Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/16/21

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/16/21


Written By Joseph

Shawn is in his hospital bed, on the phone with Melinda Trask, arguing that Christian and Orpheus deserve to be in prison for the rest of their lives. Belle enters the room as Shawn finishes his call. She tells him it's okay to take a break while he's in the hospital. Shawn wants to make sure justice is done. Belle worries that Shawn is throwing himself into work to avoid worrying about Ciara which Shawn admits. Belle encourages that Ciara will be okay. Marlena then enters the room to inform them that Ciara is out of surgery.

At the hospital, Ben asks Claire if Kayla said whether Ciara's surgery was a success. Claire says she didn't get to speak with her and was only told that she would meet with them for an update. Ben says he hates waiting as he continues coughing. Claire asks if he's okay. Ben says he inhaled a lot of smoke and dust while rescuing CIara. Claire suggests he get checked out again but Ben says he'll be fine once he knows Ciara is okay. Kayla then comes over so Ben asks how Ciara is.

Allie and Nicole are at home when Allie gets a news alert on her phone about Sami being charged with the murder of Charlie Dale. Allie reads that Sami is not saying anything to the cops. Nicole talks about knowing Sami for a long time and this is the first time she's heard of her exercising her right to remain silent.

Sami sits in the interrogation room until Rafe walks in. Sami repeats that she has nothing more to say to him. Rafe says he didn't come to speak but to tell her that she has a visitor. Sami hopes it's her new lawyer since Belle dropped her as a client. Lucas then enters as Rafe wishes him luck and exits. Lucas tells Sami that he's not going anywhere until she tells him everything. Sami repeats that she has exercised her right to remain silent. Lucas jokes that he gets to talk and she will listen for a change. Sami responds that she can't go anywhere. Lucas brings up how he called Sami to tell her that Charlie was not being charged and then Sami flew from Italy to Salem and went to Charlie's apartment, questioning if she blew a hole in his chest. Sami says if she did, she doesn't understand why he or anyone else would have a problem with that. Sami declares that Charlie got what he deserved and she hopes he rots in Hell.

Allie comments that Sami does not help herself and it kills her that she doesn't know what Sami is thinking. Nicole asks if she's talked to her. Allie complains that she can't as every time she goes to the station, Rafe has an excuse as to why she can't see her. Nicole feels there should be no reason that she can't see her mother. Nicole decides they are going to the police station so she can talk to her mom. Allie asks about Rafe. Nicole responds that she will handle Rafe as he may turn Allie down but there is no way he can say no to her.

Ben asks Kayla if Ciara is awake. Shawn comes over on crutches. Kayla warns that he should not be up on his leg. Shawn asks if Ciara is awake. Kayla mentions that she was just about to give the update. Kayla talks about Ciara's internal injuries and notes they were able to repair most of the damage. Ben asks about her head trauma. Kayla adds that they won't know until she wakes up but all indications is that Ciara will make a full recovery which thrills Shawn, Ben, and Claire. Ben asks if they can go in to see her. Kayla notes that she has not regained consciousness and it might take awhile so she suggests going one at a time. Claire and Shawn agree that Ben should go first. Ben continues having coughing problems so Kayla asks if he's okay.

Marlena calls John and leaves a message to let him know that Ciara is out of surgery and it seems to have gone well. Marlena says she will let him know as things progress. Belle hopes that Ciara really is okay. They agree that it would be a miracle. Marlena feels lucky and blessed that their family is well. Marlena then brings up that she wanted to ask Belle why she is throwing Sami to the wolves.

Nicole and Allie go to the police station. Rafe greets them and asks what they are doing here. Nicole responds that Allie came to see her mother and they are not going to take no for an answer.

Lucas tells Sami that he's the last person that's going to judge her for what she did to Charlie. Lucas wants to help her because she's not helping herself. Sami complains that Belle dropping her was not her fault. Lucas says he can get her a solid criminal attorney if that's what she needs. Sami questions Lucas thinking she's guilty. Lucas thinks the police have serious evidence. Sami argues that it's mostly circumstantial. Lucas brings up Sami's track record and history in this town so Melinda won't have any problem convincing a jury that she's guilty. Sami agrees but declares the one big problem with the case is that she's innocent.

Belle tells Marlena that she can't represent someone who consistently lies to her, especially her sister. Belle argues that Sami is incapable of being honest. Marlena points out that the stakes are incredibly high. Belle complains that Sami needs to understand that if she's convicted of murder, it will cost her, her life.

Lucas tells Sami that he is lost. Lucas brings up Sami's fingerprints being all over the murder weapon and having gun residue on her clothes. Sami argues that it doesn't mean she's guilty. Lucas wants her to tell him everything that happened the night Charlie Dale was murdered.

Allie pleads with Rafe to let her see her mom. Rafe says she can soon but first he has some great news. Rafe then announces that Ciara is alive and Ben rescued her which shocks Allie and Nicole.

Ben has a dream about reuniting with Ciara in her hospital room. Ben then wakes up in a panic in his own hospital bed, questioning what the hell happened. Claire comes to his side and explains that Ben was on his way to see Ciara when he passed out from the smoke inhalation so Kayla put him on oxygen. Ben wants to see Ciara. Claire encourages that he will when he's strong enough but Shawn is in there now so he can relax.

Shawn goes to see Ciara in her hospital room. Ciara then wakes up so Shawn tells her that she's safe now.

Allie can't believe Ben found Ciara after all this time. Rafe says it's great and suggests she go celebrate. Allie says she wants to but she really needs to talk to her mom. Rafe says he understands but Sami isn't going anywhere and Lucas is in there now so they don't know how long he will take and after that, she has to meet with her lawyer. Allie turns to Nicole for help. Nicole makes Rafe promise to call Allie as soon as Sami is available for a visit. Rafe then walks them out of the station.

Marlena doesn't blame Belle for being upset with Sami. Belle says she will not reconsider representing Sami but she can recommend a few criminal attorneys. Marlena worries that Sami will remain uncooperative. Belle says she tried even after Sami unleashed Jan Spears on her family. Marlena says she's not trying to defend her but Sami did believe she was protecting her family. Belle complains that Sami always has an excuse then refuses to answer questions later.

Lucas asks Sami again for the whole story. Sami tells him that he cannot repeat this to anyone or she will never speak to him again. Lucas assures that he will stick by her side no matter what happened that night. Sami thanks him. Lucas demands she tell him everything. Sami explains that after he called her and told her that Charlie wasn't going to pay for what he did to Allie, she was furious and wasn't going to let it stand. Sami says she went to the airport and got on a plane, thinking about what Charlie did to their daughter. Sami talks about how she kept getting angrier and then she went straight to his apartment. Sami adds that she was determined to hurt Charlie like he hurt Allie. Sami says she was banging on his door but there was no answer so she decided to let herself in. Lucas questions how she got in. Sami reveals the door was already unlocked so she walked in to wait for him but she knew immediately that something was wrong and that she wasn't alone. Sami compares the fear she felt to when Alan Harris raped her because she was in the apartment of a rapist. Sami says she was ready to confront Charlie and make him pay. Sami explains that the gun was on the floor in front of her and she has no idea where it came from and then she saw Charlie, revealing that Charlie was already dead from a bullet in his chest when she got there.

Kayla goes to check on Ben, who asks if he can go see Ciara now. Kayla says she's afraid not because Ben's blood oxygen level is still so low. Ben claims he feels better now but Kayla says he said that before and then he collapsed. Kayla worries that all the smoke damaged his lungs. Ben argues that he just got excited to see his wife. Kayla encourages him to save his breath. Ben complains about being kept here when his wife is right down the hall. Kayla worries that getting worked up will only make it worse. Kayla says that Ben will be fine as long as he stays in the bed and gets his blood oxygen levels back to normal. Kayla asks Claire to make sure he doesn't do anything stupid as she exits the room. Claire knows Ben is desperate to see Ciara but he almost killed himself rescuing her so it'd be pointless now. Claire reminds Ben that he and Ciara have their whole lives together now.

Ciara asks Shawn where she is. Shawn informs her that she's in the hospital. Ciara asks what happened to her. Shawn tells her that she was in an accident but she's going to be fine. Shawn asks if she's okay. Ciara says she's sorry. Shawn then asks if she knows who he is..

Ben tells Claire that he feels better now and he knows Kayla is looking out for him but his lungs are fine. Ben says his heart is going to explode knowing Ciara is this close to him. Ben insists that he needs to see his wife. Claire realizes she can't stop him so Ben gets out of the bed and exits the room.

Ciara messes with Shawn and confirms that she knows he is her brother as they joke with each other. Shawn brings up how happy Hope will be to see her. Ciara asks where Hope is. Shawn promises to track her down. Shawn adds that there is somebody else dying to see her.

Ben and Claire walk through the hospital as Allie arrives and rushes up to them, asking if it's true which they confirm. Allie hugs them and says it's so amazing. Claire asks how she heard. Allie says Rafe told her the whole story and asks if they have seen her. Claire mentions that Ben was just about to go in. Shawn comes out and asks how Ben is. Ben says he's fine and asks about Ciara. Shawn confirms she's awake and smiling so everything seems good. Ben then rushes off to Ciara's room. Allie says she is so happy for everyone. Shawn goes to tell Belle and Marlena the good news.

Marlena tells Belle that she understands she can't represent Sami but she hopes that she is in Sami's corner. Belle acknowledges that Sami will always be her sister. Marlena says in spite of everything, she does believe that Sami is innocent and that she didn't kill Charlie. Belle questions if she doesn't think Sami is capable despite what Charlie did to her daughter. Marlena knows Sami is smart and savvy but she would never do anything to harm relationships with her family. Marlena just doesn't understand why Sami lied to Belle and Rafe when she knew her story could be easily checked.

Rafe and Nicole walk through the town square together. Rafe says it's good to be out of the station for a bit. Nicole is sure it's been crazy with everything involving Sami and Ciara. Nicole adds that she didn't bring Rafe here to catch up so Rafe asks why she did. Nicole responds that she thinks Rafe is up to something, questioning if he is purposely trying to keep Allie away from her mother which Rafe admits.

Lucas doesn't understand as Sami is telling him that Charlie was already dead when she entered the apartment. Sami explains that she went to check Charlie's pulse and was disgusted by what he did to their daughter. Sami felt cheated and robbed of her revenge against him as she should've been the one to do it. Sami then reveals that she picked up the gun and shot Charlie herself, then she dropped the gun and ran to the bathroom for water and when she came out, Rafe was standing there and now here they are. Lucas questions her shooting Charlie's dead body. Sami knows it doesn't make sense. Lucas asks why she lied to Rafe and Belle instead of just telling them the truth. Sami explains that when Rafe first found her, she was still in shock and then panicked as she started thinking if it wasn't her, then who did it. Lucas tells her that it wasn't him even if the thought did cross his mind. Sami informs him that what crossed her mind was who had been hurt by Charlie the most. Lucas realizes that she thinks Allie did this.

Claire tells Allie that Kayla said they can only see Ciara one at a time. Allie tells Claire that she can go in before her. Claire talks about how not long ago, she and Ciara hated each other but now she can't wait to see her. Allie is glad they worked it out. Claire talks about missing Ciara so much. Allie says at least one good thing happened to their family now. Claire mentions hearing about Sami being arrested. Allie informs her that Sami was officially charged with Charlie's murder. Claire says she's sorry. Allie responds that she is the whole reason Sami is in this mess.

Sami tells Lucas that it's why she is here, lying to the cops. Lucas gets that she would rather herself be arrested than Allie. Sami feels that if she swore to Rafe that she didn't do it, he would go looking for who did do it and that might lead him straight to their daughter.

Rafe tells Nicole that if Sami killed Charlie to avenge what happened to Allie, then Allie will have to carry the guilt around for the rest of her life of knowing that her mother killed for her. Rafe calls that a big burden to carry. Nicole realizes that Rafe is just trying to protect Allie. Rafe feels he has to try. Nicole calls him a good man. Rafe says Allie means the world to him and she doesn't deserve to go through this. Nicole asks if he's sure that Sami did it. Rafe notes that all the evidence sure points that way. Rafe adds that he's still waiting on the autopsy and full ballistics report but Sami isn't fighting it. Nicole questions if Sami admitted it. Rafe clarifies that Sami isn't denying it and she's never been known to keep quiet when she feels someone has wronged her.

Belle tells Marlena that she has gone over the case file 100 times and everything points to Sami being guilty. Marlena repeats that it doesn't make any sense that she would lie about it. Marlena believes there must be more to the story. Belle wants Marlena to convince Sami to help herself because she doesn't want to see her sister go back to prison. Shawn then comes back in and informs them that Ciara seems really good as he hugs Belle.

Ben goes in to see Ciara and sits at her side, telling her that he is there.

Rafe tells Nicole that he has to get back to the station. Nicole says she has to get back to Henry as well. Rafe then gets a call and asks if they are sure. Rafe thanks them and hangs up. Rafe then informs Nicole that maybe Sami is not the one who shot Charlie Dale after all.

Lucas warns Sami that she could go to prison for this. Sami points out that Lucas went to prison for Will so if it comes to it, she's willing to go for their daughter. Lucas notes that they don't know if Allie is guilty or not. Sami is not willing to risk it. Lucas says he'll talk to her and if she's innocent then that means Sami is protecting somebody else. Sami stops Lucas and reminds him that he can't tell anyone what she told him, even Allie. Sami knows Lucas feels as bad as she does about what Charlie did to Allie. Sami makes Lucas swear to keep her secret so they can keep their daughter safe as he hugs her.

Claire asks Allie why she is saying Charlie's murder is her fault. Claire brings up when she told Allie that she tried to get a taped confession of Charlie and that Allie told her that she could kill him herself. Claire then questions if Allie killed Charlie.

Shawn tells Belle and Marlena how things with Ciara was like nothing had changed. Marlena asks if Ben was able to see her. Shawn explains that he was supposed to go first but he had a coughing attack and passed out. Marlena worries and asks if he's alright. Shawn says he is and thinks that rescuing Ciara just took a lot out of him so Kayla gave him oxygen and now he's back on his feet. Belle guesses nothing can keep Ben away from the woman he loves. Shawn declares that after all this time, Ben and Ciara are together again.

Ben tells Ciara about how he waited so long for this and promises that he never stopped believing. Ciara then pulls away from him and tells him to get the hell away from her. Ciara then reacts as she did before they met and identifies Ben as the Necktie Killer.

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