Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/12/21

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/12/21


Written By Joseph

Sarah enters the Basic Black office and is shocked to find Kristen inside. Sarah asks why she's not in prison. Sarah then sees the wig and glasses nearby and realizes Kristen is pretending to be Susan Banks. Kristen knows it looks crazy. Sarah complains that Kristen broke out of prison again and is pretending to be someone else again. Kristen argues that she had to because Chloe is trying to steal Brady from her and there's no way she's going to let that happen.

Chloe joins Brady at the Pub and tells him about "Susan" bringing her flowers at the office and apologizing for being so rude to her. Brady admits he didn't see that coming. Chloe talks about how "Susan" said she felt guilty over Brady's shooting and took it out on her. Chloe says she'd rather Susan be her friend and adds that she's a bit more insightful than she gave her credit for. Chloe informs Brady that "Susan" helped her realize something that she wasn't admitting to herself. Brady asks what that is. Chloe thinks back to her conversation with "Susan" about her feelings for Brady.

Claire remains with Shawn as they wait for the ambulance after Shawn was shot. Shawn says he'll be fine and wishes he could say the same about Ciara. Shawn knows Ben is desperate to find Ciara but he wishes Ben would've waited for backup. Claire says so many people have tried to tear Ben and Ciara apart but their love is too strong. Claire believes somehow they will be together again.

Ben forces Christian to bring him to the room where Ciara has been held but when he pulls back the curtain, the room has fallen apart with no sign of Ciara. Ben then holds the gun on Christian and questions where Ciara is. Christian guesses she is underneath the rubble. Ben questions what he did to her. Christian explains that when he left, Ciara was alive and well but it looks like she found a way to blow the place up. Ben demands Christian let him in to the room. Christian responds that it looks kind of unstable. Ben insists so Christian allows him in but warns that he doesn't think he will like what he sees. Ben enters and screams for Ciara. Christian remarks that they need to get out and he can come back for Ciara's corpse some other time. Ben then knocks Christian out with a punch and declares he's not going anywhere without his wife as he begins searching for Ciara.

Sarah questions Kristen as to how long this has been going on. Kristen says it's been a couple of weeks. Sarah realizes this is why Chloe said Susan was being so possessive over Brady. Kristen complains that Chloe can't stay away from Brady and whenever she turns around, she's seductively changing Brady's bandages. Sarah tells her that Chloe and Brady are just friends and co-workers. Kristen feels Chloe is using Basic Black as an excuse to stop by and get in Brady's bed. Sarah tells Kristen that Chloe told her that Kristen is the only woman that Brady loves. Kristen responds that it's not what Chloe told her which Sarah questions. Kristen explains how she pretended to be Susan and apologized to Chloe then over the course of their conversation, she asked Chloe if she's in love with Brady. Kristen says Chloe denied it at first but then admitted that she wants Brady. Kristen adds that Chloe and Brady are having dinner together right now which means Chloe's plan is working. Kristen worries that Chloe will try every trick to steal Brady from her.

Brady asks Chloe if she's okay. Chloe says she is. Brady points out that she's blushing and he doesn't know why. Brady assures there's nothing she can't say to him. Xander and Jack then enter the Pub. Xander excitedly announces he's buying drinks for everybody because tomorrow is his big fat Greek wedding. Chloe remarks that Xander doesn't have any friends so she questions how he's having a big wedding. Xander admits it's a rather intimate affair. Brady says he doesn't care. Xander wants to thank them for Sarah getting her dress from Basic Black so he offers to buy them shots. Brady reminds him that he doesn't drink and says if he did, he wouldn't want to drink with him. Chloe remarks that she told Sarah that it was a huge mistake to marry Xander but she wouldn't listen to her. Brady and Chloe then exit the Pub together. Xander decides that's just more drinks for he and Jack then.

Sarah asks Kristen what happened to the real Susan Banks. Kristen assures that she did not kill Susan and that Susan is in prison, looking exactly like her. Sarah questions Kristen forcing Susan to switch places. Kristen insists that Susan volunteered. Kristen claims that Susan understood Chloe trying to steal Brady was wrong so she jumped at the chance to help her. Sarah argues that she can't keep this up forever so she asks what her plan is. Kristen responds that she wants Chloe to stay away from Brady and to drive home the message that she needs to back off. Sarah doesn't like this. Kristen swears that Susan wants to help her but no one can know what they are up to. Kristen asks Sarah to keep her secret. Sarah responds that she's sorry but she can't.

Ben digs through the rubble, yelling for Ciara to hang on because he can feel that she's close and that she's still alive.

Kristen questions Sarah saying she can't keep her secret and tells her to just pretend she never saw her. Sarah says that's not possible. Kristen asks why not when she gave Xander a pass. Sarah remarks that Xander changed. Kristen questions if she believes that. Sarah informs her that she is marrying Xander tomorrow which shocks Kristen. Sarah adds that she came here to pick up her wedding dress. Sarah declares that she loves Xander with all her heart. Sarah knows Xander did terrible things, just like Kristen and he became a different person. Kristen argues that nothing changes the fact that Xander let Sarah fall in love with Kristen's child while her child was in a grave.

Roman brings shots to Xander and Jack. Xander tells him to keep them coming. Jack suggests decaf but Xander insists on a shot of scotch. Jack agrees to another shot. Xander suggests a toast from his best man so Jack toasts to love as the greatest adventure. They drink their second shot and then Sarah's ex-husband Rex Brady walks in to the Pub. Rex comments on Xander getting married and asks who the unlucky girl is.

Ben continues searching the room and finds the copy of the "Through the Looking Glass" book.

Claire and Belle get Shawn set up in a hospital bed. Belle talks about being floored to hear that Ciara is alive. Claire prays that Ciara is okay and mentions Ben taking Christian/Evan off at gunpoint. Belle worries about the fact that Christian had the gun pointed at Claire. Shawn assures that he already told Claire to never take a risk like that again but notes that Belle would've made the same moves. Belle is just glad they are okay. Shawn declares that he has to get out of here and go help Ben find Ciara.

Ben continues digging through the rubble and coughing as the smoke gets to him. Ben lifts up the bed and finds Ciara unconscious underneath. Ben picks her up and hugs her, telling her that he is there.

Roman is excited to see his son Rex, who says he came to surprise him. Roman mentions finishing up deliveries in the back and says he will cook something for them so they can catch up. Roman tells Rex how good it is to see him as heads to the back. Rex asks Jack how much Xander is paying him to drink with him. Xander then reveals that Jack is his best man which surprises Rex. Xander tells Rex that they are celebrating so he can move along. Rex questions what kind of a woman would actually choose to spend the rest of their life with Xander. Rex asks who is this pathetic loser. Xander then reveals that it's Rex's ex-wife.

Sarah assures that she will never forget what Xander did but he delivered her daughter and saw the love between them so he couldn't bare to take that away from her when her baby died. Kristen understands her not hating Xander but not forgiving and marrying him when he broke her heart. Sarah talks about opening her heart back up to Xander and how he took her to the cemetery where her daughter was buried and he had replaced the headstone. Sarah says Xander wanted to save her the pain from having the headstone changed and he wanted her daughter to be honored properly. Sarah talks about the full cycle of her baby Mackenzie's life and how Xander was there for all of it, right by her side so she knew that she wanted him to stay there. Kristen doesn't think one gesture makes up for all the damage he did. Sarah doesn't care what anyone thinks about who she loves, saying she doesn't have to explain herself or make any excuses. Sarah adds that she's sure Brady feels the same way. Kristen tells Sarah to go ahead and throw her life away but she's not letting her walk out the door without swearing not to tell anyone that she is masquerading as Susan. Sarah asks why she should help her. Kristen then shouts that Sarah owes her for stealing her child. Kristen says her stabbing Victor never would've happened if Sarah just gave her Rachel back when she found out the truth. Kristen cries about losing time with Rachel now.

Chloe goes home with Brady and they talk about how easily Rachel went to sleep. Brady praises how good Chloe is with Rachel. Chloe admits part of her wishes she had a daughter too. Brady suggests maybe she will one day. Brady talks about it being hard because he and Rachel are missing Kristen.

Belle reminds Shawn that he has a bullet hole in his leg so he's not going anywhere. Shawn argues that Ben needs his help. Claire points out that he's on pain medication and can't go chasing Christian Maddox. Belle encourages him to just lie down and relax. Shawn questions how he can relax when he doesn't know if his sister is alive or dead.

Ben checks on Ciara and finds that she is not breathing so he gives her CPR. Ben feels that Ciara starts to breathe and cries that she's going to be okay as he kisses her.

Rex declares there is no way in hell that Sarah is marrying Xander when he's the son of a bitch who made her believe her daughter was alive and that destroyed her. Xander quickly points out that Rex would know all about destroying Sarah since he cheated on her twice. Xander thanks Rex since his screwing around led to them being together. Rex argues that Sarah dumped him at the altar once so she'll do it again. Xander understands Rex's regret since he let an incredible woman get away. Xander calls Rex a stupid, selfish idiot but tells him to move on and accept that it's over as the best man won.

Sarah tells Kristen that her heart aches for her and there's not a day that she doesn't mourn what they both lost. Kristen responds that if she means that then she can make sure she doesn't lose anything else. Kristen tells her not to let Chloe replace Rachel's mother. Sarah says that won't happen. Kristen complains that Brady is raising Rachel on his own while every day that she's not around, Chloe is moving on him and that has to stop. Sarah asks what Kristen is going to do. Kristen claims she just needs to keep an eye on things. Kristen swears that she's not going to do anything. Sarah wishes she could believe that but restraint is not exactly Kristen's strong suit. Sarah brings up Kristen stabbing Victor and what happened to Haley Chen. Kristen calls that an accident and ancient history with Victor. Sarah points out that Kristen just broke out of prison, showed up at the hospital with a gun, and threatened to kill Chloe because she thought Chloe got Brady shot. Kristen argues that she didn't hurt Chloe. Sarah asks how she is to know that she won't.

Ben tries to use his phone but can't get a signal as he encourages Ciara to stay with him. Ben finds a signal and tries to call for help but Christian recovers, grabs his gun, and orders Ben to put the phone down. Christian asks if Ciara died but Ben says she's alive, just like he always knew she was. Christian says she won't be for long and Ben won't either. Ben argues that he's not going to shoot them. Christian asks why the hell not. Ben responds that it's not how his and Ciara's story ends. Ben declares that they have been through accidents, fires, prison, explosions, kidnappings, and nothing broke them. Ben says not Rhodes and Vincent or Christian and Orpheus as they all failed since they found each other. Christian mocks their special connection but Ben says it's real and forever. Christian calls him delusional and says there is nothing special about either of them. Christian calls Ben a psycho and Ciara the bitch that ruined his life. Christian declares their story is a tragedy, not a fairy tale, because he's going to shoot them both and leave them to rot. Ben tells Ciara that he will never let her go and he loves her. Christian prepares to pull the triggr when a piece of the roof falls down and knocks him out.

Brady talks about how good Chloe has been to him for the past couple of weeks and she's gotten him anything he's needed so he figured it was time to give her exactly what she needs. Brady has her close her eyes and tells her that it's much bigger than she remembers as he then surprises her with a sandwich.

Jack gets in between Xander and Rex, saying he and Xander have a big day tomorrow so they are leaving. Xander tells Rex that he had his chance with Sarah and he blew it. Rex asks if he's still talking. Xander adds that Rex treated her like dirt so he will treat her better. Rex doubts that. Xander says he'll send him wedding pictures. Rex warns that he hasn't closed the deal yet so Sarah has plenty of time still to walk away from him..

Kristen warns Sarah that if she wanted Chloe dead, she would be dead but she doesn't and that's not who she is anymore. Sarah truly believes that Kristen is being sincere but she has problems controlling her impulses. Sarah is afraid that if Kristen felt threatened or got too angry, she could end up hurting Chloe or worse. Sarah says if that happens, she would never be able to forgive herself. Sarah decides to call Brady. Brady answers but she hangs up. Brady guesses if it's important, she will call back. Kristen has knocked Sarah out and blames her impulses.

Brady asks Chloe what Susan made her realize before since it sounded important. Chloe claims she just thinks they've been too harsh about Susan smothering her. Chloe calls Susan odd but with a good heart.

Kristen says she didn't want to do this but Sarah gave her no choice as she couldn't let her tell anyone her secret.

Xander and Jack exit the Pub. Xander says he has to make a quick call so he asks Jack to call a cab. Xander adds that they aren't going home as the night is young. Jack steps away while Xander looks back in to the Pub at Rex with Roman. Xander decides to wish Sarah a goodnight so he calls her. Kristen sees Sarah's phone ringing and declines the call, remarking that Sarah is not available right now. Xander leaves Sarah a voicemail, saying he called to thank her for being on life's greatest adventure with him. Xander says he loves her with all his heart and he can't wait until tomorrow when they finally become husband and wife.

At the hospital, Claire calls Ben. She leaves a message asking if he is okay and if he found Ciara. Ben then arrives at the hospital, carrying Ciara which shocks Claire.

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