Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/22/21

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/22/21


Written By Joseph

Rafe brings Allie to the interrogation room. She asks if he's finally going to let her see her mother. Rafe informs her that's not why he brought her here as he presents her with the ballistics report which reveals that the gun used to kill Charlie belonged to Allie's grandmother Kate. Rafe explains that Kate said that the gun had been stolen so he asks if Allie knows anything about that.

Roman enters the Brady Pub as Rex is mocking Kate not supporting him. Roman comments that it's great to have their son back. Kate says not for long apparently which Roman questions. Kate informs Roman that Rex just told him that he's leaving town again with Sarah.

Kristen returns to the basement wine cellar to find Sarah is no longer tied up. Sarah then charges Kristen with the syringe needle and they struggle over it until Sarah ends up injected with it and Kristen ends up with the syringe in her hand.

Jack tells Xander that he can't believe Sarah would do this to him. Xander remarks that stranger things have happened in Salem like people coming back from the dead, demonic possessions, exorcisms, and microchips planted in people's brains so it's not hard to believe someone getting dumped on his wedding day. Jack feels it's not something that Sarah would do. Xander says she did so they must not know her very well. Xander admits he's shocked and wonders if Sarah was just stringing him along the whole time to dump him for Rex. Xander questions why Sarah was ever involved with a loser like him in the first place. Jack encourages that Sarah loves him and feels there must be a terrible misunderstanding. Xander informs Jack that he found Sarah in bed with Rex, naked, so there's nothing to misunderstand. Jack questions how he found her. Xander talks about looking everywhere for her until he got a call from Susan Banks, who said she saw Sarah and Rex go upstairs together at the Pub.

Kristen questions Sarah as to what was in the syringe. Sarah admits she doesn't know and that she just found it on the floor but she was going to use it on her to get back to Xander. Sarah then passes out in Kristen's arms.

Lucas goes to see Allie but finds Tripp, who informs him that Allie had to go so he is there watching Henry. Lucas thanks Tripp and says that's really nice of him. Lucas says he really needs to talk to Allie and asks if Tripp has any idea where she is.

Allie asks Rafe why she would know who took Kate's gun. Rafe points out that Allie knew where she kept it and had taken it once before which she admits. Rafe goes over how Allie went after Tripp with the gun to make him pay for what she thought he did but then she found out Tripp wasn't the one who attacked her. Allie says that's the end of the story. Rafe brings up that Allie did then remember that Charlie Dale had raped her. Allie states that Charlie fooled everyone. Rafe points out that when Allie came forward with the truth and told people and nothing happened. Rafe asks Allie if she took matters into her own hands. Allie thinks back to taking Kate's gun. Rafe asks Allie if she took her grandmother's gun but Sami bursts into the room and orders Allie not to say another word. Allie and Rafe question what Sami is doing here. Sami says she was getting her stuff when she found out Allie was getting grilled by Rafe. Rafe argues that no one is grilling anyone while Sami argues that Rafe betrayed Allie's trust. Rafe says he was simply asking her questions. Sami declares this interrogation is over. Rafe says that's not for Sami to decide and suggests Allie get this out in the open. Sami insists that Allie go home now. Rafe and Sami continue to argue. Allie tells Rafe that she's sorry and hurries out of the room. Sami then questions what the hell Rafe thinks he's doing.

Tripp tells Lucas that Allie didn't tell him where she was going. Tripp notes that it sounds important. Lucas assures that it is very important. Lucas thinks back to Sami sharing her fears that Allie was the one who killed Charlie. Lucas tells Tripp that it just has to do with Sami being held for Charlie's murder. Tripp asks if there are no other suspects. Lucas says not that he knows of. Lucas decides he'll just wait here for Allie so he tells Tripp that he can go. Tripp says he doesn't mind but Lucas says he wants to talk to Allie in private. Tripp then exits.

Jack questions Sarah leaving Xander for Rex when Rex cheated on her. Xander explains that "Sarah" told him the wedding dress brought back everything from their last wedding. Xander talks about knowing Sarah's baby was dead and never saying a word to her. Jack points out that Sarah moved on from that. Xander says he thought so but "Sarah" said that was a lie and that she could never trust him again. Jack questions figuring that out on their wedding day. Jack wonders if Rex guilted her in to giving him another chance to get her back in to his life. Xander appreciates Jack trying to cheer him up and says he would prefer to blame Rex but "Sarah" asked him to take her to his room. Xander adds that "Sarah" told him her future is with Rex, not him.

Kate tells Rex that if this is what he wants then she's happy that he and Sarah are together. Rex thanks her but says he's not buying her happiness. Roman notes that Kate is always hard to read. Kate points out that Sarah was with Xander until Rex's arrival. Rex says that Sarah changed her mind. Kate suggests she could just change her mind again and she doesn't want Rex to get his heart broken again. Rex says he's the one who broke Sarah's heart multiple times. Kate warns Rex that Xander won't just let this go and he will go after him. Rex then informs her that Xander caught them in bed together. Roman questions not locking the door. Rex assures that "Sarah" told Xander it was over between them. Rex says after "Sarah" picks up her things, they are heading out.

Kristen checks that Sarah is still alive and wonders what was in the syringe. Sarah regains consciousness so Kristen asks if she's okay. Sarah then looks at Kristen and imagines that she is Xander, saying that her love has found her. Kristen questions what was in the syringe as Sarah talks about what Kristen did to her as if she's telling Xander. Kristen goes along with it. Sarah asks if they can finally get married. Kristen tells her as Xander that they have to go to an island to be safe with Kristen around and that they need to hurry. Kristen tells Sarah that it's time to put on her wedding dress.

Jack still feels it doesn't make any sense why Sarah would do this to Xander. Xander repeats that Sarah never stopped loving Rex and never got over him letting her fall in love with a baby that wasn't hers. Jack insists that Sarah forgave him. Xander guesses sometimes forgivness has an expiration date and that date turned out to be their wedding day. Jack says something about this whole thing is really wrong.

Rex tells Roman and Kate that he needs to pack a few things himself so he'll be back as he heads upstairs. Roman agrees that it was out of the blue. Kate tells Roman that now that Rex is gone, she needs to talk to him about something, but he needs to promise to keep it between them. Kate informs Roman that the police have identified that the gun used to kill Charlie Dale was hers, but it was stolen. Roman asks if she thinks it was Sami. Kate clarifies that she thinks it was the same person who stole it the last time and that was Allie.

Sami argues that Rafe has some nerve to interrogate Allie without an attorney present. Rafe explains that he did that intentionally so he could help Allie because once again, he's dealing with a Brady so he has to claw through crap to get to the truth. Rafe adds that Sami getting Allie to leave is not helping him. Rafe warns Sami that Allie needs the help because she is in big trouble which Sami questions. Rafe calls Sami crazy for not trusting anyone. Rafe says Sami's lies made it harder to convict her but also to help or clear her. Sami asks how Allie is in big trouble. Rafe informs Sami that Kate's gun was used to murder Charlie Dale. Sami quickly blames Kate but then asks why that matters. Rafe says it shows him that Sami was jerking his chain all along and doing everything she can to protect Allie. Sami acknowledges that's her job and asks why it matters that Kate's gun was stolen. Rafe informs her that Allie had stolen Kate's gun before and used it to threaten Tripp when she thought he raped her and now the man who did rape her has been murdered by the same gun.

Allie goes home where Lucas is waiting for her. Allie asks what he's doing there and where Tripp is. Lucas explains that he told Tripp that he could go home because he needed to talk to her privately. Lucas brings up the police determining that Kate's gun killed Charlie Dale and that someone took it from her house so he asks Allie if it was her.

Rafe warns Sami about if Allie goes to trial and the jury hears that the same gun was used. Sami argues that Allie can't go to trial. Rafe says that's why he's trying to find out exactly what happened. Sami reminds him that Allie didn't shoot Tripp. Rafe says that was because Ava walked in so there's a witness. Sami argues that Rafe knows Allie would never actually pull the trigger. Rafe brings up that it's public record that Allie knew Charlie attacked her and had reason to believe that he was going to get off free. Sami cries, realizing that Allie is in big trouble, as Rafe hugs her.

Allie informs Lucas that Rafe just called her down to the station to ask the same thing but before she could say anything, Sami burst in as she is out on bail and found out Rafe was talking to her so she freaked out and told her to come home. Lucas says Sami did the right thing. Allie asks if they are on the same side then. Lucas responds that they are on her side so he asks if Allie took the gun or not. Allie then confirms that she did.

Jack tells Xander that he knows Sarah is a good person who was completely devoted to him. Xander guesses Sarah is just following her heart. Jack can't imagine how he feels. Xander admits he doesn't know how he's going to get through the rest of the day or the year as Sarah was everything to him so now he has to try to think of his life without her. Xander tells Jack that he's sorry but he has to go as he can't do this anymore. Xander then exits the Kiriakis Mansion.

Kristen gets Sarah in to her wedding dress. Sarah continues to imagine Kristen as Xander and comments on it not mattering if he sees her in her wedding dress. Kristen says they just need their luggage as she drags a trunk into the room and tells Sarah that she needs to get in to it so that nobody knows she's escaped. Sarah accepts that Xander is trying to protect her and climbs in to the trunk.

Roman questions Kate thinking Allie killed Charlie. Kate admits that she doesn't know but that Allie had motive and she used the same gun to threaten Tripp. Roman reminds her that they arrested Sami and her prints were on the gun. Kate knows Sami would put her prints on the gun to protect Allie. Roman questions Kate thinking Sami would protect Allie even for murder. Kate says when it comes to Sami's kids, nothing is off the table.

Sami apologizes to Rafe for rushing in and yelling at him as it was unfair because she knows he cares about Allie and would never do anything to hurt her. Rafe jokes with her. Sami understands why Rafe had to talk to Allie but argues that there's no evidence pointing to her and her fingerprints weren't on the gun as the only prints were her own. Rafe notes that if Sami was covering for Allie, that's the first thing she would do. Sami adds that it doesn't explain the gunshot residue on her clothes which could only happen if she fired the gun. Rafe asks if that's a confession.

Lucas questions Allie stealing Kate's gun and says he needs her to tell him every single detail. Allie admits that she stole Kate's gun the same night that Charlie was killed. Allie talks about Charlie saying what happened was consensual and how he was going to get away with it so she went to Kate's and took her gun then she went to Charlie's apartment. Allie flashes back to going to Charlie's apartment with the gun pointed at him and ordering him to move. Charlie told her that he wouldn't confess and that Claire already tried and failed. Allie talked about Charlie weaseling his way out of everything. Charlie said he was innocent until proven guilty. Allie told Charlie that he wasn't facing a judge and jury but her and the gun.

Rex returns to Roman and Kate and asks if they are okay as they don't look too happy. Kate claims she was just telling Roman that she wished Rex could stay longer so they could spend more time together. Rex wishes he could stay too. Roman asks why he doesn't then. Rex says that Sarah just wants to leave Salem as fast as they can.

Xander goes to his room at the Salem Inn. Xander looks at his wedding gift and note from Sarah that was left. Xander questions how Sarah could do this to him.

Rafe asks Sami if he should call the district attorney to tell her that she's ready to confess. Sami informs Rafe that she plead not guilty at her bail hearing. Rafe questions her pleading not guilty if the gunshot residue proves she's guilty. Sami cries that she doesn't want to go to prison. Rafe guesses she is stalling to protect Allie.

Lucas asks Allie what happened next. Allie flashes back to Charlie telling her that she didn't have the guts to kill him and how she did the same thing with Tripp. Charlie told Allie to go ahead and shoot him then said it's nice to know that Allie isn't capable of killing since she's the mother of his child. Charlie then took the gun from Allie as she cried and then she ran out of the apartment. Allie tells Lucas that she wanted to shoot Charlie but she just couldn't. Lucas is relieved and hugs her.

Xander puts down his engagement ring with his wedding gift.

Kristen in her Sarah mask pushes the trunk with Sarah inside past the Brady Pub. Rex comes out of the Pub and jokes about Sarah having to pack a few things and offers to help her with the luggage but "Sarah" stops him. "Sarah" tells Rex that she's sorry but she's not ready for any commitment and needs to be by herself. She asks Rex to try to understand and forgive her then tells him not to try to find her as she walks off.

Lucas wants Allie to tell Rafe what she just told him. Allie worries that it will just make it worse for Sami if she didn't do it. Lucas points out that Sami didn't do it either. Allie brings up the fingerprints and the gunshot residue. Lucas confirms that Sami pulled the trigger but she shot Charlie when he was already dead, to cover for Allie. Lucas adds that as soon as Sami finds out Allie didn't do it, she won't have to cover for anybody.

Rafe warns Sami that it's only a matter of time before the truth comes out. Sami then declares that she's not covering for Allie and that she killed Charlie Dale.

Allie tells Lucas that if Sami didn't do it then someone came after she left and before Sami got there so she wonders who it was.

Tripp goes to Charlie's apartment which is blocked off as a crime scene. Tripp thinks back to going to Charlie's apartment before and demanding he open the door.

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