Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/23/21

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/23/21


Written By Joseph

Lani is at home, on the phone with Eli. Lani promises to let her Aunt Paulina know that they meant for Julie to be Jules' Godmother and not her. Paulina then shows up at her door and asks if it's a bad time.

Doug and Julie are at Julie's Place. Doug can't believe Ciara is alive and asks if Hope knows. Julie assures that Shawn will find her and that tomorrow they can visit Ciara in the hospital. Doug rejoices in Ciara being alive as they hug.

Jack is on the phone with Jennifer, filling her in on Xander and Sarah's wedding being called off after Xander found "Sarah" in bed with Rex. Jennifer wonders when people will stop attempting weddings in Salem. Jack adds that there is something else he needs to talk about with her and it's about Gwen and Abigail. Jack informs Jennifer that Gwen tracked him down to tell him that Abigail kidnapped her.

Gwen runs in to Claire in the town square. Gwen tries to greet her as if they are still friends and says she has missed her. Claire responds that she hasn't missed her because she heard all about what Gwen did to Abigail.

Chad sits at home in the DiMera Mansion dining room, playing chess. Jake walks in and comments on Chad playing alone. Jake offers to play if Chad teaches him the game but Chad says he'll pass. Jake decides to stick to running to clear his head then. Chad comments on Jake being gone for a long time so he must have a lot on his mind. Jake says not really but Chad brings up Gabi moving back in today.

Abigail goes to Gabi's room at the DiMera Mansion and tells her that they have some unfinished business.

Kate helps Roman clean up the Brady Pub. Roman tells her that she didn't have to stay. Kate admits she kind of misses working there and is not looking forward to going home tonight. Roman is glad to have the company as he was planning to hang out with Rex tonight. Kate remarks on Rex rebooting his relationship with Sarah by jumping into bed with her on her wedding day. Kate doesn't think Rex and Sarah are right for each other. Roman responds that he was thinking the same thing about Kate and Jake.

Jake admits to Chad that Gabi moving back in caught him by surprise but says it's no big deal. Chad brings up Kate thinking that Gabi moved back in to try to get Jake back. Jake responds that they talked and he assured Kate that Gabi doesn't mean anything to him. Jake adds that he offered to move out if Kate wanted but they didn't want to give Gabi the satisfaction of driving them away and they thought it might look weak to Mr. Shin. Chad questions Kate putting Jake's interest ahead of hers. Chad hopes Kate doesn't regret that since Gabi has made it clear she wants him back. Jake notes that he's made it just as clear that the feeling is not mutual. Chad asks if he's sure about that.

Gabi tells Abigail that she doesn't have time for this since she has to unpack. Abigail comments on Gabi making herself at home. Gabi asks if she has a problem with her living here. Abigail says she's glad actually because now they will have a lot of time to come up with a new plan to make Gwen pay for everything she has done to her.

Paulina tells Lani that she won't take up too much of her time since she knows she has a million things to do before the Christening tomorrow. Paulina hugs Lani and thanks her for choosing her to be Jules' Godmother, saying it's been such an honor. Lani then informs Paulina that they did have someone else in mind.

Julie fills Doug in about Xander being passed out in their living room after his bachelor party with Jack. Julie jokes about having to get the sofa fumigated and she has to tell Jack that Xander is not allowed in their house. Doug points out that it is also Jack's house while Julie calls it Jennifer's house. Julie says she will tell Jennifer all about it when she gets back from Boston. Doug asks if they know when that will be. Julie says that Jennifer doesn't even know as it seems settling Laura's estate is much more complicated than imagined. Julie cries that Laura would be with them now if it wasn't for Gwen.

Gwen questions Claire knowing Abigail. Claire informs her that Abigail is her dad's second cousin. Gwen complains about everyone being related in this town. Claire argues that what Gwen did was evil. Gwen argues that there is no evidence that she drugged Abigail and then points out that Abigail tried to do the same to her so she's not as innocent as she makes out to be.

Jennifer questions Jack saying that Abigail kidnapped Gwen. Jack confirms that is what Gwen said, that Abigail drugged her, kidnapped her, and kept her overnight in the DiMera tunnels. Jennifer mocks that Gwen lies while Jack admits he thinks it's true. Jennifer argues that Abigail has no reason to kidnap her. Jack explains that Gwen said Abigail wanted her to admit that she killed Laura on purpose. Jennifer asks if Gwen confessed. Jack informs her that Gwen still swears it was an accident. Jennifer asks if Jack believes her. Jack admits he has since the beginning and notes that Gwen never backed down even when Abigail threatened her life with the same drug that Gwen used on her. Jennifer insists that it was just a threat and that Abigail never would have gone through with it. Jack then reveals that Gwen said the only reason she didn't is because Gabi stopped her.

Gabi reminds Abigail that she said she was out as she doesn't want another go at attempted murder since she couldn't have ended up back in prison. Abigail points out that Gabi had no problem throwing her under the bus when she let Gwen go. Gabi argues that she had to protect herself since Abigail going psycho on Gwen wasn't part of the plan. Abigail admits she went a little overboard but says that doesn't mean they have to give up as they can still come up with another way to get Gwen to confess since they were so close. Gabi stops her and wishes her luck because she wants nothing to do with it.

Kate didn't know Roman had an opinion about her relationship with Jake. Kate assures that she and Jake is not just a fling. Roman jokes about them growing old together. Kate says Roman is officially on her nerves as her private life is none of his business. Kate questions Roman making age remarks and insists that she is not too old for Jake. Roman feels that Jake is too shallow to recognize that Kate is champagne while he is lite beer. Kate laughs that off as a compliment. Roman insists that Jake is not a good fit for Kate. Kate asks who is then. Roman starts with suggesting himself.

Jake repeats to Chad that he's over Gabi. Chad doesn't think Gabi has given up hope. Jake says that's not his fault but what he and Gabi had is his past while Kate is his future and he'd be a fool to let her go. Chad asks if he means that. Jake assures that he does. Chad warns Jake that if he hurts Kate, he'll be answering to him.

Jennifer questions how Gabi fits in to all of this. Jack explains that it seems Abigail recruited Gabi to help her drug and kidnap Gwen. Jennifer acknowledges that Gabi has the skill set but she thought they hated each other. Jack says not as much as they hate Gwen so they teamed up but then Gabi realized that Abigail was going too far so Gabi let Gwen go. Jack admits that he hasn't asked Abigail her side of this story yet and he can't believe Abigail would do something like that. Jennifer understands Abigail being upset after everything Gwen put her through.

Abigail can't believe Gabi is just going to give up. Gabi says it was always more of a fight for Abigail than it was for her. Abigail thinks Gwen totally screwed Gabi over. Gabi points out that so has half of Salem so she's not going to waste her time on someone as useless as Gwen. Abigail asks if she's going to spend her time dreaming of ways to get Jake back. Gabi states that she's going to run a business. Abigail reminds Gabi that if she helps her get Gwen, she will help her break up Jake and Kate. Abigail promises to do whatever she can to help make that happen and asks Gabi if they have a deal.

Paulina questions Lani saying she wants someone else to be Jules' Godmother. Paulina guesses that Lani means her mom and goes on about how she understands that but says she doesn't have to feel guilty about not choosing Tamara.

Doug reminds Julie that Gwen says Laura's death was an accident. Julie mocks Gwen being a liar. Doug points out that Jack thinks she's telling the truth. Julie thinks Jack has convinced himself that Gwen did terrible things just because she was raised to hate their family. Julie calls Gwen evil. Julie brings up Gwen saying she prayed she would never see her grandchildren again and thinks that would change Jack's opinion. Doug points out that Gwen is wounded and vulnerable so Jack is right to not turn his back on her. Doug wants to just focus on their blessings. Julie agrees since Ciara is alive and the babies came home and then Doug and Julie kiss.

Gwen sits with Claire and tells her about how Abigail kidnapped her and tried to drug her. Claire points out that Gwen did horrible things to her first. Gwen repeats that Abigail is not innocent. Claire feels their whole friendship was a lie. Gwen argues that she never had anything against her. Claire points out that Gwen was going after her family. Gwen says she didn't know they were Claire's family until now. Gwen decides it's Claire's call if she doesn't want to be her friend. Gwen says it's too bad because she really did consider her a friend. Gwen goes to leave but Claire stops her.

Jack asks if Jennifer is saying what Abigail did was justified. Jennifer says no but it's understandable because Gwen put her through hell. Jack just doesn't think Gwen killed Laura. Jennifer doesn't think Abigail is herself after losing her grandmother. Jack agrees that she's right and decides he's wrong no matter what he does. Jack informs Jennifer that Abigail told him that he would have to choose between her and Gwen while Gwen asked him to cut Abigail out of his life. Jennifer asks what he said. Jack says he told Gwen that won't happen and he's going to find a way to sort through this mess. Jack adds that he has to tell Abigail that he can't turn his back on Gwen and admits that he's scared he's going to lose Abigail forever.

Gabi says no deal to Abigail. Abigail reminds her that she can help her with Jake. Gabi responds that Jake has made it clear that there is no hope for them and wants to be with Kate. Abigail argues that Gabi doesn't take no for an answer. Gabi says she has her pride and told Jake that she was moving on. Abigail asks if she meant that. Gabi tells her it's none of her business. Abigail insists that she can help her. Gabi repeats that she doesn't want to go after Gwen and tells Abigail to drop the whole revenge thing or else she will lose everything.

Claire admits to Gwen that she's no saint either, bringing up what she did to Ciara and that's all that Ciara remembers now so she's in no position to judge Gwen or anyone. Claire apologizes for dumping on her. Gwen asks if this means they are still friends. Claire guesses so but only if she promises not to hurt Abigail again. Gwen notes that Jack tried to make the same deal with her.

Abigail tells Gabi that she doesn't need a lecture from her of all people. Gabi suggests she does because she knows what it's like to have revenge take over your life. Gabi talks about how when Stefan died, all she could dream about was having Lani pay for shooting him. Gabi admits it felt good for a little bit but it all came crashing down and that is what will happen if Abigail keeps going after Gwen. Gabi adds that Arianna paid too so she tells Abigail to think about her children. Abigail notes that Chad said the same thing. Gabi declares that she is not helping Abigail no matter what she says so she asks her to go so she can rest. Abigail stops to ask if this means they are enemies again. Gabi says they aren't enemies or friends. They decide they are frenemies and say goodnight as Abigail exits the room.

Kate thinks Roman's feelings came out of nowhere but Roman disagrees. Roman says it's been a lot of years since they were together but he's never met anyone who was better suited for him than her. Roman thinks if Kate was honest, she might feel the same way. Kate asks if they are just supposed to let the years melt away and fly in to each others' arms. Roman thinks he's getting close to the truth. Kate brings up how the last time Roman did this, she was married to Andre. Roman insists that they have a pull they could never deny no matter how hard they try. Kate flashes back to their time together and admits they had some fun. Roman suggests they could have a whole lot more if she gives them a chance.

Jake comments on Chad being really protective of Kate. Chad talks about how Kate was a friend of his mom's, so when his mom died, Kate became like a second mother to him and was the one who told him that Stefano was his father. Chad states that Kate is the one who made it possible for he and Stefano to be father and son. Jake understands why Chad wants to take care of her then. Jake points out that it's not like Chad has never hurt the woman he loves. Chad admits he screwed up and is doing everything to make sure that never happens again. Chad informs Jake that he and Abigail are going to couples therapy. Jake hopes it works out. Chad thanks him. Jake guesses Abigail moving back in is a good sign. Chad agrees but notes that Abigail may have an ulterior motive which Jake questions. Abigail then walks into the room and asks what's going on in here. Jake says they were just talking but now he's going to take a shower so he exits. Abigail calls it kind of weird to see them getting along. Chad feels it's no weirder than Abigail and Gabi joining forces. Abigail responds that she just talked to Gabi and their truce is definitely over.

Jack tells Jennifer that his daughters are at war with each other. Jennifer encourages that he can bring them peace. Jack knows how hard it's been for Jennifer and how she wishes none of this happened. Jennifer admits Gwen is not her favorite person but all of this happened because Laura was trying to protect her. Jennifer acknowledges that they are all in this together. Julie then walks in and tells Jack that she wants to talk to Jennifer as she wants to tell her about Ciara. Jack agrees that Jennifer could use some good news for a change so he hands the phone to Julie.

Chad asks Abigail if she and Gabi had another fight. Abigail says no but it turns out hating Gwen is all they had in common so now she just wants to focus on her company. Chad asks what Abigail wants to focus on. Abigail says she wants to put all of that behind her and focus on the future. Chad says that's good. Abigail brings up tomorrow being their first therapy session. Abigail jokes about Chad dreading that. Chad mentions telling Jake about how Kate was the one who told him that Stefano was his father. Chad says it hit him then that his mother lied to him for his whole life so maybe he should talk about that tomorrow because it messed him up more than he admits. Abigail thinks it would be easier for him to take a bullet than go to therapy but she knows he's doing it for her so she thanks him. Chad says he will do anything it takes to get her back.

After Jake gets out of the shower, he runs in to Gabi in the hallway. Gabi says she left something in her car and is going to get it but Jake stops her and says there is something he has to get off his chest.

Lani tries to explain to Paulina but Paulina cuts her off and says she will handle things with Lani's mother as she excitedly talks up being Jules' Godmother. Paulina declares she's going home to sleep so she can get up early for the babies' Christening. Paulina hugs Lani and then exits.

Julie thanks Jack and hands him back the phone as she and Doug head to bed. Jack tells Jennifer that he should let her go. She tells him to get some sleep and let her know how it goes with Abigail and Gwen. They say they love each other and hang up.

Claire hopes Gwen works things out with Abigail. Gwen doesn't know where to start. Claire suggests starting by apologizing to other people she hurt and working her way up. Claire reminds Gwen that she has to try if she wants a relationship with her father. Gwen thanks her for the advice. Claire says that's what friends are for as she walks away.

Kate tells Roman that he will always have a special place in her heart but he's wrong as her and Jake is not just a fling. Kate talks about Jake having her back over and over. Kate says they have a connection that nobody understands. Roman says she can't blame him for trying. Roman hopes Jake makes her happy but if he doesn't, she knows where to find him.

Jake tells Gabi that since they are living in the same house, they are going to run in to each other quite a bit so he hopes they can be civil to each other instead of fighting every time. Gabi agrees to try. Jake says he'll be seeing her and walks away.

Chad tells Abigail that it's getting late so he should go to bed. Abigail decides to stay up and read a little bit. Chad says he'll see her in the morning and exits the room as Abigail sits down to read.

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