Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/25/21

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/25/21


Written By Joseph

Eli and Lani talk with the priest about preparing for the twins' Christening. Lani steps aside with Aunt Paulina to tell her how touched she was by what Paulina said to Julie and everyone earlier. Lani apologizes for not telling Paulina as soon as the misunderstanding happened that she wasn't Jules' Godmother. Paulina blames herself for always being presumptious. Lani assures that Paulina will always be an important part of the twins' lives. Paulina promises they are good as they hug. Lani then goes to get ready. Doug comes over to Paulina. Paulina calls Julie a lucky woman and asks how old Doug is. Doug informs her that he is 95. Paulina is impressed and tells him to keep doing what he's doing. The priest calls for everyone to get started.

Tripp sits outside the Pub with his tablet, reading an article about Sami confessing to murdering Charlie. Tripp thinks back to going to Charlie's apartment that night.

Ben enters Ciara's hospital room. Ciara thought she told him to stay away. Ciara tells him to get out or she swears she will scream. Ben tells her to go for it because he's not going anywhere until she hears what he has to say. Ciara argues that they don't know each other. Ben tells her that she's wrong as she knows him a lot better than she thinks.

Claire sits in the town square on the phone with Belle, talking about hoping Ciara gets her memory back. A young woman rushes up to Claire and asks where the Salem Inn is. Claire points her in the direction of the Inn then asks if she's okay. The woman says she's definitely not as she rushes in to the Salem Inn. Claire remarks that makes two of them.

Ciara calls Ben the Necktie Killer and threatens to call security. Ben repeats that he loves her. Ciara brings up Claire saying that and remarks that Claire is just as deranged as him. Ciara says the idea of her loving him back is the most ridiculous thing she's ever heard in her life. Ciara brings up asking Doug about it and he acted all confused. Ben guesses they didn't know how to tell her. Ciara asks if he has an obsession with her. Ben calls it the greatest love they have ever known. Ciara argues that she could never love a psychopath like him. Ben remarks that she loved him enough to marry him as he shows her his wedding ring.

The priest asks the Godparents if they swear to support Eli and Lani and be there for the twins when they cannot be. Valerie assures that if Carver needs her, she will be there and guesses she will be spending a lot more time in Salem. Abe calls his children the great joy of his life. Abe is grateful and honored to be the Godfather to his grandson Carver. The priests asks Theo if he's prepared to be Jules' Godfather. Theo says he has the best role model in his dad and promises to do his best. The priest then calls upon Julie. Julie talks about a few years ago, they all gathered in the church to say goodbye to her son David and that was the first time she saw Eli and later found out he was her grandson. Julie adds that her only regret was not knowing him sooner. Julie promises to shower Eli's daughter with love. Julie jokes that she will depend on all of them to stop her if she goes overboard. Paulina assures that she will.

The young woman returns to Claire from the Salem Inn and apologizes for interrupting her phone call earlier. Claire says it's fine. She praises Claire's outfit but notes her sad look, remarking that she looks like she lost her best friend. Claire responds that she did and calls it a long story. The woman says she has time and sits with Claire, noting that she is waiting for someone to get back to the Inn after she had been driving for two days and needs a king sized bed. Claire points out that the Salem Inn has a restaurant. The woman does not want to eat or drink alone and invites Claire to have some champagne. Claire feels it's kind of early and adds that it would probably be out of her price range. The woman insists and tells Claire it's on her so she agrees. Claire mentions having a crap day so her new friend suggests putting an end to that.

Ciara calls Ben a liar and says she would never marry someone like him. Ben assures that she did. Ciara calls him insane and brings up Ben killing three women. Ciara talks about Doug saying Ben got better through therapy but says he's clearly still delusional. Ben tells her to listen to him. Ciara refuses to believe him. Ben knew she wouldn't believe him so he brought some things to show her. Ciara agrees to look at them if he leaves afterwards. Ben shows Ciara their wedding photo and asks what she thinks. Ciara claims it means nothing and calls it clearly photoshopped. Ben insists that it's real but says there's more proof. Ben shows Ciara her engagement ring, the washer from her dad's motorcycle, and tells her the story behind it. Ciara says she is here because she crashed the motorcycle. Ben reminds her that she didn't come here after the crash as he took care of her and it was the beginning of their love story.

The priest performs the Christening ceremony of Jules and Carver, baptizing both babies. Julie goes over and hugs Paulina as she congratulates her. Abe hugs Valerie. Eli thanks everyone for joining them and invites them all to Julie's Place to celebrate.

Claire and her new friend have drinks in the town square. She tells Claire about driving straight through from Miami to Salem. Tripp approaches and asks Claire if they can talk. Claire introduces Tripp to her new friend, Chanel. Chanel tells Tripp to join their table as she goes to get another bottle of champagne. Tripp tells Claire that he ran in to Roman, who filled him in on Ciara having no memory of the past few years. Claire confirms the last thing Ciara remembers is walking in on them half naked on the couch. Chanel comes back and hears that story which makes her curious.

Ben explains to Ciara that after she crashed her motorcycle, he found her on the side of the road. Ciara doesn't remember it at all. Ben asks her to let him tell her their story. Ben talks about finding her unconscious and taking her to the cabin. Ben talks about fixing her motorcycle and how their feelings developed for one another. Ben tells her about their first date, the first time they made love, and the first time they said I love you to one another. Ben tells her about how he recreated their first date to propose to her. Ben asks if she remembers him now.

Chanel toasts to Salem, commenting that it's a lot less boring than she thought it would be. Chanel asks about the story of Ciara walking in on Tripp and Claire doing it. Claire assures they were not doing it. Tripp doesn't want to do this but Chanel says they are doing it and insists on hearing the story.

Ben knows deep down inside, Ciara remembers their history and their love. Ben pleads with her to try to remember. Ciara brings up that Kayla said he promised to stay away. Ben thinks jogging her memory is starting to work and asks if it's coming back to her. Ciara says he's wrong as she doesn't remember a single thing.

At Julie's Place, Julie talks about how she loves coming together as a family. Julie says they have Jules and Carver to thank for bringing them all together. Doug adds that they have had a lot of joyful celebrations through the years but today, Julie is the happiest he's seen her in a long time. Julie makes a toast to the babies. Lani encourages Theo that he can handle it. Abe agrees that he'll be a wonderful Godfather. Lani declares that Theo will watch Jules while Abe watches Carver when she and Eli go on their next date. Theo insists that he can watch both babies but points out that he hasn't seen Lani leave the babies once so he jokes about this date never happening. Paulina looks through the gifts for the babies and comments on all the big gifts being from Julie and Doug. Julie admits she may have gone overboard. Doug decides it's time to open the gifts. Paulina declares she will go first and gives Lani a blank check to be filled out in 18 years to send Jules and Carver to college, which amazes the rest of the family. Lani calls it incredibly generous. Paulina explains that the Godparents are in charge of the babies' spiritual education so she wants to be in charge of their academic education. Paulina assures that she can afford it. Lani says they can't accept this which Eli questions, pointing out that a cop's salary can only go so far. Lani tells Eli that they will talk about this at home in private and she'll let Paulina know. Julie jokes with Doug about her being called extravagant.

Claire clarifies her and Ciara's relationship and explains how she and Tripp did not actually sleep together. Chanel asks what happened when Ciara walked in. Claire goes over how she got mad but they worked it out over time and were on their way to becoming best friends again until a horrible explosion wiped her memory out. Chanel doesn't believe it and asks if Tripp and Claire are together now. Claire jokes about her and Tripp dating for awhile until Tripp married Haley so she wouldn't get deported. Chanel asks if someone new is in the picture. Claire admits she dated Tripp's brother Charlie for a little while. Tripp clarifies that Charlie was his half brother while Claire adds that Charlie was murdered. Chanel notes that Claire doesn't sound too upset about it. Claire says Charlie was a horrible person. Chanel asks who killed him. Claire responds that her aunt Sami confessed but they're still not sure she did it.

Ben tells Ciara that they will keep going because he has more stuff like newspaper clippings and wedding invitations. Ben shows Ciara the Through The Looking Glass book and asks if it means anything to her. Ciara says no and she has no clue why he's showing it to her. Ben talks about how they were separated for a long time and he knew she was in trouble but he couldn't reach her until he saw the book in his dreams. Ciara argues that they don't have some sort of psychic connection. Ben insists that they do. Ciara calls him crazy. Ben declares that he won't give up on her and that nothing ever broke them before because their love is too damn strong. Roman comes in to the room asking what's going on. Ciara tells Ben for the last time, she doesn't love him. Ciara tells Roman that she wants Ben to leave. Ben tells her that she will remember. Ciara tells him to get out. Roman tells Ben to leave.

Lani thanks everyone for the gifts and jokes that they won't have to buy the babies anything for years. Eli thanks everyone for spending the day with them. Lani notes that the twins have been so good but soon they will wake up crying. Eli suggests they walk them home in the stroller which Lani agrees with. Paulina asks Julie about Abe and Valerie. Julie confirms they used to be an item. Paulina asks why they broke up. Julie says she doesn't know but Valerie is seeing someone else now while Abe is single which Paulina calls interesting.

Chanel tells Claire and Tripp that it was fun hanging out but she has to go. Claire asks about the check for the drinks. Chanel asks Claire to just take care of it. Claire argues that Chanel said it was on her. Chanel questions when she said that. Tripp interrupts and offers to take care of it. Claire argues that it's like $500 and Tripp doesn't have that kind of cash. Chanel says to let the gentleman pay if he wants. Claire argues that Tripp shouldn't have to since Chanel said it was her treat and she drank most of it. Claire suggests Chanel put her money where her mouth is.

Ben wants to show Ciara a few more things. Ciara says no. Roman holds Ben back and tells him that's enough for now and to leave. Ciara tells Ben to take his junk with him. Ben then takes his bag and exits. Ciara asks Roman if none of what Ben said is true. Roman asks what Ben said. Ciara says that Ben kept insisting on telling her about their love story. Ciara asks if it's all lies and pleads with Roman to be honest with her. Roman reveals to Ciara that it's true that Ben is her husband. Ciara questions how that's even possible. Ciara still believes she came to the hospital after her motorcycle crash. Roman encourages her to keep calm. Ciara cries that it doesn't make sense. Roman decides to go get Kayla and exits the room. Ciara looks back at her and Ben's wedding photo that Ben left behind.

Ben goes to the chapel and talks about how he prayed for Ciara to survive and she did so he's grateful for that but now she doesn't remember him or their love. Ben promises this will be the last thing he asks God for as he prays to help her remember.

Ciara continues asking how it's possible that she's married to a monster like Ben Weston. Theo enters her room and asks if she's okay. Ciara cries that she's not really. Theo asks how he can help. Ciara asks him to just hold her so he does.

Claire gets upset and asks how many times Chanel has run this scam, believing she totally planned this. Chanel threatens to slap Claire and calls her a bitch. Eli walks by and asks what's going on. Claire calls Chanel a con artist who is trying to stick them with her tab. Eli asks if that's true. Chanel says no and questions it being his business. Claire points out that Eli is a cop. Chanel tells him that it's just a misunderstanding. Claire disagrees and complains about Chanel trying to skip out on the over $500 tab. Eli asks Tripp if he knows what happened. Tripp says that Claire said Chanel was treating her. Chanel argues that she never offered while Claire calls her a liar. Chanel says she doesn't have time for this and tries to leave but Eli stops her. Chanel tells him to get his hands off of her. Lani comes by and recognizes Chanel. Paulina then comes up and reveals that Chanel is her daughter.

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