Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/18/21

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/18/21


Written By Joseph

Ben sits with Kayla at the hospital, saying he doesn't understand how Ciara doesn't remember him. Kayla encourages that it's not personal as Ciara needs time to heal. Ben questions how much time. Kayla wishes she could tell him that but she can't. Kayla assures they will do all they can to help her and says Ben just needs to hang in there. Ben hopes Claire being in there will help Ciara come to her senses.

Claire goes to visit Ciara in her hospital room. Ciara calls her that bitch that almost slept with her boyfriend, Tripp. Ciara brings up walking in on Claire and Tripp at the Loft.

Brady and Chloe work at Basic Black. Chloe brings up Brady still recovering from being shot but Brady assures that he's okay. Brady comments on Susan hovering over him being too much. Brady says he's glad Marlena brought him in but he could use a breather from Susan. Chloe thinks back to talking to Susan about her feelings for Brady. Brady asks if she's okay because she disappeared for a moment.

Xander tries calling the hospital for Sarah and asks them to call him back when she shows up. Jack walks in and questions Xander not getting ready for the wedding. Xander responds that there can't be a wedding without a bride. Jack questions him still not hearing from Sarah. Xander says he hasn't heard a word and fears that she is in trouble.

Sarah remains tied up in the DiMera basement. Kristen then walks in wearing Sarah's wedding dress and asks how she looks.

Brady wants Chloe to tell him what's on her mind but Rex shows up at the office and greets them. Chloe asks what he's doing in town. Rex says he came to see Roman and he told him they are working here so he came to take them to lunch. Chloe wishes they could but says they are knee deep in work right now. Rex says he'll catch them later then. Brady stops him and asks if everything is okay because he seems a little down. Rex admits he is down because it's Sarah's wedding day, remarking that for some strange reason she decided to marry the world's biggest loser.

Xander tells Jack that he's reached out to everyone he can think of and there's no sign of Sarah anywhere. Xander notes that she hasn't answered any of his messages and neither has Bonnie. Jack suggests they are just getting ready for the wedding. Xander then gets a call from Bonnie and questions what took her so long. Bonnie says she forgot to charge her phone. Xander asks her to put Sarah on but Bonnie responds that Sarah is not there which Xander questions.

Sarah questions Kristen wearing her wedding dress and guesses she's torturing her on her wedding day. Kristen remarks that it's actually her wedding day. Sarah gets that Kristen panicked when she was going to tell Brady. Kristen argues that Chloe is trying to steal the man she loves so she will do anything to protect her family. Sarah asks what that has to do with putting on her dress. Kristen says Sarah refused to stay out of her business so she had no choice but to knock her out to keep her quiet. Kristen adds that if anyone finds out that she's impersonating Susan, then she'll go back to prison and Chloe will take over her life. Sarah calls her desperate but says this is a bit extreme even for her. Sarah asks how Brady will react. Kristen responds that Brady will never know. Kristen adds that Sarah's the one who gave her the idea. Kristen says she can't have Xander think that she's missing so since Sarah said breaking up with him via text or call wouldn't work so they have to do it in person. Sarah says she will never do that. Kristen responds that she won't have to. Kristen then pulls out a Sarah mask and reveals that she will do it.

Ciara questions Claire not remembering hooking up with Tripp. Ciara says she doesn't even give a damn and tells Claire that she can have Tripp.

Kristen explains to Sarah that she's going to wear the Sarah mask to dump Xander at the altar. Sarah calls her insane and argues that it won't work. Kristen brings up how she walked around in a Nicole mask for months and no one had a clue. Kristen says if she could fool Brady, it will be a piece of cake with Xander. Sarah says she is so wrong. Kristen goes over how she is going to break up with Xander at the altar and says she thinks he will buy it.

Brady tells Rex that they saw Xander at the Pub last night. Rex says he did too and he rubbed his wedding in his face, reminding him of how bad he screwed up with Sarah. Rex admits that he did screw up with Sarah and he doesn't think he ever got over her as he still thinks about her all the time. Rex says he destroyed that relationship, lied to her, and cheated on her more than once so he doesn't think Sarah will take a chance on him again. Brady encourages him to tell Sarah before it's too late.

Sarah insists that Xander won't fall for this, arguing that Kristen doesn't sound anything like her. Kristen reveals that the mask has a voice-altering mechanism in it. Sarah still feels Xander won't believe it. Sarah assures that Kristen will fail. Kristen talks about learning from Stefano DiMera so she doesn't think so. Kristen declares it's time to text Xander to make sure he knows his bride hasn't gotten cold feet yet. Kristen picks up Sarah's phone and sees all the missed calls. Sarah then gets a call from Rex. Sarah wonders what he wants. Kristen says they will find out as she needs to test the mask out anyway. Sarah screams for her but Kristen puts on the mask and exits the room then answers Rex's call.

Claire thinks Ciara is confused. Ciara says she knows exactly who she is and calls her a jealous, insecure little bitch. Claire questions how she can say that. Ciara argues that it's true and she doesn't want to hear her lame excuses. Claire tells Ciara that she loves her and so does Ben. Ciara questions her saying Ben loves her. Ciara asks if Claire hired Ben to kill her. Claire tries to explain but Ciara tells her to leave and says she never wants to see her again. Claire then exits the room.

Kayla tells Ben that he's been through a lot and needs to take care of himself. Ben says he'll be fine when Ciara remembers what they had. Ben starts coughing again but assures that he's fine. Claire comes back over so Ben asks what happened. Claire responds that she doesn't know but Ciara wouldn't listen to her and kept yelling at her about things that happened a long time ago. Ben feels he needs to go see her but Kayla stops him. Kayla thinks Ciara needs her space until she can figure out what's going on. Kayla says she'll let him know what she finds out. Kayla asks Ben and Claire to both stay away as she heads to Ciara's room. Claire hugs Ben.

Rex wasn't sure Sarah would pick up as he thought she'd be getting ready for her wedding. Kristen as "Sarah" asks if he called to congratulate her. Rex says he called to tell her that she's making a huge mistake. Rex says he doesn't mean to upset her and knows he's pushing his luck but asks to meet in person to talk about this. "Sarah" agrees to meet him at the Pub.

Chloe and Brady joke about if Rex actually convinces Sarah not to marry Xander. Xander walks in, asking what they did and where Sarah is. Brady asks if she's a runaway bride. Xander says this is serious as no one has seen or heard from Sarah and she said she was coming here to pick up her dress. Chloe points out that she's not here nor is the dress. Xander questions where she is since she hasn't returned his calls or checked in at the hospital. Brady tells him they are working here so they are busy but suggests Sarah doesn't want to be found.

Kristen removes her Sarah mask and goes back in to the basement, telling Sarah that was unexpected as Rex is still carrying a torch for her. Kristen informs Sarah that Rex was trying to talk her out of marrying Xander so she agreed to let him try. Sarah asks Kristen not to do this, repeating that she won't say a word to anyone. Kristen wishes she could believe that but after what she said about her hurting Chloe before, she believes Sarah would rat her out at her first chance. Sarah swears she won't. Kristen wishes she could take that chance but says she can't. Kristen then takes Sarah's engagement ring and says she'll need it to give back to Xander after she breaks his heart at the altar. Kristen kisses Sarah on the cheek and then exits the room as Sarah screams.

Xander complains about Sarah missing. Brady questions whether she wants to be found by him. Xander gets that they hate him and asks if this is their revenge or something to turn Sarah against him. Chloe argues that it's not their fault if Sarah came to her senses. Xander points out that Chloe did tell her not to marry him. Chloe assures the last time they talked, it was just about her dress. Xander asks when Brady last heard from her. Brady admits she called him last night but when he answered, the line went dead. Xander says she then disappeared. Brady says he and Chloe need to get back to work. Xander questions them not helping him. Brady doesn't think Sarah would want him to as he thinks Sarah pulled the plug on the wedding. Xander then storms out of the office.

Kristen in her Sarah mask goes to the Brady Pub to meet Rex. She asks what he's doing in Salem. Rex says he keeps telling himself that he came to see his dad but he's actually here to see her. Rex mentions only finding out about the wedding last night after running in to Xander. "Sarah" questions why she should dump him. Rex says he has no right to weigh in on her personal life but he's having a really hard time because he believes they still belong together. Rex asks her to promise him not to marry Xander. "Sarah" says fine and that she won't.

Claire tells Ben how Ciara was so angry with her about what happened with Tripp years ago so it's like Ciara doesn't remember anything that happened after that.

Kayla goes in to check on Ciara. Ciara says she's better now that Claire is gone. Ciara can't believe Claire was being so kind and friendly after what she did to her. Kayla questions why she's angry with her. Ciara talks about how she and Tripp were planning on taking their relationship to the next level but she would pull away because of what happened with Chase. Ciara says she went to talk to Tripp but when she got there, he and Claire were on the couch together. Kayla understands but asks what the last thing she remembers is in general. Ciara says the last thing she remembers is her motorcycle accident and guesses that's why she is in the hospital.

Claire cries about how much hate was in Ciara's eyes and how she said she never wants to see her again. Ben encourages that she doesn't mean that. Claire talks about wanting to make up for the horrible things she did to Ciara but she doesn't think that she will get that chance. Ben assures that Ciara did forgive her. Claire says she's going on about herself while Ben must be going through hell right now. Claire is sorry this is happening and that she couldn't get through to her. Ben states that Ciara is terrified of him but he would never hurt her ever and she has to know that he loves her. Claire insists that Ciara feels his love and that she loves him too.

Kayla questions Ciara crashing her motorcycle being the last thing she remembers. Ciara recalls telling Claire and Tripp that she hated them and then she left the Loft and got on her motorcycle. Kayla urges her to think of anything she remembers after the crash but Ciara says there's not and asks if she should. Kayla tells her to just rest and not worry about anything as she exits the room.

Rex asks if "Sarah" is serious about calling off the wedding. She claims that she's been having doubts about Xander for awhile and that they have nothing in common. She brings up her baby dying and how she can't move past it. Rex questions if she was still going to go through with the marriage. "Sarah" claims she was but that Rex calling was like a door opening with a way out. She tells Rex that he is the one. Rex can't believe she is saying this as it's like a dream. She says this is where she wants to be. Rex suggests they go somewhere more private to talk about this. "Sarah" says they can go up to his room and skip the talking. Rex asks if she's sure. She says she will meet him up there so Rex heads up to his room above the Pub. Kristen remarks that now she has to figure out how to get Xander there and calls herself a genius. She then calls Xander, who is walking out of the town. Xander sees the call from an unknown caller so he answers, asking if it's Sarah. Kristen pretends to be Susan Banks. Xander says he can't talk now but "Susan" tells him that she just saw Sarah at the Pub with Rex. Xander says she must be mistaken but she insists they were having an intimate conversation. Xander asks if they are still there. She tells him that she just saw them going upstairs where the bedrooms are. Xander then rushes off while Kristen says to herself that she will have to work fast.

Kayla comes out from Ciara's room so Ben and Claire ask how she is. Kayla states that she is calmer now and resting. Ben asks if they know what's causing the memory loss. Kayla says she's still waiting on tests but it seems like her memory is perfect up until her motorcycle accident. Ben points out that was years ago and questions Ciara not remembering they were together.

Ciara remains in her hospital bed and thinks back to Claire and Ben's visits with her.

Rex and "Sarah" kiss in Rex's room and begin to undress.

Sarah gets one of her hands free from being tied up in the basement.

Rex and "Sarah" kiss into bed until Xander bursts in to see them together.

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