Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/24/21

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/24/21


Written By Joseph

Eli and Lani get dressed up for their twins' Christening. Eli shows Lani that he already got the twins dressed. Eli and Lani kiss until they are interrupted by Abe arriving at the door. Eli talks about Lani doing everything for the ceremony. Abe asks if that includes setting Aunt Paulina straight.

Paulina gets dressed in her room at the Salem Inn. Valerie shows up at her door and says she's glad Paulina hasn't left yet because she hoped they could talk...

Theo runs in to Claire in the town square. Theo mentions the Christening today and how he was planning to bring flowers to Ciara at the hospital. Theo asks if Claire has seen her. Claire confirms that she did yesterday but Ciara wasn't not happy to see her.

Ben sits in his room with he and Ciara's wedding photo. Jake shows up and says he heard they found Ciara and that's amazing. Jake assumes Ben is over the moon then asks what's wrong. Ben informs Jake that Ciara didn't want to see him.

Ciara wakes up in her hospital bed from a nightmare about Ben, questioning why Ben would say they are in love. Ciara argues that Ben is a serial killer and asks how she could ever love someone like him.

Claire tells Theo about Ciara's selective amnesia. Claire talks about how Ciara remembers her whole life up until her motorcycle accident years ago so she totally hates her guts.

Doug and Julie go to see Ciara at the hospital. Doug is thankful she has come back to them as they hug her. Julie says they thought they had lost her forever. Ciara is sorry and says it's so good to see them. Doug can't wait until Hope finds out. Ciara questions Shawn never getting a hold of her. Julie assures that Shawn will track her down. Doug adds that Hope never gave up hope that Ciara was alive and she knew that God would bring her back to them.

Jake questions Ciara not wanting to see Ben. Ben explains that there was an explosion right before he found Ciara and she will be okay but she had a head injury so now she can't remember the last few years with him at all. Ben says he and Ciara's relationship began after her motorcycle accident but that accident is all she remembers. Ben adds that Ciara only knows him as the guy who killed three women so it's like their relationship never existed.

Abe talks about how Paulina still thinks she's the Godmother and how Julie felt about that. Lani argues that Paulina just misunderstood. Abe says that doesn't change the fact that Julie's feelings were hurt. Eli praises Julie for taking it and not telling Paulina off. Abe declares that this cannot go on and must be resolved before the Christening. Lani responds that she was going to but reveals that Valerie volunteered to do it for her.

Paulina surprises Valerie with a Fairy Godmother shirt and reveals she had one made for herself as well. Paulina talks about she and Valerie being the babies' Godmothers and says that Eli and Lani couldn't have picked two better women. Valerie says she could think of one. Paulina asks if she means Lani's mother Tamara and says that Tamara already is a Godmother to Paulina's daughter. Paulina adds that she called Tamara and she's fine with it. Lani informs her that she knows one person who isn't fine with it and that's Julie.

Julie asks how Ciara is feeling today. Ciara says she's still sore from surgery and her head is foggy. Julie acknowledges that she's been through so much. Ciara tells Doug and Julie that a really strange thing happened to her yesterday. Ciara tells them that Ben came to visit him and she was terrified that he was going to hurt her but then he said he loved her and that she somehow loved him back. Ciara calls that the sickest thing and questions why Ben isn't locked up somewhere and why he would say that to her.

Ben tells Jake that he went to the hospital, expecting to stay with Ciara until she was well but she couldn't get rid of him fast enough. Jake tells him that he's sorry and asks if he tried to jog her memory. Ben says he didn't have the time and that Ciara thought he snuck in to hurt her then Kayla ordered him to leave. Ben adds that Kayla said it's best not to pressure Ciara right now to remember. Jake assumes it must be temporary. Ben hopes so or else he doesn't know what the hell he's going to do.

Abe comments on Valerie taking one for the team. Lani just doesn't want Paulina to get her feelings hurt. Abe feels she set herself up for it by just assuming she was the Godmother and didn't even let Eli finish talking. Abe talks about watching Julie try to cover up how hurt she was. Eli assures that Valerie will get it settled. Abe adds that Paulina needs to learn you can't just rush in and take over. Lani argues that she doesn't always do that but Abe informs her that she tried to tell him how to do his job. Abe explains that Paulina was interested in a lease on the Gabi Chic store space and expects him to make it happen. Abe adds that Paulina gave him a lecture on the town square not having any black owned business and said it's on him to change that. Abe says he introduced Paulina to the landlord but that's as involved as he's going to get. Lani guesses Paulina will get exactly what she wants because she always does.

Paulina questions Valerie saying that Julie thinks she should be one of the Godmothers. Valerie believes that Julie expected to be asked. Paulina complains that baby Jules being named after Julie isn't enough. Valerie explains that Eli loves his grandmother and they have a close relationship. Paulina questions why both of the Godmothers should come from Eli's side only. Valerie says that's a good point and she's had issues with Julie but she loves Eli with all her heart. Paulina argues that Julie will just have to accept that Eli and Lani want her to be Jules' Godmother. Valerie informs her that's not what they want.

Claire shows Theo an old locket of Ciara's that Ben let her have which had pictures of her and Ciara when they were kids inside. Claire says when Ben rescued Ciara, she thought she would have her best friend back but now she only remembers catching her with Tripp. Theo questions if he should hold off visiting her. Claire assures that Ciara will be happy to see him and encourages him to just keep her thinking that the motorcycle accident is why she's in the hospital because Kayla is worried that trying to force her to remember could be really bad for her.

Julie tells Ciara that there's a lot about Ben that she doesn't know. Julie talks about Ben getting medical care, years of therapy, and being restored to being a good person like he was when he first came to Salem. Ciara asks if she's sure about that because something about Ben seemed off, confused, and delusional to her. Doug promises she doesn't have to be afraid of Ben. Ciara questions why Ben said they were in love and why Claire said that was the truth when they hardly know each other. Doug starts to explain but Julie reminds him of what Kayla said. Ciara questions what Kayla said and asks them to tell her what's going on.

Ben tells Jake about how Ciara was scared of him and that was like a knife in his heart. Ben talks about the fantasy he had of finding Ciara alive and being so happy but she's still lost to him. Jake encourages that Ciara will get her memory back and he thinks he knows how to make that happen.

Lani finishes a call with her mother Tamara, promising to send pictures and video from the Christening. Lani tells Abe that Tamara feels guilty about not being there but she told her she understood her tour was booked in advance. Eli asks if Tamara knew why Paulina popped back in to her life with no warning. Lani says that's just how Paulina is, she swoops in without warning and leaves the same way. Abe feels that couldn't have been easy when she was little. Lani says she got used to it. Lani adds that Tamara said Paulina kept going on last night about how honored she was to be Jules' Godmother so Valerie has her work cut out for her.

Paulina argues that Eli and Lani do want her to be Jules' Godmother. Valerie informs her that Eli's speech was about Julie and she just didn't let him finish. Paulina questions why Lani didn't say something. Valerie explains that Lani didn't want to hurt her as she was so excited. Valerie says Lani was on her way to tell her but she had so much to do so Valerie offered to do it. Paulina complains about Julie being Jules' Godmother. Valerie assures that Eli and Lani made the decision. Paulina thanks her for telling her. Valerie asks if she's alright. Paulina says that Lani just means so much to her. Paulina acknowledges that she was wrong and says she'll be fine. Paulina tells Valerie to go ahead to the church. Valerie suggests they ride together but Paulina says she can't go now as it would be too humiliating. Valerie assures that Eli and Lani want her there. Paulina says she had to move things around to even fit this in so Valerie can go ahead. Valerie accepts her decision and exits the room.

Ciara says it's clear that Doug and Julie are keeping something from her so she would like to know what it is. Julie informs her that Kayla told them that Ciara had been through so much that she will need a lot of time to get well so they shouldn't talk about any subject that upsets her. Julie says obviously Ben has been upsetting so they won't talk about it. Doug points out that Ben is reformed. Julie says Ben is not here and Ciara doesn't want to talk about him so they won't. Doug agrees that nothing is more important than Ciara's health. Julie encourages Ciara to rest. Ciara tells them they don't have to go. Julie promises to come back soon. They hug Ciara and then exit the room.

Jake suggests Dr. Rolf's memory serum to Ben which Ben can't believe. Jake notes that his mom swears that it works. Ben argues that his mom is Vivian Alamain and points out that it didn't seem to really work for Jake. Jake argues that was because Gabi and Vivian thought he was Stefan with amnesia but they were wrong. Jake says he can forget about it. Ben then remembers it worked on Will. Jake says that's why Gabi gave it to him. Jake adds that he only brought it up because Ben said he didn't know how he would go on if Ciara didn't remember them together. Ben argues that the drug is not FDA approved. Jake acknowledges that it won't be easy to get but encourages Ben not to give up on seeing his wife again. Ben repeats what Kayla said. Jake doesn't care and insists that he saw Ben and Ciara together so he knows Ciara was crazy about him. Jake says if there's a magic memory drug out there for her, it's Ben.

Doug talks about how sad Ciara looked when they left. Julie mentions her head still being foggy. Doug says he won't go against Kayla's orders but he doesn't agree because Ciara deserves to know that Ben is her husband that loves her. Doug suggests she could remember if they talk about it. Julie argues that Ciara is terrified of Ben right now and is very frail so she's afraid it's too stressful for her. Doug feels bad for Ciara and how it must be breaking Ben's heart.

Jake doesn't care what the doctors say as Ben is Ciara's husband so he has every legal right to see her. Ben argues that Jake didn't see how Ciara looked at him so he's not going to pressure. Jake urges Ben to be honest with her. Jake tells Ben to fight for his wife if he wants her back.

Theo goes to visit Ciara in the hospital and brings her flowers. Ciara says it's so good to see him and asks if he's on vacation. Theo says he came for a family thing then he heard about her so he had to come see her. Ciara says that makes her very happy. Ciara talks about Theo healing so well from being shot. Theo asks how she's doing. Ciara says she'll be ok. Ciara talks about when they were kids. Theo mentions how he's going to be the Godfather to one of Lani's twins. Ciara says twins must have been a great surprise which Theo goes along with. Ciara remembers the last time she saw Eli and Lani together and says she thinks they would make a great couple. Ciara says Jules is lucky to have Theo as a Godfather.

Abe, Eli, and Lani go to the church for the Christening. Lani is anxious to hear from Valerie and regrets not telling Paulina herself. Valerie then arrives and says it took longer than expected as it's hard to get a word in with Paulina. Lani asks how she took it. Valerie informs them that she took it harder than expected and decided not to come today. Lani wants to call her but Valerie suggests waiting because Paulina was mortified for assuming she was the Godmother. Lani hates the thought of her feeling bad. Valerie encourages her to give it time and smooth things over after the ceremony. Lani says she feels awful because Paulina acts like nothing phases her, but on the inside she knows she's really feeling bad.

Paulina looks in the mirror and says she will take off the makeup because the party is over. Paulina gets a phone call but says she can't deal with them right now.

Doug and Julie see Claire in the town square, filling her in on how Ciara still doesn't remember anything since the motorcycle accident. Doug mentions they will check on her again after the twins' Christening. Claire says they must be so excited. Julie says they are, although Lani's aunt Paulina assumed she would be chosen as the Godmother of Jules. Julie is sure that Eli wanted her but Paulina is very sensitive. Julie adds that they did get off on the wrong foot as she took offense when Paulina called her the old white lady and how she felt like a fool when nobody told her that she wasn't supposed to touch Valerie's hair.

Theo tells Ciara that he ran in to Claire on his way here. Theo says Claire knows what she did was bad. Ciara complains that Claire would've slept with Tripp if she hadn't walked in. Ciara talks about that being the reason for her motorcycle accident. Ciara complains that people keep forgiving Claire and she never changes. Ciara brings up how Claire kept them apart as well and says this thing with Tripp was the last straw. Ciara declares that she's done with Claire. Theo suggests giving her one more chance. Ciara argues that Theo always sees the best in people even if they don't deserve it. Theo says he has to get going to church and asks Ciara to think about what he said. Ciara agrees to as long as Theo promises to come back and visit her again. Theo agrees and tells her to take care. Ciara hopes he knows how happy it makes her to see him again. Theo says the same as he exits.

Eli knows Lani is bummed about Paulina not being there. Lani really wanted someone to represent her side of the family. Julie and Doug then arrive and greet everyone. They look over the babies. Julie comments on Jules wearing the Christening dress that she got for her and hopes that Paulina doesn't have a problem with that. Eli informs Julie that they cleared things up with Paulina which Julie questions. Valerie explains that she told Paulina that Eli and Lani really wanted Julie to be the Godmother. Julie asks what Paulina said to that. Valerie says that she graciously backed out. Lani hopes Julie still wants to do it. Julie says if it's what they want, she's absolutely thrilled. Julie hugs them and thanks them. Theo then arrives so Abe goes to tell the priest that they are all here. Theo asks about Paulina. Lani responds that they don't think she's coming. Paulina then arrives, saying she thought wrong as she has something to say to Julie. Julie tells Paulina to say what's on her mind. Paulina responds that she always does and then apologizes as she seems to have made a mess of a very special day. Paulina says when Eli gave the speech, she assumed he was talking about her and that's a habit of hers. Paulina then gives Julie the Fairy Godmother shirt and asks if they are good now. Julie declares that families always have misunderstandings and they are all family now. Paulina agrees and asks if Eli and Lani forgive her for stirring up all the drama. Eli assures that they do. Lani is so happy she's there and tells Paulina that they want her to be an important part of their children's lives. Paulina says that means the world to her as they hug. Abe calls for the Christening to now begin.

Ben enters Ciara's hospital room. Ciara thought she told him to stay away. Ciara tells him to get out or she swears she will scream. Ben tells her to go for it because he's not going anywhere until she hears what he has to say.

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