Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/15/21

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/15/21


Written By Joseph

Xander wakes up on the couch in the living room of the Horton house with a hangover from the night before. Xander starts to get up when Julie walks in and screams at the sight of him.

Sarah wakes up tied to a chair. Kristen comes in and offers her coffee.

Claire is at the hospital on the phone with Victor, talking about how Ciara is in surgery and it's been a long time but Kayla promised to let her know when it's over. Claire agrees to let him know as soon as they know more and says she loves him as she hangs up. Theo then arrives at the hospital and hugs Claire.

Ben sits in the chapel, thanking God for bringing Ciara back to him. Ben says maybe he doesn't get to ask for any more miracles but Ciara does not deserve to die like this. Ben prays for God to spare Ciara's life. Marlena joins him and asks if he wants some company. Ben gets up and hugs her as he cries.

Claire tells Theo that she's so happy to see him as she didn't know he was in town. Theo explains that he is in town for Jules and Carver's christening and then he heard about Ciara. Theo asks if it's true that Ciara is alive.

Ben asks if Marlena has heard anything. Marlena mentions talking to Claire on the way in and Ciara is still in surgery. Ben wonders what is taking so long. Marlena suggests no news is good news. Ben starts coughing so Marlena thinks he should get checked out. Ben informs her that he already did last night and it was just all the smoke and dust. Marlena says she didn't hear a lot about what happened but she understands that Ben is a hero. Ben argues that he was just focused on Ciara and bringing her home safe. Marlena points out that Ciara is home but Ben feels she's not safe as she's laid up on the operating table and he doesn't know if she will live or die. Ben declares that he can't celebrate until this nightmare is over and Ciara opens her eyes to say his name.

Julie questions what Xander is doing in the house, who let him in, and why he is nearly naked. Jack rushes in asking what's going on. Julie asks Jack what Xander is doing on her sofa. Xander responds that it's his wedding day. Julie continues asking what he's doing here. Jack explains that last night was Xander's bachelor party which got somewhat out of hand. Jack says he wants to make sure Xander makes it to his wedding on time. Julie asks again why Xander is on her sofa. Xander then reveals that Jack is his best man.

Sarah questions what Kristen has done and where they are. Kristen informs her that they are in the basement of the DiMera Mansion. Sarah remembers being at Basic Black. Kristen argues that she didn't have a choice but to knock her out. Sarah complains about Kristen's poor impulse control. Sarah asks her to let her go because she's getting married today. Kristen responds that she's afraid that she can't let that happen which Sarah questions. Sarah asks Kristen to untie her and she will forget any of this happened. Kristen says she can't trust that and that she only knocked her out because she was about to tell Brady that she switched places with Susan Banks. Sarah decides that she will respect her wishes now and begs her to untie her. Sarah repeats that it's her wedding day. Kristen suggests Sarah take this opportunity to rethink this decision. Sarah argues that she loves Xander and he loves her. Sarah warns that Xander will come looking for her if she doesn't show up and then there will be a lot of questions so she will have no problem telling him what Kristen has been up to. Sarah then asks if Kristen is going to kill her.

Julie wants Xander out of her house. Jack tells Xander to go upstairs and shower. Jack then gets a call and steps out to answer. Xander comments on Julie not being a morning person as he exits the room. Jack comes back in as Julie continues complaining about her sofa. Jack then reveals to Julie that Ciara is alive.

Claire explains to Theo how there was an explosion and Ben had to dig Ciara out of the rubble and carry her all the way here. Claire adds that Ciara didn't regain consciousness before going in to surgery and that Kayla has been operating on her since last night. Theo guesses Ben must be going out of his mind. Claire informs him that he is in the chapel praying.

Ben tells Marlena about finding Ciara in the glass room from Susan's vision and just like his dream. Ben talks about the explosion and how he had to search to find Ciara. Ben talks about knowing Ciara was reaching out and guiding him to find her. Ben compares Ciara to Alice in Wonderland in Through the Looking Glass. Ben prays that Ciara lives.

Kristen calls killing Sarah a more elegant solution than keeping her locked up forever but insists that she's not a killer. Sarah brings up Haley Chen. Kristen repeats that was an accident and that Sarah was just in the wrong place at the wrong time as well but she doesn't deserve to die. Sarah asks Kristen what she's going to do with her if she's not letting her go.

Julie can't believe it's true that Ciara is alive. Jack confirms that Ben found her last night and took her to the hospital because there was an explosion. Jack adds that Kayla is operating on her now. Julie suggests praying which Jack agrees with. Julie exclaims that she can finally tell Doug as she didn't want to unless they knew it was true. Jack mentions holding off on the news story. Julie brings up Hope still out there looking for Ciara and says it wouldn't be right if the public knew before her own mother. Jack suggests waiting to share the news with Doug as well. Julie questions that but realizes he wants her to wait to make sure that Ciara is alright.

Ben tells Marlena that Kayla warned him that Ciara had been badly hurt and to prepare himself. Ben questions how he's supposed to do that after all this time. Marlena encourages that Ciara is a survivor and they have faced so much together. Marlena brings up how Ben never gave up and now Ciara has come all the way through. Marlena knows that she will come back to him. Marlena compares them to her and John's connection.

Claire tells Theo about everything with Christian and she feels horrible that her dad got shot. Claire talks about how Shawn wants to track down Hope to tell her the news. Claire wants to stay and wait for an update on Ciara. Theo offers to wait with her which Claire accepts and thanks him for. Theo asks if she's written any songs lately. Claire says she hasn't as she has been busy. Claire asks Theo about his relationship. Theo informs her that they just broke up and says it just wasn't meant to be. Claire feels it's that she wasn't Ciara.

Xander comes back to the living room in Jennifer's robe after taking a shower. Jack informs him that Julie is on her way to the hospital now. Xander checks his phone and notes it weird that Sarah never called him back.

Kristen agrees with Sarah that Xander will come looking for her, so the further away she is, the better. Kristen brings up a deserted island that Stefano used for people who knew too much. Kristen says a supply plane goes there every few weeks. Sarah can't believe she's serious and brings up Kristen being a nun not long ago. Kristen responds that her family means everything to her so she will do anything to protect them. Sarah suggests she should've thought about that before breaking out of prison to spy on Brady or before breaking out the first time to threaten Chloe. Kristen warns her not to make her rethink killing her. Sarah insists that Xander will never stop looking for her and he will find out the truth then he'll make her life a living hell. Kristen remarks that Xander won't come looking if she brutally and viciously breaks his heart.

Xander decides he should call Sarah. Jack asks if he's sensing nerves. Xander brings up how they were so close to getting married before and he blew it and almost lost her for good so he couldn't stand losing her again.

Sarah tells Kristen that she's not going to break Xander's heart. Kristen then reveals that she has Sarah's phone. Kristen types a message that she can't marry Xander, she doesn't love him anymore, and she's leaving town. Sarah argues that it won't work as Xander would never believe she's breaking up with him unless he heard it straight from her. Xander then calls Sarah so Kristen says she will have the chance.

Ben thanks Marlena for being there and asks about Shawn. Marlena assures that he will be fine. Marlena mentions that Christian/Evan is in custody. Ben talks about how he pointed the gun at him while he was holding Ciara. Marlena is sorry for getting Christian released. Ben understands that Orpheus forced her to do it and Clyde was part of it. Marlena still feels responsible and that maybe none of this would've happened if she hadn't had him released from Bayview.

Theo asks about Claire and her relationship with Charlie. Claire informs him that she screwed up again as she fell in love with a sociopath. Theo is sorry he encouraged her. Claire assures it's not his fault. Theo is just glad she wasn't hurt. Theo asks if she thinks Sami killed him or if there are any other suspects. Claire changes the subject and says she'll go see if she can get an update on Ciara's surgery.

Ben continues coughing so Marlena thinks he should get checked out again. Ben says the doctor said he was fine so he's not going anywhere until Ciara is out of surgery. Ben thanks Marlena again for being there as she always has a way of making him believe everything will be okay. Ben assures that he's good now so she can be with Shawn. Marlena says Belle is with Shawn now and they are trying to figure out where Hope is. Ben brings up that Hope never stopped believing that Ciara was alive either.

Sarah refuses to cooperate with Kristen. Kristen ignores Xander's call.

Xander tells Jack that this is odd that Sarah isn't answering. Jack encourages that she's ready getting busy for the big day. Jack admits he was surprised when Xander asked him to be his best man but he was happy to accept because he's seen a different side of him with his devotion to Sarah. Xander states that he's in love. Jack calls him a hopeless romantic.

Sarah tells Kristen that Xander will just keep calling back. Kristen remarks that he didn't even bother to leave a message. Sarah argues that he's getting ready for their wedding like she should be doing. Kristen tells Sarah that she is going to break up with Xander in a text message. Kristen suggests adding that Sarah never really got past Xander passing off Kristen's daughter as hers and that she finally realized what a monster is which is why she never wants to see him again. Sarah asks what Kristen doesn't get since Xander knows she has forgiven him, trusts him, and loves him. Sarah knows how much Kristen loves Brady and Rachel but says this isn't the way. Sarah asks how long she's going to pretend to be Susan Banks. Sarah points out that all Kristen can do is watch. Sarah doesn't blame her for not wanting to go back to prison but the longer this goes on, the worse the consequences will be. Sarah says if they end it now, the authorities will go easy on her. Sarah adds that she'll speak on her behalf and do anything she can to help her. Sarah pleads with Kristen to do the right thing for her daughter Rachel and let her go.

Xander tries calling Bonnie but she's not picking up either. Jack suggests she's just getting ready too.

Kristen tells Sarah that she's sorry but she can't let her go. Sarah tells her to go ahead and send the text then because Xander won't believe it. Kristen comments on Sarah being sure of his faith in her. Sarah compares it to Kristen and Brady as they have been through far too much together for Xander to ever doubt her love for him. Sarah declares that there is no way Xander would ever think she'd break up with him unless she was right in front of him saying so. Kristen responds that Sarah just gave her a brilliantly scathing idea.

Julie goes to the hospital and hugs Theo, rejoicing over Ciara being alive. Julie asks if Ciara is out of surgery yet. Theo says not yet but Claire went to check so hopefully they will hear something soon.

Marlena offers to go check for an update on Ciara's condition but Ben says he would rather have her company so she stays with him. Ben asks if it always takes this long. Marlena encourages that they will hear something soon. Claire then enters the room and announces that Ciara is out of surgery.

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