara takes that, she'll remember who he is.

Philip assures that Gabi was just giving him first aid. Kate remarks that it looked like a lap dance to her. Jake suggests they let them enjoy their evening. Kate asks why Xander hit Philip. Gabi explains that Xander was drunk and she told him that Philip could take him so Xander punched Philip in the face. Kate blames Gabi for being trouble. Jake questions this being the only place Philip could come for first aid. Gabi explains that she invited him for dinner which is her right because it's her place. Jake says they will leave them to it. Gabi stops them and suggests Jake and Kate join them for dinner.

Kristen tells Vivian that she's been a little busy but promises to make breaking up Jake and Kate a priority. Vivian asks when. Kristen insists she'll take care of it. Vivian threatens to go tell Brady about Kristen's switch. Kristen swears to keep her end of the bargain so Vivian gives in. Kristen orders Vivian to get off her ass and go make sure Susan plays her part. Kristen hangs up as Chloe comes back in to the room.

Brady asks "Kristen" why she's so sure that Chloe has romantic feelings for him. Susan thinks back to Kristen confirming it to her. "Kristen" tells Brady that a woman just knows these things. Brady says she's wrong but he doesn't want to talk about Chloe as he came to see her. Brady finds that "Kristen" had a license plate that says "The King" which Susan had gotten for Roger. Brady questions her as who The King is.

Kate declines Gabi's dinner invitation. Gabi asks why not since they are one big happy family because they decided not to move out. Kate and Jake point out that they are competing companies. Gabi asks if Kate is afraid of a friendly rivalry.

Theo tells Ciara that no one stops her from doing what she wants and she knew what she wanted which was to be with Ben. Ciara says she must have been crazy. Theo responds that she was crazy in love.

Marlena tells Ben that the drug was developed as an antidote for memory loss that was created by another drug while Ciara's amnesia was likely caused by brain trauma. Ben wonders if there's a small chance it could work. Marlena warns that it could be harmful or dangerous too. Ben understands and says he would never put Ciara's health at risk even if it kills him.

Chloe questions who "Susan" was talking to. She claims that Roger was on the phone. Chloe reveals she heard her say that Susan needs to play her part and it kind of didn't sound like her. "Susan" claims she and Roger do a little role play. Chloe decides she's heard enough and wants to go back to help John but "Susan" insists that Chloe stay with her now and have girl talk about Chloe and Brady. "Susan" says they need to catch up since Chloe admitted her feelings the last time.

"Kristen" and Brady are interrupted by Vivian entering the visitors room. Brady says they were in the middle of a private conversation. "Kristen" tells Vivian that Brady was just asking who the King was from her license plate. Vivian claims that she was with "Kristen" when she made the license plate and that she said Brady was the king of her heart. "Kristen" struggles with her words as she tells Brady how much she loves him. Brady tells Vivian that she can feel free to go but Vivian says she's not the one going, "Kristen" is.

Ben talks about how when he and Ciara were apart, their connection was so strong that they could communicate like a psychic vibe but now he stands right in front of her and she just wants him gone. Marlena wishes there was something she could do. Ben asks if Marlena could hypnotize Ciara to access her memories like she did for him and Allie. Marlena says she doesn't know. Ben asks what she means, arguing that it's not just about him but Claire as Ciara has completely forgotten they made up and hates her just as much as him. Ben asks if Marlena won't do it for him, if she will do it for her granddaughter.

Ciara asks Theo what he thinks of Ben. Theo says he doesn't know him well enough to say. Ciara doesn't care what the wedding photo shows, how much Ben claims they love each other, or what everyone else thinks because all she feels for Ben is complete disgust. Theo knows how confusing it must be but says it's not just Ben. Ciara doesn't want to talk about Claire and insists that she can't forgive her. Ciara gets that she's missing time and that a lot has happened but all she has now is what she feels which is that she still hates Claire for hurting her so much. Theo reminds Ciara that she had forgiven her before and been close again. Ciara remarks that Theo always defends Claire. Ciara questions people actually being okay with her and Ben. Theo admits most people weren't at first, especially Hope, and they all tried to talk her out of it but she wouldn't listen. Theo declares that when Ciara Brady wants something, she will not be denied.

"Susan" asks Chloe if she spilled her guts to Brady about her feelings. Chloe says she hasn't yet and that she almost did but couldn't bring herself to do it because Brady was on his way to visit Kristen so it wasn't appropriate timing. "Susan" asks when Chloe is going to make her move.

Vivian tells "Kristen" that she has to go back to the metal shop. "Kristen" tells Brady that she's so sorry. Brady argues that they didn't even get a chance to talk or look at pictures of Rachel. Vivian says maybe next time. Vivian adds that "Kristen" told her that it would be best if Brady didn't visit for awhile. "Kristen" says it was really hard for her because she didn't want to hurt him. She says she knows it will be hard and she will miss him. Vivian tells Brady that "Kristen" doesn't think he should be here for awhile. Brady asks if that's what she wants. "Kristen" says not exactly. Vivian urges her to admit to Brady what she wants and needs. Vivian claims that "Kristen "doesn't have the courage or heart to tell him but she feels it's the best thing which Brady questions. "Kristen" claims it's important for Brady to focus on Rachel without any distractions. Brady insists that he loves her and wants to be there to support her. Vivian tells Brady not to worry because she has her to lean on. Brady argues that they hate each other. Vivian remarks that there's a lot of people she hates much more.

Kate decides there is nothing wrong with a friendly rivalry so she will tell Harold to set the table for four. Kate asks Philip to help her pick out the wine because he used to have such good taste. Philip asks if Jake and Gabi will be okay alone. Jake remarks that he learned long ago not to turn his back on Gabi. Gabi assures they will be fine as Philip exits with Kate. Jake asks Gabi about moving on with Philip and says she was practically giving him mouth to mouth. Gabi asks if Jake is jealous.

Kate tells Philip that she doesn't trust Gabi and she warned him not to get personally involved with her. Philip says he's not but Kate feels Gabi was all over him. Kate argues that Gabi is only going after Philip to get back at her for being unhappy about Jake. Kate worries that Philip cannot get involved with Gabi or he will get hurt, warning that Xander is not the only one who can play dirty in this town. Philip tells her that he's capable of making his own decisions so she can worry about DiMera while he worries about Titan.

Jake tells Gabi that he's not jealous but curious as she seemed a little more than cozy with her new business partner. Gabi comments that she can do worse than Philip and has. Jake warns that he and Kate will have the last laugh in this war.

Ciara tells Theo they can forget about Ben and watch more cartoons. Theo is glad that she remembers him.

Ben asks why Marlena would be skeptical about hypnosis when she watched it work on he and Allie. Ben questions how it could hurt Ciara and asks her to try it. Marlena responds that she can't do it without Ciara's consent but she agrees to ask her.

Brady questions if "Kristen" really doesn't want him to visit anymore. She tells him it's hard but she really needs to focus on herself and getting out but she will miss him. Brady decides if that's what she needs then he will see her in a couple of weeks. "Kristen" tells him not weeks, just a little bit and then she will want to see him every day. Brady agrees to give her time so she thanks him. Brady tries to take the license plate but "Kristen" claims he can't because it's to remind her of him. "Kristen" says she loves him so much. Brady tells her that he loves her too as he exits the prison. Susan and Vivian then breathe sighs of relief.

Chloe tells "Susan" about how she thinks about her and Brady really being together again and that makes her feel comfortable but also excited. Chloe says they can really be themselves around each other and she thinks that's why it's so perfect. "Susan" remarks that Brady is already taken. Chloe talks about sweet and kind Brady is while Kristen is a mess and selfish. Chloe comments that Kristen was willing to lose everything by being unable to control her violent temper. Chloe wonders how long Kristen will be in prison because of what she did and what kind of future that is for Brady.

Marlena goes to visit Ciara and comments on her being in a good mood. Ciara credits Theo, who says it's only because he's going to get her favorite ice cream. Theo then exits the room. Marlena tells Ciara that it's good to see her alive and well. Ciara responds that she's alive but obviously not so well.

As Theo exits Ciara's room, he runs in to Ben. Ben asks how Ciara is. Theo says she's tough. Ben guesses Ciara didn't remember anything else which Theo confirms. Ben hopes that Marlena will be able to change that.

Ciara asks Marlena how it's possible that she's married to Ben Weston and loves him when he gives her the creeps. Marlena can see why she's confused and anxious which is why she's here, to see if she can help. Ciara asks how. Marlena thought she could help her try to get her memories back.

Kristen as "Susan" holds back her anger from the way Chloe was talking about Kristen. Chloe thanks "Susan" for listening as she goes to see if John needs any more help in the kitchen. Kristen then slams a knife down on the food tray.

Susan exclaims that Vivian came to rescue her just in time as Brady spun her for a loop. Vivian is glad she could help. Susan mentions Kristen saying that Vivian might want to be friends and guesses she was right. Susan complains about wanting to get out of prison since the month is up and she doesn't think she could keep this up if she sees Brady again. Susan then exits the visiting room. Vivian remarks that she may not have to wait much longer if Kristen doesn't do something about Jake and Kate.

Kate, Jake, Philip, and Gabi have wine together. Kate toasts to the competition between Basic Black and Gabi Chic while Gabi toasts to whoever comes out on top.

Kristen tries calling Vivian and complains about her not answering as she needs to find out that Brady didn't discover her secret. Brady then enters the house looking at "Susan".

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