Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/17/21

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/17/21


Written By Joseph

Jake is asleep on the couch and dreams about Gabi coming into the room.

Tripp brings Ava some books from her apartment. Ava tells him that he doesn't have to keep making excuses to come see her as she assures that she is okay. Ava asks if he is holding up. Tripp says it's a relief that Sami was formally charged with murder. Ava asks why he says that. Tripp says they had complicated feelings about what happened to Charlie but he imagines they were both at the top of the suspect list which Ava agrees with. Tripp declares that now that Sami has been charged, they can both go back to their lives and try to move on. Ava responds that she unfortunately can't do that yet. Ava tells Tripp that there is something important she has to tell him.

Nicole questions Rafe saying Sami did not kill Charlie when her fingerprints were on the gun and the residue on her clothes. Rafe reveals that there is new evidence pointing to another suspect.

Claire asks Allie why she is saying Charlie's murder is her fault. Claire brings up when she told Allie that she tried to get a taped confession of Charlie and that Allie told her that she could kill him herself. Claire then questions if Allie killed Charlie. Claire reminds Allie of what she said, about knowing where Kate's gun is and getting away with it. Allie asks if she really thinks she would let her mom rot in jail if she was the one who killed Charlie. Claire says she's just asking and it's kind of freaking her out that Allie is not answering right now.

Ben tells Ciara about how he waited so long for this and promises that he never stopped believing. Ciara then pulls away from him and tells him to get the hell away from her. Ciara then reacts as she did before they met and identifies Ben as the Necktie Killer. Ben asks what she's talking about. Ciara brings up the murders and asks if Ben broke out of Bayview to come kill her.

Kate wakes Jake up from his dream about Gabi and reveals that she heard Jake say Gabi's name in his sleep.

Tripp asks what Ava has to tell him but Gabi walks in. Gabi starts to complain and brings up Rafe allowing Ava to stay in the house even though he didn't ask her. Tripp points out that it is Rafe's house. Gabi complains about Ava and says she's walking around like she owns the place. Tripp suggesting being less harsh since Ava's son just died. Gabi points out that Charlie is dead now so she questions why Ava is still here.

Ben tells Ciara that he would never hurt her. Ciara warns him to stay away. Ben tries to tell her that they are in love but Ciara calls him a sick son of a bitch and screams for help as Ben tries to calm her down.

Jake blows off his dream and says they can't be controlled. Kate suggests there are other things he can't control as well which he questions. Kate feels they've been talking about Gabi a lot lately. Jake declares he's done with this conversation and done being put on the spot about Gabi. Kate asks if that means they are breaking this off.

Ava reminds Gabi that Rafe told her that she could stay as long as she wants. Gabi complains about that just being how Rafe is and how he doesn't need to get involved with Ava. Gabi bets that Ava killed Charlie in cold blood.

Nicole asks Rafe who the new evidence points to. Rafe says he's sorry but he can't tell her because it's an ongoing investigation so he shouldn't have said anything at all. Nicole questions him just leaving her hanging. Rafe promises to tell her everything as soon as he can but now he needs to see where the lead takes them. Nicole asks if there's a chance it exonerates Sami. Rafe says he hopes so. Nicole says she does too which Rafe questions. Nicole admits she's not a fan of Sami but she loves Allie and it's tearing her apart that her mother is in jail. Rafe hates that Allie blames herself. Nicole adds that Allie thinks if Charlie never attacked her, none of this would have happened. Rafe hopes the lead proves that Sami is innocent.

Allie can't believe Claire is accusing her. Claire says she's just asking and she's not judging if she did. Claire calls Sami the toughest person she knows and says she's been in jail before so she can handle it. Allie questions if she's saying she can't and that she's letting Sami take the fall because she's too scared. Allie feels like Claire has already decided she is guilty. Claire says it doesn't matter what she thinks because at the end of the day, she hated Charlie too for lying to her and using her. Claire assures Allie that she can trust her and she won't tell a soul if she did this. Allie then gets a text and says she has to go. Claire points out that Allie still didn't answer her. Allie responds that Henry's babysitter had an emergency so she has to go now.

Ciara continues screaming at Ben until Kayla comes in. Ciara cries that Ben is trying to kill her. Kayla tells Ben to leave while she controls the situation. Ciara continues screaming that she won't be Ben's next victim as Ben is then forced to leave the room.

Nicole goes home where Allie informs her that she had to relieve the babysitter. Allie mentions not getting to see Ciara but Shawn says she's awake and talking like her old self. Allie adds tha Ben was with her when she left so she bets they are having the best reunion...

Ben comes out from Ciara's room so Claire comments on it being a quick visit then asks him what's wrong. Ben informs her that Ciara looked at him like he was going to hurt her and called him the Necktie Killer. Ben says Ciara started screaming so Kayla came in and made him leave. Claire tells him that she's so sorry. Ben remarks that Ciara looked at him like he was the devil.

Ciara asks Kayla why Ben was in here and out of Bayview. Kayla says they can talk about it later. Ciara questions why he was after her. Kayla tells her that he wasn't after her. Ciara asks why Ben would say they were in love and complains that she feels sick. Kayla tells Ciara to slow down and breathe. Ciara wants to know what's going on. Kayla is concerned about her health and worries abouther blood pressure. Ciara asks why she won't answer her question. Kayla questions Ciara not remembering anything else about Ben. Ciara goes over how Ben killed three women, almost killed Will, and tortured Abigail. Ciara asks what else she should remember about him.

Tripp tells Gabi that Ava didn't kill Charlie as Sami has been charged with the murder. Gabi remarks that it doesn't mean anything because the Salem police department never gets it right. Gabi adds that the night Charlie was killed, she saw Ava slipping out the back door. Tripp questions if that's true. Gabi points out that Ava claimed that she was there the whole night thus lying to Rafe and Tripp, asking why she would do that unless she had something to hide.

Jake tells Kate that he didn't say he wanted to break things off, just that he's done being put on the spot about Gabi. Kate points out that Gabi has been pursuing him so hard. Jake says that's driving him batty but he told Gabi that she's wasting her time because he's in love with another woman. Jake thinks he finally got through to Gabi. Kate asks if he's sure about that. Jake thinks back to their last argument when Gabi said she won't be back. Jake tells Kate that he doesn't think Gabi will try to come between them anymore. Kate questions why he was saying Gabi's name in his sleep. Jake suggests his subconscious was trying to perform an exorcism. Kate asks if it worked. Jake says they'll see as he kisses Kate until Rafe walks in. Kate questions what he's doing here. Rafe reveals that forensics identified the murder weapon in the Charlie Dale murder case is Kate's which Kate questions. Rafe explains that it took a few days but forensics was able to match the serial number and the gun belongs to Kate. Kate calls that impossible because her gun is locked in a box upstairs like always. Jake suggests Kate call her lawyer but Kate says she has nothing to hide. Rafe asks her to show him the gun then which Kate agrees to do, saying this is obviously a misunderstanding. Jake thinks back to Kate telling him about Charlie denying the rape accusations and how she had half a mind to get her gun and make him accountable all by herself.

Claire encourages Ben that Ciara is just confused from her meds. Ben argues that she didn't seem drugged but terrified. Ben talks about how Shawn said she was just like her old self with him. Claire suggests giving Ciara time. Ben complains about all the time they already lost and says this can't be happening. Claire assures that they will figure this out. Ben feels that he needs to go back in there but Claire says he can't do that.

Ciara tells Kayla that she doesn't understand what's happening. Kayla says it seems her memory has been affected by traumatic events. Ciara talks about knowing who Kayla and Shawn are. Kayla says that makes her hopeful that she will make a full recovery but there are pieces that she's missing. Ciara asks what exactly she doesn't remember. Kayla says she isn't sure but will run more tests. Kayla encourages her to rest and work on getting better. Ciara asks if Ben is still out there. Kayla tells Ciara to stop worrying. Ciara says only if she promises to never let that monster back in her room ever again. Kayla promises and says they are all just happy to have her back so they will do everything they can to keep her safe.

Nicole tells Allie that she's so happy for Ben and Ciara as it's so nice to hear good news for a change. Nicole adds that Rafe said there was new evidence in Charlie's murder case which might point to someone other than Sami being the murderer.

Rafe and Kate return to Jake in the dining room with the Kate's lock box. Kate repeats that she has nothing to hide. Jake worries that this could be a mistake. Kate insists it must be a mistake as the gun has been locked up for months. Rafe then opens the box to find the gun is gone which shocks Kate.

Allie turns away and questions what the new evidence could be as Rafe was pretty sure Sami did it so she didn't think they were looking at any other suspects. Nicole says Rafe thinks it's enough to get Sami off the hook. Nicole thought Allie would be happier to hear that. Allie assures that she is, she just knows better to get her hopes up about any justice being served.

Kate argues that it makes no sense whatsoever because she did not take the gun out of the box. Rafe asks if there's any theories on how it disappeared and ended up at Charlie's apartment. Kate says it was obviously stolen. Rafe asks who knew she had a gun in her room. Kate points out how many people live there now and the staff are in their rooms daily. Jake says he could make a list for him. Rafe argues that Chad, Thomas, Abigail, Anna, and Jake didn't have any reason to kill Charlie, unlike Kate. Kate admits she despised Charlie but she did not murder him in cold blood. Jake suggests Kate not say anymore without her lawyer. Rafe asks if Kate is sure there is nothing else she wants to tell him. Kate says not without her attorney even though she didn't do anything. Rafe decides to take the lock box and dust it for fingerprints then. Rafe says he'll be in touch as he exits. Kate can't believe Rafe is accusing her of murder. Jake tells her that they have to talk.

Tripp tells Gabi that the police found Sami's fingerprints on the gun and they have proof that she fired the gun. Gabi argues that it doesn't mean she killed Charlie when they both know innocent people have been accused of crimes based on circumstantial evidence. Tripp argues that is what Gabi is doing to Ava now and that she doesn't need this. Gabi remarks that if Ava doesn't like the treatment, she could just leave. Ava responds that she couldn't even if she wanted to. Tripp asks what she means. Ava didn't want Tripp to find out like this but she's behind on rent so the landlord is kicking them out at the end of the month. Gabi argues that it's just an excuse for Ava to stay here forever. Ava calls Gabi heartless. Tripp tells Gabi that this isn't about her and that she could move out. Gabi calls it her house but Ava says it's Rafe's. Gabi says she grew up here. Ava reminds her that Rafe invited her to stay as long as she needs so she's not going anywhere which means she and Gabi need to learn how to peacefully co-exist. Gabi says that won't be happening so if Ava's not going, she will as then walks out of the room.

Ben tells Claire that he needs to see his wife. Claire reminds him that he said Ciara was really upset so it might not be a good idea to push her right now. Kayla comes out so Ben asks how Ciara is. Kayla says she's much calmer. Ben guesses she still doesn't remember who he is. Kayla confirms that Ciara is experiencing some sort of selective memory loss. Ben asks if it's temporary. Kayla suggests giving the medication time and then she'll be able to make a more accurate assessment. Kayla adds that Ciara is in no place to hear that Ben is her husband right now. Kayla encourages Ben to stay positive. Ben asks what could be causing it. Kayla says it could be a temporary side effect or trauma to the brain that hasn't healed yet. Ben questions what if this is not temporary, but permanent. Ben asks when he can see Ciara again. Kayla suggests just taking it one step at a time. Ben worries that she's so scared and he doesn't want her to be by herself. Kayla assures that they are all here for them. Kayla notes that Ciara was resting comfortably when she left. Claire asks if she can go sit with her which Kayla thinks is a great idea. Claire tells Ben that it's going to be okay as she heads to Ciara's room.

Jake tells Kate that now it's just them. Kate questions if he's going to ask if she shot Charlie Dale. Jake reminds Kate that she threatened to do it. Kate admits she said that and she meant it but she didn't do it. Jake says he would protect her if she did. Kate says that means more to her than she can say but she's not keeping secrets from him. Kate assures that she would tell him if she did it but swears to him that she's innocent. Jake decides he believes her but now they have to figure out who stole her gun.

Ava tells Tripp that Rafe will be upset that she drove his sister out of their family home. Tripp points out that Gabi picked the fight with her. Tripp thinks Ava did Rafe a favor since Gabi is unhinged. Ava responds that Gabi was right about one thing she said. Tripp questions if it was about Ava killing Charlie.

Ben questions why Ciara would remember everything in her life except her feelings for him. Kayla encourages him. Ben assures that he will never lose that faith and that Ciara has to remember him.

Claire goes to visit Ciara in her hospital room. Ciara calls her that bitch that slept with her boyfriend, Tripp.

Tripp asks Ava if she's saying that Gabi was right when she accused her of shooting Charlie. Ava says no but that Gabi was right about her being a mafia princess. Ava admits she lied when Tripp first asked her if her apartment was paid for with mob money. Ava says she said no but the truth is, when she left Nashville, she was basically running the Vitali crime family. Tripp says he was worried about that. Ava swears to him that she has now left that life as Nicole made her see that she needed to wash her hands of that life or she would lose him. Ava declares that she cut all ties with Angelo which is why she can't pay the rent so she's sorry about the apartment. Tripp says she has nothing to be sorry about as he's proud of her. Tripp asks if this is what she was going to say when Gabi walked in. Ava confirms it is.

Kate tells Jake that she doesn't know who took her gun and doesn't even know where to start. Jake brings up Lucas as having motive but Kate says Lucas doesn't know where she keeps her gun. Jake asks who else. Kate then thinks back to when Allie stole her gun before.

Rafe sits in his office with Kate's lock box, thinking back to Kate saying it was stolen and then thinking to when Allie stole Kate's gun before.

Allie asks Nicole how long it will be before they know about the new evidence. Nicole is sure they will hear soon, especially if they release Sami and arrest someone new. Henry wakes up crying so Nicole goes to check on him. Allie then thinks back to being the one to steal Kate's gun as she looks worried.

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