Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/19/21

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/19/21


Written By Joseph

Jake finds Gabi unpacking her things at the DiMera Mansion and questions what the hell she is doing here. Gabi says she's moving back in to get between he and Kate then she was joking and that she's not here to seduce him, adding that she's sure he's disappointed.

Jack and Bonnie wait at the Kiriakis Mansion, wondering what's going on with Xander and Sarah. Bonnie talks about how excited Sarah was to marry Xander. Jack assures that everything will be okay. They hear the door and hope that it's Xander but Gwen arrives instead. They fill her in on Sarah missing which they all agree is strange.

Sarah gets herself untied and attempts to escape the DiMera basement but the door is locked. Sarah pounds on the door, screaming for help. Sarah screams that Kristen DiMera has taken her place and is trying to ruin her wedding.

Rex and "Sarah" kiss in Rex's room and begin to undress. They kiss into bed until Xander bursts in to see them together and questions what the hell is going on.

Gabi informs Jake that she was tired of being roommates with Ava at Rafe's. Gabi reminds Jake that this is her house so if he has a problem, he and Kate can leave. Gabi adds that she's not a woman that chases after a man who doesn't want her. Jake is glad she finally gets it. Gabi tells him that it's so his loss.

Chad finds Abigail in the dining room of the DiMera Mansion and asks where she's been. Abigail informs him that she was at the police department getting grilled by Rafe about stabbing Gwen with a syringe. Abigail says she denied it. Chad questions her lying to the police. Abigail argues that Gwen is lying to everyone about killing her grandmother.

Jack asks what Gwen is doing here. Gwen tells Jack that she really needs to talk to him. Jack says it's not a good time as they are hoping to have a wedding and he's the best man. Jack adds that there is just an unexpected delay. Bonnie decides to go check with Justin to see if he's heard anything.

Sarah continues banging on the door and crying for help. Sarah thinks back to Kristen telling her about the call from Rex. Sarah tells herself that she has to get out before Kristen breaks Xander's heart. Sarah searches the room and finds an object to try and break open the door.

Xander grabs Rex and pins him against the wall, questioning what he did to Sarah. Rex responds that she was there because she wanted to be and he didn't do anything. Xander doesn't believe him and argues that Sarah loves him. "Sarah" then tells Xander that she's sorry but Rex is right that it was her choice. Xander can't believe it and yells at Rex to shut up. "Sarah" questions what he's doing here and how he found them. Xander explains that "Susan" called him and he was certain that she was mistaken. Rex admits that he called Sarah to convince her not to marry Xander and said it didn't take much convincing. "Sarah" tells Rex that she needs to speak to Xander alone so Rex exits the room. Xander questions what has happened to Sarah because there's no way in hell that he will ever believe she is going to sleep with Rex Brady on their wedding day.

Sarah continues pounding on the door, screaming for help.

Chad questions Abigail lying to the police. Abigail points out that Chad did when he said he didn't see her punch Gwen. Chad argues that this is a hell of a lot more serious so he's worried what kind of trouble she might in. Abigail argues that it's just Gwen's word against hers. Chad brings up Gabi seeing everything. Abigail assures that Gabi would only incriminate herself if she opened her mouth. Abigail blames Gabi for letting Gwen go being why she is even in this mess. Chad blames himself for believing Abigail was unfaithful. Abigail says it all goes back to Gwen and her lies which is why she needs to be stopped. Chad argues that Abigail doesn't need to be the one to stop her. Abigail complains that Gwen has already taken enough from her family so she's not going to just let her get away with it. Chad asks what about what Abigail is taking from their family. Chad argues that Abigail could go to prison and asks where that leaves their kids. Chad adds that the kids already lost so much time with her. Abigail blames Gwen for having her sent to the psych ward in the first place. Chad stops her and tells her that this anger is turning her in to something that he doesn't recognize and that makes him afraid for their children.

Gabi asks Jake to leave so she can take a bath. Jake says he still has a few things to clear up so he's not finished. Gabi responds that she is as Kate appears in the doorway. Jake tells Kate that this is not what it looks like as he yells that Gabi was just telling him why the hell she decided to move back in. Kate thinks it's obvious that Gabi just doesn't know when to quit. Gabi says she was just telling Jake that if they have a problem with her living in her house, they could leave but claims Jake just didn't want to go.

Gwen tells Jack that it's really important. Jack asks if it's about Laura and if charges were brought against her. Gwen says it's not that but attempted murder as Abigail abducted her and held her captive in a dungeon while threatening to poison her if she didn't confess to murdering Laura. Jack calls that impossible as Abigail would never do something like that. Gwen questions if Jack doesn't believe her.

Abigail argues that Chad can't possibly believe she would be a threat to their kids. Chad says of course not as she's a wonderful mother but with what she's doing, he's afraid she will go to prison and he will lose her all over again. Abigail assures that she will not be going to prison as she reached out to Justin in case she needs a lawyer. Abigail questions why Chad is making her the bad guy when Gwen is the one who destroyed their family and probably isn't done. Chad feels Abigail is angry and confused so he thinks she needs help. Abigail argues that she had a psychiatrist until Gwen killed her. Chad argues that she doesn't know that. Abigail brings up how Gwen said she would kill whoever deprived her of her father and then Laura ended up dead in Gwen's room. Abigail asks how much more proof they need. Chad notes that Gwen swears it was an accident. Abigail complains about Chad believing Gwen again when he believed things before that never happened. Chad calls it not the same. Abigail argues that he is her husband so he's supposed to be on her side. Chad assures that he is on her side but he's terrified that her obsession with Gwen is going to destroy them.

Sarah breaks down crying against the door in the basement. Sarah then imagines Xander coming to rescue her.

"Sarah" tells Xander that she's sorry he walked in on her and Rex. Xander argues that it's on Rex because he's always had it out for him and he could never understand their love. "Sarah" tells him that she asked Rex to bring her here. Xander argues that it doesn't make sense. "Sarah" claims that she realized she never got over Rex. Xander says that Sarah loves him, not Rex. "Sarah" says if that were true, she wouldn't have asked Rex to meet her today. Xander notes that she said today and asks about last night, questioning where she has been all this time. "Sarah" claims she had been walking and thinking all night. Xander questions her suddenly having doubts. "Sarah" claims the wedding dress brought back memories of their last wedding which ended up being the worst day of her life because of Xander and his lies about her baby being dead. Xander says they had moved on from that. "Sarah" thought she had forgiven him but says she realized she was lying to herself as she could never truly trust him again so they are through for good. Xander questions why she showed up here in her wedding dress if she had all these doubts last night.

Kate argues that Gabi just can't accept the fact that Jake chose Kate over her. Gabi says she's going to take a bath while Jake can catch her up on the rest of their conversation. Gabi asks them not to be in her room when she gets back. Jake tells Kate that Gabi insists that she's accepted them and is moving on. Jake suggests he and Kate go get their own place. Kate knows the DiMera Mansion matters to him. Jake says he's running the family company with a brilliant woman by his side so he doesn't care where he stays as long as it's with her. Kate feels the same as they kiss.

Chad tells Abigail that he loves her and wants to help her get over what Gwen did to their family. Abigail questions how to get over Gwen killing her grandmother, exposing Jack's affair with Kate to just ruin her parents marriage, and seducing Chad. Chad can't defend what Gwen did to her parents and says he should've never fallen for her manipulations but retaliating is stooping to her level. Chad tells Abigail that she's better than that. Abigail wants to be able to let her anger go but she doesn't know how. Chad hugs Abigail as they cry.

Jack tells Gwen that it's not that he doesn't believe her, he's just trying to understand. Gwen complains that Abigail hates her, wants to kill her, and threatened her with Dr. Rolf's drug. Chad points out that Gwen is fine so Abigail obviously didn't inject her. Gwen questions Jack not caring about attempted murder. Gwen argues that she's only here because Gabi stopped Abigail. Jack questions how Gabi is involved. Gwen states that Abigail hates her so much that she enlisted her sworn enemy to help torture her. Gwen adds that even Gabi knew that injecting her with the drug was inhumane so Gabi stopped Abigail and set her free. Gwen tells him that Gabi can confirm it and tell him how out of control Abigail is.

Sarah remains locked in the basement and imagines marrying Xander. Sarah goes back to trying to break open the door, shouting that she will marry Xander tonight.

"Sarah" tells Xander that she was wearing her dress because she was going to go through with the wedding despite her doubts because Maggie was so happy for them. Xander argues that this is so out of the blue since they were so happy so he doesn't believe her. "Sarah" says just when she was struggling, Rex called and happened to be in town then she realized she's still in love with him. Xander argues that Rex cheated on her more than once. "Sarah" repeats that she's made her decision and they are done. Xander then grabs her and kisses her. "Sarah" asks why he's making this so hard. Xander doesn't believe her. She claims she loved Rex more than she ever loved him. Xander brings up Rex cheating on her and lying to her. "Sarah" argues that Xander lied to her and Kristen. Xander asks who cares about Kristen after all the things she's done and calls her a heartless bitch. "Sarah" asks how dare he call Kristen that which confuses him.

Sarah continues trying to escape the basement but can't. She knocks things over in frustration, then finds the syringe needle left behind from when Abigail held Gwen there.

Jack tells Gwen that he's sorry that Abigail did this to her. Gwen brings up Jack saying she had to drop her vendetta against Abigail if she wanted a relationship with him. Gwen claims she did but Abigail is out for blood. Jack says he will talk to Abigail. Gwen questions what he's going to do if Abigail just cries and makes excuses. Jack is not sure what she expects. Gwen thinks it's only fair that Jack used the same rule to Abigail as well. Jack asks if she's asking him to cut Abigail out of his life.

Chad tells Abigail that he's so relieved that she realizes she needs help with her anger towards Gwen and she won't have to do it alone as he will be with her every step of the way. Chad adds that he understands her anger. Abigail admits Gwen played them both. Chad says in spite of that, they have something Gwen will never understand and that's the power of love. They joke that it's their superpower to use to keep their family safe and strong.

Jake suggests to Kate that they go pack but Kate doesn't think they should move out.

Sarah wonders what the needle is and suggests it could be her ticket out.

"Sarah" argues that Kristen isn't a monster and has feelings like everyone else. Xander questions why they are arguing about Kristen. She tells him to just leave. Xander says this doesn't make sense since she proposed to him and she loves him so they can't just pretend the last several months didn't happen. "Sarah" says she's not going anywhere with him as Rex is her future. Rex comes back in and tells Xander to just leave. "Sarah" then gives Xander her ring back and says she's not going to change her mind. Xander then walks out of the room. Rex asks if she meant what she said. She assures that she did. Rex tries to kiss her but she stops him and says they have plenty of time for that. "Sarah" tells Rex that she wants to get as far away from here as they can. Rex agrees to anywhere she wants. "Sarah" says she is going to pack a few things and then meet him back here. Rex says she's made him the happiest man and he still can't believe this is happening. Rex tries to kiss her again but she pulls away and exits the room. Rex then pulls out his phone.

Jake doesn't get it as he's offering to put distance between them and Gabi but Kate wants to stay. Kate thinks Jake moving out looks weak and if they both move out then it looks like Gabi chased them out. Kate doesn't want Gabi to have the satisfaction of thinking they left because they saw her as a threat to their relationship. Jake assures that she's not and kisses Kate until Kate gets a text from her son Rex. Kate is surprised to learn Rex is back in Salem and that he wants to meet her at the Pub. Jake says they will pick up where they left off when she gets back. Kate kisses Jake and thanks him as she exits.

Gwen tells Jack that she's only asking him to play by the same rules that he set for Abigail as he did for her. Gwen says she dropped her vendetta against Abigail and it wasn't easy. Gwen talks about all the time Jack and Abigail had as father and daughter while she did not. Jack understands her pain but says he needs to give Abigail the same chance to end the vengeance. Gwen asks what happens if Abigail doesn't agree to that.

Chad suggests he and Abigail start by getting on with their couples therapy. Abigail agrees and says if they repair the damage to their marriage then Gwen won't have won and it will frustrate her. Chad reminds Abigail that it can't be to deny Gwen a win and has to be to work on their marriage. Abigail agrees and declares from now on, it's just about them. Chad thanks Abigail for being ready to fix this and for giving him hope that they can get through this, better and stronger than ever. Abigail promises that they will.

Jack tells Gwen that he knows Abigail is capable of forgiveness. Gwen wishes she could be as sure of that. Jack assures that he will sort this out somehow as he can't have his daughters hating each other. Gwen decides she will talk to him soon then. They embrace as Jack assures it will be soon and then Gwen exits.

Gabi comes out of the shower and finds Jake bringing her bags in to her room. Jake says he was just helping Harold. Gabi hopes he and Kate will be out soon but Jake informs her that they've decided to stay. Gabi asks Jake to go so she can get dressed and remarks that it's so good to be home as Jake storms out.

Kate meets Rex at the Brady Pub and asks why he didn't tell her that he was back in town. Kate suggests they have dinner tonight. Rex says he won't be available. Kate says they have so much to catch on and asks about tomorrow. Rex tells Kate that he would love that but this is hello and goodbye. Kate asks what that means. Rex informs her that he and Sarah are back together and leaving town.

Xander goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and informs Jack that he found Sarah in bed with someone else.

Kristen returns to the basement wine cellar to find Sarah is no longer tied up. Sarah then charges Kristen with the syringe needle and they struggle over it.

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