Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/26/21

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/26/21


Written By Joseph

Nicole goes home and greets Allie. Allie mentions just getting Henry down for his nap. Nicole asks how Allie is doing. Allie admits she's not so great. Nicole encourages that Sami will get a great lawyer and she thinks Allie could understand. Allie argues that it shouldn't even go to trial because Sami didn't do it. Nicole points out that Sami confessed. Allie reveals that was to protect her and that Sami did not kill Charlie.

Lucas goes to the interrogation room and asks Sami why she confessed. Sami tells him that she had to because the gun that killed Charlie was Kate's and Allie had stolen it once before. Sami explains that Rafe thought Allie might have taken the gun again to go after Charlie. Lucas confirms that Allie told him that's exactly what she did. Sami argues that she did the right thing then. Sami says that Allie threatening Tripp is a matter of public record so she's not letting Allie go to prison. Lucas reveals to Sami that Allie didn't do it and she's innocent which surprises her.

Rafe comes home where Ava is cooking which Rafe is impressed by. Ava admits she asked him to come home for lunch so she could butter him up because she needs to talk to him about Charlie's murder.

Chanel tells Claire and Tripp that it was fun hanging out but she has to go. Claire asks about the check for the drinks. Chanel asks Claire to just take care of it. Claire argues that Chanel said it was on her. Chanel questions when she said that. Tripp interrupts and offers to take care of it. Claire argues that it's like $500 and Tripp doesn't have that kind of cash. Chanel says to let the gentleman pay if he wants. Claire argues that Tripp shouldn't have to since Chanel said it was her treat and she drank most of it. Claire suggests Chanel put her money where her mouth is. Claire gets upset and asks how many times Chanel has run this scam, believing she totally planned this. Chanel threatens to slap Claire and calls her a bitch. Eli walks by and asks what's going on. Claire calls Chanel a con artist who is trying to stick them with her tab. Eli asks if that's true. Chanel says no and questions it being his business. Claire points out that Eli is a cop. Chanel tells him that it's just a misunderstanding. Claire disagrees and complains about Chanel trying to skip out on the over $500 tab. Eli asks Tripp if he knows what happened. Tripp says that Claire said Chanel was treating her. Chanel argues that she never offered while Claire calls her a liar. Chanel says she doesn't have time for this and tries to leave but Eli stops her. Chanel tells him to get his hands off of her. Lani comes by and recognizes Chanel. Paulina then comes up and reveals that Chanel is her daughter.

John runs in to Abe outside the Brady Pub. John questions why Abe is here and not at the Christening. Abe informs him that he was but the party's over. John congratulates him and asks it how it went. Abe calls it a big success after they straightened out the issue of who was going to be the Godparents since there was a mistake with Lani's Aunt Paulina.

Eli questions Chanel being Paulina's daughter. Paulina questions why Eli was manhandling her daughter. Eli explains that Claire and Tripp said Chanel ordered really expensive champagne three times and then tried to skip out on the bill. Claire repeats that Chanel said it was on her. Chanel remarks that they are making a big deal out of nothing. Tripp responds that $500 is not nothing. Eli suggests handling this somewhere else in private instead of in the town square. Eli tells Chanel to pay the bill and then they can all go home to settle this. Chanel responds that she would be happy to, but she can't because of her mother, Paulina.

Allie tells Nicole about Sami telling Lucas that she didn't do it, insisting that Sami would not lie about something like this. Nicole questions how to explain the fingerprints and the gunshot residue. Allie informs her that Sami did fire the gun but after Charlie was already dead. Nicole calls that overkill and questions how Sami will prove that. Allie explains that Sami did it to protect her.

Sami questions how Lucas knows that Allie didn't shoot Charlie. Lucas explains that Allie told him because he tracked her down as soon as he found out about the gun. Sami doesn't buy that it's just a weird coincidence. Sami then starts guessing it's Kate but Lucas confirms that Allie did steal Kate's gun and went to kill Charlie but she couldn't go through with it. Sami realizes that's how the gun ended up in the apartment and wonders who did kill Charlie Dale.

Rafe reminds Ava that he can't talk to her about an ongoing investigation. Ava says she's not prying but things have been so crazy since Eli told them the news. Ava tells Rafe that she should've told him earlier but she didn't really know how. Ave talks about being in danger and worried that Charlie might hurt her again but now that he's dead, she's not really in danger anymore so Rafe doesn't really need to protect her anymore. Ava says Rafe has done so much and been so kind to her but she has to make a confession.

John laughs at the idea of Lani having to tell Paulina that they meant to choose Julie. Abe explains that Valerie actually did it and had to take one for the team. John is glad it all got straightened out. Abe notes that in the end, Paulina was very gracious about the whole thing and made a grand gesture by offering to pay for the twins' college education. Abe comments that Paulina has made it very clear that she's a wealthy woman and is not afraid to throw her money around.

Chanel complains that Paulina cancelled all of her credit cards and a store clerk cut them right in front of her which was humiliating. Chanel says she went to see her, only to find out she took a trip to see two babies so she had to spend two days driving here. Chanel adds that she went to Paulina's room but she wasn't there so she's been waiting for her here. Claire points out that Chanel was ordering champagne when she knew her credit cards were cancelled. Chanel remarks that she was depending on the kindness of strangers. Paulina decides she will take care of the bill and apologizes for all the drama. Claire thanks Paulina and then tells Chanel that she was working a con. Chanel remarks that all is well that ends well and it was fun hanging out. Claire tells her that it will never happen again as she then walks away with Tripp.

Sami tells Lucas that when she heard Allie was talking to Rafe, she knew she had to stop her from saying anything because she thought Allie had shot Charlie. Sami notes that Rafe was trying to help and get Allie to tell him the truth. Sami declares that now Allie can tell him the truth and they can all go home. Lucas reminds Sami that she confessed. Sami argues that she only did it to protect Allie. Lucas calls that perjury. Sami says that Rafe knew she was covering for Allie and didn't take her seriously. Lucas reminds Sami that Rafe made her spend the night in jail. Sami argues that Rafe had to do that because she confessed to murder but now she can unconfess and then Rafe can go find whoever did kill Charlie Dale.

Rafe questions Ava needing to confess. Ava tells Rafe that she needs to stay here a little longer. Ava say she doesn't want to impose but she doesn't have anywhere else to go. Rafe brings up her place. Ava informs him that she can't afford it anymore because the money she used wasn't entirely legit. Rafe guesses it was mob money which Ava confirms. Ava tells Rafe that she has put all of that life behind her which includes the money so now she's clean but broke. Ava promises to get a job and start looking this afternoon right away. Rafe reminds her that he's told her there is no pressure so she can stay as long as she likes. Rafe adds that Gabi just moved out so there's plenty of room and it's great having someone who can cook. Rafe tells Ava to stay as long as she wants and it's no big deal. Ava calls him a really great guy and thanks him for making her feel welcome. Rafe jokes that he likes talking about cooking but not so much feelings. Rafe then gets a call from Lucas and says he'll be right there. Rafe tells Ava that he has to go back to the station so lunch will have to wait until dinner. Ava thanks Rafe as he then exits.

Allie explains to Nicole that Sami confessed because Sami thought Allie had killed Charlie and Allie thought that Sami did it so she didn't tell the cops the truth. Nicole calls it a mess. Allie notes that Lucas is at the station trying to figure it all out. Nicole notes that the killer is still out there then. Nicole then thinks back to Ava suggesting that maybe she needed to take Charlie out of this world. Nicole claims she just remembered an errand she has to do so she'll see Allie later as she then hurries out. Allie wonders what that was all about.

Eli gets Paulina to sign off on the payment. Lani officially introduces Eli to her cousin Chanel. Lani mentions it's been a really long time since she's seen her and almost didn't recognize her. Chanel says she's been busy. Chanel asks about the babies that Paulina was coming to see and calls them adorable while commenting how good looking Eli is.

Tripp and Claire go to see Allie. Allie asks about Ciara which they call a long story. Tripp mentions that they saw the headline in the Spectator. Claire apologizes for accusing Allie of killing Charlie since Sami confessed.

Rafe goes to the interrogation room and tells Sami that Lucas said she needed to see him. Rafe asks if Sami is ready to make a statement about the night of the murder. Sami says not really because she doesn't know what actually happened with the actual murder. Rafe reminds Sami that she confessed to the murder. Sami tells Rafe that he was right that she was covering for Allie, just like he thought. Rafe asks if Allie did it. Sami and Lucas assure that she did not. Lucas says that Allie admitted to taking Kate's gun to Charlie's apartment. Rafe argues that she intended to at least threaten Charlie with it. Lucas admits that Allie went there with the intent to kill him. Sami insists that Allie couldn't go through with it but that is how the gun ended up in Charlie's apartment where she found it and shot him after so her fingerprints would be on the gun and the residue would be on her. Sami declares that now she doesn't have to cover for Allie and Allie doesn't have to cover for her because neither of them did it.

Nicole goes to see Ava at Rafe's. Ava mentions having enough food made to feed her. Nicole assumes Ava heard the news about Sami which she confirms. Nicole jokes that it's not the first time that Sami has been on the front page of the Spectator. Ava says it's not really a surprise considering what Charlie did to Allie so she understands why Sami did it. Nicole is sure any mother in her position would've at least thought about it. Nicole then informs Ava that she found out Sami didn't do it and that she confessed to protect Allie, who was also in the apartment that night. Nicole explains that Sami and Allie both thought the other did it so that means the killer is still out there. Nicole suggests the killer could be at home eating lunch in their kitchen right now. Ava questions what exactly Nicole is accusing her of.

Claire can't believe she ever thought Allie would kill Charlie as she could never do that while Sami always took the law in to her own hands. Claire then apologizes for saying that but Allie says it's okay as it's the truth. Tripp asks if Sami has a good lawyer. Allie says that Belle quit so she doesn't know but it doesn't matter because Sami didn't do it. Claire brings up Sami's confession. Allie tells them to have a seat and she'll tell the whole story.

Sami explains to Rafe that Charlie had taken Kate's gun from Allie so after Allie left but before Sami got there, someone else had to have shown up, got the gun away from Charlie, and shot him with it so all they have to do is find that person. Rafe asks if Allie said Charlie took the gun from her. Lucas explains how Allie couldn't go through it and gave up so Charlie took the gun. Rafe questions that story. Sami asks if he doesn't believe her. Rafe notes that the district attorney will have a problem with it considering none of this came up in any of Allie's interviews. Lucas argues that Allie was trying to protect Sami. Rafe notes that Sami was trying to protect Allie and calls it a big mix up. Rafe questions Sami withdrawing her confession. Sami argues that Rafe didn't believe her in the first place. Rafe feels this all seems a bit concocted and an elaborate scheme to get their stories together while Lucas works in between them. Lucas calls it the truth. Rafe wishes he had the truth and that Sami let Allie finish her story but now this case is out of his hands.

Abe tells John about Paulina wanting to pay for the twins' college education and also wanting the Gabi Chic store spot in the town square. John guesses that means she's sticking around for awhile. Abe notes that Paulina seems determined to put her stamp on Salem. John jokes that he has to meet her. Abe is sure that he will because she's going to be quite a presence in town.

Chanel tries to flirt with Eli but Paulina decides she is getting her out of here before she makes a fool of herself. Paulina tells Eli and Lani that the Christening was lovely. They thank her for coming and for the gift which Lani repeats was far too generous. Chanel then questions Paulina cutting her off without a dime but paying for the babies to go to college. Paulina says they can talk about this later when Chanel is sober. Chanel continues to question her paying for two college educations for two kids she barely knows while leaving her high and dry. Paulina says she is just turning off what she came to expect and suggests going to her room. Chanel talks about how humiliating it was to watch her credit cards get torn up. Paulina decides if she wants to talk about it here in the town square, they will. Paulina talks about Chanel having the best of everything ever since she was born. Paulina argues that when she offered to pay the twins' education, Lani said thank you which Chanel needs to learn to do sometime. Paulina then walks on in to the Salem Inn so Chanel goes after her while Lani hugs Eli.

Sami questions the case being out of Rafe's hands when he's the police commissioner. Rafe argues that Sami obstructed justice so it will be up to the district attorney. Sami brings up how Melinda let Charlie skate on rape charges while Rafe points out it was out of her jurisdiction. Sami argues that Melinda had no trouble bending the law for her own daughter and complains that Melinda hates Sami and has it out for her. Lucas reminds Sami to stay focused as Rafe is trying to help. Rafe wants Sami to understand that this is a very serious situation and he can't just cover up her charges because having a good reason to break the law is not a good defense. Sami stops Rafe and asks if he believes she is telling the truth. Rafe says that he does but that doesn't mean anything. Sami apologizes for putting Rafe in the middle of this and admits she should've trusted him. Sami asks now what. Rafe responds that now he gets to go to Melinda to ask her to withdraw Sami's confession and to drop the charges against her. Sami thanks Rafe. Rafe tells her to just shut up as he exits the room.

Nicole tells Ava that she's not accusing her of anything. Ava says it sounds like she is. Nicole brings up the night before Charlie was murdered, he threatened Tripp which upset Ava. Nicole reminds Ava that she said she brought Charlie in to this world so maybe she should be the one to take him out. Ava admits it wasn't her finest moment. Nicole tells Ava that she is her friend so she can tell her anything. Nicole asks if Ava killed Charlie.

Eli and Lani go home and put the twins to sleep. Eli comments on being tired as well after that scene in town square. Lani remarks that she thought Paulina had a flare for drama but Chanel is something else. Eli says she definitely knows how to make a first impression. Eli wouldn't want Paulina as mad at him as she is at Chanel. Lani feels Chanel has it coming after what she did to Claire and Tripp. Eli talks about wanting to give their kids the best but sees there can be a thing as too much money. Lani says she doesn't worry about anything with their babies because she knows she already gave him the best in Eli as she kisses him. Eli agrees that they will do their best not to screw them up. Lani talks about Chanel turning out entitled, shallow, and disrespectful. Lani knows Paulina will try to straighten Chanel out but wonders if it's too late.

Chanel joins Paulina in her room at the Salem Inn. Chanel doesn't think Paulina should've talked to her like that in public. Paulina says she suggested they talk in private but Chanel wouldn't listen and she never does. Chanel feels that Paulina hates her. Paulina tells her that she loves her more than anything but feels that she has failed Chanel by giving her the world. Paulina talks about what Chanel did to Tripp and Claire. Chanel says she's sorry which Paulina says is only because she didn't get away with it. Paulina apologizes for letting this go on too long and not being a good mother but declares their whole dynamic is going to change. Chanel asks her to give her a budget and she will stick to it. Paulina tells Chanel that she will have to figure out how to spend her pay check because she is getting a job. Chanel complains that she doesn't need a job because they are rich. Paulina clarifies that she is rich because she worked for it. Paulina tells Chanel to go back to Miami to get a job. Chanel argues that she doesn't even have enough money for gas so if she's getting cut off, she's staying right here.

Sami asks if Lucas wants to tell her off and pick up where Rafe left off. Lucas admits he would've done the same thing Sami did if he saw Charlie's body laying there. Sami brings up Lucas going to prison for Will. Sami comments that they may have screwed up a lot but no one can say they don't love their kids. Rafe returns so Sami asks what happened. Rafe tells her that he tried but Melinda Trask refused to give up Sami's confession so she is still facing murder charges.

Allie fills Claire and Tripp in on how the whole time, Sami thought Allie killed Charlie while Allie thought Sami did it but neither of them actually did so the killer is still out there. Claire says after what Charlie did, there's no lack of suspects. Allie declares that it's just a matter of which one did it.

Nicole tells Ava that she can tell her whatever happened that night and asks if she killed Charlie. Ava thinks back to going to Charlie's apartment but tells Nicole that she did not kill Charlie.

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