Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/29/21

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/29/21


Written By Joseph

Gabi and Philip walk through the town square. Gabi asks if he will have time to look over the web site. Philip says he will make time. They come across the former Gabi Chic store space as Gabi laments wanting the store to be part of the web site. Philip encourages her to let it go but Gabi complains about Kate and Jake stealing the store from her. Philip tells her it's done but Gabi argues it wouldn't be if he lets her file a complaint with the mayor's office, feeling they deserve a chance to counter DiMera's offer. Philip assures her that they will find a better space. Philip mentions a spot in Chicago. Gabi says she would love that but thinks their flagship store should remain in Salem. Philip tells her that they obviously have a lot to talk about and suggests doing it over dinner.

At the Brady Pub, Roman is on the phone with Kate, who informs him about Sami's plans to recant her confession because she only confessed since she thought Allie killed Charlie. Roman questions the district attorney and police just going along with this. Kate insists that Rafe will fix things. Roman reminds her that Melinda is going to want to know how the person who killed Charlie got Kate's gun. Kate repeats that it will be fine. Roman questions why he's always the last to know things. Kate reminds him that he was first to know Rex was back in town and complains about that, remarking that this has not been her favorite day. Roman relates and says his just got worse as Xander drunkenly stumbles in to the Pub. Roman hangs up and asks where Xander thinks he's going. Xander responds that Rex went off with Sarah so he's here to get her back.

Brady works at the Basic Black office when Chloe walks in and asks if he has a minute. Chloe notes that he seemed distracted. Brady tells her that he was just thinking about how crazy it is that Rex and Sarah ran away together. Chloe admits that was a surprise. Brady acknowledges that he encouraged Rex to go after Sarah but he honestly didn't think his chances were that good. Chloe adds that Sarah really did seem so happy to marry Xander so she wonders what changed her mind.

Kristen, dressed as Susan, returns to Marlena and John's home with the trunk she used to transport Sarah to an island in. She sits down and remarks that she just had the longest 24 hours of her life. Marlena then walks in and acknowledges that "Susan" is back.

Jake goes to Kate's room, where she is holding an ice pack on her head, complaining of a headache. Jake says he was worried when she asked for the day off and asks if she's feeling sick. Kate says no and that it's just a tension headache from finding out her gun was used in a murder, Gabi moving back in to the mansion, and Rex blowing in to town creating total havoc. Jake questions what kind of havoc. Kate informs Jake that Rex reconciled with Sarah but she doesn't believe they are going to live happily ever after.

Xander demands Roman let him upstairs to talk to Rex and Sarah but Roman informs him that they are not there. Roman declares that they left Salem together.

Marlena notes that "Susan" looks exhausted and says she was a bit concerned when she didn't come home last night. "Susan" apologizes and tells her not to worry. Marlena asks her where she went. Kristen thinks back to Sarah seeing her, tying Sarah up, breaking up Sarah's wedding to Xander, and struggling with her over the syringe needle. Marlena repeats that she just asked "Susan" a question.

Philip tells Gabi that if she has other plans, that's fine. Gabi says she doesn't know what he has in mind and she's still getting over somebody. Philip says he is too and assures this will just be a business dinner. Gabi asks if he's okay with helping her take down his mother. Philip insists that Kate understands that when it comes to business, anything goes. Gabi adds that it's not just business for her since with Will and Sonny raising Arianna, Gabi Chic is all she has. Philip says he gets that so Gabi agrees to dinner with him and they walk off.

Jake questions Rex skipping town with Xander's fiancée. Kate explains that the whole thing came out of nowhere and says she has no idea what got in to Sarah. Jake suggests that Sarah realized her mistake. Kate comments that Sarah was always fickle as she went back and forth with Rex and Eric for months. Kate declares that something isn't right with this but she can't put her finger on it.

Brady tells Chloe that his theory is that Rex made Sarah see that she deserves better than Xander. Brady jokes about Xander walking in on "Sarah" in bed with Rex on his wedding day. Brady talks about how he can't stand Xander. Chloe asks how Maggie reacted to all of this. Brady confirms that she's upset and sad while she's already going through a grim situation with her other daughter. Brady admits he feels a little guilty for reveling in Xander's misfortune because of Maggie. Chloe responds that maybe he should feel guilty. Brady asks if Chloe feels sorry for Xander which she admits that she does.

Xander orders a bottle of scotch from Roman at the Pub. Roman argues that Xander has had enough to drink already so he's not going to serve him. Xander complains that Roman's son stole the woman he's supposed to marry and now he's getting all moral about him drinking. Xander says he'll serve himself but Roman stops him from going behind the bar. Roman warns Xander to leave the Pub. They argue until Philip and Gabi walk in. Philip grabs Xander and questions what he's doing.

Brady questions how Chloe could feel sorry for Xander, reminding her that he left her to die in Mexico before. Chloe says that Xander really seemed to change when he fell in love with Sarah. Brady asks why Chloe told Sarah not to marry Xander then. Chloe admits she thought it was a mistake for Sarah to marry him and she's kind of relieved she didn't go through with it but she's not going to gloat over Xander's misery because she knows what it's like to have her heart broken and she wouldn't wish that on her worst enemy.

Kate tells Jake that Rex has made a lot of mistakes so she doesn't want to see his heart broken or worse since Xander despises him and Philip found out the hard way about being on Xander's bad side. Jake admits he doesn't know Xander that well but from what he's heard, he changed since falling in love. Kate doesn't believe that and says now that Sarah is out of the picture, he will revert back to the old Xander as there's no way he takes this lying down.

Xander tells Philip to stay out of this and calls him an arrogant son of a bitch. Gabi warns Xander not to provoke him because Xander is drunk and Philip is a decorated marine. Xander says to decorate this as he then punches Philip down.

"Susan" tells Marlena that she went to surprise Roger on tour. Marlena comments on her suitcase. "Susan" says she doesn't know what to pack so she just packs everything and she thought she'd be there longer so she took the big trunk but Roger is staying on tour. Marlena asks if she will be going back to Memphis any time soon. "Susan" hoped to stay here a little bit longer. Marlena asks how much longer. "Susan" promises not to be any trouble. Marlena says it's just that things have gotten complicated with John and Brady recovering and Sami having her own issues. "Susan" says she will be there for whatever Marlena needs. Marlena mentions that John is making dinner and that Brady is coming over. "Susan" comments that it will be good to see Brady again. Marlena goes to tell John that "Susan" will be staying for dinner. Kristen then gets a call from Susan in prison. Kristen tells her it's not a good time but Susan says it's the perfect time because Kristen told her that she'd only be in prison for a month and today marks a month. Susan asks when Kristen is coming to switch back. Susan complains that Kristen is having fun while she is stuck in prison with Vivian. Susan cries that she misses Roger. Kristen claims to Susan that Roger's tour was extended but Susan doesn't believe her. Susan insists that Kristen said one month and she's sick of her excuses. Kristen tells Susan that she needs a little more time because Chloe admitted that she wants Brady so if she leaves now, Chloe might move in on him and it might just work because Brady is lonely. Susan asks how Kristen will stop her. Kristen admits she doesn't know. Kristen then goes back to her "Susan" act and finishes the call as Marlena returns to the room.

Brady can't believe Chloe is able to forgive Xander after everything he put her through. Chloe clarifies that she hasn't forgiven Xander or Mimi for things she did 20 years ago. Chloe says she can't just get over things. Brady relates and says he knows she had to overcome a lot for them to be friends again and that means a lot to him. Chloe says it does to her as well. Chloe thinks back to talking to "Susan" about her feelings for Brady. Chloe then tells Brady that there is something she needs to tell him.

Jake tells Kate that if she's that worried about Rex, he has a couple guys in Philly that he could send after Xander. Kate notes that he doesn't even know Rex. Jake responds that Rex is Kate's son so that's all he needs to know. Kate calls that sweet. Kate says people think they have nothing in common but deep down they are compatible. Jake is glad that Kate realizes that. Kate calls it very attractive as she and Jake kiss.

Gabi checks on Philip, who says he'll be fine as Roman holds Xander back. Roman demands Xander get out of the Pub. Xander says he doesn't want to be there, he just wants his girl back. Xander then walks out of the Pub.

Brady notes that Chloe looks very serious and asks if something is wrong. Chloe starts to explain but Brady gets a phone reminder that prison visiting hours have started. Brady mentions that he hasn't seen Kristen since before he got shot and now he has about two hours to get there and back. Chloe says she won't keep him. Brady tells Chloe that he doesn't need to leave this second as he wants to know what's on her mind.

Marlena feels "Susan" seems a bit flustered and asks if everything is alright. "Susan" claims Roger was on the phone and just misses her so much. Marlena tells "Susan" that she's welcome here but questions her not being eager to get back to her husband.

Susan complains about being in prison for a month and talks about missing Roger so much. She declares that she has to get out of here.

Jake suggests he and Kate take a personal day tomorrow. Kate points out that Jake is the boss so he can do whatever he wants. Jake decides they should go downstairs for dinner as they kiss in bed.

Roman brings an ice pack to Philip. Gabi blames herself for shooting her mouth off. Philip says it wouldn't have made a difference since Xander has been looking to hit him for years. Roman decides he's had enough of this day so he hopes they weren't coming in for dinner. Philip says they were but they understand. Roman says he has to get things cleaned up and walks away. Gabi invites Philip to have dinner at her place. Philip doesn't want to see Ava at Rafe's but Gabi clarifies that she moved out yesterday so she and Philip exit the Pub.

Xander continues drinking as he staggers to his room at the Salem Inn. He goes inside and imagines seeing Sarah in the bed.

Gabi and Philip go to the DiMera Mansion. Philip questions how she convinced Jake to let her live there. Gabi clarifies that she still owns the place so she's letting them stay here. Philip asks about her preferring living at Rafe's. Gabi says she did until Nicole convinced Rafe to let Ava move in and that house was not big enough for them. Philip asks if the DiMera Mansion is big enough for Gabi and Kate as he's surprised Kate hasn't called him to complain about this. Gabi remarks that Jake keeps Kate pretty busy. Gabi adds that she told them they could move out but they chose to stay. Gabi decides she will get Philip a drink and another ice pack. Gabi then notices Philip has blood on his shirt so she tells him to take it off so she can get him a new one. Philip doesn't mind it but Gabi insists that he remove his shirt.

Chloe tells Brady that this is not the right time for this conversation and claims it's no big deal so he should get going so he doesn't miss his time with Kristen. Chloe mentions she'll be having a video chat with her son Parker. Brady feels she is a little down so he wants to know she's okay. Chloe says she's fine. Brady invites Chloe over for dinner at John and Marlena's. Chloe doesn't want to intrude. Brady says that Susan won't be there as they don't know when she'll be back. Chloe asks if he's sure. Brady assures that she would be a breath of fresh air so Chloe accepts. Brady says he will see her later and exits the office.

"Susan" asks if Marlena is trying to get rid of her. Marlena repeats that she is welcome to stay for as long as she needs but she's curious why "Susan" isn't rushing back to Roger. "Susan" claims she hates touring and barely gets to see him so this is where she belongs right now. "Susan" thanks Marlena for being so wonderful to her.

Xander imagines reuniting with Sarah but then his vision ends so he screams out for Sarah.

Gabi takes care of Philip's wound until Jake and Kate walk in to the room.

Marlena gets a call from a patient and has to go but she'll be home for dinner. "Susan" says she will hold down the fort until she gets back. Marlena exits. Kristen then waits for Susan to call her back before she ruins everything. There's a knock at the door so Kristen assumes it's Brady but Chloe arrives. "Susan" questions what Chloe is doing there. Chloe informs her that Brady invited her for dinner. "Susan" asks where Brady is. Chloe responds that Brady is meeting her there because he went to see Kristen at the prison.

Susan continues to complain about Kristen in prison until Brady walks in looking to visit Kristen.

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