Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/11/21

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/11/21


Written By Joseph

Xander joins Sarah in his room at the Kiriakis Mansion. They talk about their wedding being tomorrow until they are interrupted by Sarah's phone going off. Xander convinces her that it can wait as they kiss.

Susan as "Kristen" goes to the Basic Black office and gives Chloe flowers to say she's sorry.

Ciara remains locked up and thinks back to Christian telling her that he was going to kill Ben. Ciara wonders how she's going to warn Ben.

Shawn tells Ben about the cell tower near the docks. Ben notes that's where he lives. Shawn asks if he thinks Christian is at his place. Ben questions what he would be doing there. Shawn says maybe he ditched the phone. Ben wonders why he would leave Ciara. Ben hopes that Ciara is still alive.

Claire asks what Christian is doing here and what he wants with Ben. Christian responds that he's going to kill him. Christian declares that while they wait for Ben to come home, he will figure out what he's going to do to her. Claire argues that she never did anything to him. Christian responds that she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Claire says she won't tell anyone that she saw him. Christian says he can't let her mess up his plans for Ben as he raises his gun on her. Claire guesses he came to see Ben because he can't hurt Ciara. Christian clarifies that he can hurt Ciara and killing Ben is the best way to do that. Claire brings up Ben being convinced that Ciara is still alive and being held hostage so she asks if it's him which he admits. Christian says after he shoots Ben, he will deliver his head on a silver platter to Ciara.

Ciara prays for Ben to hear her.

Shawn tells Ben that they are going to Ben's place but he is in charge. Ben starts hearing Ciara's voice, trying to warn him that he is in danger. Shawn asks if he's alright. Ben tells Shawn that Ciara is telling him that he's in danger. Ben insists that he hears her as he and Shawn then exit the police station.

Chloe questions "Susan" wanting to apologize to her. "Susan" says her getting upset about Chloe hovering over Brady is not personal but she thinks she should take care of him. Chloe questions why. "Susan" blames herself for Brady getting shot. Chloe thought she said it was her fault. "Susan" says she didn't get the warning that Brady was in danger until it was too late so she let everyone down but she couldn't take it so she blamed Chloe. "Susan" asks if she can forgive her. Chloe says yes so "Susan" hugs her.

Sarah checks her phone and says it's a text from Chloe that she's bringing her wedding dress so she tells Xander that he has to go because it's bad luck. Xander argues that's only on the wedding day. Sarah worries that it's bad luck just to see the dress and she doesn't want to jinx anything so she tells Xander to go back to the Salem Inn, then she will see him tomorrow. Xander jokes about her having a bachelorette party. Sarah points out that she doesn't even have a maid of honor. Xander can't wait to see her in the dress as they kiss.

As "Susan" hugs Chloe, she imagines stabbing her in the back. She then tells Chloe that she wants them to be girl friends, claiming they have a lot in common like they both want Brady to be happy. Chloe mentions her and Brady being good friends for a long time. "Susan" says her sixth sense is telling her that Chloe is tired of being friends and has fallen for Brady. Chloe calls that ridiculous. "Susan" insists that Chloe can tell her. "Susan" says Chloe is better for Brady than Kristen and asks if Chloe thinks that is true.

Claire realizes Ben and Susan were right that Ciara is in a room with glass walls. Christian questions how she knows that. Claire explains that Ben and Ciara have a connection where he knows what she's thinking. Christian notes that Ciara claims the same thing but declares that he's taking care of Ben tonight, so nobody will be coming to Ciara's rescue. Claire worries that if he does that, Ciara won't want to live. Christian remarks that he'll take her out of her misery. Claire questions how he did all of this. Christian refuses to tell her but she points out that he's going to kill her anyways. Christian then explains about how Vincent took Ciara and then got caught by one of his stooges when she tried to escape. Christian adds that Orpheus persuaded Vincent to turn Ciara over to them. Claire asks what Orpheus wanted with Ciara. Christian informs her that he thought she would be his ticket out of prison. Claire offers to call Victor right now and says he can have all the money he wants if he doesn't kill anyone. Christian clarifies that was what Orpheus wanted but he wanted to watch Ciara suffer because she cost him his son. Christian remarks that killing Claire will just be an extra dagger in Ciara's heart. Claire then claims to him that Ciara hates her so she'll be thrilled if he kills her and he doesn't want that.

Ciara prays for Ben to know how much danger he is in. Ciara complains that she has to get out as she works on breaking one of the posts in the room.

Xander goes to see Jack at the Horton House. Xander asks if Jack has anything going on tomorrow. Jack says he's just working and asks what he wants. Xander informs Jack that he is marrying Sarah tomorrow and he wants him to be there.

Justin and Bonnie to go to Sarah's room at the Kiriakis Mansion. Sarah mentions that she was just wrapping a present for Xander, a sporran for his kilt. Justin explains that he came to check if she needed anything for tomorrow. Sarah says not that she can think of. Bonnie is sorry that Maggie won't be there since Summer needed her in Las Vegas. Sarah says she was disappointed but Maggie insisted they go on with the wedding. Sarah adds that she was going to have Maggie as her maid of honor and her other sister Melissa wasn't available. Bonnie then offers to be Sarah's maid of honor.

Chloe tells "Susan" that she won't talk about Kristen because she is Brady's love. "Susan" points out that she's in prison. Chloe says she and Brady just make a great team and she loves helping him with Rachel as they are just old friends with a lot of history but that's it. "Susan" questions why Chloe turned down Philip for a date then. Chloe asks how she knew about that. She explains that Philip came to see Brady and she happened to be there so Philip told her everything. Chloe asks what he said. "Susan" says that Philip is just really interested in her and that he thinks she's not interested because of Brady. Chloe notes that he said the same thing to her. "Susan" adds that Philip was very convincing and questions if she turned him down because she wants that spark with Brady so he will toss Kristen out. "Susan" asks if Chloe has never thought of any of this, insisting that she can tell her because they are girl friends now. Chloe admits she hasn't spent this much time with Brady in years and that they have become close again. Chloe adds that it does make her think about when they were really good together so it makes her wonder if maybe they would be good together again.

Christian accuses Claire of trying to play him. Claire swears that Ciara hates her. Christian warns her not to waste his time. Claire brings up trying to burn Ciara alive. Christian asks if she thinks he's stupid. Claire insists that it's the truth and that he can ask anyone. Christian decides it doesn't matter as she knows too much so she's a liability. Shawn and Ben then burst in as Christian holds Claire at gunpoint. Shawn has his gun raised and orders Christian to drop his gun but he refuses. Claire tells them that he has Ciara. Ben responds that they know because he admitted it to Clyde. Christian realizes it was Clyde who called and said his name was Pete. Ben argues that he's the one Christian wants and tells him to let go of Claire. Christian declares that he can kill Ciara's husband, brother, and niece. Shawn warns him to let them go because the place is crawling with cops so he won't get out. Christian argues that if that was the case, they would have already stormed the place by now. Christian demands Shawn hand over his gun unless he wants him to kill his daughter right in front of him.

Ciara breaks a part one of the posts in the room but it then starts leaking gas into the room. Ciara decides she has to get out as she tries banging on the glass with the post but the gas starts to get to her and she begins coughing. Ciara prays to not die.

Christian demands Shawn's gun and warns that he has until three or he will shoot Claire. Shawn then gives up his gun. Christian argues that cops think they are so smart but they are such a joke. Christian asks which of them he should blow away first and then suggests Claire.

Jack asks Xander when he proposed to Sarah. Xander informs him that they asked each other on Valentine's Day. Xander mentions not telling him sooner because Jack has been busy. Xander adds that he doesn't have a lot of guys while Jack came through for him when no one else would so he was hoping that Jack would be his best man.

Bonnie promises Sarah that she won't screw up as maid of honor. Justin says that's very kind of her but he's sure that Sarah has someone else in mind. Sarah mentions that Kayla is working. Bonnie says she didn't mean to over step but just figured she'd be there as Justin's plus one. Bonnie feels she can at least make herself useful. Sarah decides she would love that and thanks her as they hug. Bonnie promises to be the best maid of honor she could hope for.

Chloe tells "Susan" that just because she feels that way about Brady doesn't mean that he would ever. Kristen as "Susan" gets angry and grabs a knife while listening to Chloe, who has her back turned. Chloe then gets a call from Brady, who asks what she's doing at the office. Chloe says she's trying to keep Basic Black in the black. Brady feels she's been working too hard so he wants to take her to dinner to repay her for taking care of him. Chloe offers to fill him in on work but Brady says that can wait until tomorrow as this is not a work meal. Brady tells her that he will meet her at the Pub as they hang up. "Susan" talks about how they were just talking about Brady and then he calls like a coincidence. Chloe asks if it's a sign. "Susan" brings up Brady being in love with Kristen and how she's the mother of his child. Chloe remarks that's only because Kristen tricked Brady in to getting her pregnant. "Susan" argues that Brady then fell in love with her for real. Chloe talks about how Kristen has tried to convince people she's changed but she doesn't believe it since Kristen threatened to kill her when she broke out of prison. Chloe declares that she's glad Kristen is back behind bars since she's a murderer and adds that Brady and Rachel are better off with Kristen in prison for a long time. "Susan" asks if Chloe would feel bad about being the other woman. Chloe says it's just dinner at the Pub. Chloe asks if she wants to walk out with her. "Susan" tells Chloe to go ahead without her and she'll put her flowers in water. Chloe asks her to just shut the door on her way out. Chloe thanks her for the flowers and says she's really glad they are friends now. Chloe then exits. Kristen then tosses the flowers against the wall and declares that she's the worst enemy that Chloe could have ever made. Kristen says that Chloe will never take Brady away from her because she would kill her first.

Jack questions Xander wanting him to be his best man when they don't know each other that well. Xander jokes about the time they spent in Nashville and says they have come a long way since then. Jack suggests asking Brady or Philip but Xander says they hate his guts. Jack realizes he is challenged for friends so he agrees to do it. Xander then excitedly hugs him.

Bonnie brings drinks and snacks for a last minute bachelorette party while Sarah texts Xander the good news that she found her maid of honor. Bonnie then asks who Sarah's maid of honor was at her first wedding but Sarah doesn't want to talk about that. Bonnie guesses that's because of her ex-husband Rex and talks about how he got her daughter Mimi pregnant. Bonnie asks if she ever hears from Rex. Sarah says no but being hurt by Rex led to her falling in love with Xander so she feels very lucky and happy. They then toast their drinks to Sarah and Xander.

Ben argues that he's the one Christian wants so he tells him to let Claire go. Christian yells at him not to tell him what to do. Shawn pleads with him not to hurt his daughter. Shawn suggests he take their phones, tie them up, take their keys and make a run for it. Shawn then rushes Christian and struggles with him over the gun until it goes off.

Ciara hears the gun shot and screams for Ben. Ciara questions how she could hear a gunshot when Christian is gone. She wonders if it was in her head or if she really heard it. Ciara worries about Ben being in trouble and pleads for him not to die as she goes back to pounding on the glass.

Ben ends up with the gun and holds it on Christian while Claire checks on Shawn, who was shot. Claire returns Shawn's gun to him. Ben asks Christian where Ciara is and demands that he take him to her. Shawn wants him to wait for backup but Ben says he can feel that Ciara is in danger. Ben orders Christian to take him to Ciara. Ben tells Claire to keep pressure on Shawn's wound and call for backup. Shawn tries to stop Ben but he walks Christian out of the room while Claire calls for an ambulance as Shawn has been shot.

Sarah gets a call from Chloe, who is at the Pub and says she left the office and forgot to bring her wedding dress. Sarah says she can go get it herself. Chloe says she'll have building security let her in and thanks her for understanding. Chloe apologizes and hopes she has a beautiful wedding day as they hang up. Sarah tells Justin and Bonnie that Chloe forgot her wedding dress at her office so she has to go get it. Bonnie declares that as the maid of honor, she will get it but Sarah insists on doing it herself and dropping Xander's gift off at the Salem Inn while she's out. Sarah says she will see them tomorrow as she exits. Bonnie comments on Sarah being in love as she and Justin exit the room.

Kristen complains about Chloe's words about her. Kristen declares that Chloe was right about her being a murderer and she's going to find out the hard way...

Chloe joins Brady at the Pub and tells him about "Susan" bringing her flowers at the office and apologizing for being so rude to her. Brady admits he didn't see that coming. Chloe talks about how "Susan" said she felt guilty over Brady's shooting and took it out on her. Chloe says she'd rather Susan be her friend and adds that she's a bit more insightful than she gave her credit for. Chloe informs Brady that "Susan" helped her realize something that she wasn't admitting to herself. Brady asks what that is.

Kristen blames herself for not letting Brady know she wasn't Susan as she removes her wig and says she's so sick of Chloe. Kristen picks up the nearby knife and declares that someone is in for a big surprise. Sarah then enters the office and is shocked to see Kristen.

Xander informs Jack that Sarah's maid of honor is going to be Bonnie Lockhart. Jack can't wait to hear the story behind that. Xander mentions wearing his kilt to the wedding. Jack decides it's time to call it a day so he's not sleep deprived for tomorrow but Xander declares that it's his last night as a single man so they are going on a Pub crawl.

Claire tells Shawn that she's thankful that he and Ben showed up when they did. Claire asks if Shawn is okay. Shawn says he's fine and just hopes that Ben finds Ciara and that she's okay.

Ben forces Christian to bring him to the room where Ciara has been held.

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